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Big blog: Canes break camp for spring break -- QB Kevin Olsen excels, DL David Perry leaves team

The Hurricanes had their last practice Thursday morning before spring break, and UM Coach Al Golden sent them home for a week to see their families, catch up on some rest, hopefully stay connected to their football playbooks, do some moderate weight-lifting and conditioning and get ready for more when they return next weekend.

The assistant coaches will be off, too. "I'll move ahead and try to get everything organized and do some catch-up. But we'll try to get the coaches a break here while the players have a break. I think we're in good shape in terms of having the practices ready for the following week.''

Practice, open to the public, resumes at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 18. Some of the players, by the way, are staying back at UM and continuing to work out -- such as the track athlets.

"It was spirited,'' Golden said. "We got a lot done. A lot of heavy install in the beginning but now they have a chance to digest it over the next nine or 10 days and we'll pick it back up on Monday, March 17 and March 18th will be our next practice.

"It's just the philosophy of it,'' Golden said of why he always starts practice the week before spring break. "Longer duration. If you can get four installs in before spring break, now you've increased the amount of time they're thinking about football."

"I want them to enjoy their time off, relax, make sure we don't get too tight -- stretch, lift a little bit.. really enjoy their time off with their family and friends.''

Some notes from Thursday:

*Defensive end David Perry, a 6-7, 280-pound senior out of University School by way of Portmore, Jamaica, quit the team and is not expected back. David really hadn't been doing anything lately but standing around in practice. "David Perry is excused right now and we'll go from there,'' Golden said.

Perry played in one game (Savannah State) in 2013 and had two tackles. He played in nine games mostly on special teams in 2012, with no stats. He moved from tight end to DL in the spring of '12. He played in five games on special teams in 2011 as a redhsirt freshman.

He was a first-team All-Broward by the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. 

* Redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen had a good day today. He looks more fluid and comfortable out there, and he hit receiver Rashawn Scott on several passes today -- short and long, while rolling out and from the pocket. I'm still thinking Rashawn Scott is going to have a good season, but I say that every year. I just think he's really talented, but seems to eventually make wrong choices (not to mention the unfortunate injury early last season.)

* Golden: "Rashawn is in a good place. We're going to keep pushing him. He's got another step to go in his game. We missed Rashawn last year, we missed him. He's a physical presence. Right now he's really worked hard and he's more mature. We've got to make consistency his friend right now.''

* Golden on Olsen: "Kevin is getting better. Kevin is playing with a lot more confidence right now. I think he's seeing it better. He's playing faster. He's playing football, he's not going by rote memory. I like what we see from him right now.''

* Golden on Ryan Williams: "Ryan is doing good. Ryan is distributing the ball really good for us right now. Like I've said to you guys before, he's really smart. He gets the ball to the guys in a position where they can catch and run, especially on the incuts and shallows. A lot of run after catch with Ryan and his length really allows him to see the incuts really well. So, again, he's doing a good job and he's continuing to lead. I think he understands what he needs to do from a leadership standpoint.''  

* Sophomore linebacker Alex Figueroa is a beast out there. He plays hard and he plays intense and sometimes angry. It admittedly drives him nuts not being able to really go full force with hitting his teammates at practice. 

"That's one of the things I'm glad you guys can see now,'' Golden said. "It's not just me saying, 'That's what a black shirt looks like.' You can see. There's a difference in his effort and some others'. You hope that you can get two-deep on defense that gives that kind of effort. He, Denzel, Tracy, Jamal Carter, those guys all are playing at a high level like that.''

Golden made an interesting point about how not being able to fully tackle makes the players actually have to exhibit better form. "Really by not going to the ground we're emphasizing the technique -- having a good base, being square, having your eyes up. If we just said 'tackle them to the ground' it almost lets them off the hook a little bit. They can go grab the guy. When you're thudding you really have to be in good position, youve got to get in front, you've got to square him up and hold him up."  

