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Big blog: Canes break camp for spring break -- QB Kevin Olsen excels, DL David Perry leaves team

The Hurricanes had their last practice Thursday morning before spring break, and UM Coach Al Golden sent them home for a week to see their families, catch up on some rest, hopefully stay connected to their football playbooks, do some moderate weight-lifting and conditioning and get ready for more when they return next weekend.

The assistant coaches will be off, too. "I'll move ahead and try to get everything organized and do some catch-up. But we'll try to get the coaches a break here while the players have a break. I think we're in good shape in terms of having the practices ready for the following week.''

Practice, open to the public, resumes at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 18. Some of the players, by the way, are staying back at UM and continuing to work out -- such as the track athlets.

"It was spirited,'' Golden said. "We got a lot done. A lot of heavy install in the beginning but now they have a chance to digest it over the next nine or 10 days and we'll pick it back up on Monday, March 17 and March 18th will be our next practice.

"It's just the philosophy of it,'' Golden said of why he always starts practice the week before spring break. "Longer duration. If you can get four installs in before spring break, now you've increased the amount of time they're thinking about football."

"I want them to enjoy their time off, relax, make sure we don't get too tight -- stretch, lift a little bit.. really enjoy their time off with their family and friends.''

Some notes from Thursday:

*Defensive end David Perry, a 6-7, 280-pound senior out of University School by way of Portmore, Jamaica, quit the team and is not expected back. David really hadn't been doing anything lately but standing around in practice. "David Perry is excused right now and we'll go from there,'' Golden said.

Perry played in one game (Savannah State) in 2013 and had two tackles. He played in nine games mostly on special teams in 2012, with no stats. He moved from tight end to DL in the spring of '12. He played in five games on special teams in 2011 as a redhsirt freshman.

He was a first-team All-Broward by the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. 

* Redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen had a good day today. He looks more fluid and comfortable out there, and he hit receiver Rashawn Scott on several passes today -- short and long, while rolling out and from the pocket. I'm still thinking Rashawn Scott is going to have a good season, but I say that every year. I just think he's really talented, but seems to eventually make wrong choices (not to mention the unfortunate injury early last season.)

* Golden: "Rashawn is in a good place. We're going to keep pushing him. He's got another step to go in his game. We missed Rashawn last year, we missed him. He's a physical presence. Right now he's really worked hard and he's more mature. We've got to make consistency his friend right now.''

* Golden on Olsen: "Kevin is getting better. Kevin is playing with a lot more confidence right now. I think he's seeing it better. He's playing faster. He's playing football, he's not going by rote memory. I like what we see from him right now.''

* Golden on Ryan Williams: "Ryan is doing good. Ryan is distributing the ball really good for us right now. Like I've said to you guys before, he's really smart. He gets the ball to the guys in a position where they can catch and run, especially on the incuts and shallows. A lot of run after catch with Ryan and his length really allows him to see the incuts really well. So, again, he's doing a good job and he's continuing to lead. I think he understands what he needs to do from a leadership standpoint.''  

* Sophomore linebacker Alex Figueroa is a beast out there. He plays hard and he plays intense and sometimes angry. It admittedly drives him nuts not being able to really go full force with hitting his teammates at practice. 

"That's one of the things I'm glad you guys can see now,'' Golden said. "It's not just me saying, 'That's what a black shirt looks like.' You can see. There's a difference in his effort and some others'. You hope that you can get two-deep on defense that gives that kind of effort. He, Denzel, Tracy, Jamal Carter, those guys all are playing at a high level like that.''

Golden made an interesting point about how not being able to fully tackle makes the players actually have to exhibit better form. "Really by not going to the ground we're emphasizing the technique -- having a good base, being square, having your eyes up. If we just said 'tackle them to the ground' it almost lets them off the hook a little bit. They can go grab the guy. When you're thudding you really have to be in good position, youve got to get in front, you've got to square him up and hold him up."  

*Besides Fig, the other defensive players out there today with the coveted black jerseys: cornerback Tracy Howard, defensive tackle Ufomba Kamalu, safety Jamal Carter, linebacker Raphael Kirby, linebacker Denzel Perryman, safety Deon Bush, tackle Olsen Pierre, defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad.

