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UM Canes QB Ryan Williams will be a dad in August (Denzel Perryman's baby comes to practice) & lots of assorted notes from Day 2 of spring football

Today's Hurricanes' football practice, another nearly three-hour marathon at Greetree Field, was definitely a family affair on the sideline, where about 150-200 folks watched Day No. 2 of the 15-practice session that ends with the spring game April 12.

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork was there with his wife and a couple of his kids, Former Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma came with his 4-year-old daughter Samaara, former UM running backs coach Don Soldinger -- a classic and UM Sports Hall of Famer --  was there watching and shmoozing, Artie Burns' mom Dana and his brothers were there, A.J. Highsmith came to watch his (former) teammates, Deon Bush's father came to watch, Shaiy Howard and family were there and the list goes on and on.

"It's fun watching,'' Vilma, who won a national championship in 2001, told me. "I work out here in the offseason every year and I always take time to come out and look. I watch them grinding away and it reminds me of how we were -- especially with Coach Soldinger here. It's just a matter of focusing in on the details. We made great strides last year and the boys will get even better.''

I especially enjoyed meeting Denzel Perryman's beautiful daughter Ella Grace, about to turn four months -- and then learning that quarterback Ryan Williams' wife, Deanna, is expecting a baby boy on August 5th. Right in time for the season. 

"I like the name Ryan but he likes Rey,'' said Deanna, who said, along with Ryan's mom, Jayne, that she's nixing that name. "I think he's ready to be a father. I think he'll be more motivated and a little bit more focused.''

 Deanna, who graduated from FIU in social work and health administration, eventually plans to get her masters in speech pathology.

Deanna and Ryan's mom said Ryan told UM offensive coordinator James Coley about his expected arrival before he told his parents. 

"Is that not crazy?'' Jayne said, laughing along with Deanna. "You go tell your football coach before you tell your parents. Football first. We're second.''

Deanna and Ryan "officially'' got married, Deanna said, on Jan. 31, 2012, in a small ceremony with their parents there. There was another party/ceremony later. They're having one baby shower in May with family members in New Orleans, and another shower later in South Florida.

"It should be an amazing year,'' Deanna said.

Denzel Perryman's fiancee, Cassie Stuart, is having an amazing year herself.

She brought baby Ella, who has long brown curls, sparkling blue eyes and a big smile, to watch Denzel practice. Denzel's dad was there, as well as a couple of Denzel's nephews and Denzel's younger brother.

"It's easy,'' Cassie said about being parents and Denzel having daddy responsibilities while playing football. "It took a while, but we figured it out.''

  While Cassie works a couple nights a week, she said Denzel happily stays home with Ella Grace.

  "He's awesome with the baby,'' she said. 

  Cassie plans to eventually return to school to finish a degree in criminal justice. She told me she was grateful that Denzel returned to UM for his senior season.

  "He needed to get his degree,'' she said. "I'm happy he made that decision.'' 

So are UM fans.


*The Canes practiced in shorts again Sunday. The injury list is the same as yesterday, except for linebacker Thurston Armbrister being out of his limited yellow jersey and back in green. 

*Early signee Trent Harris, listed as 6-2 and 240 pounds, watched the practice on the field in street clothes because he has not been cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center due to paperwork that still has to be signed and approved. Don't know the details.

* First-team black jerseys that I noticed Sunday: CB Tracy Howard, safety Deon Bush, safety Jamal Carter, cornerback Larry Hope, defensive end Al-Quadin Muhhamad, linebacker Perryman, linebacker Raphael Kirby, linebacker Alex Figueroa. 

*Though it's obviously early, Dallas Crawford looks really good at safety. He had a great pass breakup during practice, leaping way the heck into the air to get it. Then, a couple plays later, he intercepted a pass by scout-teamer Garrison Lassiter.

*Howard picked off his former Miramar High school teammate, Williams.

 *Williams threw a 40-yard touchdown to Stacy Coley to end the practice.

*CB Artie Burns, the new ACC 60-meter hurdles champion, returned from the ACC track and field championships at Clemson and was on the sideline watching his teammates and getting congratulated by coaches and players. Al Golden called him a "champion'' today.

* Practice resumes at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Everyone is invited back. It's open.



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Nice to hear about the family element coming from not only family members showing their support but former Canes coming back to keep an eye on things.


2nd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good stuff. Thanks Susan-

And so it continues. Nice to hear from Vilma and I think it was great there former Canes were back to show support for the youngsters. This is what breeds that accountability and lineage.

Good to see former canes still, lining up behind their alma mater, especially considering events and lack of accomplishments the past 4-5 years.

Hopefully coach Golden can help right the defensive ship, and coach Coley, with Morris gone can focus on a balanced offense, sustained drives, and only the occasional bomb.
Protect the defense, keep the ball in the hands of our RB's as much as possible.

Interesting that Don Soldinger, a distinguished coach (wrongly fired by a desperate Coker) is attending these practices. Anything inside on this, Susan or Manny?

Enjoyed this column. Thank you, Susan.

"lack of accomplishments the past 4-5 years."

