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UM lands two more 2015 football commitments

There's never an off-season when it comes to football.

The Hurricanes on Wednesday landed two more verbal commitments for their 2015 signing class: Miramar offensive tackle Leeward Brown and Bradenton Manatee defensive tackle Ryan Fines.

Brown (6-4, 338) was an All-Broward First Team selection this past season and is a three-star recruit according to Rivals.com. Although Brown starts at left tackle for the Patriots, he projects as a guard at the next level.

Fines (6-3, 300) is a three-star recruit with offers from Arizona and USF.

All commitments are non-binding until players sign a national letter of intent. Brown's former coach at Miramar, Damon Cogdell, is now an assistant at West Virginia.

Miami has five commitments in the class of 2015.


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Wonder if Ga. Southern landed enough 1 stars to go with their unranked to handle the turds again?

TV announcer Tebow's college days barely visible in the rearview mirror.

Berrios is a game changer? Really? Have you looked at his highlights? He's a shrimp with average speed and decent hands. Can only be used as a slot receiver which will take reps away from tight ends. Tight ends can block, which is useful for the running game. Game changer. I don't think so.

Kyle Wright 5 star- if there was a 6 star he would have had it
Brock Berlin 5 star
Charlie JOnes 5 star
Tyrone Moss 5 star

GTFOH with your 5 star 4 syat this. The NFL has more former 1, 2, 3 stars than 5 stars guarantee it


Posted by: g8rseetmya55 | February 21, 2014 at 04:29 AM

Of course the NFL is going to have more 1, 2, and 3 star recruits in it.. how many 5 star kids are there in each class? Out of the 3000 D1 prospects coming out of High School each year only 100 or so kids will be ranked a 4 or 5 star recruit. Numbers alone will guarantee that because of The Law of Averages. It's obviously above your head and below your knees.

After 4 games and a woeful 2-2 start the Canes are hitting .228 as a team. Defensively, they have made 12 errors.


Let's have some fun proving this obsessed loser wrong YET AGAIN.
"You call me Soldy. Wrong."
I did not. I know you are not Don Soldinger. PLEASE show where I said you were Soldy. Zero for one.

"You call me Laz. Wrong again."
I did not. I know you are not Cutler Ridge Laz. PLEASE show where I said you were Laz. Zero for two.

"I call you paranoid. Right"
Wrong again. Zero for three.

"I call you dumb. Right again."
Aww, zero for four. Unlike you, I can tell basic things like 5 > 3, 21 > 16, and that 9 > 4.

"reporting good news"
Again, 2015 football recruiting in Feb 2014 is "good news". Only for those who have nothing.
-- Repeating a lie does not make it true. Zero for five, not a good trend here.

"FBI agent, murder, apologies, past 6 years, terrible things on other blogs"
"Crazy dude, WTF are you talking about?"
What's wrong, English not your first language? I beleive the sentences were clear. Your comprehension of them seems to be the only problem. So the problem is on YOUR end of this communication.

"You are the only idiot who keeps harping about "murder jokes" and "FBI agents"."
Not harping on it, just reminding folks that the guy that apologized for those comments is still here after saying he would leave. They see the apology but not the crime.

"Talk about loony tunes, you are one paranoid and delusional loser."
You are on a blog of a team that you are afraid to face, you are on here during the offseason to complain about the content of a blog giving NEWS about the team, but you claim not to be a loser. You attack, insult, and lie, yet you claim to not be a loser. How about this. Leave, and we will not have to cause you such consternation in the future. You have NO REASON to be here other than to harrass and annoy others. So when those folks defend themselves, you also have NO RIGHT to complain about it, hypocrite.

"All that crap is in your head dummy."
When I post links, you complain that I am diggig up old stuff. But when I don't post links, you claim I made the whole thing up and it is in my head. I guess you want another history lesson. But since your math and English grades are both F, no real point in doing THAT to you again.

"Watch out, they are coming to get you."
Funny, that coward that is "coming to get me" sure disappears every time I or anyone else offer to MEET him.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 21, 2014 at 08:47 AM


ACC is the top in Football and Basketball and Miami is ranked higher than the gatrs in baseball, and the gatrs are AFRAID to compete in football with that 4-8 team of theirs.

Go away, you belong on the gatr blog, which is dead and quiet, not here, where Miami fans are talking about their teams and their futures and their pasts just fine without YOUR help.

The gatrs basseball team comes in hitting a scortching .255, yet instead of worrying about his team on his blog, he is here to worry about the Canes.