*Besides Fig, the other defensive players out there today with the coveted black jerseys: cornerback Tracy Howard, defensive tackle Ufomba Kamalu, safety Jamal Carter, linebacker Raphael Kirby, linebacker Denzel Perryman, safety Deon Bush, tackle Olsen Pierre, defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad.

 * Update on OL Hunter Knighton: "He's doing well and they're just being prudent with him. That's all I can say about that. We're excited how he's doing.''

 * Golden said 6-1, 304-pound Earl Moore and 6-5, 285-pound Jelani Hamilton have jumped out early in spring practice among the defensive tackles. "It's time. It's time for those guys. They're not young anymore even though they're at the end of their sophomore years." 

 * Golden on freshman middle linebacker Juwon Young, a hefty 6-2, 240-pounds: "So, he's got to spend more time studying football, which is not uncommon in his situation. Physical, can run, can strike, just gotta keep studying it so he can play faster. Probably not trusting his key enough right now, so he's peeking and then reacting as opposed to just trusting his key and going. That's indicative of a lot of young guys. They play plays instead of reading keys. But big man at 240 as a freshman, with the ability to run.''

 *Golden said he's "excited about offensive guard Danny Isidora and tackle Taylor Gadbois. Danny is a guy that played a lot for us and Taylor is as gifted as any of our offensive lineman. I think the only one that's more gifted is probably Ereck Flowers.Taylor, in terms of an athlete, we will mention him in the same type of athleticism. but he's in the 320s now and he's close to 6-7. He's punching probably better than anybody on the o-line right now. For Taylor, it's time. He's patient. He's worked hard, got strong. Weve got to keep working on his conditioning but I'm really excited about Taylor Gadbois and where he's got to go.''

*Golden said guard Jon Feliciano is more vocal than Ereck Flowers.. he's looking for Flowers to be more of a leader. "Ereck is a little bit more like E.F. Hutton. He doesn't say much, than he does and it's like 'Whoaaa.' OK, we're not doing something right.

"So we've got to just try to get Ereck a little bit more out of his comfort zone and communicate. Jon has always been that way. 'Taylor is working on [being a leader], so I'm excited about that.'' 

* Receiver Braxton Berrios (ACL surgery), his right knee in a brace, is going to be [back] closer to June than August, according to Golden. "Slot receiver, Z receiver, kick return, punt return, special teams. That's all he was. He did all those things. He played wildcat, too. We expect him to be able to do all those things.''

*Reserve offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu had his best day today, Golden said. "He's starting to play stronger. Obviously he's a big kid -- he's talented, he's gifted. He's got to continue to lead. He's just got to keep going.''

*D-Tackle Olsen Pierre gingerly walked off Greentree Field and into the buildling Thursday, escorted by trainer Vinny Scavo.

* Speaking of Scavo, the head UM trainer, a big congratulations are in order. He was celebrated at the end of practice and tapped into the Iron Arrow Society -- the highest honor frrom UM.

And guess who else was tapped into Iron Arrow on Thursday? Pitcher Javi Salas, who pitched a perfect game on Tuesday. 

Both are really nice people.

Here's the UM release on that:

Miami Hurricanes senior pitcher Javi Salasand head athletic trainer Vinny Scavo were among those Thursday tapped into the Iron Arrow Honor Society.

Iron Arrow Honor Society, founded in 1926 in conjunction with the University’s opening, is the highest honor attained at the University of Miami. Based on Seminole Indian tradition, Iron Arrow recognizes those individuals in the University of Miami community who exemplify the five qualities of Iron Arrow: Love of Alma Mater, Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Humility.

The honor capped off an amazing week for Salas, who tossed a perfect game Tuesday night in Miami’s 17-0 win over Villanova. It was the second perfect game in program history and only the 23rd in modern NCAA Division I history (since 1957).

