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Congratulations to Javi Salas, always smiling -- and tonight, no doubt beaming even more. He's perfect.

Huge accomplishment tonight by Miami Hurricanes pitcher Javi Salas, who I'm sure right about now is ecstatic that he came back for his senior season.

 Congratulations, Javi.

Salas pitched a perfect game for a 17-0 UM victory over Villanova -- the second perfect game in school history. The only other Hurricane to throw a perfect game was Kevin Sheary on March 14, 1987.

 It was the 20th perfect game in NCAA Division I history. The last perfect game was on March 29, 2011, when Will Roberts of No. 1 Virginia defeated George Washington 2-0.

From AP story: 

   "Salas was drafted in the 38th round by Minnesota last year, faced only four three-ball counts. The last of those was a full-count offering to Max Beermann with one out in the eighth, Salas setting him down swinging.

Left fielder Sebastian Diaz made a diving catch for the third out in the eighth, robbing Donovan May. And in the ninth, Salas finished it off in style, striking out Derrick May Jr. swinging to end the night.

Salas (1-1) entered the game with an 11-11 career record. He struck out six, and induced 11 fly ball outs and 10 more off of grounders, throwing 113 pitches."

The senior right-hander and team captain struck out six of the 27 batters he retired, including the last batter. 

  "I hope this gets us going,'' Salas said during a post-game interview. "We start ACC play this weekend, so we really have to get on a roll here.''

   Take a bow, Javi.  I only wish I could have been there. 

    Nothing like a perfect game to help cure the sting from that series loss at FSU. 

   The Canes play Villanova again Wednesday night at 6 at Alex Rodriguez Park. Salas will be happily resting.




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seriously, Noles 12 wins , U and Gators 8 wins each ?

9 wins ?

2015 ?

oye, if any acc player hits a linedrive off the FSU's pitcher's forehead before the Heisman kid comes into pitch ... I'll give u fiddy bucks.

$100 if u clock Winston

"Left fielder Sebastian Diaz made a diving catch for the third out in the eighth, robbing "

#44 SeaBass Bad Boy ...

Kevin Sheary on March 14, 1987 ...

aaahhhh the Early Spring of 1987

Made the ESPN Top play out of their Top 10. Not often that college baseball accomplishes that.

Awesome game it doesn't matter what level a perfect game is hard

Awesome game a perfect game is hard in any level

Congrats. Can't do any better than perfect.

Congratulations, Javi. Great achievement!

Go Canes!

Not the real Cutler Ridge Laz, just the sicko stealing another Canes fan ID.

But of course, he will later on claim that he never does such a thing....

How many perfect games do the gatrs have sicko? None? Shocking.

Undefeated seasons? Zero.
Perfect games? Zero.
Baseball titles? Zero.

Please leave, sicko.

Can't beat the Canes, Gatr Trash.

Just can't.


No trailer donkeys can beat the Canes.

Believe that.

big deal. no no'ing Villanova, who haven't even been on the field all year fresh out of snow drifts is like mowing down a below average high school team. U could set it on a tee or soft toss it underhand and those pastie white snowbirds couldn't hit water if they fell outta a boat. The true miracle is that duh u didn't kick the the ball around like it was a hand grenade. But Villanova only put the ball in play like a dozen times and wiiiffffffed over n over again.


what has it been ? over 14 years ?


we don't do the hollar back. We expect to be great and won't ever view UF to be at o[]_[]r level as an institution.

you should get some help.

How great is it to be a Florida Gator? 6 #1 Spring sport teams, 9 in top 10, 3 SEC Titles since Jan. 1st. and MORE to come !!!



we don't do the hollar back.

[]_[] JuST DID !!!

when does the n.i.t. start ?

Check back with us at the end of the year on those uF teams, Mr Excitable.

The last time I checked, they didn't give out rings 3/4 of the way through the season.

Here's where UM/uf stand this year in THE sports, as we speak:
Football- UM
Baseball- UM

I can see why you're still obsessing.


