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VIDEO: Chad Thomas, 5-star defensive end, talks signing with the Canes; Demetrius Jackson gets emotional

Here is what UM's top-ranked recruit, Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end Chad Thomas, had to say after announcing he was Coral Gables bound on Wednesday morning to our Andre C. Fernandez.

Be sure to check out how emotion his high school teammate and fellow Canes recruit Demetrius Jackson gets talking about signing with UM.


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The day could have gone even better had UM been able to pick up a couple of late additions. But alas, Booker T. Washington quarterback Treon Harris and Immokalee cornerback J.C. Jackson – who UM made strong late pushes for – both opted to sign with the Florida Gators.

Hialeah Champagnat defensive tackle Travonte Valentine, a U.S. Army All-American committed to the Hurricanes until January, opted to sign with LSU over UM.

“Not a surprise in the end, but still a crushing blow for Miami,” Corey Long, Editor-In-Chief of FUEL Recruiting, said of the 6-3, 338-pound Valentine. “That was the prospect they needed.”


3 Swings ... 3 Wiiifffssss ... 3 Strikeouts ...

awesome, welcome to the U. Kids like you with heart is what will make the U great again. Good luck.

Kids who want to be at Miami..Welcome and best of luck

Hurricanes yet to announce official signings of three recruits

In case you haven't been paying close attention on National Signing Day, the University of Miami sports information staff has announced that 23 of the 26 commitments the Hurricanes had coming into Wednesday have officially signed with the program.

Who are three yet to be announced? Booker T. Washington three-star defensive end Demetrius Jackson, JUCO three-star defensive tackle Michael Wyche from East Los Angeles College, and Carol City three-star athlete Trayone Gray


ANOTHER 3 ... Wiiifff ... Wiiifff ... Wiiifff ...

Another top 10 class for the UFraud.

Another class that will get smacked by Ga Southern.

Which of those alleged five stars will:

- block each other in a game?
- get arrested?
- transfer?
- lose again to the Canes?

Answer? Most of them.

Gatr Trash. Signing Day champs. Regular season chumps.

Heard it all before, Soldy Pig. Boils down to 4-8.


hmm, so we have three players that have yet to get their paperwork in, and you want to call that a whiff?

Better that than to get a whiff of the BS on your shoes, in your trailer, and in your mouf, fool.

Nice job IGNORING how they have signed the papers already, coward.

BTW, when you have 23 signed, 3 coming, and miss on three, that is 26 of 29, NOT 0 for three. Your math stinks as badly as your trailer, coward.

And of course, you had EIGHT whiffs this past season on the field, which is MUCH more important. 4-8, that is just terrible even at the Pop Warner level, especially when three of those four were freebies.

Jackson already Tweeted that his Papers were faxed and recieved. O fer Douche McDoucherson

Funny how the gatrs never whiff, right?

Travonte Valentine, once all gatr.
Ermon Lane, once all gatr.
Davlin Cook, once all gatr.

0 for 3 whiff indeed!

Demetrius Jackson @F5_Jackson
Miami got my letter
Retweeted by Manny Navarro


Mr 0 for 3, you better change that to 1 for 3, with more updating as you continue to be proven wrong, coward.

Funny how the gatrs never whiff, right?

Travonte Valentine, once all gatr.
Ermon Lane, once all gatr.
Davlin Cook, once all gatr.

0 for 3 whiff indeed!

Posted by: Five Titles | February 05, 2014 at 01:18 PM

Correction, that would be O FOR 6!

Allen Bailey...WHIFF!
Ramon "Cookie" Buchanon...WHIFF!
Tracy Howard...WHIFF!

Florida had the #1 recruiting class in 2010. They were top five in 2012 and 2013. It sure did them a lot of good last season. FOUR WINS and EIGHT LOSSES. Slapped in the mouth by Miami who led from start to finish when the Gators were at full strength. Recruiting season is over for now. Why are you still posting here?

