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Hiring Ice Harris a smart move for Canes, but making him an assistant coach would be even smarter

High school football coaches across South Florida were happy to hear Monday's news that Miami Booker T. Washington's Tim "Ice" Harris had been hired as assistant director of football operations at the University of Miami.

"Great news for Coach Ice and for The U," former Hurricane and Miami Central coach Roland Smith said. "It means a great deal for him to be back at UM. Everyone in the community knows him. He knows the ins and outs of Liberty City, Overtown and many other places here in Dade. He's going to be an asset."

"I think it’s definitely a good thing for both," said Miami Westminster Christian coach Sedrick Irvin, who spent two years at Alabama and another at Memphis as an assistant and knows the value of having a familiar, local face on a college staff.

"Besides, what else is there for him to accomplish at this level now?" Irvin continued. "State champs three times. National champs. It's always good to see the home school give a local coach who has done well a shot at the next level."

Harris, a three-time state championship winning coach and perennial winner with a 96-10 career record as a head coach, no doubt has earned the respect of coaches locally. As the direct liaison for high school coaches for UM -- among his new duties -- that will come in handy. So will the experience he already has from coordinating community service events the first time he was at UM under Randy Shannon from 2008 to 2010.

But if you're thinking Harris' hiring is going to "lock down South Florida recruiting" you're overestimating it some. Since he's not an assistant coach, Harris cannot recruit like one for the Hurricanes. 

According to UM here is what Harris can't do: He can't coach. He can't recruit. And he can't make phone calls to recruits.

What can he do? He can reach recruits through social media beginning Sept. 1 of their junior year and he can be involved in official on campus visits and eat meals during off campus official vists.

That's hardly the freedom assistants coaches have.

Other college programs have swooped into South Florida over the last two years and hired some of the top local coaches such as Miami Central's Telly Lockette (USF), Miramar's Damon Cogdell (West Virginia), University School's Roger Harriott (FAU) and Hialeah American's Corey Bell (FAU). By making them assistant coaches, they're allowed to go into homes, schools and recruit to the fullest extent. 

Norland coach Daryle Heidelburg was at Miami Edison and Norland when Harris had his first go-around with the Canes.

"If it's pretty much the same job as last time he can make phone calls to the coaches," Heidelburg said. "It’s not on the recruiting tip, but it’s moreso ‘Hey Coach Golden told me this kid was offered. I want to get a correct address and phone number. The coach may start a conversation with him like ‘So how is it over there?’ He can always plug in players that way and talk to them about that.

"They can use that help recruiting. But do I think FAU made a better move with Bell and Harriott? Yes. That’s where the advantage is going to be with Bell, Harriott and Lockette. They’ll coach the kids they are recruiting as opposed to Ice just selling the program.

"Bell, Harriott and Lockette can actually sell the kids, 'Hey we're from Miami and we're recruiting you to these positions.' I don’t know if a liaison position even allows for Ice to ride out with the coach who is recruiting the player."

Irvin, who again has been a part of a college staff at Alabama and Memphis, said where he thinks Harris can make an impact most is with parents.

"Me being realistic I don’t think he’ll have so much of an impact with players, but he can have an impact depending on how they use him and how he comes off to the parents," Irvin said.

Harris has told me in the past if he returned to the college ranks he wanted to be in a position where he could coach and not be a behind-the-scenes guy. There's always the possibility Golden is thinking two steps ahead here and wants to have Harris on staff with the idea of eventually making him an assistant. 

Harris also wants to finish college and get his degree at UM. Part of the reason he left Booker T. was to take advantage of this situation and finish school once and for all. He cannot become an assistant coach until he gets his degree.

"I don't know the details of the job for Ice, but maybe it will be used as a stepping stone to get acclimated to the college game and then maybe next year he’s a position coach," Heidelburg said. "I can definitelly see it like that."