Salas is 1-1 with a 1.59 earned run average in 17.0 innings this season. A 38th-round draft pick by the Minnesota Twins in the 2013 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, he owns a 12-11 career record on the mound for the Hurricanes.

Scavo is only the Hurricanes’ third head athletic trainer to be tapped into Iron Arrow, following Dave Wike and Walt Pomerko. Scavo was surprised by former Miami Hurricanes player Shayon Green after football practice.

He has been Miami’s head athletic trainer since 2011 and has extensive experience as an athletic trainer at the professional, college and high school levels. He previously served as Miami’s baseball athletic trainer from 1984-87, including Miami’s 1985 national championship season. From 2008-11, he was the Director of Sports Medicine Services at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.




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Well, I did throw for a career high 300 yards against Miami...


Feels Soooooooo Good ...


Feels Soooooooo Good ...

Posted by: GATORS

You're the LONE poster on the Gator blog because no one gives a sheet. Well guess what, no one on this CANES blog gives a sheet either, lol. This is FOOTBALL not b-ball.

Speaking of the other b-ball, we beat BC last night which is AWESOME, but the headline reading 'Canes win ACC opener'???? I mean come on Herald we played FSU last weekend, and last I checked they're ACC. Let's lay off the sauce until we write the story ok, lol.

Also we're 1-2 in conference not 1-0.

No.. FSU series was "non conference" because we weren't scheduled to play them this year in our ACC schedule so FSU and UM scheduled each other as non conference games to keep the "rivalry" going this year. Smart move on both schools but that series doesn't count towards either teams conference records.

This blog is full of autistic, rain men. No insult meant to children with autism.

Mark B, Rick, Fool cat, Gallo- These idiots have absolutely no knowldege or perspective about MIami.

Idiots say Schiano should or coluld be hired tocoach Miami- Notgonna happen. Really? You all gonna go to your piggy bamks or credit unions and ask for 3 million a yr to pay him? Seriously fools, you all are making Miami fans look bad with this stupidity

To say that Miami's season last year wasnt good means you all have no historical knowledge of Miami football, are gaytor fans, seminole fans or all of the above. Miami has had periods of rebuilding. Get the f over it and shut up-

Schnellie rebuilt UM football from the ground up- He went 5-6, 9-3, and 7-4 the first 3 seasons before that 1983 season

still, it took 1979-1983 4 years or so before he put together a good enough team to win the NC yet, his team still lost the first game at UF but with luck and good scheduling he was able to take the team to 10-1 to play powerhouse Nebraska to win the NC. Youall dont think he was criticized after that near-blow out loss to the gators???? You all were pi55in inyour diapers then probably. I remember clearly.

After schnellie left, the U was in dissarray because of the intro of JJ's system. Youall dont remember that 1984 season when UM lost to BC and our "speedy" defense gave up something like 400+ yds passing to thatmidget flutie? Flutie was the equivalent of a dual threat QB that most programs have now. He was like Manziel. Then Um goes uplike 27-0 to Maryland in the 3rd q aand they lose????? Youall dont think we wanted to run JJ outof town then??? And then the embarassing bowl losses to UCLA, Tennessee and then that choke job against Penn State????? People were saying that JJ had to leave, that Miami stunk and that his systemwould not work here blah blah and he also had to deal with socialist stuffy nosed Tad Foote (the tall male equivalent of Shalala) Come on people.

But patience, and a coach that believed inhis system and in the athletes from southflorida allowed JJ (like AG) to rebuild this program, as well as a good QB.

Youall have no perspective or knowledge of UM history. You all should shut up. Miami will be fine- its startingwith increasied and better recruiting around SOuth Florida hs powerhouses (Booker T, etc). It also includes some players from outside of Florida. In case you a55holes who hate on AG's pennsylvania roots and NJ roots dont remember, Kosar and Testaverde were northerners. and Dorsey was a Cali boy. You all should stuff it.

