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Canes football back in action Tuesday morning at Greentree -- baseball drops 12 spots in rankings

After 11 days off, the Hurricanes are back in action at 9 a.m. Tuesday with spring football practice session No. 5 at Greentree Field behind the Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence.

For any of you not working tomorrow, remember that the practices are open to the public from beginning to end. 

Unfortunately, the first two scrimmages (March 29th and April 4th) are closed to the public. The spring game, which is open, is at 6 p.m. April 12 at Sun Life Stadium.


As for Canes' baseball, a team with great promise has been problematic of late. Since UM's five-game win streak ended after the March 9 sweep of Boston College, the Canes have lost four out of five, including mid-week games against Bethune-Cookman and Stetson. 

This week will provide a huge opportunity for Miami (11-9, 4-2 ACC) to turn everything around. The Canes play UCF (9-12) at Mark Light on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and travel to Fort Myers to face Florida Gulf Coast (13-7) at 6:30 p.m.

Freshman lefty Danny Garcia (0-0 3.09 ERA) is slated to start against UCF.

The Wednesday starter for UM has not been announced.

The good: freshman Willie Abreu is tied with sophomore David Thompson with the top batting average of .328. And Dale Carey, hitting .312, has seven doubles and leads the team with 4 home runs. He has a .584 slugging percentage.

Also, UM is second in the ACC with 40 doubles so far.

The bad: AJ Salcines, in six appearances, has a 24.00 ERA, with hitters averaging .412 against him. Among hitters, freshman Zack Collins, who was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 27th round of the draft, has not begun to find his groove. The power-hitting Collins, who lifted the Canes over UF in their Saturday-night game, is hitting .118, with two home runs,  two doubles and two singles this season. He leads the team in strikeouts (20) and walks (10). UM needs him to break loose. 

The ugly: UM has 33 errors -- tied with Georgia Tech for the most in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Virginia is tops in ACC fielding with only nine errors. 

 Here are the mid-week notes sent by UM's Camron Ghorbi:


• No. 25 Miami continues its challenging nonconference slate with a pair of midweek games: at home against UCF (March 18) and on the road at FGCU (March 19).

 • The Hurricanes captured a 5-0 victory at Mark Light Field in the lone matchup against UCF in 2013 (March 6), which featured an 11-strikeout performance from starter Bryan Radziewski.

 • Miami did not play FGCU in 2013, but split a home-and-home with the Eagles in 2012. The Hurricanes won 3-0 on the road at Hammond Stadium (Feb. 22), but dropped a home contest 4-2 (April 11).


• Miami is tied for first in the ACC with 12 home runs through its first 20 games of the regular season. Dale Carey leads the team with four homers, while Zack CollinsGarrett Kennedy and Tyler Palmer have two each.

 • The offense already has three multi-homerun games this season after recording just two in all of 2013: games one and two against Florida (Feb. 21 & 22) and game one against Georgia Tech (March 14). Miami is 3-0 in 2014 when hitting more than one home run.

 • In addition to its impressive home run total, Miami ranks second in the ACC with 40 doubles this season and tied for fourth in triples with four.

 • Miami did not record its 12th home run in 2013 until an 8-3 win over Wake Forest on May 12 - the team’s 53rd game of that season. The Hurricanes hit just 14 home runs collectively last season.


• After struggling through the first month of the season, sophomore slugger David Thompson has turned it up a notch. Thompson is hitting at a .424 clip over the past 10 games with two doubles, one triple and six RBI. He has recorded a .525 on-base percentage over that span.

 • Over his last two starts, redshirt sophomore Andrew Suarez has allowed two earned runs in 16.0 innings of work (1.12 ERA). He went 9.0 innings against Georgia Tech but earned a no-decision.

 • Senior Dale Carey is 7 for his last 18 (.389) over the last five games entering Tuesday’s matchup with UCF. He has team-high totals of eight hits, nine runs, four doubles and one home run over that stretch.

 • Freshman Willie Abreu has settled into a groove entering the middle of March. The Hialeah, Fla., native, hitting third in the lineup, is batting .353 with 18 hits and 13 runs scored in the last 15 games.

 • Freshman reliever Cooper Hammond has made seven appearances in the last 15 games and has recorded a 2.25 ERA with a 2-0 record. Hammond has yielded two earned runs in his last 8.0 innings of relief.




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Thanks for the details on the baseball team Susan.

How do you feel about the idea of Morris moving on after this year? I mean, your stats show that we have added power hitting, but still have too many errors which have cost us games to lesser teams.

If you don't want to give such a final opinion since you are on the Canes beat, I will understand.

I am glad that Larranaga is returning, he has really gotten the best out of his players these past two years.

Can the Canes get rid of goldie and d'o and hire
the winning coaches of the Friday Night Tykes???


Laranga is an old washed up BUM. Please.

