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Describe your dream Miami Canes football uniform

All this marketing buildup for some football threads.

The Hurricanes will unveil their new Nike-inspired uniforms today at the spring game.

Time of liftoff: 5 p.m. on the field.

Personally, I think it's fun. And I really like looking at uniforms in all sports, like I love all kinds of art. Sometimes it's not my taste, but I still appreciate it.

I like colorful things, but I also think one color unis are cool, too. I do know that the current Canes would freak out (in a good way) over some type of all-black uni -- though I'm told there won't be a black version. I'm not sure about anything until I see what it looks like.

I believe there will be a few -- four? -- uniform variations involving orange, white, "smoke'' (Nike Anthracite) and green. I have not seen anything first-hand. So I guess we'll all know for sure at 5. I can neither confirm nor deny my info until we all see it together.

The helmet is another object of curiosity. What has, if anything, Nike done with the iconic U?

I don't think green and orange are especially flattering together, but they do shout out the brand with gusto -- and that's a good thing if you're a proud fan.

So, just for fun, if you're game, please let us know what your dream uniform would look like today at 5 p.m.

Keep it clean, or we'll shut it down. 

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I do not understand why you would change away from the either the 1983 thru 1989 uniform look; the Nike crap is just that-crap.

Just win. That is all the fans want.

All black SOOOOooooo worn out

We would not be the first with a chromed helmet, but a chromed orange or green background or, if possible, a "chromed white" background would be cool. Now, to be the first using "chrome" not just on the helmet, but on uni and shoes -- that could be cool

Nike seems finally to be realizing each should be specific to the school, as opposed to Nike using its own idea for curved, tapered stripes for ALL their clients. I say this because the new FSU football uni numbers and other aspects seem specially tailored to JUST THAT SCHOOL. So, if it's Nike doing these new Cane uni I expect they will
a. Make it specific to UM and
b. Go for uniformity in use of logo, colors, etc. across all the women's and men's UM teams

I hope they stay true to school colors, and not replace the white with grey or steel. The colors of our school represent the colors of the orange tree...dark green of the leaves, orange of the fruit, and white of the blossom. I sure hope we somehow incorporate that.

The brief clip posted at the official athletics site yesterday afternoon suggests that there are, in fact, four variations of the new uniforms. And there was a marketing leak a few months back that the smoke would be one of the retail jersey colors, so I think the four-color theory is spot on. (And I like the idea of the smoke color -- its something different and another part of the U tradition that is unique.)

Anything with the Iconic Split U (orange/green)is going to work!

Thank goodness we will not have to mess with the Logo like FSwho!

Bleeding Orange, Green, White & Smoke!

They need a caption contest for the reaction to the new unis.

too funny, LMAO


Noone to my knowlege has smoke on there uniform. Dont care for it on the helmet myself. Oregon has used the chrome on their jerseys.

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