Perfect, something no gator team will ever be but hey your in softball and gymnastics riggghtttt but don't forget about arrest also.

Gators are number 1 in Jorts miami is #1 for g strings and bikinis

Posted by: #1 GATORS IN 6 SPORTS !!! | March 05, 2014 at 07:00 PM

You should get professional help to understand why you post on this site. We don't see UF. Never have and never will.

This team will beat FSU next season.

Louisville is test #1 but I like what i'm seeing from James Coley. Dude is the truth and the future at the []_[]. He's a talent and will be hard to keep down. I hope he can develop and identity for the offensive unit that is unique and not a replica of FSU, despite their obvious success.

If Gus Edwards with his growth is the 3rd best back come Fall we're in good shape offensively. Beau and Stan will benefit from the absence of Clive in the Spring and I hope all 3 get PT.

I think R. Williams is still a step slow in execution and needs to either process a little faster or play faster based on the limited tape. WRs are still waiting for balls in the air. Hopefully Olsen puts it together and gives some real competition because the skill-set is there. Coley's offense is predicated on the QB being a running threat. If a guy like Gibson gives []_[] a commitment it's gonna be scary from a depth standpoint.

We need Tim Irvin, Jordan Cronkite, Calvin Ridley, Shawn Burges-Becker, and Jaquan Johnson.

Gatr Trash is #1 in everything but the two things that matter most:

- Academics
- Football.

Other than that, yea, women's field hockey, jorts, mullets, and douche bros wearing Teblow jerseys.

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The Gainesville Sun reports the victims told police they were standing with their backs turned to the man when they felt themselves being urinated upon.

The incidents occurred in various locations near the campus.

The victims all told police that when they confronted the man, he exposed himself and then ran away.

Gatr Trash #1 in:

- Women's field hockey
- Public Urination
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I guess when your campus and town are one big latrine, the inhabitants will treat it as such.


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I mean, that's what passes for behavior in the world's largest trailerpark, isn't it?

A perfect game.
Congrats to Javi this is big for him.
For the sorry cane team this is just one W in a long season.
No need to get all excited cane clowns.

Five douche you are the first on this thread to mention the Gators, before you brought them up it was all cane clucks getting all wet for nothing.
Laz post was real funny, lighten up you basket case.

this year it is
basketball- UF
baseball- even
football-to be determined
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You better shaddup, you ignorant trailer snake, or I am going to piss on your leg like the custom of Trailerville dictates.

Dumb 'billy.

"baseball- even
football-to be determined"

what passes for logic in Traileriville. Canes take 2 of 3 and the UFraud grad calls that even.

Canes pounded the lowly foosball team and he says "TBD."

Well, maggot, the Canes own Trailerville unless and until they play again, and own the overall series unless and until the buck-toothed varmint Foley decides to play more than once every 8 years.

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"Posted by: #1 GATORS IN 6 SPORTS !!! ... u ? piss po | March 06, 2014 at 03:41 PM"

BWWWHAHHA. His campus is a latrine and he thinks that the women's field hockey #1 matters to anyone.

Yes, Gatr Trash. You are also the #1 campus in golden showers so make that 7 sports. Only, no one cares about 5 of them and one makes your campus a toilet, which it is, so, you know, at least the hill snakes have that going for them.

#1 latrine campus according to US Toilets and World Refuse.

A perfect game.
Congrats to Javi this is big for him.
-- Wow, that must have hurt having to say that. I bet you can't just stop there though, sicko.

For the sorry cane team this is just one W in a long season.
No need to get all excited cane clowns.
-- Yep, I was right, you had to go back you your usual six step program for the week. Asked politely to leave, you instead escalate things, coward.

Five douche you are the first on this thread to mention the Gators, before you brought them up it was all cane clucks getting all wet for nothing.
-- Step one, denial that anything was said. Hey coward, the FIRST COMMENT mentions the gatrs, idiot coward.