Morris needs to go. The game has passed him by. It is time to bring in a younger, more energetic coach who can relate better to todays players. There is no excuse for a UM Baseball team to be 11-9 at any point in the season. The mid-week games have been a killer the last few years. We should not be losing games to Bethune, Stetson, etc. That is embarrassing!

Send D'No to Crimea - You are so right. I've been saying this for 3 years now. Morris is like B.Bowden was at the end of his career. He does not put the amount of energy into the job it requires today. UM, an expensive private school, has challenges that public universities do not because of the small amount of baseball scholarships that must be shared among the players. It requires a great deal of effort on the head coach's part to keep pace with the top public schools. A young vibrant coach is required. I can only imagine that there are a boat load of coaches out there that would love the chance to lead UM. The UM AD needs to do his job and do what is right for UM. I think he's intimidated by Morris because the coach is old enough to be his father.

Unfortunately, Morris will run this team into the ground again this year. All this talk about Omaha is just a sweet dream, not reality. The only Omaha this team will see is a box of steaks. We are stuck with mediocrity, so get used to it. Watch the list of excuses grow as the year wears on. For those of us that were there during the Frasier days, this is hard to watch. Apathy is settling in.

As a huge canes baseball fan it is sad to see what Morris has done to this team in the last 5 years. Now we have a great starting pitching staff and good young hitters, but Morris still can't win with this team. Fielding errors have been a problem for over 5 seasons and he has not done anything to fix the problem. We are going nowhere this year, yet Morris was taking about Omaha in the preseason. I thank him for the two titles he got us, but he is simply collecting a paycheck at this point. This team will miss the post season if this continues and this program will be destroyed if Morris is not replaced. DO your job AD and get us a good coach to lead this program in the future. Enough is enough. Losing to teams like Bethune and a Stetson team that had only 5 wins is unacceptable.

Shalala's quest for an almost Ivy league status has ruined the entire sports program. Its great to be a top 40 institution but before she got here championships in football and baseball were the norm. Championships are getting further and further in the rearview mirror with this administration.

MOrris has had the cushiest job in the world, and for 10 yrs has sat back on the laurelks of his last national ship. He has gotten pass after pass after pass, all the while UM recruitinghas been horrible and the glaring fault of the UM teams thelast 5 years has not been corrected: ERRORS. THAT IS PURELY COACHING NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

Why hasMorris gotten a pass and neither Coker or Shannon got a pass? UM baseball was at one point the pride of UM and thepride of south florida, second only to UM football and the dolphins!!!!

His lame excuse last couple of yrs was that playersleft for the pros- well guess what old man, same thing is happening to the FSUs UFs and LSUs of this world! and they are still going to Omahah yr in yr out while MIami basks in medicority!!!

Jim Morris needs to be fired, or be a rational man, set aside his ego and admit that he is stale, is a has been and his time has past. MOve aside and allow UM baseball to return to its rightful place as one of the elites

cane72- shut your trap about Golden- YOu know nothing dumba55. Golden has been here for 3 yrs. Give the guy a chance and stop with your racism. Its obvious you a;; who hate Golden are bitter bc your boi Randy Shannon got fired- Where Randy at? Where is he a head coach at? THats right- Nobody wants him. So s-t-f-u

How can you feel good about having Morris, Golden, and Laranaga as your coaches? You CAINT! Laughable athletic programs.

It pains me to say this but Coach Morris must go. He can't coach and he can't fish. I will discuss this on the hour every our on WQAM.

Not the real Cutler Ridge Laz, just the sicko showing his obsessive hate for Canes fans.

Not feeding the coward, just warning Canes fans.

Over/under on number of posts by Five Titles before 5:00?

Over under on Gator losses next season?

Posted by: g8rseetmya55 | March 18, 2014 at 06:15 AM

Still swinging at ghosts and busting into the air trying to kill the sky.

Can't make a post without projecting the racism U have in your chest--onto someone else. Must be a miserable existence. Shannon's name makes ever single one of your comments no matter the current blog topic…sad.

Its time for Morris to hang it up.....had a good run for many years. This is the same drop off that has taken place the last 3 or 4 years.

Hey the Canes are back from spring practice vacation LMAO, VACATION DURING PRACTICE, THEY WILL BE THE SOFTEST TEAM IN THE ACC AGAIN....

The canes dropped out of the baseball rankings?
11 - 9 record? Worst in the State?
So baseball sucks yet again.
Not even an NIT bid?
Worst in the State as well.
So basketball is back to normal, mayor suck job.
At least we have football in the Spring.
Best time to be a cane, the Spring.
And the summer too.
The games don't count, therefore we will most definitively win that Spring game.
Are we ready to start another Heisman run.
Williams or Duke?

Lady Canes in the NIT !!! It's all we got, but it's a second rate something...

Shalala's quest for an almost Ivy league status has ruined the entire sports program. Its great to be a top 40 institution but before she got here championships in football and baseball were the norm. Championships are getting further and further in the rearview mirror with this administration.

