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Canes happy receiver Malcolm Lewis has 'his mojo again'

Coach Al Golden ran a special play for receiver Malcolm Lewis in last year's spring game.

Quarterback Stephen Morris threw Lewis a short pass in the flat and Lewis raced up field untouched for a touchdown -- as the entire team chased after him to celebrate the moment. The scripted, feel-good score of the day was designed to honor Lewis after he fought his way back from a horrific ankle injury at Georgia Tech, which ended his freshman season only seven months prior.

UM's defense doesn't plan on giving up any scripted touchdowns to Lewis Saturday night at Sun Life Stadium. Lewis, who had surgery to repair a torn groin in late February, can now earn it without any help or pain. Listed as a co-starter on the team's depth chart, Lewis is among several intriguing players to watch during Saturday's festivities.

Other non-starters from a year ago running with the first team on offense: quarterback Kevin Olsen, running back Gus Edwards, center Alex Gall, right guard Danny Isidora, right tackle Taylor Gadbois and tight end Standish Dobard. Lewis, though, could end up being one of the few who sticks around in the starting lineup when injured starters and other regulars return to form in the fall.

So far, Lewis has more than held his own the spring, flashing much of the same speed and burst coaches and teammates saw from him when he was standout at Miramar High School. In UM's second scrimmage, coach Al Golden said Lewis had five catches for over 100 yards.

"It's great to see him have his mojo again," sophomore receiver Stacy Coley said. "He just had to fully recover. He's still the same person from freshman year that I thought. He's still explosive in and out of cuts. He can break a DB down. Together, I can line up on the outside and he'll line up inside and get reverses. Or he can go deep and take the top off the safeties and stuff."

Cornerback Tracy Howard, who starred at Miramar High alongside Lewis and considers him one of his best friends, said he missed being able to compete with Lewis in practice for the bulk of the last two years. The two had classic one-on-one battles in high school.


"He handled it so well," Howard said of Lewis, who missed the final eight games of the 2012 season and was then slowed by a torn groin for most of the 2013 season. "Most guys would be down. I'm sure he had those points, but he never let us see him down. I never heard him complain about it, cry about it. When I was making plays he congratulated me, was happy for me. He was never down. I don't know how he does it. He's strong. It seemed like nothing really bothered him."

Lewis is not only head strong, he's also fast. Lewis said the last time he ran the 40-yard dash he ran it in 4.4 seconds before his freshman season at UM. Asked if he felt just as fast, Lewis said Thursday he feels just as healthy, but even faster. Lewis said he's down from about 200 pounds to 191 and he feels the difference.

"The twitch is back," Golden said. "The first recovery was a very long recovery. His groin started hurting him during the year. He never really had his twitch. Now he's got quickness. He's playing with confidence. He's feeling really good. You can sense it. I know the guys can feel it. At the scrimmage Friday there was a palpable difference with him on the field. A different speed, a different tempo, a different confidence from him which is great to see."

Lewis, who has 15 catches for 144 yards and one score in his career at UM, has lined up mostly in the slot this spring. But he can play outside as well. He says his motivation to succeed this coming season "is not just about me anymore."

"It's about my family," Lewis said. "I can push through anything I go through. I just have to keep fighting through adversity and just keep going, pushing myself. I feel like my explosion, coming out of my routes, making the first guy miss. I feel like everything is back mostly. I just want to keep progressing from there. Get better."

> Coley said the only difference between Olsen, 19, and injured fifth-year senior Ryan Williams is age.

"The ball doesn't come out of their hands any differently," Coley said. "If it does, we're wide receivers. So we know to catch the ball. Wherever the ball is we just have to grab it and catch it."


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Biggest anticipation in 2014 are new uniforms... F'ing uniforms.

Jeez people Olsen hasn't taken a snap in a real game yet, so NO ONE, Toretta, the media, the coaches, the couch coaches on these blogs, has ANY idea of how he'll respond come game time. He'll get his baptism by fire, and HOPEFULLY the D will have improved enough to take pressure off of the O and Duke will help with some ground pounding. Also HOPEFULLY we'll come out fired up for the pasting we took in the bowl game.

