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Tuesday afternoon update on blood clot/surgery of David Thompson, who is "heartbroken'' says dad, but healing

  Just talked to Ed Thompson, the father of UM baseball player (infielder) David Thompson.

  The discouraging news is "he's heartbroken.''

   Everything else is encouraging.

   Like I reported in the Miami Herald last night, David underwent a six-hour surgery yesterday on his right arm for a blood clot that was caused by venous thoracic outlet syndrome, according to the Mayo Clinic, "a group of disorders that occur when the blood vessels or nerves in the space between your collarbone and first rib (thoracic outlet) becomes compressed. This can cause pain in your shoulders and neck and numbness in your fingers.

   "Common causes include... sports-related activities.'' And baseball players have been known to get this syndrome.

    "He had some blockage in a blood vessel and the blood was going out but not coming back, which is what caused the arm to swell,'' UM coach Jim Morris told me last night after UM lost to Virginia 5-3. "He wasn't getting good circulation because the top bone in his rib cage was cutting off the blood flow a little bit.''

   Ed Thompson  emailed me last night and said that "full recovery is expected over time. We are grateful for God's grace and for exceptional doctors and care. We appreciate your prayers.''

  David is recuperating at UM Hospital.

  Mr. Thompson, president of Miami-based Logoi Ministries -- just reiterated to me by phone that "the surgery was successful. The doctors were here this morning and are very pleased with how everything looks. Now the healing process has begun.''

  Doctors had to remove one of David's ribs, and he's in a lot of pain, Ed told me.

  "He’s heartbroken is the best way to say it right now, but determined to get back."

   Will David, a sophomore who leads the Hurricanes with a .328 batting average and starred at Miami Westminster Christian, play baseball again? 

    “Oh yeah, he’ll play again,'' Ed Thompson said. "We just don’t know when. There’s not a specific time frame. Each person is different.''

    Will he be back this season?

    “It’s too soon to tell. We don’t know yet.    

   “We hope he’s out of the hospital by at least Friday, but we haven’t heard a specific date.’’

   Again, David get well soon and keep your head up. You have lots of people praying for you and pushing for you! We know you're a fighter. :)

   Please leave your wishes for David below.