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Miami Hurricanes baseball player David Thompson in UM Hospital through at least early next week

   The 25th-ranked Miami Hurricanes will attempt to turn around their recent baseball struggles when the No. 3 Virginia Cavaliers (16-3, 5-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) come to Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field for a three-game weekend series beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday.

    The Canes (12-10, 4-2) will once again be without sophomore David Thompson, who is hitting .424 over his past 10 games with two doubles, a triple and six RBI. Thompson was at UM Hospital on Friday recuperating from an unspecified ailment that caused his arm to swell, his father, Ed, confirmed to the Miami Herald on Friday night. He is expected to remain there at least through early next week, Ed Thompson said.

    Thompson’s diagnosis, if there is one, was not revealed.

    UM coach Jim Morris said after Tuesday night’s loss to UCF that Thompson’s arm – Morris indicated on a video it was his upper right arm – was very swollen.

    It was initially believed he was bitten by a spider, Morris said. However, Ed Thompson said it was “not a spider bite’’ and that his son was going to be OK.

    UM also confirmed Friday that Thompson had been in the hospital and was being tested for the swollen arm.

   After winning five in a row earlier this month, the Canes have lost five of their past seven games.

    UM left-hander Chris Diaz (4-0, 2.05 ERA) will start Saturday against left-hander Nathan Kirby (5-0, 0.59).

   Best wishes to David for a speedy recovery. He is a very nice, high-character young man, who has a wonderfully supportive family. His health is most important right now. The Canes will have a tough time without him.

    David had two surgeries, by the way, on his right shoulder in a one-year span. The latest one was last June.

   And yes, I keep thinking about UM offensive lineman Hunter Knighton, who was released from the hospital recently after collapsing following a workout. But the two are unrelated. 

  Here's hoping we don't see the word hospital related to the Hurricanes for a long, long time.



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Heading into year 4, I am expecting the media and the UM administration to give 'Goldy and crew the same scrutiny they gave RS. They let RS go after 4 years.

Note: U are on notice throughout the football year.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | March 21, 2014 at 04:16 PM

c'mon man?

3 of which were under recruiting disadvantage and 2 under bowl ban, with improved record, strength/conditioning, and local communication with HS Hcs.

This is year one. Go.



Dade City (Fla.) Pasco High School TE Bowman Archibald had a specific thing in mind when he began touring schools in search of his college destination.

"I didn't want to sacrifice a poor education for a better football team," Archibald said.

So as he toured the University of Miami on Tuesday, met Donna Shalala and became more educated on the academic quality of The U which sometimes gets overshadowed by its football tradition, Archibald had a pretty good idea his recruitment was about to come to an end.

Thursday, the 6-6, 240-pounder committed to the Hurricanes in a boisterous phone call with Coach Al Golden and tight ends coach Larry Scott.

"I guess you just get a feeling when you get on the right campus," Archibald said. "I had a really great visit down there Tuesday and then a few sleepless nights. I have been talking to my family about what I want in the college experience and what I expect. Miami met everything on my list. It's a great academic school with a great football program. I can't wait to be a Cane."

Archibald had 19 offers and also has visited Auburn, Florida and South Florida in recent weeks. He says he is now finished taking visits.

"I am fully committed to Miami," Archibald said. "It has been a dream since I was young to play for the Canes. I have always been a Miami fan. I started playing tight end in seventh grade and it has been always been Tight End U to me. I'm very excited to try to continue that tradition."

Archibald has been in daily contact for the past several days with Scott and the two are forging a strong relationship.

"He knew I was very interested in Miami," Archibald said. "I wanted to knock this thing out and get the weight off my shoulder. It was the right time to go ahead and commit, get recruiting over with and focus on my last year of high school."

Archibald was asked what kind of player Miami was getting by landing his commitment.

"A disciplined, hard working guy," Archibald said. "A very humble guy. I won't be a guy they have to worry about. I will do anything that I am asked."

SEC 9-0 in Post Season Basketball Tourneys...

u ? 0-0

^^^^^ there yall go skewing numbers again.....

good game hUh []_[] PITT Fans ?

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Get []_[]r S.F.A. and U.C.L.A. gear for next THuRSDAY ...

