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Day 1 back at UM practice. Here's the news...Also: Tim "Ice" Harris will be a coach again -- count on it.

After 11 days, the Canes were back Tuesday on Greentree Field, which was lined and marked and ready for the first scrimmage March 29th -- closed to the public.

*** Coach Al Golden said the players had good attitudes and that the practice was physical. "Guys look like they came back with a good mindset, good shape.''

*** The defense "got the offense" Tuesday, Golden said. "We challenged the offense to be better by Thursday.'' Golden said the defense had a better mindset today, caused some fumbles, was more physical and tougher than offense. He said they were really good in goal-line and short-yardage periods.

*** Freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen "right now is having a really good spring,'' Golden said. "Really mature. Texting [OC] James [Coley] the night before. Calling James, coming to see him. He's really doing all the little things you need a quarterback to do and it's showing on the field. He's distributing the ball really well for us, running it. He's got to continue to raise his confidence level and continue to lead but that's going to come the more comfortable he is with the offense.''

*** Golden said of first-team quarterback Ryan Williams: "Ryan is having an excellent spring. Ryan's accuracy is evident on the field. Not a lot of balls on the ground. His percentage has been high. That's what he can do. Every guy we have has a different talent and his is his ability to read it conceptually, diagnose it and get the ball out quickly.''

As a veteran who knows the offense inside and out, Williams is still the frontrunner to win the job, but the better Olsen gets, the harder the decision becomes, and the better for the program. 

By the way, after practice, I noticed Kevin Olsen in street clothes with a very large ice pack over his right (throwing) hand. Don't know anything more about that.

*** We hadn't heard anything about sophomore tight end Jake O'Donnell until Tuesday. I asked Golden how he was doing. "jake has had a really good spring, up to about 254 right now. Playing a lot of football. Obviously Clive [Walford's] absence (due to unspecified injury) has helped him. He and Stan [Dobard] have both benefited greatly from Clive's absence. He's getting a lot of work and really coming through for us. Scored a touchdown today. Caught another seam ball, things he wasn't doing a year ago. Really pleased  with him, because Jake is one of our fastest tight ends.''

*** Offensive lineman Hunter Knighton, who was released from the hospital last week, "is doing good,'' Golden said. "He's being integrated right now. He's getting caught up on school. Our biggest concern right now is just getting him caught up on school. Other than that I just don't want to infringe on the family's privacy. When he's ready to talk, he'll talk. But he's doing great. You might see him around. He's getting treatment and getting caught up on school, is what he should do.  That's the first step back to normalcy, and once we get through that then obviously the next step is getting back to football.''

*** Defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who is still dealing with a foot injury, was in a yellow jersey and might return to practice Thursday, Golden said.  Golden said there's a lot of competition at the defensive end spot. The coach said there should be a "great competition'' (at strong-side defensive end)  between Ufomba Kamalu and Chickillo at that position.  Coach said Kamalu has had a "really good offseason" and spring. "Obviously with Chad Thomas and Anthony Moten in the wing, we have a chance to really improve that position this fall. Right now we have Quan and Tyriq at the other end, with Trent [Harris] and those guys behind him." 

*** There were at least a few errant snaps from center (Alex Gall, Hunter Wells) Tuesday.

*** Yellow (limited) jerseys Tuesday: Malcolm Lewis, Anthony Chickillo, Corn Elder, Herb Waters, Nate Dortch.

*** Red (no contact) jerseys Tuesday: Rayshawn Jenkins, Clive Walford, Ladarius Gunter, Shane McDermott, Braxton Barrios, Duke Johnson. 

*** Black first-team jerseys for defense: Raphael Kirby, Olsen Pierre (who went inside during practice with what could be an injury, but not sure), Tracy Howard, Alex Figueroa, Denzel Perryman.

*** Orange first-team jerseys for offense: Stacy Coley, Beau Sandland (who also stopped in the middle of practice with what seemed to be some type of leg or groin ailment), Ereck Flowers, Jon Feliciano, Alex Gall, Gus Edwards, Danny Isidora, Rashawn Scott.


Also, I'm writing this for tomorrow's paper (tonight online), but new UM assistant director of football operations Tim "Ice" Harris, the pride of high school football in Miami and in particular, Booker T. Washington High, will be a football coach again -- no doubt in my mind. He made it pretty clear today that he is thrilled to be back at UM, and in no uncertain terms expects to be doing what he does best -- coaching -- after he earns his degree at UM.