Yet I bet he doesn't show up for the games this weekend. And that .255 batting average will not make anyone scared. That 333 football winning percentage was enough to make the gatrs quit playing the Canes though.

Once the Canes restore dominance in baseball, we can expect them to quit THAT sereis as well.....

Oh, and on the other side of it, gatrs are giving up a .276 average, while Miami's defense is holding opponents to a .248 clip. So this weekend we could very well see Miami's average go up against that pathetic gatr defesne, and the gatrs .255 drop against Miami's top pitching staff.

Yep, you have again no reason to be worrying about the mote in our eye when you have a telephone pole of problems in YOUR eye, hypocrite gatr...

Have the Hurricanes gotten rid of d'o and gotten a coach that KNOWS attacking rather than passive, prevent the win defenses?

You could have 10 star recruits or a bunch of NFL pro bowl players. But if d'o and goldie put the Cane LBs five yards behind the line of scrimmage with only three down def. linemen against 6 offensive linemen, plus a blocking back, plus the running back, the goldie and d'o setup will not be able to stop a running play into the line, nor an end run, nor have an effective pass rush.

And again, even with all pro DBs, if goldie and d'o put them in a zone, prevent defense with huge gaps, any opposing QB is going to complete passes to his receivers who get wide open in the gaps.

Hasn't it ever occurred to you morons on this site that the same coaches have excellent records year after year, pete carroll, saban, myers, and the same coaches have dismal, mediocre records like goldie and d'o?

goldie and d'o just don't get it. They are too arrogant and too stupid to figure out that you NEVER play a three down linemen defense. You NEVER put your LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage. You NEVER use a zone pass defense. You ALWAYS keep four big, agile def. linemen in the game. You ALWAYS keep the LBs within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. You ALWAYS play man to man defense. You always bring a blitz of just one very speedy DB on every play to rush the QB with the four def. linemen to do clean up.

You ALWAYS keep the LBs within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. You ALWAYS play man to man defense. You always bring a blitz of just one very speedy DB on every play to rush the QB with the four def. linemen to do clean up.

Posted by: Canefan72
and you pretty much ALWAYS make ridiculous posts. You blitz every down, you're going to get burned more often than not. You do play a zone pass on 3rd and forever. Come on 72 have some semblance of smarts.

"Yep, no idea what value that Berrios kid brings to any football team."


Wes Welker

Will the last recruit to transfer from UFailure please bring the manure and dumpster.

We beat gators with 3star recruits...........

Posted by: greg daniels | February 19, 2014 at 10:22 PM
As did many other teams in 2013.
UF is now irrelevant in football.

stars dont mean much if you have a coaching staff that can develop players. IE vt, duke, mich state, strong at louisville. Thats why in the past for um especially under guys like butch it didnt matter. but for Big Al it means everything because he has not shown any ability to develop his talent on a consistent basis so he needs his players to be studs or well keep hearing lack of talent until hes finally gone. Thats why stars mean everything for Golden.

Remember Al Golden has the MOST excuses and the worst dc in all of college football. Its a canes thing not a golden thing but you golden homers will never ever understand.

oklahoma recruiting class is loaded with so called
3 star recruits. Check their sugar bowl with alabama.

and you pretty much ALWAYS make ridiculous posts. You blitz every down, you're going to get burned more often than not. You do play a zone pass on 3rd and forever. Come on 72 have some semblance of smarts.
Posted by: Cola Cane
The key to pass defense is to rush the QB and get a sack or hurry him to the point of a bad pass that is either intercepted or incomplete. A DB only has to guard his receiver for a lousy three seconds. By then, the QB is sacked or he has to throw the ball out of bounds.

goldie and d'o do not have four def. linemen and a blitzer to sack or to hurry the other QBs. As a result, they have enough time in the pocket to write a letter, take a phone call, break containment, wait for a receiver to come open, and complete a pass for yet another first and ten.

No, you will not get burned on an effective blitz by a speedy DB that is on the line and takes off as in a track sprint. You can not bring a blitz up the middle where it can be picked up nor bring a delayed blitz which is really not a blitz. You can not have the four def. linemen stunting and running around the blocks and opening lanes for the QB to escape.

And NOOOOOO, you NEVER play zone even on fourth and long. Did you miss the last play of the Miami - UNC game where UNC receiver had the ball in his hands in the end zone for the win and simply dropped it because dumb'o had his prevent def. in?

Geez, you moron bloggers are stupid.

Wes Welker? That's funny. For every 5'9" 4.6 second receiver who becomes Wes Welker, about 1,000 finish their careers playing d-3 football.

