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Miami Hurricanes safety JoJo Nicolas remembered by many in a moving funeral today in Miami

So many former Canes came to pay respect to their teammate and brother JoJo Nicolas today at Glendale Missionary Baptist Church.

JoJo died in a horrific car accident a week ago Wednesday.

The funeral was really touching and inspiring, as his brothers spoke and his uncle did the eulogy and Reverand Toru Dean did the officiating. All of them were great.

JoJo's 5-month-old son Jayden was in JoJo's mom's arms during the ceremony.

The Canes I recall seeing, so many of whom said hello to me: Antrel Rolle, Graig Cooper, Sam Shields, Bruce Johnson, Ryan Hill, Brandon McGee, Javarris James, Ray-Ray Armstrong, Brandon Washington, Marcus Robinson, Ray Buchanan, Romeo Davis, Richard Gordon, Matt Perrelli, Matt Bosher, Herb Waters.

Some of the coaches/football staff I saw: Al Golden, Mark D'Onofrio, Micheal Barrow, Paul Williams, Andreu Swasey, Kareen Brown, Andrew Klich, Steve DeBardelaben, Steve Caldwell.

Turns out JoJo was talking on the phone, then reading a text (don't know if he was returning the text message) when he crashed his car into the 18-wheeler. Rolle told me he saved "a thousand lives'' by waking up his friends and fans to the perils of texting and driving.

Scared all of us.

Here's my story I wrote that will be in the Local section (Not Sports) of The Miami Herald:

    Former Hurricane football player JoJo Nicolas was remembered Saturday as “the quiet storm’’ at the University of Miami.

   He was remembered as a little brother who taught his three older brothers not to fight.

   He was remembered as responsible and studious and devoted to an infant son, born prematurely, who preceded him in death.

   And he was remembered as a father and son who died too young but left a thriving five-month-old child and nearly 25 years of memories to keep his spirit alive.

   “Daddy, you lost your only son, but now you have JoJo’s son,’’ Nicolas’ uncle – pastor Walter Horn – told Josselet Nicolas in a moving, rhythmic eulogy accompanied by a four-piece ensemble at Glendale Missionary Baptist Church in Miami. “Can I tell you something? JoJo just made MVP.’’

    Nicolas, who grew up in FloridaCity and graduated from Homestead High in 2007, died a week ago Wednesday, five days shy of his 25th birthday. He crashed his Lexus sedan into a tractor-trailer while heading west on the MacArthur Causeway following an early birthday celebration on Miami Beach.

    His brother Elliot Davis said the family is still awaiting results of an autopsy and toxicology reports, but that Nicolas was on the phone with his girlfriend and received a text from former UM teammate Graig Cooper moments before the crash.

    Nicolas told his girlfriend to “hold on, it’s Cooper texting him,’’ Davis said. “Then she heard the crash. The second he took his eyes off the road the crash happened.’’

    “This is definitely a hard moment,’’ said Antrel Rolle, a New York Giants safety who grew up with fellow safety Nicolas and commissioned a painting, on an easel at the funeral, of Nicolas wearing his UM uniform on one side of the canvas and in his former New York Giants uniform on the other. “Very rarely do you find guys with such good character as JoJo Nicolas. He had a certain persona that could brighten anyone’s day.

    “It’s extremely unfortunate… but God makes no mistakes. By this happening I’m more than positive it saved the lives of a thousand others – myself, for example. It’s a tragic accident, just a simple text looking down. It just goes as a lesson: stay off your phone while driving. As we’ve seen, anything can happen in the blink of an eye.’’

    Rolle was one of several former Hurricanes who attended the funeral, among them Shayon Green, Matt Bosher, Ryan Hill, Sam Shields, Brandon McGee, Javarris James, Ray-Ray Armstrong, Richard Gordon and Bruce Johnson. Nicolas was buried afterward at neighboring GracelandCemetery in the Richmond Heights neighborhood.

    Coach Al Golden sat by himself in the church, with many of his assistants and other staff members nearby. Cooper attended, but chose not to comment.

    Team chaplains Steve DeBardelaben and Steve Caldwell were among about 300 churchgoers, with Caldwell delivering a short, but eloquent reflection.

    Caldwell asked everyone in the “UM family’’ to stand while he spoke, saying Nicolas, “the quiet storm,’’ was a strong leader and thanking his family “for loaning us a wonderful man.’’