Demetrius Jackson @F5_Jackson
Miami got my letter
Retweeted by Manny Navarro


Sunny Dee, same reason he is still posting after the Canes whipped them, and after the non-rivalry was over.

He posts here because his own team's fans don't want him, he shames them daily.

He posts here because he has no other life, family, or job to take up his time.

He posts here anonymously because he is too fat, ugly, and putrid to be met in person, but don't worry, he is also to cowardly to try meeting any of us in person.

FSU have a heisman trophy winning QB,,,as a WR, who dont wont to play with him? But DT Valentine, I dont understand.

2pm update: UM lost out on three players it hoped to land: Travonte Valentine (LSU), JC Jackson (UF) and Treon Harris (UF).

UM also made a late push for Dillard DE Randy Ramsey, who chose Arkansas, and Tavon Ross, who picked Missouri.... Hialeah quarterback Alin Edouard, who dropped his UM commitment committed to Syracuse. Highly sought after Top DT Lamont Gaillard who visited Miami last weekend, committed to Georgia.

Hurricanes yet to announce official signings of three recruits

Who are three yet to be announced? Booker T. Washington three-star defensive end Demetrius Jackson, JUCO three-star defensive tackle Michael Wyche from East Los Angeles College, and Carol City three-star athlete Trayone Gray



Now that this is over it's on to the most imp part which is player development and making schemes to best fit the players strengths and weaknesses. We all know that this staff is horrible at that.

Honestly it doesn't matter who we get bc they won't be developed and the "real" fans will just use the same excuse in 3 yrs that we have no talent after we give up 500 after 500. It's a vivacious cycle of excuses and denial.

Repeating a stupid lie does not make it true, coward.


Demetrious Jackson DE 6-5 225 Miami, Fla. 1:20 p.m.
Michael Wyche DT 6-4 330 Norfolk, Va. 1:37 p.m.

OOOOH, it looks like your post at 2:11 PM was wrong, wrong, wrong.

And for a guy that was saying three stars mean nothing, you sure are suddenly all in a huff about them.

3 star.
3 star.
3 star.

Lamont Gaillard rejected offers from Alabama and Auburn, too. Are you on their boards claiming they whiffed on him, too? Nah, you are just obsessed with this U, because we are in your head, 24-7-365.

Be happy. Recruiting is NOT EXACT>......some kids peaked in high school,and some 3 stars //2 stars become Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.th 2

U NEVER KNOW. If you get 11 ESPN 300 PLAYERS, 9 early enollees, 7 STUD def lineman with 2 of them Juco 100 DT's, we did really good.

2 more back up qbs.
WIth DUKE, the best backfield in the country, 2 of the very best city of miami has had in years, are canes.
LOADED TALL WRs (Langham made espn 300)
DARRION OWENS---JEssie Armstead type of OLB, Espn 300, and MADE Early enrollee/


These two are the type of kids you win with. Not the flip flopping "the U has to show ME something" type of players. Kudos to Coach Golden and his staff and best of luck to this class.

Demetrius Jackson was upgrade to a 4 star at DE, and chad thomas, 5 star, from NATONAL AND STATE CHAMP BOOKER T are the types of guys that can launch the 2015 class to KEEP THE BEST TALENT HOME.

Goldie only had 3 mo's since the announcement. Look for a top5 next year. Either way. WE got a loaded group--11 of 26 are espn 300 players, 2 more right on cusp(Trayonne gray and 1 more) .and 2 JUCO 100 DT's.
so 13 of the 26 are the BEST OF THE BEST, with all others high 3 stars. NO 2 star player this year.

This DT that NONE OF U TALK ABOUT--Courtel Jenkins, went to #2 DT in State of New Jersey and #14 overall in Jersey regardless of positon.

We grabbed the #1 safety hester out of Jersey. #1 QB according to multi sites in CA, and a GREAT GROUP OF WR's..................

