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Here are the new Canes uniforms

Nike sent out a press release with the new uniforms a few minutes before UM got to unveil the unis here at Sun Life Stadium Saturday afternoon.

This press release accompanied the Nike story on its website.

In South Florida, football is played with a sense of speed and style that transcends the field of play. The University of Miami Hurricanes have become more than a team — they embody the soul of Miami and have defined the culture of the sport.

The new Hurricane uniform design reflects the vibrant, bold style of the city — from the beach to the architecture to the people. Steeped in tradition, the new aesthetic is anchored by the familiar orange and green colors, as well as the iconic split-U logo. Modern accents have been added in order to harness the team’s early cutting-edge style both on and off the field in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“Historically, UM has been a trendsetter in college football for uniform designs,” Miami Athletic Director Blake James said. “With this latest uniform design, we are able to combine our iconic history with South Florida tradition and a modern edge.”

The ibis has long been an important part of the university’s heritage. As a well-known Native American symbol for both danger and hope, the bird was believed to be the last animal to seek shelter before an oncoming hurricane and the first to emerge after the storm. An aggressive interpretation of the Miami Ibis has been integrated into the uniform on the shoulders, hip and helmet.

Miami will now feature four interchangeable uniform colors. The tonal colors of the Ibis logo (green, orange and white) inform three of the four new looks. At home, the Hurricanes will dress in orange. The orange jersey is accented by green directional graphics at the shoulder. A clean white and silver helmet, featuring an anodized finish and grey facemask, completes the look. The white jersey and pant combination is accented with green at the shoulder, and serves as the foundation of the away look. The white uniform is also capped with a matching white and silver helmet. The team will also showcase two alternate uniform colors – the first alternate showcasing a green jersey and pant with a white helmet. The team will also introduce a new alternate anthracite “smoke” jersey and pant serving as a reminder of the early pioneering pre-game smoke that opened every home game.

“The uniform comes at the right time for the right team,” said Miami head coach Al Golden. “These young men, who unselfishly guided us through some very dark days, now display a renewed attitude and spirit! These new uniforms capture that outlook.”

“The innovative look respects our tradition but perhaps more importantly, represents the future and our current Canes,” Golden said. “We have one of the most iconic logos in college sports and Nike has combined that with its latest performance technology to produce a sleek, dynamic new uniform for The U.”

Miami will also keep its traditional and iconic white helmet with the split “U” in rotation, giving the Hurricanes three different helmet options.

“This more aggressive look will amplify our brand as well as incorporate Nike’s latest uniform technology,” said James. “We have one of the most recognizable brands in college athletics, and we hope this begins to strengthen that position in the years to come.”

The uniform font and numbers are now larger, refined and more aggressive, amplifying and anchoring the entire design. Graphic details on the uniforms include the primary “U” logo on the helmet, jersey neck patch and back of the pant. The “U” is also present in custom palm graphics on the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 gloves, appearing thumb to thumb when the hands are locked up.

This fully integrated uniform system incorporates the latest in Nike’s performance innovation, where the athlete's baselayer works in concert with the entire uniform – true innovation from the inside out. Lightweight padding is integrated directly into the crucial “hit zones” in the baselayer. Innovations include integrated Flywire technology in the neckline for reduced weight and lockdown fit over pads. Additionally, increased sleeve articulation provides better range of motion, and four-way stretch fabrication delivers a streamlined, shrink-wrap fit.

As the first team to bring a refreshed sense of style to the game back in the '80s and '90s, this new uniform aesthetic harnesses the team’s ever-present style and bravado, while positioning the Hurricanes at the leading edge for the future.


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I need to see the Helmet a little better. I hope it's not that smoke nonsense. Keep that part the same.

If the players like em that's all that matters. They have to wear them.

Mix the green and orange unis with the white top and bottom and they will look good. That's what we are used to as []_[] fans. That's what we do. Put that green top on the white pants with the black socks and shoes. People here would be creaming themselves.

I hope these uniforms will have the player's names on the back!