Wait up. certainly if AG and Donofrio dont CONTINUE ( thats the key word) CONTINUE to improve, then a change will have to be made, but this doesnthappen overnight.

That's HORSESHEET ! Once Miami started Spring practice under Howard, JJ, Dennis or Butch, they went 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT ALWAYS before or after Miami's Spring Break !

They NEVER practiced for 4 days or a week, take a week break and then resume practice later. NEVER !
Posted by: Mark B. | March 07, 2014 at 11:05 PM

So when they return they go from MArch 18th to the Spring game April 12th. What's your point? It seems like AG is going longer that two weeks to accomplish the same 14 practices before the Spring game.

Posted by: Rick | March 08, 2014 at 12:24 AM

Really, so other than UF who were the good teams that were gonna "thump" us that you were warning about? FSU? Well they clearly had a great season but we were running with them at the half, despite the different trajectories of our programs over the last several years. You though Duke was gonna "thump" us? Really? VT too, huh?

Listen, if Duke Johnson was healthy we are a 10 or 11 win team last season despite inconsistent play and lack of depth. Bank that.

You don't know the game... You're a bandwagon Miami fan with a low football IQ. Only support the team when they're good. Same people who wanted Butch out after 5-6 season. But it's cool though, you're entitled to your opinion. Go ahead and make some predictions for next season and i'll save it to MY type-pad. Then if you have the stones to stand by what you said we'll talk in the fall.

How does a coach that went 5-6 put together arguably the greatest football team in NCAA history? Did he all of a sudden learn how to coach??


Start at 4 minutes. That's what made Miami, Miami again...

I wish Five Titles would rid himself of the lifetime supply of troll food.

Bush and Carter should start at safety. I think moving Crawford to safety is risky. We need some experienced depth at RB.

It doesn't look like Ryan Williams s going to win the starting job. You know the staff would rather develop one of the younger guys.

I'm pretty sure Williams will and should start.


no one gives a sheet. Well guess what, no one on this CANES blog gives a sheet either, lol. This is FOOTBALL not b-ball.

Posted by: Cola Cane | March 08, 2014 at 07:29 AM

Speaking of the other b-ball, we beat BC last night which is AWESOME, but the headline reading 'Canes win ACC opener'???? I mean come on Herald we played FSU last weekend, and last I checked they're ACC. Let's lay off the sauce until we write the story ok, lol.

Posted by: Cola Cane | March 08, 2014 at 07:36 AM

Also we're 1-2 in conference not 1-0.

Posted by: Cola Cane | March 08, 2014 at 07:40 AM


1) u give a sheet enough to reply ...

2) u say This is FOOTBALL not b-ball. Then in the ur next post, u bring up "the other b-ball."

3) BC WAS the acc opener u fool. The 3 games with FSU were independant and NOT acc sanctioned games and DO NOT count on the acc record.

4)but, u are u... u put the u in saUced up stUpidity.

I do hope Rashawn Scott has a spectacular senior year. The potential is there.

He needs to play by the rules, work to the max and be given a chance by the too rigid Golden. He is a very talented kid. When he got hurt, he made a great catch on the sideline. Give him a shot on that basis alone.

If he stays focused, he will be a difference maker and an NFL prospect..

18-0 in a shtty conference means squat

They beat an overrated UK team so what

You guys have embarrassing small d ic ks.

1) u give a sheet enough to reply ...

2) u say This is FOOTBALL not b-ball. Then in the ur next post, u bring up "the other b-ball."

3) BC WAS the acc opener u fool. The 3 games with FSU were independant and NOT acc sanctioned games and DO NOT count on the acc record.

4)but, u are u... u put the u in saUced up stUpidity.

Posted by: #1 FLORIDA GATORS ... IN 5 SPORTS !!!

