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Safety A.J. Highsmith, defensive end Shayon Green and punter Pat O'Donnell talk UM Canes Combine

From UM Pro Timing Day on Thursday at Greentree Field:


"I had a good experience. I think I ran well – not sure of the time (4.79) but it felt good and I looked well, too.

"I want to play in the NFL, so I’m trying. I have good numbers and I feel if they saw what they needed to see from me I’ll have a shot and that’s all I really want."

What did you do well?

"The defensive back drill work was good. I felt good. I swiveled my hips well. I had good feet, movement and flexibility."

Can you believe your time is up and YOU were the one working out for scouts today?

"We were talking about today. When you’re younger and you come watch all the guys it feels so professional and you see all the teams and you think, ‘Wow, it’s the pros’ and everything is so serious. When you’re actually in it it feels like another day of practice because we do it so much."


 "I feel like I did great. Everybody came out and showed up and showed out. I felt good, my body is great. I felt like I ran fast and did great in the positional drills. All the coaches gave me nothing but positive feedback.

"I’m 6-1 and around 258 pounds. I lost 6 pounds. I got leaner."

 Did it help being on your own field?

 "Yeah, pretty much, even though the field is kind of beat up."

  Did the day turn out as you had hoped?  

  "This day wasn’t what I expected. It was different actually doing it and not thinking about it – like my pro day is coming up and I have a lot of stress. It was pretty cool though. It came together well. Coach Swasey did a great job preparing us. This week is going to be big for me – next week. I’ll be at Miami Day (Dolphins). "

  What is your dream team?  

 "I don’t have a dream team. I’d love to play for anyone, put it that way."

   Where will you be for the NFL Draft?

   "I don’t know. I’m thinking about either staying here or going home to my family."


 Any interviews or visits coming up? 

  "They said not to say, so I’m going to keep that quiet for now."

 Who is your agent?

 "[Drews] Rosenhaus. He’s treating me real well. He’s getting me the training I need. So everything is going real well for me. [Training in] North Miami beach with Pete Bommarito.

  Do you expect to be drafted?

  "That’s the goal right now. Punting is one of those positions where you kind of have to wait and see if they have the picks and what team needs that position, so I’m just going to have to wait it out and see what teams need."





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Each one will get drafted. I did not like the fact that Highsmith, although a very good athlete, played waaaaay out of position on D. Shayon at 6-1 and 260 might be too big at LB and too small for DL. Can play DE, but could end up situational player or actually be switched to O.

O'Donnell has solid clout. He could go first or second round. But Highsmith could be a sleeper and play FS or be one of those "weapon" type of players. But his play at S didn't really knock me down.

dude your high if you think any NFL team will waste a pick on slow Highsmith or no position/undersized Green. And you're strung out on heroin if you think any team would throw away a 1st. or 2nd. rounder on a Punter. 6th-7th round at best.


Yeah this has to be one of the slowest teams in football. The fact that our punter is the fastest one in this group of seniors really says something. They need to be working more on team speed than bulking everyone up. Goldie is trying to turn the Canes into a big-10 type team. Bottomline is Big10 teams always lose to the SEC in the championship games. The Canes of old were built on speed. Speed kills.

... and toughness.

Man this was a bad article. Didn't like what I read about highsmiths time in the 40. That was horrible to be completely honest. Wish him well and that someone takes a chance on him. Green will definitely get picked up in my opinion. He's finally healthy and a beast. Good luck to all Canes entering the draft.

Now lets concentrate on 2014 season with Ryan Williams at the helm and now a defense that will finally start using a 4-3 scheme and beat down Loserville on opening day.


good support!

Yeah this has to be one of the slowest teams in football. The fact that our punter is the fastest one in this group of seniors really says something. They need to be working more on team speed than bulking everyone up. Goldie is trying to turn the Canes into a big-10 type team. Bottomline is Big10 teams always lose to the SEC in the championship games. The Canes of old were built on speed. Speed kills.

Posted by: Canes bro... | April 05, 2014 at 02:34 PM

Something these penn disgrace morons obviously don't understand. Players like jermaine grace getting criticized because he's only around 210lbs is sheer stupidity by the morons from the penn, all he's been doing is making plays, but since they have some type of fetish for players gaining weight, he won't be a starter no time soon unless by other circumstances.