"Once I get my degree, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if I had it at this point,'' Harris said. "Because I already would have considered myself as one of the top coaches in the country from a high school perspective. And what we do there in developing young people I definitely could be able to do it at the college level with no problem."

Harris wasn't being boastful. He was being honest. He already has worked at UM under Randy Shannon doing basically the same thing, but Al Golden is helping him get his dream job -- to coach in college -- by letting him learn more and observe and be a great benefit for the Canes in dealing with high school coaches. Harris would be a great asset for Miami as a coach who could recruit in UM's backyard and have immense pull.

UM wants assistant coaches to have their college degrees. Once Harris has his degree in a little more than a year, he's fair game. If UM doesn't find a way to grab him as a coach, be assured someone else will.






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I think this Harris hire is the best thing 'Goldy has done in his time at UM. If Harris is smart, and he obviously knows how to play his cards, he'll work his way into the DC or HC job once 'Goldy and the DC solidify an "out."

When that happens, it'll be time to get Soldinder on the phone and I'd give Chud and, yes, Dorsey a call, too.

When that happens U can book it: UM would definitely be back.

Dunno needs to go do an internship with Bellicheck or le beau. Golden too.

Golden isn't going anywhere...Harris will take DC job after this season. If not , someone will grab him up. Look for uf to come calling after they fire muschamp in December. If DC has bad year we need to fire him before anyone has a chance to call on harris. I think he knows his future is in paradise.

J. Hamilton, Earl Morre and the other DT's that have been in the Program for 2 or 3 years have to really help out this season or it will be another very long year for the defense.

Another baseball lousy year. It gets worse as the year goes on, just like the football teams of the past way to many years. The streak of regionals ends this year. As long as Shalala is at UM, the canes will never be a consistent winner nationally at any sport. Notice I said consistent, a one year here and there isn't canes sports. The only decent coach UM has is Larranaga. Fire the troll

cool cat- u hypocrite- you want Dorsey? after youve called them the most overrated QB in Miami history?

Now youre coming to realize that you were wrong. After the run of dumb a55es that we have had as QBs at UM:

Brock Berlin
Kyle Wright
Kirby Freeman

Geezus Icantbelieve Um has had these clowns as QBs after Kenny Dorsey

Kenny Dorsey is a legend at Miami and will always be.

Look at the so-called rocketarm that Kyle Wright and Stephen Morris had- result- duumba55es

Or the running ability of Marve or Kirby Freeman-result dumba55es

Or theso-called king of MIamiNW bulls in Jacorry Harris


Hey G8: KD had McKinney, Portis, Johnson, Joseph, Reed and a host of superstars on that team. He was OVERRATED. Just admit it. But he has won me over as QB coach to Cam Newton.

Marve was a mental weakling. J12 played through three different OC's including the, to use your word, dumb Nix. I liked Berlin. he was actually a pro set QB, I still haven't figured out why things didn't work out for him at UM. I didn't dislike freeman, but i didn't like him either.

As U know G8, Kelly is the best ever out of UM. Toretta the best leader, Walsh and Kozar the smartest. Costa and j12 the ones who didn't get their due. And ryan Collins the one everybody slept on and never gave a chance. Just go ask Sapp and Donnell Bennet what kind of QB Collins was.

KD was, is and forever will be OVERRATED in my book as a UM QB.

Strongest: Testaverde.

Cat, Dorsey was there when the whole country was watching us. Yea he had players around him,but most offensive players dont get the credit anyway. He was the posterboy for college football and his w/l tells the story.

Now the U fans are happy when we hire a High School coach, LMFAO..... HIGH SCOOL COACH TO HELP THE DIV II coaches

You noticed how Golden said the D was real physical, remember he said that last year, when they cut fall camp 2 days early, and then we found out how soft they were. And Golden once again talked about GAINING WEIGHT...... WELCOME TO THE SLOW BIG TEN

They aren't going to help Harris get a degree so he can coach and then let him go to another team. Why dont you talent scouts pick a QB in high school and bet lets say $1,000 they will be great in the college and see where that gets you.

Rick no doubt we've heard it from the golden tongue before. This was him talking this past July or August!!

Depth, size, strength, speed, experience... And what happened as the season progresses? More of the same!!