I said speaking of the OTHER b-ball in my statement you dork, and I'm a Cane fan and this is a CANE blog, so therefore ANYTHING Cane matters, You however are NOT a Cane fan, and talking basketball when NO ONE on this blog or your hickly Gator blog is, so shut your hick pie hole and drink another beer and slap another woman. Also Jethro Bodeen, the deal with the FSU series has NEVER happened before, they're ACC, we're ACC, so how was I supposed to know. Very weird when a fan of ANOTHER team pays MORE attention to that team than his own. Hence a stupid dumb hick with waaaaaay too much time on his hands.

Olsen stepping up makes for a stiffer QB competition...something we haven't had for a while.

Thank you Susan.

IMO I think they are to push Olsen to take the job away from williams. He is the future if he can grow up quick.

Why are we continuously wasting scholarships to one and two star players for the 2014 signing class? We do not need any other under the radar type players in this class; what coaches are going to coach them up to play above their skill sets? Our program is one life support with on foot in the grave with AG running this program. Why not keep those scholarships and load up next year? There are too many 4 star players in Miami, Dade, and Broward counties that we can use those scholarships to bring in to the group. I hope not to see any more late additions unless some 4 or 5 star player is available to help us RIGHT NOW!

89..."continuously" is the word that gives U away as a gator fan. We haven't been "continuously" giving scholarships to anyone since NSD.

Golden is getting them players cause no one wants to play for him, 6 weeks to go before NSD, and Golden and his staff fell flat on their face and lost recruits, BUT ALL THE GOLDENS LOVERS WILL TELL YOU HE IS A NSD CLOSER......LMFAO..... ONCE AGAIN GOLDEN HAD TO GO OUT AND GET THE ONES NOBODY WANTED, EVERYONE OF GOLDENS CLASSES WERE BETTER THEN DUKE'S RECRUTING CLASSES, AND THEY THUMPED US....... BUT ITS TALENT...... ROFLMFAO

Rick is still an idiot....many schools offered our recruits, including your gators....lmao at the ignorant hicks that try to come here bashing golden. Muschamp offered some of these players,so did saban, so did meyer, so did jimbo.....U guys are uninformed.

Lol, gator fans are so dumb!

I am talking about the Player the Canes just picked up a couple of weeks ago you num nut......

Gators, with numerous top ten classes, got thumped by an unheard of divll team . They should have won that one on talent alone and no headcoach. Goes to show golden knows talent better than muschamp. Ask Texas, i bet they agree.

Look if you look real close you can see Golden and NOCOACHD DURING SPRING PRACTICE VACATION, LMFAO pic.twitter.com/9S2IzKrpng

Rick: Thanks for clearing that one up for those posters who cannot fathom what is being said without taking away from the intent of the narrative.

My reference, as stated by Rick, is to those players that were signed recently; after signing day. My point, again, keep those scholarships for next year's signing class and bring in players who can contribute early and often. There is no way possible that a player (recently signed) who is an OL at 6'3" / 260 lbs could come in a contribute right away - let alone, two years from now. Tell me that taking an OL at 6'3" / 260 lbs isn't a reach for AG and his staff? Heck, we have a probleming coaching up 5 star players; what does this say about the one and two star players? Believe me, players that AL or LSU wanted, except for Thomas, they got - including Valentine (a player we could use on day one). There is major talent in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties for next year's class including a couple of 5 star WRs and DBs; get those players in the fold - if you (AG) can. Make me a believer in what you are doing to our "U". I saw first hand AG's work at UVA; big, slow, and long isn't synonymous with winning championships, coaching is; something that AG and his staff has yet to accomplish in three years.

Cane fan why so many references to the Gators both in your posts and in your multiple personality IDs?
Is it Gator envy?
Every time someone says something negative about Goldenfraud or the sorry canes your only response is something Gator related.
So many Gator themed names used on this blog by cane fans is just too funny your big brother up north is in your puny heads.
Then you have the number one paranoid schizo canefan, Mr Five who is going to accuse me of some made up insults that were posted somewhere else ten years ago but he has the proof.
What a bunch of douches!
Accept the truth, Alverage just wasted another schollie on a nobody who cannot help now or next year and who no other mayor program wanted. But he knows better. He knows his BFF is the best DC in college too.