"Tampa Freedom defensive end Scott Patchan intended on taking visits to other schools and exploring his options. But today, at Miami’s spring game, Patchan decided the wait was over. He decided to commit to the Hurricanes and follow in his father’s footsteps."

"West Orange running back Dexter Williams gave his pledge to Miami on Saturday."

Not as bad as Oregon or Maryland, but still pretty horrible.

Uniforms don't win ballgames. That defense better be much improved or D'Onofrio will need new employment. The honeymoon is officially over!

Uniforms are ugly. So far, so is the qb play

These players with Pete Carroll coaching...Imagine.

Crow more impressive so far.

Just watched the last 30 minutes or so. Neither QB looks secure in the pocket, throwing off the wrong foot, overthrowing the stuff down the middle.
It does look a bit like Al doesn't want to give away too much.
I'll be satisfied if no one is injured badly.

Uniforms for the most part are awsome. Orlando paper has much better pics with variations . Cant believe the herald doesnt have better pics. Orlando paper has like 30 pics from all angles. Look below headline story. Herald reporters suck. Get some new reporters.

I wish the new unis would have a strip down the pants leg with white shoes and socks. I can't imagine wearing black socks in south Florida. They wood cook in that heat with all kinds of foot problems. They should have kept the green and orange strip down the middle of the helmet too and the white shoes and socks. Black shoes and socks does not fit Miami Hurricanes Football which is built on speed. You will never catch a Florida or Florida State team wearing black socks and shoes again. Unless the whole uniform is black, stay away from back socks and shoe is my vote. The orange helmet should have a white and green U instead of orange on orange is hard to see. It does not stand out as much as when you have a different color.

Nevertheless, everything looks better when you win and this is the Hurricanes number one priority. If Al cannot do it, then bring back Jimmy Johnson at all cost. He did not need a new building to win football games, just smart coaching and a willing spirit to put in the work. Great coaching produces great talent, never the other way around. You can take an average athlete by a great coach and have him competing for championships every year. A great example, Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban, Before Nick, no championship or top recruits, after Nick arrived, great athletes and championships... Enough said.

Crap uni's, as is with all the new garbage uniforms that come out now. Did u see the uniforms worn in the basketball tournament? Mierda!

No sparkles, sequins or glitter?

Orlando Cane please never post again....the black cleats are not going to "cook" their feet. All of out National Championships were won in black cleats.

21-16, that's complete bullshit! We won three National Titles while wearing white cleats and OrlandoCane is right. Those black cleats are hideous and Notre Dame like. The jerseys look better than the last ones but the eighties uniforms were without a doubt the best of all. A little let down that they did not return to that look but all that matters is how the boys play.

21-16, while Orlando Cane's assumption that the cleats color will cook their feet is ridiculous, he does have a point about the white cleats. They look so much better with the white cleats vs. the black ones. The uniforms are a bit of let down as the way they were talking the coaches wanted something more traditional like the uniforms from the 80's which were without a doubt the best. And the first three national titles were all won wearing white cleats. White cleats will make those uniforms look so much better than black ones.

What ever happened to Tradition? These uniforms suck as well as the helmets. Thank god they didn't take the U off of the helmets. Go back to the uniforms of the 80's play like the teams of the 80's and all will be well in Hurricane Country.

Its Cane nation cane11... look to the orlando website for more pics. They change them up. Mix and match. All but green look good. Green looks plain because the black blends with it. May be better in person but overall they actuall did a great job. Also, I think the helmet is a copper color. Plus the chrome helmet you can see much better on the other site. These uniforms will get players excited and attract recruits also.

new unis ... it's a Golden thang

Players from the 1980s teams chose white or black shoes. All pics show that a mixture was featured.

If the kids like these unis and they play better, then I like them.

No players from the eighties wore black cleats. The first player to wear them in a game was Maurice Crum in the Cotton Bowl against Texas. 1991 was the first season the team ever wore black cleats and they looked like crap.

Lose that gray uniform and I'm good with the rest.

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