DT-- Moten-top DT in Broward county, Jenkins, #2 DT in Jersey and Wyche and Coutelou 2 Juco 100 DT's. NICE

DE--5 star Chad Jackson, 4 star Demetrious Jackson and espn 4 star Trent Harris -=3 ESPN 150 DE's.

7 LOADED D LINEMAN------------- NICE HAUL AL......3 all american O lineman. . Rb All american, qb all american, Darrion Owens stud OLB and espn 300, and nice Safety Hester top 5 player in jersey.

GREAT HAUL. remember, we hsd sanctions looming till NOvember time and FSU game week I think.........all those kids had made choices already.

also underrated but highly regarded is the 3 star MLB out of ELY in broward Terry MCCRAY. 1 of the best MLB's in FL and tops in broward.

#2 Michael Smith the OLB out of Northwestern. Shot up the rankings at the all star games, and scout moved him to 4 star and #19 OLB NATIONALLY. So, we added 2 great OLB's in Owens(who is DB but will move to safety and 4 star on espn). LB-s. Darrion Owens, Michael Smith, Terry MCCRAY(3 of top 5-6 LB's in FL), and 3 star early enrollee Juwan YOung from Georgia. Nice Haul at LB. WE are loading up with Depth.

I like that we only have 2 DB's. We have alot of depth, and ryan mayes from Nothwestern is a 6-1 6-2 DB to cover the tall receivers, and Hester is the top 5 player in Jersey.........Come in and play right away.

next year has alot of Loaded DB's. Dont go by rankings either although these guys are highly ranked. and hungry. We didnt get the primma donnas. Jimmy's classes used to be ranked in teens n 20s, Butch had alot of classes in teens.

Its getting the right player for our system. NICE JOB GOLDIE AND COACHES>

Gator trolls with nothing better to do....what happened to Lane? Cook? Hey....you got a 5'10 QB from the 305 though.....that's cool.

Doesn't it suck we have bragging rights Turds??

Jimmy and Butch's classes were not ranked very high, but those guys and their staffs were GREAT coaches and ran schemes that matched players. AG and D'No don't get it. Until they actually develop players and use schemes to match our players skill sets; we are going to lose 4 or 5 games per year and be stuck giving up 500 yards to teams like Duke. As for AG sticking around while the NCAA mess cleared up - remember as we said before, HE GOT PAID TO DO HIS JOB!

Demetrius Jackson... THAT'S the type of kid you want! Look at his passion and enthusiasm. The kid is grateful for the opportunity, and he WANTS to play for The U!! He's going to work his @ss off and push himself to be a top tier player along the D Line in a couple of years.

I really like this class. 4 DTs (2 that can play right away) and 4 DEs - all with huge potential. We addressed needs at every position. I only wish we could have added one more RB to pair with Yearby, but not a biggie - we grab a couple next year.

Now Al's got 3 good classes to field a squad with so we've got much better depth.

I'm not a supporter of D'nofrio. The D has played like crap. The main thing I have seen is lack of depth up front. The 'Canes offense was a quick strike offense that didn't do well with time of possession. When the defense is on the field for as long as the 'Canes were these past few years, the depth really shows itself. This was a hell of a haul for the defense. Two JuCo's who can step right in and contribute at DT. This class will have a lasting impact on the D. Now it's time to coach them up!

Congrats to all of the HS players who were offered to pursue a higher education, while playing college football. Jackson really expressed his appreciation via God, Family, HS coaches, and UM for this life rewarding opportunity. To the coaching staff, current players, and UM leadership (President & AD) for encouraging and selecting a great group of youngmen today to join your small family. Jackson's comments reminded me as a fan, to support his efforts to become a positive person in life...not the outcome of a football game.

However, I saw a chip on his shoulder, which reminded me of the U players in the past. "Just give me an opportunity, and I will work harder then the next person. My work ethics will make the team better, and Saturday is just SHOW TIME."

I don't think we will give up 500 yds per game anymore...hopefully

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