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I'd like to think the Ice addition will solidify local recruiting but there's no gurantee the it will. I see it as a shrewd move by Al, the Booker T pipeline is wide open now, but having Ice as an assistant is not the stamp of approval on his blueprint. Good hire though. Shows insight in the face of criticism over D'Onofrio.
Still waiting for Soldinger hire to run special teams.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | March 03, 2014 at 03:57 PM

this does nothing, plain and simple....

Harris for assistant DC and then DC next year ? Interesting thought there

OK. This just got interesting. U got a guy, obviously, who can lock down the local recruitment game. But on the other hand U got a DC that inhibiting players, literally, making them change their minds, about coming to the U. How Ice solves that one will be worth waiting for.

Then U got the fact the Ice will be limited, i think sort of, in what he can do. Then there are all those rumors about 'Goldy looking over at the other side of the grass. Yes, this just got interesting.

But the good news is that there are some parents out there and all around FL that trust their kids with this guy, both in terms of player development and personal growth.

But then U come back to the DC aspect. that's the wild card in all of this and the "Solve for X" equation that I don't think nobody yet knows how that's going to go.....

She said he can't be an assistant until he has his degree. so in essence she was saying the reason he isn't an actual coach is he needs a degree for that. I doubt they would make him co dc, or dc right off. This is golden's d remember. so whoever runs it is running what golden wants. golden is finally getting the type of players he wants for his system also. If they did make him an assistant coach it might be more as a position coach somewhere.

Yes, this just got interesting. I don't know what 'Goldy is trying to do with this one.

Is he trying to be better liked by certain groups? Did he network with RS on this?

At best this is perplexing. Again, "Solve for X."

This is just one of Al's publicity stunts, the old dude is basically Golden's secretary... HIS SON GOES TO FLORIDA AND WE GET HIM...LMFAO, AND HE WAS TELLING HIS SON, YOU DONT WANNA PLAY FOR THE UUUUUUU

While I'm glad for ICE to get a job with us. I have to say What the F k ever. Al is not letting him do anything. I say make him the defensive coordinator. ICE would be big improvement over Mark D. Ice lives for this. Its not just a job to ICE. Randy or Al would not and will not give ICE the free reins to anything but loose. Embrace the process, MY GOD if I hear that phrase again I will scream. NEWS FLASH: EMBRACE THE PROCESS means LOOSE and don't complain we don't care. Why didn't Donna hire ICE instead of Golden. Simple ICE would win. ICE is the Man.

Rick you gave muschump that bj yet.

It says he simply can't become an assistant until he gets his degree. So lets hope he gets his degree ASAP. Until then its a nice story and he deserves to have his shot. Lets just hope he does his homework and gets good grades LOL

Hiring him as an assistant, like other universities did with the other South Florida high school coaches. That would bring one of the top high school coaches in the nation to Al Golden's staff. Since Al Golden is not a top level college coach, it would be hard for that to change Al Golden's coaching abilities.

Maybe it can get the players needed for Al Golden to win enough games, next time, that he does not lose the PSU job to a Vanderbilt coach.

Posted by: MiamiMike | March 03, 2014 at 05:46 PM


Exactly. This is Al at his finest. Ice needs the flexibility to achieve his goal of getting a degree from UM, which he will have in his current capacity. Once he walks across the stage at the BUC and shakes Donna's hand, then he will be a true Cane. There's something to be said about that. Then he'll bleed Orange and Green while preaching the experience of being a UM student to recruits like a true Cane. He is worth more to Al with a degree than without one. He will become an assistant coach after earning his degree...

Patience and perspective. I just hope Soldy follows next.

Posted by: wylebill | March 03, 2014 at 05:43 PM

Wow dude. You should take your meds.

Coach Harris can be that assistant, like the other former South Florida high school coaches, once he gets his degree.

Maybe Al Golden will get another coaching job, sooner than later, either way.

Ok. We got Ice. If 'Goldy can do that, then why not go and get Soldinger.

I tell U what: If 'Goldy gets Soldinger, UF, USF, UCF, FSU won't even bother recruiting from South Florida. trust me, this guy Solinger knows what he's doing.

Ok, now the personal attacks come.