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Beat u down liike the georgia southern - 5-7 -no bowl qualification-with a banjo playing qb that u are,

Who after 150 yrs still cant catch miami in national championships

Who after 150 yrs still cant catch miami in national championships

wow... Post of the day.

when's the clUck Spring National Championship game against urselves ?

when's the clUck Spring National Championship game against urselves ?

Posted by: u are u... Spring n Summer # 1

Wow do you NOT see that YOU have serious MENTAL issues pal? You spend ALL day on ANOTHER teams blog, instead of celebrating with your own people about how good your basketball team is doing, on a BASEBALL story no less, and do this into the wee hours of the night, and then FIRST thing in the morning. I mean do you just sit there with drool dripping down your face, and poo poo in your pants trying to come up with stupid little screen names and repeating the same ridiculous minutia? You're whacked out man.

Way to go Canes and took it to UVA in game 1. Lets get on a roll and knock them out of their perch. We're better than our record. GO CANES!!!!

c.a.n.e.s. s.[]_[].c.k. s.[]_[].c.k. s.[]_[].c.k. !!!

I'M # 1 !!!

the gators are in good in basketball. that press defense is pretty tough. i cant understand how other teams cant figure it out. Butthe SEC sks in basketball seriously sks. The ACC grossly inconsistent this year. If the gators, who can stilleatmya55 win out Im not sure they can beat MSU.

Dont fallasleep on Wichit astate, MSU, and Dayton.

Lots of top 25 baseball teams lost yesterday. Great winby Miami. Now if stale old manMorris can wingames without Chris Diaz pitching then tahts something. If they win two vs UVA that willbe something special and could means they are out of thefunk and reappear in the ESPN top 25(even though they are ranked inother polls).

I'M # 1 !!!

Posted by: # 1 FLORIDA GATOR FAN !!!


That's it wittle Jimmie, you're a good boy, you're no. 1, you're mommies wittle hero, good boy. Mommy will come back to the institution tomorrow for another visit, you be a good wittle psycho in the meantime.

Another example of how much UM coach Al Golden cares about his players: We hear that when Hunter Knighton collapsed and lost consciousness earlier this month, Golden spent two nights in the hospital with him.

gallo uh oh!

LOL, when football coaching fails, excel at all the ancillary things to try and distort the real reality!

LOL, when football coaching fails, excel at all the ancillary things to try and distort the real reality!

Posted by: Calvin

Yeah because a coach caring about the well being of his players isn't part of coaching is it Calvin?? You're a DA dude a big one.

Big cane news of the week:
Won a meaningless baseball game in late March, still are .500 at best.
The football team looks good running around in shorts in a Spring practice according to Alverage

Sports news for the rest of the nation:
NCAA tourney well under way many #1 and 2 seeds have fallen including most ACC teams but overall #1 seed Florida keeps motoring on.

Sports news for the rest of the nation:
NCAA tourney well under way many #1 and 2 seeds have fallen including most ACC teams but overall #1 seed Florida keeps motoring on.

Posted by: Spring Cluck

well you got the Cluck part of your post correct, because that you are, of course I'd add DUMB to the front of it. Of course the Gator blog is empty, so that's pretty sad when the Canes blog has more action than your mighty Gators, lol.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Still # 1 !!!

when football coaching fails, excel at all the ancillary things to try and distort the real reality!
Posted by: Calvin | March 23, 2014 at 11:36 AM

Golden doesn't consider himself a failure and neither do the administration, players, his family and many fans. He was sincere in his actions. You can critticise his coaching all you want but you can't draw question to his integrity.

Never mind me, Ice and Soldy think he's a good man. The people many of those who don't support Golden hold in high regard.

you go out of your way to disparage this guy. Same thing people used to do to Randy. Let's try to keep this professional.

There's nothing wrong with trying to excel at ancillary things. That said, Golden's defense is a flaming heap of trash. Fire the damn coordinator already.

If he really cared about the players and their futures he wouldn't be asking them to pile on all this unecessary weight and than use not putting it on as a mark against them getting playing time. Next if he cared about his players, he wouldn't put his penn disgrace friend above the players and would go and get a guy that really does know how to coach defense.