   Nicolas is survived by 5-month-old son Jayden, Nicolas’ mother Sharon Grant, father Josselet Nicolas, and brothers Elliot Davis, Aaron Davis and Abner Davis. All except for Abner, of Jacksonville, are from the Homestead area.

   He also leaves his grandmother Carolyn Davis, several aunts and uncles and dozens of nieces, nephews and cousins.

   “Tragically he lost his son and there was nothing I could say to comfort him,’’ Elliot Davis said during the service, referring to the late baby Joseph, who was born four months premature in 2011 weighing 1 pound 4 ounces, and died Aug. 19, 2011. The baby’s photo leaned against Nicolas’ left arm in the coffin.

    “…God blessed him again with another son,’’ Davis said of Jayden, who was held by Nicolas’ mother during the service. “I look in his eyes and I see JoJo looking back at me and it’s remarkable. ...We still have him here with Baby Jayden. We still have him here.’’







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A life lost too early
A good young man
A cane
Rip jo jo

On a more lighthearted note, congrats to Canes Seniors on winning their last regular season ACC game and Sam Shields on getting paid.

Go Canes!

A terrible shame...a life gone too young.

Texting. It can't be that important.

sixtitles- may your mother be shot ina drive by and her corpse pissed on by dogs



RIP J. Nick. This is what the Cane family has always been about. U can only understand that if U are a Cane.

Six Titles,

Appreciate the first part of your post.

But on the second, come on man, have a heart.


well said...people have got to stop this crap of stupid electronic devices while driving. what the heck is so important that it can't wait?

we have a responsibility not to break the hearts of our loved ones.

such a shame to see JoJo lose his life. may he find peace in another place...

Dbc sixtitles meant that as an insult to a young man. Hes a pos



Cooper has to feel bad...that's a shame.

no Randy Shannon huh..smh

I am sure that Cooper feels terrible about it. However, there is no way for him to know that he was interrupting someone driving.

I wish there was an app that forwarded texts and calls while the driver is at the wheel, but nobody would use it.

As for "Six Titles", I guess eight years of obsessive hate leaves a person with no soul. But of course, since it is Monday, he will go back to his ACC persona and claim he NEVER saw any such comments.

The only reason he comes here is to attempt to cause pain to people because they cheer for a team that beat his. Let that sink in for a moment. That is his goal in life, with no family, friends, or even teammates to cheer on his efforts.

Pity the sicko, he has nothing else.

Sweep for the baseball team against a tough ACC opponent.
Big win for the basketball team, with good seeding position in the ACC Tournament.


Revenge in round one against Virginia Tech and we move on to the second round against a beatable NC State. We beat NC State by 15 last time we faced them.

Very good performance by these guys in a rebuilding year thanks to the great coaching of Jim Larrañaga.

canesallltheway, perhaps he was not invited, or felt that with Al Golden there, that he would just cause a distraction.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia judge has ordered philly.com to reveal the name of an anonymous commenter, in a defamation suit brought by electricians’ union leader John Dougherty.

An attorney in the case says it could have a broad impact on incendiary online comments and those users, sometimes called “trolls,” who post them anonymously.

The anonymous defendant in the suit, disguised by the nonsense name “fbpdplt,” called Dougherty a name in the comments section of an article on the website, one of the properties in the media group that also owns the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

The website is not a party to the suit but it received a subpoena, more than a year ago, for information on the commenter. Its attorney, Eli Segal, says, “the company went to Court to make sure that the defendant received notice and an opportunity to be heard.”

Interesting article. However, this sicko is already past that level. They have IP banned him and his anonymous IDs multiple times, but he just moves on to the next library or taco bell wifi. If the Herald encountered this same lawsuit, they could not track it to the sicko.

I guess it is part of him being such a coward, he even hides his identity from the Herald. That is why he doesn't post his garbage in the articles, where they require facebook signon. Once they fix this the same way, he will disappear like the coward he is.

Still, it is good to see that a person is being held responsible for their sick actions in Philadelphia. Freedom of speech does not include freedom from responsibility for their sick words and actions.

Canes basketball has not allowed 70 in a loss in over a month. Shows that their defense has improed as the season wore on.

If not for the fact that I know you are the sicko, I would suggest showing more class than you do on here and leave the gatr clause people alone. Oh wait, they are already alone. Two IDs in three minutes, eh sicko? I bet you consider that "creativity". The real world considers that a waste of time, coward.