 * Update on OL Hunter Knighton: "He's doing well and they're just being prudent with him. That's all I can say about that. We're excited how he's doing.''

 * Golden said 6-1, 304-pound Earl Moore and 6-5, 285-pound Jelani Hamilton have jumped out early in spring practice among the defensive tackles. "It's time. It's time for those guys. They're not young anymore even though they're at the end of their sophomore years." 

 * Golden on freshman middle linebacker Juwon Young, a hefty 6-2, 240-pounds: "So, he's got to spend more time studying football, which is not uncommon in his situation. Physical, can run, can strike, just gotta keep studying it so he can play faster. Probably not trusting his key enough right now, so he's peeking and then reacting as opposed to just trusting his key and going. That's indicative of a lot of young guys. They play plays instead of reading keys. But big man at 240 as a freshman, with the ability to run.''

 *Golden said he's "excited about offensive guard Danny Isidora and tackle Taylor Gadbois. Danny is a guy that played a lot for us and Taylor is as gifted as any of our offensive lineman. I think the only one that's more gifted is probably Ereck Flowers.Taylor, in terms of an athlete, we will mention him in the same type of athleticism. but he's in the 320s now and he's close to 6-7. He's punching probably better than anybody on the o-line right now. For Taylor, it's time. He's patient. He's worked hard, got strong. Weve got to keep working on his conditioning but I'm really excited about Taylor Gadbois and where he's got to go.''

*Golden said guard Jon Feliciano is more vocal than Ereck Flowers.. he's looking for Flowers to be more of a leader. "Ereck is a little bit more like E.F. Hutton. He doesn't say much, than he does and it's like 'Whoaaa.' OK, we're not doing something right.

"So we've got to just try to get Ereck a little bit more out of his comfort zone and communicate. Jon has always been that way. 'Taylor is working on [being a leader], so I'm excited about that.'' 

* Receiver Braxton Berrios (ACL surgery), his right knee in a brace, is going to be [back] closer to June than August, according to Golden. "Slot receiver, Z receiver, kick return, punt return, special teams. That's all he was. He did all those things. He played wildcat, too. We expect him to be able to do all those things.''

*Reserve offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu had his best day today, Golden said. "He's starting to play stronger. Obviously he's a big kid -- he's talented, he's gifted. He's got to continue to lead. He's just got to keep going.''

*D-Tackle Olsen Pierre gingerly walked off Greentree Field and into the buildling Thursday, escorted by trainer Vinny Scavo.

* Speaking of Scavo, the head UM trainer, a big congratulations are in order. He was celebrated at the end of practice and tapped into the Iron Arrow Society -- the highest honor frrom UM.

And guess who else was tapped into Iron Arrow on Thursday? Pitcher Javi Salas, who pitched a perfect game on Tuesday. 

Both are really nice people.

Here's the UM release on that:

Miami Hurricanes senior pitcher Javi Salasand head athletic trainer Vinny Scavo were among those Thursday tapped into the Iron Arrow Honor Society.

Iron Arrow Honor Society, founded in 1926 in conjunction with the University’s opening, is the highest honor attained at the University of Miami. Based on Seminole Indian tradition, Iron Arrow recognizes those individuals in the University of Miami community who exemplify the five qualities of Iron Arrow: Love of Alma Mater, Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Humility.

The honor capped off an amazing week for Salas, who tossed a perfect game Tuesday night in Miami’s 17-0 win over Villanova. It was the second perfect game in program history and only the 23rd in modern NCAA Division I history (since 1957).

Salas is 1-1 with a 1.59 earned run average in 17.0 innings this season. A 38th-round draft pick by the Minnesota Twins in the 2013 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, he owns a 12-11 career record on the mound for the Hurricanes.

Scavo is only the Hurricanes’ third head athletic trainer to be tapped into Iron Arrow, following Dave Wike and Walt Pomerko. Scavo was surprised by former Miami Hurricanes player Shayon Green after football practice.

He has been Miami’s head athletic trainer since 2011 and has extensive experience as an athletic trainer at the professional, college and high school levels. He previously served as Miami’s baseball athletic trainer from 1984-87, including Miami’s 1985 national championship season. From 2008-11, he was the Director of Sports Medicine Services at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.