Next, if he really cared about the players, he wouldn't be cutting True freshman and sophomores as soon as they make a mistake, he'd let them grow-up first.

Next, if he cared about his players, he wouldn't keep blaming them and keep giving them these back-handed compliments but in the same breath turn around and stop bashing em to the media.

To call kevin olsen out as a True freshman by saying stupid stuff like "he has to own the process" man, this man is a True freshman and further more he's a free spirit kind of like bernie kosar but instead of focusing on his talent, these penn disgrace morons continue to try and focus on individual personalities and take the real fun out of playing at UM.

Somebody explain to me what they think caring is, the head moron is a politician!

Dumbnofrio >>>>>>> the program!!!

on a scale of 1 to 10 ... just how delUsionally stUpid are u cane fans ?

four ... five ... ? eight ?

four ... five ... ? eight ?

well over a decade ?

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Yeah we are we. We the U. You are scum. Central florida, southern georgia scum. Do you like that song "The florida-georgia line"?

I thought so.

SWEET 16 !!! S.E.C. TEAMS - 3 ... acc teams - 1 ...

(lemme guess, u'll count Louisville as an acc team now huh ?)

oye, 5-titles tell us all about the S.E.C. again.

get ur U.c.l.a. gear for thUrsday u bandwagon clUcks...

u can even pretend that ur team is playing.


************************ HEADLINES OF THE WEEK ************************

"""""" Miami Hurricanes’ defense coming into its own this Spring""""""

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"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Beckham's big reveal """""""""""""""""""""""""""

u'll be back playing in Downtown Meeeami and it'll be just like the O.B. Days !!! We'll Be Back !!! Riiiiieeeeet ? po po silly dUmb clUcks...

u'll be back playing in Downtown Meeeami and it'll be just like the O.B. Days !!! We'll Be Back !!! Riiiiieeeeet ? po po silly dUmb clUcks...

Posted by: S.E.C. RuLES u ... lemme guess, u'll be "back" this Sping or next Summer

Let us all know when you get back, because last time I checked you guys were 4-8, so who do you rule? Ahh the mind of a mindless idiot who lives in delusion, lol. It's ok wittle Jimmie, you can keep drooling all over yourself, lol.

My daddy sez im the best kisser= Gator and nole cheerleaders

My momma sez im too sexy= all gator fans

Gators #1- At choking

Gators#1- At losing to D-2 schools like Georgia Southern.., Well you billies at least lost to your kin form southern georgia! that aint too bad riiiight?? yeeee haaaaawwwww

Calvin.....No one CARES what you think, that means you are mostly talking with yourself, what you say doesn't matter in the scheme of things, no one CARES about your opinions. You are not a good at analysis, at seeing talent on the field, at evaluating coaching staffs, at even correctly stating your opinions so educated folks can understand what it is you are trying to say that no one really CARES about! You are living in the past and your guy Randy Shannon is still being turned down for promotions and being constantly passed by for coaching positions, deal with it! In summation, (too big a word for you Calvin?) No one CARES what you think, PERIOD!

Calvin is one of the only posters on here worth reading. The rest will never understand, because it's a Ganes thing for them not to.

Calvin is one of the only posters on here worth reading. The rest will never understand, because it's a Ganes thing for them not to.

Posted by: Concerned Alumni of the University of Miami


Of course, there you go. Gee why didn't we see this before? The perfect explanation. Thank you so much.

Ganes? What Ganes?

By the way, Calvin is absolutely clueless about Miami. he thinks Miami should revert to the thug culture of the 80s, when players could dance around or jump into the stands after a TD or hit. Guess what Cal- 15 yrds, and/or ejection. Or worse, if you celebrate prematurely prior to a TD like Horace Copeland, 87, or lamar thomas used to, they also take the tD away.

Its a different world. You hate Golden. Ok we get it. Youve been hating on him and Donofrio since the maryland game. But you dont have the brain capacity to look at the big picture. First you criticized Golden bc he was an outsider and could care less of O-tow, L-town, kids. So Golden goes and recruits heavily at Booker T. Then he re-hires ICE. And youve been silent of late- bc you have no comeback to that.