Try about 10 years. The last three we've not fared well in the final analysis but improved record-wise each season toward our first bowl game in a minute..

REALLY, REALLY nice to see that former 'Canes (future NFL Hall of Famer Wilfork and a very solid NFL career Vilma) and their families were at the practice. It means a lot for the young kids AND the coaches to see that these guys are behind them. As Mahoney brought out, it really teaches lineage, tradition and accountability to these current players AND the coaches too.

CAG is a good man and he really wants to win and turn the program around, but unfortunately his loyalty to his DC buddy is holding the program back. I want the DC to do well and I hope that this year is the year that the defense plays at least decently (that means not giving up 30+ point or 500+ yard to any "decent" team we play. Situation is though, I believe that if we have the same defensive issues again this year that CAG will not be able to protect his buddy any longer. I believe that the DC's lack of fielding even a decent defense is seen by all and if we have the same issues again that not even CAG can save him next year. I TRULY HOPE THE D TURNS IT AROUND AND IT DOESN'T COME TO THAT.

Golden had made fans yearn for mediocrity. His defenses have been so horrible so historically bad that fans can only wish for mediocrity. God forbid trying to ask for a top 25 defense. It's sad that if our defense is just avg and ranked in the 60s this staff and many fans will be content when in reality if golden knew what the u really stood for he would see that even that is a failure.

If this defense is bad again which I guarantee it will be , well just hear the excuses about players being young no experience and that they need to embrace the process. Don't ever forget ppl golden HAS THE WORST DC AND THE MOST EXCUSES IN ALL OF CFB BUT HOMERS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND.

I guarantee zook and other dooshb...s will post negative stuff even if miami went 11-1


No negative comments from them like sapp

Sapp cant even carri big daddys jock strap

Both defensive plsyers, but no negative garbage statements

Miami went 9-4

Better than historic programs, like UF, texas, etc

This is a growing program, and there are always growing pains. If you arent smart enough to understand that, dont post any negative stuff here... It aint useful. It aint going to change anything.

Go canes. I love me this U. Allyou negative nancies can eat my shorts

Nice article Susan

So, is Dion Bush's father doing better?

Posted by: Ron Zook | March 02, 2014 at 07:44 PM

You "guarantee". Really...

Your guarantee + 2 pennies = 2 cents.



All I know is that there better be a fist fight against Louisville. If not, don't even bother playing the rest of the season.

Soldinger was fired by the administration, NOT Coker. He was told to make changes or leave. But I'm sure you would have done the right thing and just resigned from your million-dollar contract.

The NCAA witch hunt is over, the players can come back without fearing that investigatr Molly Richman with a grudge demanding they rat on players and coaches that they MIGHT have seen in the 1970s.

Glad to see the difference from the past three years of walking on eggshells.

I wonder how Hunter is doing. I would hope he was out of the hospital by now. But either way, it was great that he had solid medical care nearby when he collapsed, possibly saving his life in the process.

all about nothing......the fact is that UM has no QB....lost the best thing it had last year in Morris.....Duke cant handle 250/300 carries as a feature back......graduation will kill UM.....

all the stuff I said last year.....

6-6 at best....when all the "pageantry" ends after the summer....reality always sinks in.....year after year...

golden/dnofrio need to be replaced.....its all about results....these 2 don't have it

To LloydFarmer and everyone else: Deon Bush's dad is doing better, for sure. He went through a very intense situation and he will keep making his way to a full recovery with each passing day. For now he told me he gets checked by doctors every two-and-a-half months. It's an up-and-down struggle,and sometimes very tiring, but he's living his life to the fullest and everything seems great right now. Hope that helps.

so Dallas Crawford has been moved to safety? For what reason? our DBs were our deepest position and we need depth at RB especially with Duke and Yearby still recovering

nevermind, forgot he was initially a DB

Thanks for the update Susan!

Great job Susan...in everything there is that personal level which many of us as fans fail to recognize...

We care about our former players, and also the dynamics of family in relation to the athlete on the field. The team concept with family comes full circle to family at the 'U'.

Also liked the fact that the older players were there for a graphic example to the young players that they went through the tough stuff, and because of perseverance and focusing, success was there .

Our team is in a good place...we need to grow and make it a good year.
Thanks again Susan, great job.
Go 'Canes

Good job Susan, and this is an excellent report by reminding us that these players have other responsibilities and obligations...students, players, and parental roles. It would be nice to read about the out of state players making their transition to South Florida culture too. I personally recalled the challenges of being a student-athlete at a division II college in Virginia.

Being a freshman from Miami, Florida, who never seen snow or live in the cold was just one of the adjustments. Being a full-time student, attending mandatory study hall, and practicing year round is very demanding. Let's not talk about developing new relationships and socializing (i.e., peer influences). Susan, I actually had to learn how to dress for the cold, walk on snow/ice, and feared driving during the winter months.

Although I played football in HS, I was there on a baseball scholly. Practice in 40 degrees! I was looking for cancellation of classes, study hall and practice. Let our fans learn more about the individuals too.

Great job Susan, keep up the great work.

GO U!!!!!

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