Laz post was real funny, lighten up you basket case.
-- No, it wasn't. It is stealing the identity of a Canes fan, to insult him and lie about him, just like when you cheered on the death of Canes players last week, coward. Please stop.

basketball- UF
-- Funny how last year you said basketball doesn't matter, coward, and now you are using it as a headline to your list of lies.

baseball- even
-- Worng again, coward, this was a complete beatdown by the Canes with a charity win on Sunday so you cowards don't skip out on baseball like you did in football.

football-to be determined
-- To be determined? 21-16 and 9-4 is DEWTERMINED against a 4-8 joke of a team that lost to a division 2 school.

you idiot.
-- You must be looking in a mirror, you coward.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | March 06, 2014 at 03:08 PM
ACC dominates, and you can['t stand it, coward.

Oh, and still claiming you never tell murder jokes when I qouted you? Or are you at stage 2 where you claim you are justiifed in your sick attacks by some incident that occurred in 2008?

Go away. You are not wanted or needed here, and all you do is attack the legacy of Canes players, threaten their coaches, and then claim that the people you stalk and harrass should lighten up.

Go Away. You were asked politely, and ignored it. YOu are still unable to understand that WE DON'T PLAY YOUR TEAM, but still come on here with your Pata and Taylor sick jokes. Stop.

You are a coward. That will never change, no matter how often your ID and IP changes.

Oh, and sicko, if it is so easy to no no Villinova, how come NOBODY HAS EVER DONE IT BEFORE?

You truly are a sick individual, reading a positive blog like this one and trying to turn it into somthine positive about a team that is afraid to face us on the football field.

But then, since you are a coward, it follows that they would be cowards, too.

27 outs, only SIX were strikeouts, first time in three years that it was done. When Virginia did that in 2011 (yep, the previous perfect game was an ACC team, too, you sick disgusting slob), they used ten strikeouts, not the 15 you claimed Miami used. Yet you attack Villinova for only putting "the ball in play like a dozen times".

Do they even TEACH math in your lopsided trailer park? 21 is not a dozen, you dyslexic coward.

Now, go away, sicko, you are not needed here, they have banned you dozens of times only for you to change IP addresses to get back on. I guess that is all you have when your house has wheels. What do you do, park at night outside a burger king to use their wifi? Truly a desperate sick individual you are, you coward.

As for your OTHER lie, this was my first comment on this thread.

Made the ESPN Top play out of their Top 10. Not often that college baseball accomplishes that.

Posted by: Five Titles | March 05, 2014 at 08:20 AM

I don't see the word gator in there anywhere, it was only after you stole a Canes fan's ID did I ask you to stop. That is not "being the first to bring up the gatrs", that is asking you to stop rather than escalate, which is what you instead chose to do with your lies, profanity, and personal attacks, coward.

Go away, coward. Your life HAS to have something esle to it, despite over six years of evidence to the contrary, sicko.

By the way, of the 23 previous perfect games since they kept track in 1957, only 8 of those were against division 1 opponents. That makes his accomplishment even more impressive.

As Manny said in the title,

"Congratulations to Javi Salas, always smiling -- and tonight, no doubt beaming even more. He's perfect."

And nothing that this murder joking name changing ID stealing ankle biting coward says can change that.

Gatr Trash: Home to blocking your teammate in a game and urinating on others.

yep, that about sums up that dump.

Only 10 of those 23 "perfect games" were in the past 30 years. Four of those were only 7 innings. And three of the remainder were against division 2 opponents.

9 of those were division 1 against Division 2 opponents.


Therefore, there have been only three division 1 versus division 1 9 inning perfect games in the past 30 years. And Miami accomplished two of them.

But yeah, it happens all the time....

Is gallo going to add David perry to his list ?

Oops, that was Susan's article, not Manny's.

Funny how I can put praise of a perfect game on here, and the coward calls in obsession. While he is on the blog of another team, days after day, for six years, despite multiple IP bans. Yeah, he needs to look in that trailer mirror to see obsession...

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