Posted by: YankeeCane | March 18, 2014 at 05:25 AM

U were warned, but U wouldn't listen...

It is ur continued Reality and Destiny...




but LOOK at those Graduation rates !!!

Cane fan sez ...

Football- The NCAA had us under their cloud for over a decade...

We'll be back...

Basketball- acc champs to NO tourney u. We lost 6 Seniors last year and 6 this year...

We'll be back...

Beisbol- MLB poaches all of our recruits, unlike other programs...

We'll be back...


The back of all cane unis beginning next year ?


Lady Canes in the NIT !!! It's all we got, but it's a second rate something...

Posted by: Go Lady Canes !!! | March 18, 2014 at 02:11 PM

Dude, if you are referring to the girls team, then you talk like someone that's never been to a game. Only your ignorant comments are second rate. Butch up.

PS The AD couldn't care less about what is being said here.

### In the Canes’ fifth practice of the spring, Kevin Olsen continued to show clear improvement from the fall. His accuracy has improved, and he appears more decisive in the pocket.

"Kevin right now is having a really good spring,” Al Golden said. “He's really mature, doing all the little things you need a quarterback to do and it's showing on the field. He's distributing the ball really well for us, running it. He has to continue to raise his confidence level and continue to lead, but that'll come the more comfortable he is with the offense."


or cane fan translation...

"Olsen the guy !!! He'll bring us back to Championship Football and compete for the Heisman ! 12-1 acc Champs !!! BCS BOWL or possible Final 4 Playoffs !!! 14-1 or 15-0 NATIONAL CHAMPS in 2014 or 2015 !!!"


### Tim Harris said his new role at UM is almost identical to the one he had at UM under Randy Shannon “but I feel more comfortable doing it. I understand the roles.”


I'll be on the grill flippin burgers n dogs and mixing gallons of "ICE ICE" cold sun tea for post scrimmage family picnic days baby !!!

no harriet the racists are you, Calvin, cane72 and cool cat- you Malcom Xers cannot stand the fact that shannon was a dismal failure and single handedly nearly destroyed this program, and was fired on account of his stupidity and poor managerial skills only to be hired by Glden, so you hood rats are seething and have directed all your anger towards Golden.

Admit it. Be a man.

seems like the same ol' story with baseball team

Posted by: holmie | March 18, 2014 at 03:41 PM

The proof is in the pudding, just check the context and content of the posts. Where are these posts U speak of? Golden hired Shannon now huh?

"hood rats" and "Malcom Xers" but but your name is "holmie"--u can't get out of your own way with the contradictions and projections lol!

U hate that u love it.

Watching sports nowadays must be a surreal experience for U and your ilk.

Quite a conflict of interest I'd think LMBO!

TIP: just focus on the uniform colors!

"Who wants some ICE" {repeated/reposted one thousand times over the last year}

U finally got your answer…

Golden did LOL!

ONLY 3 years for Golden?! Last time I checked 3 years is a long time. This team should win the ACC, no?

I think YankeeCane might be right: with Shalala at the helm, UM's sports program--at least its male sports program--has slid into overall obscurity and mediocrity.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, and I'm not saying Shalala's to blame for anything.

In fact--as much as I enjoyed the 'Canes' football and baseball dominance, and as mad as I still get when the 'Canes lose to under-matched opponents--I kind of like the idea of UM as a real school, instead of an NFL, NBA or MLB farm organization masquerading as a university.

It's likely that when UM's board of directors hired her, they gave her her marching orders: change, or at least begin to change (as old identities die hard, so these things take time) the school from a jock mill into a legitimate academic institution. So, when Shalala retires (she's 73), UM's board of directors will likely give her replacement the same orders; it's likely true that UM's "jock" days are over.

Much might be said of this. The discussion has many facets. But if little old Stanford--a private school with about 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students--can maintain its identity as one of the country's top academic institutions AND field championship-competitive teams, UM can, too. It will just take UM a while to get to that "place."

Meanwhile, we're going to keep hearing about how "promising" UM's teams are before the seasons start, and then watching as, during the season, all of those "promises" are broken.

I'll add that it does baffle me that UM's baseball and football teams are continually beaten by under-matched opponents. This has become such a consistent pattern that I have to believe it's not the coaches. Golden, Morris and Larranaga are all good coaches, and coaches that have left UM have done better elsewhere. (UM's former offensive line coach is holding down a job at Alabama, so don't blame the coaches.) It's not the athletes, either. Athletes--such as Storm Johnson--who've left UM have done better elsewhere, too. It's something to do with the school itself.

Something about the University of Miami prevents its teams from competing well. It started when Shalala came to the school, and it likely has to do with the school's board of directors taking decisive action to lose the "Thug U" moniker . . . and who can blame them for that? It's a freakin' university, not an NFL, NBA or MLB farm organization.

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