"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"
Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.
"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/07/coach-al-golden-on-hurricanes-d-the-biggest-thing-was-to-not-change.html#storylink=cpy

I'll be on the grill flippin burgers n dogs and mixing gallons of "ICE ICE" cold sun tea for post scrimmage family picnic days baby !!!



#1 fsu- 1

GATORS - Winners of 8 of the last 9 and in the TOP-25 next week ! u ? looosers of 5 of ur last 6 and way OuT of the top-25... wiff n boot u is u... when was the last time u beat any #1 team in anything ? the 20th. Century ?

FLORIDA GATORS - Presently 6-SIX #1 SPRING SPORTS TEAMS !!! NEVER BEEN DONE !!! It's a GATOR THANG that u and ur clUck brains wouldn't understand...

but ... GO LADY CANES !!! FuTuRE nit champs riiieeet ?


yo 5hindtits... SEC verses acc in Hoops this Season...



tell us again all about the MIGHTY GATORS sorry schedule with the #1 RPI ?

Posted by: Nash | March 18, 2014 at 09:10 PM

Yea man, I remember that stuff, same crap different toilet!!!!

Cane fan sez ...

Football- The NCAA had us under their cloud for over a decade...

We'll be back...

Basketball- acc champs to NO tourney u. We lost 6 Seniors last year and 6 this year...

We'll be back...

Beisbol- MLB poaches all of our recruits, unlike other programs...

We'll be back...


The back of all cane unis beginning next year should read...



GO LADY CANES !!! WIN THE nit they'll be #65 !!!

all u need to know about the typical Johhny come lately, know nothing, bandwagon, drunk n stupid out of towner, can't read a map or compass cluless cane cluck in one short story... d[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[]hhhhhhh []_[]...


The Herb has to share this story of my one and only time, I saw the Canes play at the OB, I believe it was in 2004 against FSU, in which the game went into overtime, the first thing that happened is a Hurricane postponed the game from Labor Day to a Friday night, so we had to change our flight dates. Then when we got to our motel, the dam thing was closed because of supposed Hurricane damage. I didn't mention they didn't notify us that they were closed. They left a note on the door telling us to go to another motel but gave no directions. We started asking people where this motel was but of course nobody spoken any English. It took us an hour to find the dam place. It was around 12 before we finally got everything taken care of ( midnight). The next day comes and we are going to the University, so we ask the people at the hotel the quickest way to get there and you would of thought we had asked a foreign question. Finally we got someone to give us directions, so we headed off from South Beach, after an hour of driving, I told My girlfriend this can't be right we're going North, so we stopped and asked someone at a gas station and once again they acted like I was asking a foreign question and I said the "U" and this big shyt eating grin came over his face and he said Cee, I know where the "U" is so once we got the directions, guess where this moron sent us, To Florida FFing International. To almost wrap this saga up, once we finally got to "U" it was 4:00, I ran into the university store for about 20 minutes, picked Miami gear up and headed to the OB. We left at 11:00 and it took us 5 hours, when it should of taken us 20 minutes. The last bit of this story, only gets better, we started looking for a grocery store to get beer, but for some reason Miami has grocery stores, like no where! We finally find one, get the beer, finally find a place to park, in little Havana start making up for lost time pounding beer and get to the stadium and Lo and behold The Herb eyes light up, they sell beer inside the stadium, what a sight!

I had great seats the game sucked for the most part but the worst part, my girl friend got a little tipsy and needed to go the bath room about the middle of the 3RD qt. 30 minutes went by and I went to look for her and she was leaning against a post, tore up. They're was about 3 minutes to go in the game and we threw an interception and I said we're done, so I take her back to the car. We were parked about 700 yds from the stadium and about 3/4 of the way there I heard a big roar and I asked some dude in his car what happened and he said we scored and we were going to OT. I hurried up and got her drunk ass to the car, ran drunk all the way back to the stadium and to cap this shyt day off, they wouldn't let me back in. Naturally we won the game and I didn't get to see the finish. All that way, and didn't get a chance to see the campus and didn't see the end of the game, what a bummer.

Posted by: herbieibis | March 18, 2014 at 12:14 AM


and that is why ...

He has a job and is gaining valuable experience plus he is getting a free 55k a yr education at UM. That beats coaching HS. He received all of this and he still could not persuade his son to go to the Ul Not a lot of loyalty with Ice he might be gone once he gets his degree? He may or may not be using UM ??