Move in the right direction. Can only be a positve step for,the U.

Did nothing when he was here before and will do nothing this time around. In fact you can argue the 09 and 10 classes (when ice was at UM) were the 2 worst classes in recent memory.

Maybe he is getting him early so when he gets a degree the other schools wont come in and hire him away, its called being proactive. For all of you arm chair QBs, I hope you are as good at your job as you are coaching the Canes.

Can't some of you read?? The article plainly states Harris CANNOT coach until he receives a college degree.
Too bad this isn't the UM I went to in the 60's, where there WAS a sort of "basket-weaving" degree for athletes. "Sports Mgt" they call it now. Or some such.
Blame Shalala! LOL

Wylebill....? Were U trying to spell lose? Loose is something a knot may be...or your mom....

Manny..Since you post it would be a good thing to have Ice be a coach, any idea on how long it is going to take him to get his degree so he could have that chance? Since it is not an option until he finishes his degree, we should look into that.

Soldy would be an awesome move, wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

--- According to UM here is what Harris can't do: He can't coach. He can't recruit. And he can't make phone calls to recruits.---

So great, a Coach with no degree, that can't coach or recruit and all he can do is be an operator between Goldy and High School Coaches ("Coach Golden, so and so head coach is on line 1, go ahead."), coordinating the football team’s community relations projects (weenie roast family day after practice, Coach ICE is on the grill!) and open up the locker room at 5 am and then have to go to his janitor closet office because he cannot directly coach any of the players. And on top of all that, his son doesn't even sign with Miami? But at least he was smart enough to tell his to go to a much better program 350 miles North.

He will be involved in multiple secondary recruiting violations involving improper contacts sure as sheet.

HELL !!! If U want to hire back a former Coach that WILL GET things done ...


so I then can tell Donna and her puppets, to all go F-THEMSELVES !


Soldy would be an awesome move, wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | March 03, 2014 at 07:50 PM

Simple, I don't want to be a part of Golden's staff and his continued Excuse B.S. It's NOT CANE Football ! It's garbage 1960's Penn. St. South...

So you go into this story saying it would be a better move by UM to make him an assistant coach..... literally a few paragraphs and then at the bottoms we get one sentence "he can't become an assistant until he gets his degree"?!?!? Well that's why the other schools made a better move; because they COULD!!!! Gee whiz... Great reporting! Now you know why Al Golden said "I don't read the Miami Herald" in one of his first interviews with the media.

WOW! He was a high school coach without a college education. ICE, please take advantage of this new opportunity, and get your degree first. Good hire by Golden and the AD to improve local relationships with the Miami communities. Life is more than football, and the players can learn valuable lessons outside of the classroom too.

Ice gets his degree.
Ice gets a coaching position.
The man is 48 years old.
Why is this complicated or troublesome to some of you?

My S.A.T score ?

what's an S.A.T. score ?

Ice is the new food and beverage director of the tangiers. What's in a title?

Ice coached Coley... This is the future of the []_[]. Ice as assistant OC.
Come on Soldy.

Local coaches know Ice and look up to him. This is a good get for the []_[] and he wont go to Alabama any time soon. The pipeline is open. Ice will attend the same school his 2 sons did and his last son should have.

You people are just freaking stupid, we hire a guy that was here before and did nothing, and his son went to Florida..... YEAH GREAT HIRE,HERE AT THE U if we cant get your kid to come we go after your daddy.... over 30 years of being a Cane and the U is a playhouse...... GREAT PICKUP ROFLMFAO

He is just going to be Al's secretary, publicity stunt you retards...... HERE AT THE U, IF WE DONT GET YOUR KID TO COME, WE WILL GET YOUR DADDY

If u people would read what was in the story . It says that harris can't be hired as an assistant until he finishes his college degree. I don't understand why you would question his role when u print that. If he can't be an assistant until he has his degree, then they cant make him a postion coach or anything until he finishes his degree. I don't see it as publicity, i see this as al seeing potential to add another guy that once he has degree can be added as an assistant and help recruit south florida.