Its almost like dumbsht Calvin is secretly wishing for Miami to lose.

Newsflash, Cal, and for that matter, Cool cat, HTC, and even Cane72:

Randy Shannon aint never coming back to Miami!

No one CARES what you think, PERIOD!

Posted by: AnonymousCane | March 24, 2014 at 10:57 AM

Then why dedicate and write a 10 line response AnonymousCane ?

For not caring, seems u care very much or is it just OCD?

And as far as Golden visiting a kid in the hospital, get a grip people. All Coaches do that. You're making it out like he was sleeping on fold out chairs for 48 hours and 2 straight overnights while wet nursing the soft kid who just didn't eat breakast. He visited twice for a total of maybe 90 minutes. Big F'ing deal. Some of you have to be enarmored in some fashion by Golden because he and his buddy aren't, nor will, get it done on the sideline when the bright lights shine. As a matter of fact, for many of you blinded Cane fans, the three best things that Golden has done since he's been here is hold the kids hand with the inverted foot at Ga. Tech, visit Jo Jo Nichols family at the hospital and this when a kid overheats and simply just passes out.

What is this ? Brian's Song II - Staring Al Golden and some soft 3rd. string white kid that crapped out in "we're talking about practice" ?

I'm hearing Golden visited David Thompson in the Hospital too.

The Truth of the matter is, alot of these imbeciles wish we wouldn't expose em(meaning the b.s. administration/mac moron coaching staff and the new type of fake UM fans that follow and support mediocrity and slurp everything the mac morons say). They cry when we say the penn disgrace morons will forever be considered outsiders until they become apart of a national championship team at UM, be it playing for one or coaching for one, until than, the moronic moves they've made prove they're outsiders.

They wanted to be at penn disgrace and got stuck here, james franklin kilt their dreams and their own alumni didn't want them, why, because they're mediocre at best. When you got almost every qb you playing against looking like heisman trophy candidates, when you playing close/down to the wire games against teams with losing records, when you lose to duke, but then turn-around and try and put your name in the hat for the penn disgrace job, with that track record, you won't be hired anywhere.

Than if the reports are True, this imbecile tried to demand a contract by a certain as if he was like that or something, come on. So we're stuck with these morons going into year 4, the parties over, no one is going to care to see our defensive guys getting out-speeded again and ranked last in the acc and basically the worst in college football. When you have the type of talent we attract, if you're a coordinator and your unit is close to last in anything, you don't belong here!

Posted by: AnonymousCane | March 24, 2014 at 10:57 AM

For not caring, just one more "No one CARES", would become a full blown Obsession.

"No one CARES"..."No one CARES"..."No one CARES"..."No one CARES"...

Calvin dont you EVER get tired of being a total IDIOT?

Paul flat out blamed himself for getting booted you IMBECLE!!! He was suspended not once but TWICE before getting kicked off the team. And do you really think he got suspended for his first offense?? I guarantee you he got multiple chances before the FIRST suspension.

We have dozens of players graduating and staying out of trouble year in and out and the one example you come up with is this one?

YOURE A COMPLETE MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Relevant news of the week for the canes

Beckham keeps saying he s considering sharing his soon to be built soccer stadium in downtown Miami with UM football. How would this impossible dream benefit the Spring champ canes no one knows, but it's the only cane news out there.

Relevant news for the rest of the nation

The Sweet 16 is set with all 3 SEC teams in the tourney advancing. March Madness is being celebrated everywhere, except Coral Gables, with everyone filling out their brackets and following the action.

3teams from the sec in the sweet 16

None will win

Sec= pretenders

No way Dino survives another season. There going to be all types of planes circling the stadium this season.

I don't always agree with Calvin, but he's made some good points on the blog.

There's tons of questions about this staff now. Do these guys even want to be at Miami?

The S.E.C. OWNS College Football ...

The S.E.C. has the MOST Teams in the Sweet 16 ...

The S.E.C. has HALF of the Top-10 in Baseball America Poll...

u ?

uNRANKED in Football for a decade ...

NO Hoops Post Season WHATSOEVER .500% record ...

uNRANKED in Beisbol .500% record ...

why u axe ?

... because ...

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