Gatr Trash, crickets out of Trailerville other than the screams of the meth-heads.

And the people complaining about the serial urinator.

Only in a dump of a town like Trailerville.

I was there last week. Wanted to go to the beach, or see a symphony, or a play, or a PGA golf tournament, or an NBA game, or go to a museum, do anything really other than sit and savor the smell of garbage wafting over the campus.

But I couldn't find any of that. What a pit.

You would be afraid to, coward. You have had multiple offers to meet, and chickened out. You are too weak to actually face justice.

Six Titles

You are the definition of pure garbage. Not only your actions but your words are simply that, garbage.

Five Titles

You're good in my book man. We both fight for the same cause, standing shoulder to shoulder. But I, for the first time, can't agree with you on this one. This POS doesn't deserve pity of any kind. I pity those who have to rob/steal not because they're criminals but because they have to feed their families. Those I pity. I pity the wrongly accused and cheer when the truth comes out in their favor as it should. But not this one.

Six Titles.... motherf#$%er, pray you never meet me. Do that for the first time in your life. PRAY.

Fallen Canes RIP. Always and forever more a CANE.

CANETILLIDIE.....DH, when I say pity, I mean it in the sense that this coward never had a chance. No father, a lard-filled mother blocking the trailer bathroom, and only an old PC and a modem to interact with the real world.

Sure, he could have taken online courses, learned a trade, maybe even hunted down that drunk that got him created that one night, but instead he is here, 24-7, asking his mom for the keys so they can drive to the next fast food restaurant so he can get IP access again.

So, maybe pity is the wrong word, although I find this coward to be pitiful....

Look at the Gatr pig. When you hold a worthless diploma, you have a lot of free time.

Middle-management nowhere jobby job.

Sucks to be you, gatr pig.

Don't make the Gainesville pig angry. He will pee on your leg.

BWWHAHAHA. What a typical dumb-'neck SEC town Trailerville is.

The pit of all things educational and cultural resides in SEC country.

Five Titles

I hear you man. Go U!!!!!

People's Champ.....

This makes how many handles for you?? #1000 or 1001?

Here's a thought, we can build a stadium right on top of your families trailer. How does that sound. Make good use of a waste of space. It's better to make good use of something worthless than to simply let it continue to be worthless.

Food stamps are to the left. ObummerCare to the right.

Pathetic coward calls himself the people's champ?

If he ever was around any people, they would spit on him.

And it is impossible to be the champion of anything when like his team he ducks every chance at EARNING that championship head to head.

Not of the people, not a champion, ACC Soldy is just a pathetic fool in need of removal. After all, we have seen he will not leave on his own accord, even when ignored, and will not leave the readers and fans alone even in a thread about a funeral.

What kind of a gutless maggot would write this? Must be a Pig of some sort. Short, fat, dumb as hell and, of course, a 'neck from the UFraud worthless diploma mill:

OK University Of Miami Hurricanes Fans, here's the deal ... U Won, made the plays, deserved to Win, are the better team and have been the better program over a 30 year period. The Florida Gators got hit right in their moufs. That may just be an opinion, but that's what the results on the playing field states. No excuses. We Gators n Canes have been going at it since the Summer of '08 on these blogs and it's been full insults ahead for over 1,800 straight days. It's been a constant back n forth of, U said, Gator said... Gator said, U said. U Suck, Gators Suck. Has it been interesting ? At times sure. Has it been ugly ? Mostly. Has it meant a damn thing on the field ? No. Now back in that Summer of '08 the Gators will say U came to their blog spouting pollution. And U will say that the Gators came to Ur blog doing the same thing. Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Football rivalry is no more. It's just in the past. Now U can say why U think it's over. And Ur entitled to that opinion. The Gators will have their reasons, and they are entitled to that opinion. Bottom line is this... Right now, Miami Football... Florida Football ... Florida State Football Programs are not "Back" Yet. But they are ALL rising. No debate that they are 3 of the Best Top to Bottom College Football Programs College Football has EVER seen and easily Top-5-10 over the last 20-30 years combined. Simply put, when the State of Florida BIG-3 are ALL doing well, College Football is far better as a result. It's a State of Florida thing that the other 49 States, as well as the World simply wouldn't understand, could never understand, will never get and certainly will never fathom.