Posted by: Cola Cane | April 11, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Cola Cane

Good stuff man.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE.....DH | April 11, 2014 at 12:31 PM


A Tweedle dee and Twerdle dUmber combo special...

Naaaawwwww, former players and current coaches haven't
ANY idea how their QB will do says tweedle dipsheet-know-nada-dee ... None whatsoever huh ? Then follows that brilliant statement with this going on over a DECADE old repeated ad nauseam cane Classic "HOPEFULLY the D will have improved enough"... Son, good luck with that ground hog day deja vU pipe dream..."HOPEFULLY we'll come out fired up for the pasting we took in the bowl game." u finally got something right but all the continued ObUmmer HOPE n Change praying in the world is just proof positive of where u still are after over 10 years and are still heading...

Then right on cUe, Tweedle DuMBER BrainDeadcane chimes in with the typical rah rah "Good stuff man."

And sooooo, it continues ... When does the No EXCuSES talk start ?

but that is EXACTLY why ...

Please tell me you got something better than that. FAIL

Our issue is the defensive line. We need a stud DT. Tyriq, Ufomba, Al-Quadin, and Chad will be stars but until we have a formidable pressure on the interior our defense will simply plateau then implode just like last year. It's our achilles' heel.

Ohio Cane

Completely agree. Lets see how some of the underclassmen that have grown up now and the JUCO we brought in do this saturday.

I am confident we'll be better on defense if simply only because WE CAN'T BE ANY WORSE. Hertelou and Wyche as I can see from film are far better than whoever we lost. DE has improved. LB'ers will be better. No doubt Safety play will be improved. Corners have grown up and have more experience. X-Factor is D'Nofrio. He's a lawn mower mechanic acting as lead mechanic on NASCAR team.

Offensively I need to see if we can block better on runs and short yardage situations. We have a really good stable of WR's (Coley, Dorsett, Scott, Lewis, Jones and Waters). RB? Well I've watched too many teams over my many years rely on one guy and feed him with big success. Auburn certainly did, but we have at least 3 solid backs, (Duke, Gus and the athletic and fast Walter Tucker). As far as the QB, can't be any worse than Stephen Morris who had bad technique, couldn't read defenses and made more mistakes than a career criminal. My real concern is Coley's high schoolish offense and non-strategic play calling. In other words I'm more concerned about the coordinators than the players. Of course if we struggle they'll blame it on the kids. Although I have lots of respect for Al Golden and think he's too philosophical and not accepting the need for a defensive coordinator change at minimum. I am with doubt that if we had Greg Schiano as HC we'd be top 5 year in and out.

Lawn mower mechanic acting as lead mechanic on Nascar team. Very good analogy.

All things considered, I don't have a problem with this O. U take this O and put it in the hands of, say, a Steve Spurrier and there would be tons of 500-yards-plus games. The D and the DC are another story.

Lewis can play. Is 'Goldy into his fourth year yet? If so, break out the warped evaluation scheme that was thrown at RS.

I do know this: I respect Toretta's opinion. hands down, he was above and beyond everybody what it came to leadership. He wasn't the fastest QB, and I can't really figure out why he didn't pan out in the No Fun League.

Toretta could throw, too.

Kyle Wright wasn't necessarily rock 'em sock 'em. But he was OK. I think he was trying to say that Olsen doesn't really have any major negative qualities as a QB.

Good points, Tampa.

Coaching Matters and I am pleased with what we have as players...yeah , the stopgap JUCOs and true Froshes can't be much worse than what we had on Defense. The Lbs should be better, the corners and safeties should be better - they weren't too bad last year - ahem, highsmith, LG was a beast.

It is our Def linemen that are the big Question on personnel.

DNO? please prove us haters WRONG.
Coley? Who knows? Doubtful on him.

I can see us going 7-5 maaaaybe 10-2 if we beat UL and Neb, 8-4 more likely.

We gotta give AG a chance....His system, his budding coaching stability, his players, no sanctions, no negative recruiting; but a new QB, stopgaps and newb hopes on defense....We shall see...

I can take some losses, if we compete. More blowouts? Nope. 2014 expectations shouldn't be overly optimistic.