They had years to bring in Ken Dorsey on staff. He was begging to come back to the U. Why didn't they offer him a chance ? He is now thriving at Carolina Panthers. Oh btw he has his degree. I thinks it's from the UM

That's exactly what I think, Ice will be gone after his Degree, his son goes to Florida and we get the OLD MAN HIGH SCHOOL COACH LMAO, HIS SON DIDNT WANNA COME, SO LETS GO GET DA DAD.....ROFLMFAO

you guys got to stop living in the past..all this talk of hiring all these former canes as coaches...let it go already.what makes you think that these guys as coaches would bring back the glory days,those days are history in the past...give golden his time..he will now have his players he wants..lets give it at least a couple of years and see what happens...and let the past go.....

Canes baseball, off their ACC sweep of the Eagles, moving up in the polls, despite the claim that we are unranked. Morris finally has stopped MLB from stealing the pitching to get us through the season and into the regionals for another record breaking year.

Canes basketball is finishing strong and going into the tournament as one of the most feared teams since their defense dominates even against top ACC teams.

Enjoy all that this great city has to offer, and watch our championship teams continue on the right path to greatness.

Posted by: Five Titles | March 11, 2014 at 10:15 AM


Anymore bold colossally wrong preDICKtions this week Schleprock NostradUmbasse 5hindteets ?

All this and we still beat your gators down in the two sports we played each other in....lmao. your comparing apples and oranges and when it comes gametime we see which one tastes better. Your team keeps getting beat by UM and yet y'all are talking crap? Sheeeeeesh!

Cool cat,
Sodinger is an old man at 70. And skews older. He also is pretty much banned for things he did ..

Dudecane1, I concur with you about bring up the past surrounding the U football teams. However, I can only speak for me, because I have been calling for Dorsey to join this staff...especially as the QB coach. Although I believe Dorsey benefitted from a good support cast, he has the intelligence and insight to help any young QB learn from his experiences.

As for Harris join the staff, Golden was seeking immediate support in developing positive relationships with the local HS coaching staffs. Harris is a winner, and he can help evaluate local players. Furthermore, the transition would be easier for Harris to get a coaching position. Harris' son made the best decision for his college football career by going to an offensive scheme that match his skill level. Florida will be running the Duke offense, which requires a dual-threat QB.

I believe Golden is the right person as the HC, but he need to evaluate his staff objectively. Nevertheless, I attack Shannon's leadership after 3 years, but did not agree with timing of his firing by an AD who was looking for employment at another college. My main issues with this coaching staff:
- Does not appear that the coaches and players are prepared for each opponent.
- Game plan and adjustment
- Development of QB, MLB, and DL
- Best 22 are not being use

Speed kills...we know it...we invemted it....lets hope big guys cam clog upo the middle...and here is more hope we still possess the speed to corral the outside and underneath shizat that has plagued this pprogram the last decade!!!! God bless...keep harris aroind UM as lpng as possible

Here we go again, Cool Cat… Let hire all former players to COACH. Coaching and playing aren't the same thing. Just ask Michael Barrow, PATHETIC. Our LBs all regress under him.

And for those who have forgotten, Berlin was a game (VT) away from ACC offensive player of the year. Our problem, under Dan Werner, is that he was a shotgun QB, played five deep throughout all of high school, only to be forced under center at UM. When he was able to use the gun, he was outstanding, just ask the Gators. 38-33, I was there!

Anymore bold colossally wrong preDICKtions this week Schleprock NostradUmbasse 5hindteets ?

Posted by: u are still u ... dUmbasse u

You're STILL a little weirdo who obsseses over another team CONSTANTLY, and who's basketball team is No. 1 in the NATION and who STILL, instead of celebrating with his fellow Gators spends his time on a Cane blog. That folks is the definition of a an A-HOLE, and you can throw in DA as well. Well little Johnny your football team STILL lost to us, and we STILL own you, and we STILL have more titles in baseball and football, so hence you're STILL bums. Now run and catch the wittle wellow school bus wittle Johnny before you miss it.

UM baseball is an embarassment. Jim Morris needs to be let go. He is destroying this once proud baseball program. All these preseason hype about Miamis hitters and pitchers. blah blha blah. They allsk That is coachingand recruiting.