Like i said before, just imagine how many players in UM history would not have hit the field or would've been asked to do something different just because of what they weigh.

You can almost guarantee sean spence got hurt in the nfl because he came into to heavy because of the bs weight philosophy by those morons. rohan marley would've never had played linebacker under these dildo's. speaking of spence, he wouldn't have been a started under them until his junior year. jessie armstead, barrow, darren smith, all of those guys would've been asked to bulk up and be none effective.

No telling what they would've done with SEAN TAYLOR at his size and weight. Add to the fact that they would've been accusing ed reed and SEAN TAYLOR of to much freelancing and probably would've benched them like they got mad at tracy howard last year for that pick 6 he got against uVA, real UM football.

These buzzards don't have a clue how to coach football at a high level. They're to stupid to realize that over the last 30 years of college football, you can probably count on 1 hand(and have a finger or 2 left over) how many national championships big 10 teams have won with this stupid style of play being brought here.

Our linebackers out their lumbering in pass coverage and feeling like they could've made a play when you playing zone and it's all guess work and luck, waiting for the qb or receiver to make a mistake hoping to get picks. This is how real HURRICANE defense is to be played:


Calvin, I don't know you, but I do concur with your assessment.

Ryan Williams : ACL surgery? wow, not good

Calvin I know your dissertation, and the buzzards are back for you to criticize......
No letting up my man....start the same 'ol, same 'ol...

Our Canes NFL candidates are not in the first rounds, in fact we will be lucky to have a 'Cane in round 3-4...
That cannot be all on the back of the current staff, and what Calvin fails to realize (that SEAN TAYLOR was a once in a lifetime athlete, freakishly good, and very balanced with the ability to do amazing things)....is a very unfair comparison on our present players trying out, and blaming the Coaching Staff, you go Calvina!!..

It is 3-4 years of Coaching on a team that has not won consistently., and is in a rebuild mode, so we will not for a while be putting out Super talent to the NFL. Do not tell me The Chief Bozo CALVIN did not know that..but feel free to criticize the Coaching staff.

I repeat your clownish attack of our play and protection does not add up, (because of depth and rotation issues which we all know in detail this is a moot point),. but how about YOUR boy Shauntrel, let's hear you discourse on him?._"A little puff ain't going to hurt"=Calvina.... Crickets, I know....
this is the repeat and rinse cycle in your wash..you stated and still reference your ideas on weight of players with no knowledge or prior experience to discourse weight, vs speed, vs performance, but you persist...find something new 'bro.
Here we go. again, and again...

Get a new bodystyle Calvin, this is a new model year!!
Go 'Canes

I'm here on this page because of Green. 6'1 255 4.58 is good. A linebacker? A big running back? He has the height and speed of the big running back, Carlos Hyde, Jeremy Hill, etc etc, but he has 25 pounds on them.


Weight does not have anything to do with speed of a player. Hell smaller players are slow. Natural ability can not be coached, i.e. speed. Now drills can improve a slower player. To use Shawn Taylor is a bad example this was a young kid in a mans body and that could flat out run. You get d lineman that are sometimes graced with mid to high 4. speed and agility at 260-270 or even heavier. Bottom line I'd rather have a quick explosive LB than one with top end.

thats righ cane4ever-- Tell that to THE MOST IGNORANT MAN INTHE WORLD CALVIN.

Speed? Highsmith is slow as molasses for a DB. What NFLteam will take a DB with 4.79 40 who is only 6-1 190?

How did this staff try to make Highsmith big and slow, Calvin, you dumba55?

Bottom line, what we are seeing is a direct product of Randy Shannon's pi55 poor evaluation of talent and recruiting. His recruiting (or lack there of), nearly destroyed the U and made this a slow lazy team- That is why we lost to the Dukes of this world. The seniors under Golden who Golden recruited- most stayed- Perryman, for example, and they will be better for it.

When was the last time a linebacker at Miami was drafted by the NFL? -- Not a Shannon recruit. Probably a Coker recruit.

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