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Some Canes notes on a Thursday afternoon:

### Al Golden said “it’s time” for the defensive tackles who have been around, and haven’t seized on their opportunity, to ahem, start seizing on that opportunity. He was speaking of Earl Moore, Jelani Hamilton and Corey King.

“It’s time for those guys,” Golden said a few hours ago. “They’re not young anymore. They have to get it going.”


ahem ... now they're just mature upper classmen that can't play a lick ...

Posted by: Five Titles | March 06, 2014 at 04:45 PM

Posted by: Five Titles | March 06, 2014 at 04:57 PM

Posted by: Five Titles | March 06, 2014 at 05:01 PM

Posted by: Five Titles | March 06, 2014 at 05:03 PM

Posted by: Five Titles | March 06, 2014 at 05:21 PM


u obsess much ?

You obviously did, coward. Stings don't it?

Here we go again beasting in the spring and looking like garbage in the fall.lol hopefully this 3-4 will give us a better defense. We can't afford to have another year on d like this.

To Xavier:

I caught the "safety'' and Tracy thing after I read it again and changed it. :)

So in January Golden said the DB will be a strong point on the team, Duke is missing spring practice, and so is Yearby, our best short yardage RB Dallas Crawford gets moved to safety, so their is no running back depth, makes a lot of sense to move Dallas to safety, he will be the ( SUCKER ) for NOCOACHD, when things go wrong NOCOACHD can say we are starting a new guy at safety and he will learn ( EXCUSE 1,143 )

Another player quits on Golden and NOCOACHD..... NOT SURPRISED

Rick maybe you should change your name to dick.

Short yardage? What about gus 240 lbs edwards?

Is you stupid?

Yearby and duke will be ready for august, if not gus and walter will be.

Shut up with that negativity

Good no excellent article susan


A player who was a junior and saw the field, what, 12 times in Huns career? And your complaining? Football isn't for Mr Perry. Hope he still graduates.

I think the move to safety will be great for Dallas. He can't do any worse than AJ did last year. And your crying depth?


Chickillo was fast his Freshman season, look at him now, BIG AND SLOW, we have D line in coverage and making them gain weight, how about making them gain weight, and let them go after the QB...... DEAD LAST IN THE ACC IN SACKS>>>>>>> WONDER WHY

If Chickillo would lose some weight he could rush to the outside more and beat a one on one, NOW HE JUST CANT GO ANYWHERE, cant get off blocks..... SLOW AND SLUGGISH, exactly what the NFL scout said, he did not get a good grade..... COACHING FAILURE FACT

"It's just the philosophy of it,'' Golden said of why he always starts practice the week before spring break. "Longer duration. If you can get four installs in before spring break, now you've increased the amount of time they're thinking about football."

"I want them to enjoy their time off, relax, make sure we don't get too tight --

I have never heard of such a thing. Splitting the Spring Practice grid with a fun and sun Spring Break in the middle? Must be a Northern, Yankee, snow bird Penn St. "philosophy" thing. Because ir isn't a MIAMI thing and I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE you it's something that Howard, Jimmie, Dennis and Butch would NEVER ever even consider. And everyone one of those Coache's former C.A.N.E.S. LEADERS and players would not have wanted that either and would have petitioned to PRACTICE, and in FULL PADS no less, over taking their Spring Break. That was a True U Thang that other Programs just would not have ever understood.

A vacation inbetween critical Spring Football practices for a team that's underachieved constantly? What is this? Summer Camp or Club Med? Unreal.

ok Al Golden apologists, come to his rescue now. I'm really trying hard to give him and his buddy the benefit of many doubts, but it's getting really, really hard.

I agree Mark B, dude is a joke, its comical....

Mark B and Rick ..you guys need to chill..u have bitchin for years and some of it is true...the defense should be better but also be real about the talent that has been on this team..Shaylon Green has arguably been Miamis best D-lineman the past couple of years and he is a LONG shot to make the NFL..Miami has not had NFL talent on the D-line since Vernon and Fortson left...By the way Chickillo would have probably red shirted in the past at Miami but when he played as a freshman he had a lot of talent around them... Give Golden another year with his players and if he does not produce at least 10 wins than HE or SOMEONE MUST GO...Remember a lot of people wanted Butch Davis gone also and he kept getting talent..ICE Harris should help keep some of the boys home

Mark B and RIck=duma55es- UM used to break for springbreak as well-even back in the day. You stupid a55es.