Jim Morris needs to be fired. period.

What does "let go of the past" even mean?

Are U saying that there's zero utility in referencing or using the wisdom and culture of winning and dominance that was established from our past?

U are on this site because of "the past", U are a fan of UM because of its past.

Your connection to UM was established in "the past", so if U take your own advice and "let go", your fan hood would be in "the past".

Why are u a fan, if time means that one must "let go"?

We rose to prominence one way and we won't be back until we learn to accept, re-establish, and not be ashamed of that way.

Some of y'all just don't get it do U?

Its a gift and the current curse. Either we dominate or we lose, this mediocrity/appearances approach is Fool's Gold.

Dudes hate where they come from, we have serious self-acceptance and identity issues.

PS: Tim Harris is more Cane and loyal, than Al Golden ever was or will be.

Congrats to Eric Winston being elected as the new NFLPA's President!


Glad to have Tim Harris at UM. Wish him well in his degree pursuit.

Then let's hire him as a position coach if that's what the situation dictates. If not, how about DC? He will be a great asset!

Go Canes!

"By the way, after practice, I noticed Kevin Olsen in street clothes downing a very large six pack over his right (throwing) hand. Don't know anything more about that, hope he stays clean, Lord knows we need him and all the other freshmen to contribute right away and in a big fashion."

Alverage in the Spring says the D looks real good, real strong, that is good news.
Once the Spring game and practices arrive you will see the same old story. The O will torch the D.
Then the average ignorant cane cluck will proclaim that the canes have the best O in football and the D just needs to catch up a bit.
In the Fall we will find out again the every O torches the cane D, thus the came O is nothing special, on the contrary it is an overconfident bunch used to scoring against a pitiful cane D who will struggle mightily against your average ACC defense.
Same as it ever was.

In the not surprising/it is what a dump is Department:

GAINESVILLE - Three women are the latest victims of Gainesville's urinating man.

Police are investigating seven cases in which people say they were standing with their backs to a man who began urinating on them. Each case happened along a street across from the University of Florida campus. The first cases were reported in February

Harriet tubmansays that Ice is more a cane than Golden will ever be

THAT was the champion of stupid quotes.

What does that mean, Harriet?

Does that mean that Randy Shannon (the worse coach in UM football) is less a coach than Larry Coker was?

I dont understand that quote, Tubbie. But it sounds like you hate whitey

No doubt a Gatr Trash grad:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Daytona Beach man was arrested on Tuesday after police say he was spotted by neighbors conducting sexual acts with his dog. James Bull, 61, has been charged with felony animal cruelty and another misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. According to the report, neighbors told police on Tuesday they saw Bull having sexual conduct with his 8-month-old female dog on his front porch of his Magnolia Avenue apartment. When police arrived, the dog was emaciated and had no food, water or shelter, the report stated. The dog was taken to Halifax Humane Society for medical treatment. Bull was taken to the Volusia County jail, where he is being held on $15,000 bond.

RS was a masterful recruiter ad one of the best DC's the college game has seen. I won't give imbecils like G* the stats from 2006 all the way down. He was let go after 4 years, just as he was triyng to get it together. Trestman would have been a GOOD OC. RS's plan was to go back to DC. That was the formula.

Considering that RS was from Miami, played at Miami and coached at Miami, does't that make him more of a 'Cane than 'Goldy, who is looking for an "out" as this is written.

The DC is not good. The OC is learning on the fly, although I'll give him more ups than downs but not by that much.

Posted by: But u are a big toilet inundated with smelly ignorant rednecks...Quoi? | March 19, 2014 at 05:04 PM

not sure which is sicker, the story or the fact of where you're head is at that you'd even post it to a sports blog. Come on man, as a percieved Cane fan don't pollute our blog with obscure BS garbage like that. No matter how things are, fellow Cane fans, hopefully have far more class than that.

Randy Shannon never approached Marc Tristan to be the OC.. why would a man making almost $2 million a year as head coach of the Montreal CFL team leave that to go work as a college OC making a fraction of that?

Trestman. Darn auto correct.

Posted by: g8rseetmya55 | March 19, 2014 at 03:12 PM

On cue--Shannon in every post no matter the blog topic lol! Never fells.

Me hating whitey is not the question and to answer the question I don't hate white people, I hate the ideology of being white because it led to justifying the global colonialism and imperialistic subjugation of the entire world--fact. So if "whitey" is a representation of that historical fact about the true function and utility of the creation of race, than yes I do hate "whitey" lol!