Love the few that think that Schiano is going to come to the U. First who of you is going to buy out Goldies contract and his staffs. Second who is going to write the check to get Schiano, he's not coming for chump change. No your stuck with Goldie. He will do ok the season 7-5 8-4 and a bowl game. Then we will see. What you fanatics have to understand he doesn't have to be great, he just has to get to bowls and cash the conference share checks. I believe he will be able to do that. It's the ACC not the SEC, he doesn't have to have a power house to keep his job.

Al is on the bubble with all Cane fans who aren't delusional. I'm pulling for Al but the fact that he'd leave one of the worst defenses over the last three years completely intact doesn't make him look competent. He's buying time and selling crap until he figures it out. The word fan comes from the word fanatic folks... and I'm not on I call a spade a spade while bleeding orange and green. And judging his body of work so far Al Golden is average at best. and Donofrio should be our equipment manager, not the D coordinator. Its not a terrible thing that we've given these last two kids schollies that were not highly recruited and I think they are two or zero stars. They say the O-lineman was only offered by Weber St and UAB. we should take these kids because Weber St and UAB has had better defenses than us over the last couple of years, these programs have 2 and 3 star talent and still have better ranked defenses.

89....if U dont understand the terminology of the words U use, i suggest using a dictionary for big words...U said "consistently" look it up. And you said for the 2014 class...NSD just passed and he offered 1 unheard of guy sinse then. That is not "consistently". If he offered 4, maybe 5.....ok. U have uf degree written all over U! And the reason I bash the gators is because if U want to come here and embellish every detail of news that comes out and make it look like its 10x worse with negative spins then its not hard to do the same to the gators by simply posting facts.

#1 in 5 hobbies! gators: Dude or Girl, get a life. Read the post, it stated "Continuously"; not consistently. Also, there are two (2) unknown players, not just the one recently posted as a 6'3' / 260 lbs OL. You are correct about one thing, I have both "U" and UF degrees; I grew up in Homestead and Coral Gables. The difference is that I am not afraid to point out what is wrong with our "U" program and simply give AG and his staff a pass simply because they are our coaches. AG should be held accountable for what is being created at the "U" or lack thereof. I speak for Sapp, Irvin, Lewis, Walsh, Dorsey, Bratton, Buchannon, Rolle, Thomas, and every other former can who has touched that program over the years. So, #1 in 5 Hobbies! gator; get off of AG's jock and at least be objective with your thoughts and print.

Whats the difference between continually and consistently? Notta! Either way U are wrong. U sound like rick and gallo.....coincidence? I think not. NO fan bashes their team daily for months at a time without pointing out the pksitives. U are as bad as rick. He states we were handed that ufelon game. He wants to blame driskell when we were getti.g to him play after play. Heck, every team got a strip sack on him last year with players blocking each other. Thats the oline folks! And to whoever stated driskell threw for a career high of 300 yards.....thats nothing to brag about when U play 2-3 div ll teams every year. Your offensive nOline sucked worse than our noDline. That was the difference. Blame driskell all U want , but your coach was outcoached. LOL!

Heck even georgia southerns " john doe" coach out coached U at home.

Posted by: #1 in 5 hobbies! gators

Get informed before you post to at least mask the fact you are dim witted.
Driskel had a career high 300 yard game against your sorry canes, you do look like a div 2 team though.
The sorry canes also play 2 or 3 div 2 teams a year plus the usual ACC pansies, having a consistently weak schedule every year, with last year playing one of the softest schedules in the nation. Only way Alverage could muster 9 wins. Stil lost to every single good team you played, and some mediocre ones too( VaTech).
What are you #1 in?