Chikillo is a bust ithas nothing to do with weight gain or anything- besides, if our weight is theproblem, then why is UM alwasy getting destroyed up the middle with the running game? And no push upfront?

Answer to dummie MArk B and RIck- because we lack talent.

Mark B, they've taken the break even during Jimmy J's day. Are you a moron, oh you just didn't know. Like most of what you post.

So the drug dealer actually put the gun to the BACK of P A t As head and executed him? Kid should have paid his drug debts. Deny deny deny cane fan, it won't change a thang.

Yeah because Rick knows about real coaching! He watches it every Saturday on ESPN in the fall.

If I coached the Canes we'd change our colors to orange and blue, change the mascot to an alligator, become a public school, and welcome in 88K florida rednecks every game!!!

The Real Ron Zook lives!

Still children on this blog who change their screen name EVERY other day because they don't have the nuts to have a MATURE conversation, and don't realize how F'ing STUPID it makes them look no matter what your screen name is. No wife, no gf, no friends, so they come on the Canes blog (the ONLY blog with action) and run their mouths. Unbelievable. GO CANES!!!!!

Why the SEC, outside of a few football teams, is a joke of a conference, society, grouping of states, redneck melting pot:

"An Arkansas Circuit Judge, Mike Maggio, is under investigation by the state’s Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission after admitting to posting a series of comments on an LSU message board, Tiger Droppings, under the name “geauxjudge.” Maggio was running for a seat on the Arkansas Court of Appeals but has since dropped his candidacy. "

WEll, at least the judge didn't piss on anyone's leg.

At least not yet.

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Terry Richardson - RB Coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR Coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard – RB
Travis Rudolf - WR
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brandon Powell – RB
Malcolm Bunche – OL
Derrick Griffin – WR
Dennis Turner – WR
Reilly Gibbons – OT
David Perry - DT

notice all the DT's that leave.......

Humanity's casualty list:

Jim Gallo

Notice how no one cares...

Didn't take long for Fake Gallo the navy seal BC graduate to add an unused TE/DL to his "casualty list.

Did you even READ the article, fake Gallo?

"David really hadn't been doing anything lately but standing around in practice."

He was wasting a scholarship spot, and would NEVER see the field.

Him leaving is not a casualty, you staying is a casualty.

Baseball teams from the State of Florida in the top 25? 2.
Their conference? ACC.

Yep, Miami and FSU are there, and that is all.

Sandy Barbour ✔ @gobearsAD
Using the tragic loss of one of our student athletes as a platform to further a personal agenda in a public setting is beyond inappropriate.
This was the Cal AD in response to Bret Bielema, but it is appropriate for the coward as well. SEC< home to lots in inappropriate behavior.

The difference? When Bielema apologized, he was believed. When the coward gives out his apology, we all know he will be back at it a week later...

A great article about Jim Kelly, overcoming cancer with the courage of a Cane, describing the pains he has gone through since he left Miami.


The never have and won't anytime soon "BESIBOL" team of the lowly, slovenly and maggot-ridden Gatr Trash university.

Well, let's talk about women's gymnastics. But not about the serial pisser running around the latrine of a campus in trailerville.

You know the one, Soldy. Could be your momma.

Remember when we were told that the Capital One Cup was a big deal, because an SEC team was on the top of it? Now it looks like the SEC and it's minions are pretty much shut out, while the ACC is dominating.


Yep. It's over. SEC is declining, and is now a fading memory....

Notice how Gallo took Tim "Ice" Harris off his list....

And who cares about David Perry being added to the idiotic "List of Galvina" he didn't play and sucked!



Storm Johnson left bc he knew he couldnt compete with Lamar Miller then Duke Johnson. Plus he didnt have the grades

Galla: here's a list for you:

Life's casualty list

1) Gallo.