I agree with the others.. Go get Don Soldinger now. He is the best college running backs coach in the nation, bar none.

We hired somebody that was here when Nevin Shapiro was running around on campus like he owned the place, GREAT HIRE BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

The guy cant coach or recruit, or see things like Nevin Shapiro running around on campus.... BUT ITS A GREAT HIRE LMFAO

Yea rick I bet you are lyfao but we all know thats a line of bull you know what time it is

I see this as a well thought out play on the part of Coach Golden. He can always bring in ICE in a coaching capacity and may have to sooner, rather than later if D'Onofrio cannot get the defense turned around.
This says a lot about Coach Golden. Many in the community will appreciate this hire and the qualifications and ability speaks volumes.

I always thought that you had to have a college degree to be a head coach in high school in Florida, in any sport.
Apparently that is not true, beside Ice doesn't have one, and he has been.

I do believe he is allowed to motivate the current players. He was great at that at Booker T. You will a see a difference there.

You only need to be employeed by the school system and employeed at the school your coaching.

Golden is trying to help DC at all cost but Al and DC are over their heads in current position, DC will have to go after the 2014 season. Ice is a good hire for program, hope Donna and board can make right choices this year about what is best for team and coach who should be their on defense. I believe the DC can coach at a lower level college but not on this market at this level, Dofornio must go with or without Golden, need a coach who knows football, oh OC needs to come thru this year he has much talent, needs to call better games.

Al Golden has a plan. This will be a stepping stone hire for Ice Harris. If DORITO does not do a good job on defense next year... I see Ice Harris taking over the reigns as DC coordinator.

I would like to know how many more credits he needs to get his degree, if it's a few, great, if it's 2 plus years worth, that is a problem. Working and going to school takes a lot of time, unless he will be going to classes during the normal working day. And, I am not a fan of that because he is not considered a student-athlete and that is what they do. Harris is a good coach, don't get me wrong, I just want to know how many credits he has left to get his degree. This was a good hire, none the less and he will help tremendously with recruiting.

This is just one of Al's publicity stunts, the old dude is basically Golden's secretary... HIS SON GOES TO FLORIDA AND WE GET HIM...LMFAO, AND HE WAS TELLING HIS SON, YOU DONT WANNA PLAY FOR THE UUUUUUU

Posted by: Rick
It doesn't take rocket science to see why he went to UF Einstein. UF had a qb transfer, and they have Driskoll, we have Ryan, Olsen, Kaaya, Rosier, and Crow. So it's pretty obvious it'll be much EASIER for him to possibly end up a starter there than at the U.

Try using that pea brain of yours sometimes.

1st. Love the posts I'm seeing about Don Soldinger coming back. I would absolutely welcome him back with open arms. Hands down a tremendous coach.

2nd. So we lost the kid but got his dad. Where's the problem with this? I see this as an investment. With the kid you'll have him for a few years and he's gone. With his dad, we'll have local recruits lining up more than they ever have since Golden got here for years to come. One kid versus the rest of the State of Miami. Plus a direct pipeline to BTW. The fence posts are being put in.

Short term....Long term. This isn't difficult to understand.


He may not have all of the freedoms that an assistant coach has but he can still get in the kids' ears through social media and official visits. He's a Miami native and can relate to most of the kids he'll be dealing with. If he can hurry up and get his degree he'll be upgraded to assistant coach and he'll have all of the perks that come with it. Damn I really like this hire. Good move on Golden.

Now, no more NCdoubleAhole cloud overhead and no more CandyRandy's boys. All of this season will be completely on Golden's shoulders. If either side of the ball can't get it going, there will be no excuses and no where to point blame anymore. I've been pulling for Golden all this time, left and right. I haven't for coach No'D. I still think he should be fired. If the defense doesn't improve by leaps and bounds this year, he's gone in my eyes but we'll see.

I don't know if it's Swasey or just the players taking it upon themselves to hit the gym but DAMN these boys are looking really big.


Another visit from "Cool Cat" with racist & RS overtones!

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