Susan and Manny, let's get some new information surrounding the 2014 football team. As the CANES reporters, please ask the questions being presented by your readers, especially true fans. Coach Golden has often stated the term "Fix" when relating to the errors of the football team's performances over the past 3 years. Therefore, as a fan and season ticket holder, I have the following questions:

1. What has been fixed on the defensive side of the ball, to include the coaching staff?
2. Why are we hearing from the players and not the position coaches?
3. Why are we putting DL in pass coverages? Has anyone on the DL made a play in coverage?
4. How come the offense is using two TEs and FB, but never pass the ball to them?
5. When will someone interview the AD and get his outlook on the performance of the defense and coaching staff?
6. How come the defensive is late getting the signal from the bench/coaches prior to every snap?
7. Why is Williams being treated as the starter, when he has not been effective at Memphis and Miami?

Let's just be reporters...not a recorder!!!

RichmondHeightsCanes: Good luck with being objective on this site; neither these reporters will be unable to respond with anything that is logical, concise, accruate, and of course, meaningful. The best that may come of your questions is that it's all a process - even if unexplained.

RichmondHeightsCanes: I meant to say that "neither of these reporters will be able to respond with anything that is logical...etc.

I needed to be clear for #1 in 5 hobbies! gator's sake.

1. What has been fixed on the defensive side of the ball, to include the coaching staff?

We got some new blood coming in. You can always count on some freshmen making big time plays right away and making a difference to take the D to the next level.
For example look at the contributions Jameis Winston and Johnny Football had on their teams as freshmen. We can do the same.

2. Why are we hearing from the players and not the position coaches?

Players have more colorful language and speak in a way most of our fans can easily understand.

3. Why are we putting DL in pass coverages? Has anyone on the DL made a play in coverage?

It's how our system works.
Not yet but give us a few more years.

4. How come the offense is using two TEs and FB, but never pass the ball to them?

Just wait until we move those TEs to DT

5. When will someone interview the AD and get his outlook on the performance of the defense and coaching staff?

The AD at UM is more like a part time position. You never know who your AD is gonna be at any given time.

6. How come the defensive is late getting the signal from the bench/coaches prior to every snap?

What signals?

7. Why is Williams being treated as the starter, when he has not been effective at Memphis and Miami?

Kevin is in mature.
Kaaya is the next Drew Brees and Rosier the next Wilson, we may just start those 2 instead.

I was not presenting my comments to Susan and Manny as negative, but asking them to be customer (readers) focus...not so much being coach or player sensitive. What about just asking follow-up questions or asking the coach(s) to be more specific about changes.

For example, the 2014 class will not fix the problems with the defense not being ready at the snap of the ball. If the starters from last year team, mostly Seniors did not comprehen nor respond performance wise to the defensive scheme...why should we believe new and very inexperience players will? Why no one has asked coach Golden his thoughts on not being able to recruit an elite DT? Valentine, Moten, and Clark were the future at DT. Valentine and Clark rather play in 4-3, and not being used as a NG. Is the scheme, which has not produce...bigger than the best available DT recruits in own backyard? Why have all these elite WRs and only call two passing plays...WR screen and go deep?

Fix the preparation, game plan, and game day adjustments...we will be able to beat Duke, VT, NC, and Louisville easy. As for FSU, OU, OSU, ALA and LSU...we are not in their class, because we lack attitude, passion, and confidence as a coaching staff and players. I am a season ticket holder, and it's not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe in the freshmen.
It's a process.
A 5 or 6 year process.
Why recruit elite DTs when you can pick up un rated and one or 2 star players without much competition.
We are loaded at WR every year, why is that not enough for you?
It's the new cane thing you know.

Any news on the reigning ACC basketball champs?
How's that NIT bid going? Are we getting in?

Bro goldielocks is clueless and keep blaming dah players sayin they don't have no talent or they be young and inexperience. But it is his boy that got no talent and can't coach a lik. Him n his boy ar a disgrace to the U. im out.

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