I remember last year Golden let the players have off the last 2 days of fall camp because he said they were hitting hard and flying around, we were all excited, and then they played the weak teams, and me being a 30 yr Cane fan with the experience I have, was telling everybody on twitter from game one on, when we play a decent team we will get thumped, and they all said ( NO WAY RICK ) LMAO who was right, we played the easiest schedule in programs history and still had a D ranked 90th, our offensive line was our strength going into last season, the offense was our strength going into last season, they were ranked 100 in TIME OF POSSESSION.... All of Al Golden's recruiting classes were ranked higher then Duke Blue Devil's classes, BUT THE GOLDEN LOVERS DONT HAVE A EXCUSE FOR THAT, THEY STAY AWAY FROM IT, Al Golden in January says our strength next year will be our DB's, CRAWFORD WAS MOVED TO SAFETY, Duke Johnson coming off a broken leg, Yearby coming off a injury and no spring practice, so we take our best short yardage RB in put him at safety...... I REPEAT EVERYONE OF GOLDENS RECRUTING CLASSES WERE RANKED HIGHER THEN THE DUKE BLUE DEVIL'S, BRING IT GOLDEN LOVERS, WHAT EXCUSE DO YOU HAVE FOR THAT ONE...... WAITING


A D-II skewwl beat and beat up the "perennial top-5 class" FloriDUH Gatr Trash.

He left because he wasn't being utilized.....just like storm johnson, ray-ray armstrong and the like. Its a coaching decision.....what do you expect the kid to do...run out to the field on his own?

hes a TE...not DL......golden is an idiot since this guy mirrors O'Leary and Benjamin from fsu.....

2014 / 6-6 at best

Remember how we all knew against FSU back in the day, we would always somehow when the big game, well Bobby Bowden not coaching anymore, the shoe is on the other foot, the coaching staffs are no where even close, Fischer will use their speed against our over sized players.... SPEED KILLS..... WE ARE THE BIG TEN TEAM NOW, remember all the missed arm tackles that were grasping at air >>>>>>>> NO QUICKNESS, LOOK AT THE SEAHAWKS DEFENSE IN THE NFL, WERE GREAT AT MAKING TACKLES, CAUSE OF THEIR QUICKNESS..... IT LOOKED JUST LIKE THE CANES BACK IN THE DAY..... YES COLEY MIGHT BE FAST, OVER ALL TEAM SPEED AND QUICKNESS IS GONE..... GOLDEN CAN SELL U A DUCK, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT......... GOLDEN AND NOCOACHD ARE JUST LIKE JOE PA AND SANDUSKY, WILL DO EVERYTHING TO PROTECT HIS FRIEND>>>>>>>> SOUND FAMILIAR, WHEN NOCOACHD JOB GETS THREATENED WATCH GOLDEN THREATEN TO LEAVE....

Jim Gallo, David Perry has primarily played DE not DT. Even thought the roster doesn't specifically state which position he was at. We have enough depth at DE.

Chick can stand to lose about 10 to 15 lbs. That added weight is hurting him at DE. He can play, I'll give him that. But he still isn't big enough to play DT. That's a coaching philosophy decision, the added weight, etc.

Why really did Perry leave? Seems odd.

I am hoping to be wrong with my inexperience and knowledge of the defensive end position. I am still having a problem comprehening why the coaching staff is spending so much time transitioning Tyriq, AQM, Harris, and later Smith to this outside LB position. It seems that the coaches are trying to find the right player to fit their perferred 3-4 scheme. Tyrig, AQM, Harris, and Smith are an offensive tackle nightmare, because of their quickness and speed. If we rotate these players right, the opponent's OT will ware down by the 3rd quarter. I just don't like the above mentioned players at that position. I would rather see an extra strong safety come down on 3rd down to play against the pass. For example, Carter or Bush would be better in those long passing downs. Basically, cut the doggs loose!

Cool Cat, I agree with you about Chic's weight. Chic and Dez have high motors during the games, but both fade toward the late 3rd and early 4th quarters. Thomas and Chic should rotate at SDE and Tyriq and AQM at WDE. Until I am proven wrong, I will use the 4-3 as the primary scheme, because we don't have an effective NG or DT.

Dallas Crawford will start at free safety; therefore, Bush, Carter, and Jenkins will be completing for the strong safety position. Williams is limited and the defenses will prepare for his preferred passes to TEs. Williams will never look Coley's way! My observation from 4 open practices! Therefore, Kaaya is our QB, because he can throw the short and long ball.