Its not about what I hate, just focus on what I love--and thats the truth. I don't need to hate U--we are opposition due to what i love--not what I supposed hate--an assumption.

I have proof that the "whitey" ideology hates me unprovoked (check current and past history)--thats not an assumption like your comment lol!

Now go climb back under that rock with "holmie" until U can come up with another way to disparagingly insert the 3 NC ring (as a player, graduate assistant and coach), Miami-born and lifelong Cane, best graduation rated, best academic ranked and best DC in Cane history Randy Shannon into one of your hate filled diatribes.

Now to answer your question: Tim Harris has been a lifelong Cane fan his entire life and has steered his players our way years before Golden even thought about this job. Golden tried his best to leave here this offseason and then lied about it lol! Harris agreed to come back to UM after being released when Shannon was fired. Need I say more…???

Its my opinion and if U care to refute it then have at it--but insults don't refute anything, they just prove that U aren't very intelligent.

meant: never fails

You all cry cry cry racism, but you ghetto rats are more racist than Al Sharpton. Gimme a break, you hypocrites

Cool cat is a dumbsht.. So... Any qb who has a stellar group of receivers and rbs, is overrated

By that measure, tebow, testavwrde, manziel, bridgewater, and any heisman trophy winner in history is overrtaed

So who threw the ball to shockey with 30 secs left to comeback aainst fsu in 2000?

I guess our defense with ed reed allowing boston college to almost beat us was dorseys fault?

I guess andre johson and roacoe parrishs stats is bc they thre the ball to themselves eh?

I guess he fact yhat as the quarterback, losing two games as a starter in 4 yrs means he ws overrated?

So... Jacorry harris having leonard hank and sam shields, travis benjamin (all in the nfl) means he had no supporting cast?

Is that why he thre so many picks to the OTHER teams?

What teams were you watching, cool cat? Ryan colins? Are you kidding? Ryan collins?

I suppose you re also bitter that ken dorsey unseated kenny kelly eh?

You and harriet are transparently stupid

^^Set traps and all the rats come out.

U aren't opposed to me--u are opposed to the truth.

Keep projecting all U want.

The definition of the word racist, is not one who tells the truth lol.

Go look it up for once.

The first "ghetto rats" were considered to be Irish, Jewish and Italian people--again go read a book instead of attempting to rewrite history all the time.

^^Set traps and all the rats come out.
U aren't opposed to me--u are opposed to the truth.
Keep projecting all U want.
The definition of the word racist, is not one who tells the truth lol.
Go look it up for once.
The first "ghetto rats" were considered to be Irish, Jewish and Italian people--again go read a book instead of attempting to rewrite history all the time.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | March 19, 2014 at 08:32 PM


This man here is a true educator!!

They would be wise to get their pencils and paper out to take notes!!


That set the traps line was/is CLASSIC bruh!!

Racist haters

Al sharpton
Jesse jackson

Cool cat

Admit it

I supported randy shannon when he came in as coach. I went to visit one of is preseason pep rallys

And then THE TRUTH came out. Randy shannon destroyed tis program

Couldnt recruit
Couldnt coach
Couldnt communicate
Coldnt lead

Rats? There was a rat in the gables while he wasthere and he didnt do sheet

Gimme a break

Hate on golden all u all want bc hes white

Basic truth was miami was 9-4

If he doesnt improve hell be gone.

If he does, to your dismay

He will stay

Enjoy the ride. Its no longer the 60s, son.

“I’m just focusing on working for Coach Golden,” Harris said. “I appreciate him giving me an opportunity. We’re looking at things that carry your life to the next level. That’s the kind of person that coach is.

“He’s about people, and he wants me as a man to be in position to do what I need to do or want to do in my future.’’

Later, he said that Treon “wondered if I already knew I was coming here before they were through the recruiting process. I told him, ‘No, it wasn’t like that. This happened after recruiting was over with.’

“That’s why I respect Coach Golden and his staff. They did an awesome job with that, and I appreciate it.”

Harris said his son is always in his heart, adding, “I’m here. This is what I’m breathing. The Canes, that’s what I’m focused on at this point.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/19/4003354/tim-ice-harris-relishes-new-role.html#storylink=cpy


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