I love how our sage Gallo can't use you're correctly, but has the skinny on a foretold failure of a season...nice.

I also love how our troll let slip his true redneck with the hopey-changey political line.


Biggest negative recruiting pitch...GAME TAPES or this



“This is a close call, but I have to say the Miami defense. Over the last two years, the Hurricanes are the only unit in the ACC to allow over six yards per play in conference games. And despite having three straight top-15 recruiting classes, Miami has showed very little improvement on defense. With upperclassmen like end Anthony Chickillo, linebacker Denzel Perryman and cornerback Tracy Howard, this unit has to take a step forward in 2014. The depth has certainly improved for Miami’s defense over the last two years, but the pass rush (just 12 sacks in ACC games last year) and stopping the run are still a concern”

Last year, the Canes’ defense ranked 89th nationally with an average of 426 yards allowed per game, and they were the main culprit in the squad’s three-game losing streak. FSU scored 41 points, followed by Virginia Tech going off for 42 and then Duke got in on the fun with 48.

“Another concern is that Louisville, who the Canes open up against on Sept. 1, had their way against Miami’s defense in the Russell Athletic Bowl — although the Cardinals must obviously replace quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.”

The real concern for both teams, along with every other team in the ACC for that matter, has to be the fact that Florida State is still playing football. But, other than the Seminoles waiting as a roadblock down the line, I would say Miami’s defense is probably a bigger “concern” than Virginia Tech’s offense.

“I write that because, well, Miami’s defense couldn’t get much worse than it was in 2013. The Hurricanes finished ranked No. 13 in total defense in the ACC last season — that’s out of 14 total teams. ’13 was such a bad year on that side of the ball that UM recorded a meager 12 sacks in eight conference games, not exactly a stat to brag about for such a vaunted program. The secondary wasn’t much better than the guys up front either, being routinely burned for big plays. Things were so un-Miami like, that opponents hung 40 or more points on the Hurricanes during a three-week stretch in November, a list of teams that included Virginia Tech.”

Chic should not be a starter, based on his performance over the past two years. Everyone talking about the JC DTs making an impact, but neither played for our DC. Louisville will be a more explosive offensive team than last year, because of their HC. Golden and his DC will be out class again, because of experience and knowledge. Petrino knows his offensive, Golden and his DC is limited to a learn scheme or "bend don't break...philosopy".

Olsen is not ready to led this offensive team, especially with all the talent at WRs. We will struggle against Louisville, but will play much better against Nebraska. Kaaya, Thomas, Grace, and Harris are our best options to move toward the future!

Knock knock
whose there?
Georgia who?
Georgia Southern

yeah him and austin powers. sucks to be U.

HEY idiot candy cane fan, it's "WHO'S" there NOT "WHOSE" there. please go back to MDCC and get your GED.

Then right on cUe, Tweedle DuMBER BrainDeadcane chimes in with the typical rah rah "Good stuff man."

And sooooo, it continues ... When does the No EXCuSES talk start ?

but that is EXACTLY why ...

Posted by: u are u ... silly-dumb-sheetferbrains-cane-clUck-


Awww poor wittle Johnny still drooling and pooping all over himself because his wittle team is much much worse than our's, and wittle Johnny can't take it. Awww, it's ok wittle man, you may end up better than UK, so all it's not lost. Then again you still have Driskoll. Poor, poor wittle Johnny.

HEY idiot candy cane fan, it's "WHO'S" there NOT "WHOSE" there. please go back to MDCC and get your GED.

Posted by: Oliver Rubber
Well you know you got punked, when all you can comeback with is knocking punctuation, LOL.

Hats off to Canes BASEBALL and 10 in a row!!! Woo Hooo, keep it up guys. GO CANES!!!!

Posted by: Brandonspikesandtebowareboyfrnds | April 11, 2014 at 06:56 AM

Again with Ol'NoodleArm. He's not even playing football in this country and he's being brought up. Get off his d%^k already.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE.....DH | April 11, 2014 at 02:26 PM

There's your culprit.


Juveniles at it again!

^^Sidelines girl cheerleader

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