To the Gator Trolls - must be another slow day in the Trailer Park! Remember that the U beat your butts in football last year and established the U's decades-long dominance over your sorry Gaytor football team!!! So just STFU and live with it for the rest of your miserable existence since you wussies are scared to play the U in football and took us off your schedule so you can play high-school teams and the sisters of the poor - and even then you lost to those girly teams like Georgia Southern...lmao...Maybe this year your Gaytor football players will learn how to block the other team instead of each other....!!! By the way, how many rings does Florida have in baseball????? Come back and pop off when you actually win a championship... in the meantime the U will be polishing their 4 rings and counting their 23 college world series appearances - in football we have 5 rings to your 3, in any university where math is taught beyond the kindergarten level, except for Florida that is, 5 is still greater than 3...We own the Gaytors!!! That's why their inbred fans come on these boards and flaunt their ignorance... The U is still ranked higher in education too, which is evident by the quality of the posts we read from Gaytor Trolls.... inferiority complex anyone???

Kinetic Cane

Berrios will cause match-up problems for safeties and LBs. Therefore the defense must bring in another CB, which open up the running and passes to the RB. The term game changer means... this player must be accounted for on each down. Game changer could be on defense too! Furthermore, there is a difference in track speed and football quickness. Berrios and Yearby have that "IT" factor, a defense nightmare. Both have excellent football IQ and swagger (i.e., Duke and Coley).

Hester, McCray, Gayot, Thomas, Jackson, Smith, Young, and Harris will upgrade this defense too. Everyone keep talking about the defense, but I am not concern. With players coming back, especially the back 7, all will play lights out. I truly believe Golden will take the handcuffs out, and hold them more accountiable.

The QB and play calling on offense will determine the success of this team in 2014/2015. Quick and precise play calling to move the chains on the first two downs are essential. I believe Williams or whoever wins the job will be successful by taking what the defense allows. Coley must be doubled team, and we should also put him in the slot too. The running game is solid, just need to use the TE and RB on short passing plays.

We will win at least 10 games!

"We will win at least 10 games!"

Really? I see 4 very likely losses:

@ Louisville
@ Nebraska
@ Virginia Tech
Florida State

There's probably another loss coming courtesy of one of the remaining ACC teams on the schedule. Therefore, I expect a 7-5 regular season record and maybe a mediocre bowl win for a final record of 8-5. To expect a 10-win season is unreasonably optimistic.

Cane 1872, the game has long since past you by. Maybe you can catch some games on espn classic.

February 19th, in response to an article by Manny with the title:

"UM lands two more 2015 football commitments"
The murder joking coward proceeds to whine about the article, with his usual disgusting references, and using the term "clucks" which only the murder joking name changing coward does, claiming:

Now slow down fellas, who cares about the star system?
That is not the relevant question here.
The relevant question is who cares about 2015 recruiting in the winter of 2014?
Only some cane cluck with nothing else going on in their crappy school cares.
Poor clucks who knows what will happen with these kids come NSD 2015.
Only a bunch of idiots will get so excited about this.
wah wah wah etc etc etc....
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 20, 2014 at 02:01 PM

Now, would this be irony, or hypocrisy? It is like Jesse just punked their sicko coward by posting this article only three days later.

Gators add pair to 2015 class
GAINESVILLE -- Florida, hosting its annual Junior Day extravaganza, picked up a pair of verbal commitments for its 2015 class over the weekend.
Three-star wide receiver Deondre Farrier (Lake Nona) and three-star offensive lineman Tyler Jordan (Bishop Kenny) both pledged their commitments to the Gators, according to multiple recruiting reports.
Posted by Jesse Simonton at 03:42 PM in Florida Gators, Southeastern Conference, UF Football Recruiting | Permalink

So, I guess the relevant question would be:

The relevant question is who cares about 2015 recruiting in the winter of 2014?
Only some insane obsessed gatr with nothing else going on in their crappy school cares.
Poor gatr who knows what will happen with these kids come NSD 2015.
Only a bunch of hypocrites will get so offended by this.
Gonna remove his last disgusting comment, but I figure he looks in the mirror every time he makes THAT accusation.
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 20, 2014 at 02:01 PM

ACC dominates the gatrs and the gatrs are AFRAID to compete, you hypocrite racist coward.

So, Canes get two three stars in February, you proclaim it is a terrible thing to even worry about that, yet when the gatrs get two three satr players just four days later, I bet the gatr coward will claim it is the start of a dominating recruiting class, amirite?

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