Now I'm not here to call for some kind of truce. I think we all know, in totality, that's an impossibility. And really, I don't really think we need one. We as fans are passionate. Some more fanatical than others. But from this point forward I hope we can just be more civil to one another as Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans. I will. I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans. But in my own defense, I must say that far more of my "nasty" and "hateful" posts were others impersonating me. And trying to explain that, during those times, was simply useless. As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course. The Gator n Cane points and counter points are just moot now... Time to move on. The Canes have their destiny and the Gators have theirs. God willing, for the sake of College Football, they will meet again someday in the foreseeable future in the Post-Season. Which could only mean one thing... We Both Don't SUCK !

In closing, I think we Gators n Canes can certainly agree on one thing. There are ups n downs, trials n tribulations, ebbs n flows for every Program in College in all Sports as well as life... I do believe it's safe to say that The Miami Hurricane and Florida Gator Football Programs are both ascending no matter how we might personally feel about the past... Win or Lose, Victory or Defeat, Saturday September 7th from High Noon until the final gun was as compelling as College Football gets or ever gets (minus of course that Driskel left-handed pass with 8 seconds to go). Much respect to U and Urs ...

Good luck Cane Fans... Go get Ur Coastal and ACC Championship. When U do, the rest will fall into place...

Gators ... ditto ... Eastern ... SEC ... ???

See U down the line Mighty CANE FANS ... perhaps in Basketball or Baseball ... SALUTE.

No Mas from me.


A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 9-11-13

what a $hit post by "A Miami born gator/CANE 9/11/13"


as stooooopid as Ms. South Carolina:

"Dhuuuum US American. Duuuhhh, Gainesvilian, Pigmalian, Miamiian, Gatorian."


What a dumbarse. Soldy the blog Pig. He never changes.

No Mas from me.
A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 9-11-13
Sincerity from the gutless coward? Never seen it. Took him less than a week to fail on that promise.

Never trust him to fulfill his promises, because he is without honor.



what a Pig.

Wow, he got himself wiped out again. Annoy enough people and one will clean you out.

Of course, now he will return under his fake ACC ID and claim that the comments never occurred, it is what he does.

If only he would just go back to his own blog where he belongs...

"As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course."

If only he would take his own advice.....

When is Golden going to ask Shalalalala for the money for the stadium at Tropical Park? Maybe bend it like Beckham in the port of miami next to Jungle Island.

Five titles you been here all day, hermano. It's okay to take a break. I do at the warehouse all the time.

And of course his claim that he doesn't change and steal IDs is disproven, as Six Titles, CutlerRidgeLaz, #1 Gators, and People's Champion all disappear in one IP cleanup.

Pitiful that he acts like it is multiple people, when it is obviously one IP with multiple IDs.

Not sad to see him go. I hope the Burger King kicks him out, too, when he is there sweating and typing but not buying any food.

Hola primo - you are here all day. Kinda like me and 560

well? did they remove the bullet?

### UM is adding Green Cove Spring (Fla.) Clay High offensive lineman Tyler Grimsley as a late addition to this recruiting class, according to CaneSport.com. Grimsley, who visited UM last weekend, will be on scholarship at UM and eligible to play this upcoming season.

Grimsley didn’t have a qualifying test score until after National Signing Day. A two-star prospect, Grimsley also had reported offers from UAB and Weber State.

"Nobody knew who he was," his offensive line coach, Frank Garis, told Canesport.


"Nobody" knew who he was except UAB, Weber State and u ... And because he's a 2 dummy star scUb that sUcks and can't play ! Of course he'll be the next Ed Reed though riiieet ?

But the good thing is that he can play right away.




Wow! Pancake city.


Ever the optimist, I missed that aspect of Six Titles post.

The world needs less rage...


yeah, it's not cooper's fault. I was just saying he has to feel horrible. Hopefully he can put it behind him.

2 star u...still beat the gators though

Oye keep it locked on 560 where I will be all day to discuss canes beisbol and building a new stadium where jungle island is.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | March 10, 2014 at 08:22 PM

Great choice of music on that one. 3:13 was a great play against a supposedly tough defense.

"You scared". That defines those cowards afraid to schedule Miami unless we are on probation.

Well guess what, we ARE on probation and short on scholarships, so they contact us.... for basketball!

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