Good analysis RHC,
Glad you got to see the practices or parts thereof. I am hoping you are right about RW not being the guy.

Richmond: I not in favor of switching Dallas C. to S. He was all U had after Duke went out. he is a proven RB. Actually, he's more of a complete offensive player than what he is on D. I think UM loses something by switching Dallas, just like it did with Highsmith.

True, most people who have played the game played both ways. But, just sayin....

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | March 07, 2014 at 05:43 PM

Let's wait to see how they execute the defensive system and not get ahead of ourselves..

The proof will be in the pudding come September.

As far as the QB situation goes you have to understand the position as distributor and facilitator. I think Williams will get better with his timing and anticipation over the next several months, and he will have more than his fair shot. The way he puts the ball in the hands of the playmakers with room to run is key. Accuracy with the playmakers we have is what we need from the QB position. YAC moves the chains and controls the ball. He just needs to work on his communication and tempo. Play/process faster. Know who will be open before the snap.

No way Kayaa is going to come in and beat out Williams; even Jameis red-shirted. It will be Williams by a nose as Olsen closes the gap, but I have a feeling Olsen will get some burn this season.

"...when we play a decent team we will get thumped, and they all said ( NO WAY RICK ) LMAO who was right.."

Posted by: Rick | March 07, 2014 at 02:52 PM

Really? Did you think we were gonna beat UF? Honestly, before kick-off did you think UF was gonna "thump" []_[]? I'd be willing to bet you did but i'll let you tell it.

Our offense sucked the first few weeks and then the defense fell flat, especially after Duke got hurt at FSU. This has been well chronicled. 4 of the 5 games we gave up 500 yards was after Duke went down @ FSU, which changed the dynamic and make-up of our team. Eventhough Duke was not a short yardage sldgehammer, he was the toughest/best player/back/offensive threat we had. He brought balance and toughness to our team. He has always been able to elevate the players he played with.

So what decent team "thumped us" in a game where we were healthy or didn't shoot ourselves in the foot?

Your retrospective analysis is circumstantial. Take the best player off any team like Manzeil, Bridgewater, Winston and then you tell me how well those teams do.

Look! Without all the retrospect and critical analysis, guilty here, lets let the story be told during the season. If more of the same we announce Golden and staff will be released following season end. Announce long before that Greg Schiano has been named replacement so that we can secure any recruits already committed and give Schiano enough time to evaluate those he'd prefer. Say what you may but Schiano is our Saban. I like Golden but, we'll never be back with him and staff. Golden is a philosopher of football not a practician.


Start at 4 minutes. That's what made Miami, Miami again...

Look! Without all the retrospect and critical analysis, guilty here, lets let the story be told during the season. If more of the same we announce Golden and staff will be released following season end. Announce long before that Greg Schiano has been named replacement so that we can secure any recruits already committed and give Schiano enough time to evaluate those he'd prefer. Say what you may but Schiano is our Saban. I like Golden but, we'll never be back with him and staff. Golden is a philosopher of football not a practician.

Posted by: Tampa Cane | March 07, 2014 at 09:42 PM

Just want this on my type pad for after the season starts.

Mark B, they've taken the break even during Jimmy J's day. Are you a moron, oh you just didn't know. Like most of what you post.

Posted by: jmike | March 07, 2014 at 07:14 AM

That's HORSESHEET ! Once Miami started Spring practice under Howard, JJ, Dennis or Butch, they went 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT ALWAYS before or after Miami's Spring Break !

They NEVER practiced for 4 days or a week, take a week break and then resume practice later. NEVER !

I know for a fact that the U never did interrupt spring practice with vacation time, it is a funny farm at the U, Golden is so lost, but he is good at selling the young fans crap, ( our young fans are just DUPID ) Practice for four days and take a break, wonder why we suck, he is not made out to be a Hurricane coach, the dude is soft as butter. HE IS STEALING MONEY FROM THE U. I still cant get over fall camp last year when they took the last 2 days off. ( AND HE SAID, THEY WERE HITTING HARD AND FLYING AROUND) ROFLMFAO

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