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Numbers don't lie: Kevin Olsen, Gray Crow had rough spring game throwing the football

Here are the raw numbers from 11-on-11 work during Saturday night's scrimmage.

As you can see Kevin Olsen and Gray Crow didn't have great nights throwing the football.



> Rushing: Edwards 19-70, Tucker 11-36 1 TD, De’Andre Johnson 5-11, Crow 1-(-1), Olsen 1-(-4)

> Passing: Olsen 7-21-1-65 0 TD, Crow 9-20-1-63 0 TD

> Receiving: Lewis 3-36, Water 3-12, Scott 2-33, Walford 2-13, Sandland 1-13, Tucker 1-9, Kidd 1-6, Coley 1-6, Jones 1-0

Tackles: Carter 5, D. Crawford 5, Pierre 4, Perryman 4, Armbrister 3, Elder 3, Grace 3, Howard 2, Kirby 2, Muhammad 2, Hamilton 2, McCord 2, Figueroa 2, Owens 2, Fentress 2, Crawford 1, Burns 1, Kamalu 1, Chickillo 1, Moore 1, Heurtelou 1

TFL: Owens 1.0-1, Blue 1.0-1, Kamalu 1.0-4, Kirby 1.0-1, Pierre 1.0-4, Chickillo 1.0-1, Fentress 1.0-2

Sacks: Kamalu 1.0-4, Chickillo 1.0-1

PBU: Grace 1, Fentress 1, Armbrister 1, Kamalu 1, Hamilton 1

INT: Young 1, Howard 1

Kicking: Goudis 0/2 FG, 1/1 PAT


1-on-1 competitions = 1 point per play

7-on-7 and 11-on-11 followed this format:

Offensive Scoring:
1 Point: First Down
3 Points: Field Goal
6 points: Touchdown
1 or 2 points: PAT kick or two-point conversion

Defensive Scoring:
1 point: Defensive Stop
2 points: Fourth-down stop
3 points: Three-and-out
6 points: Turnover
10 points: Defensive Touchdown


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Kaaya will be our starter.

The Olsen Era has ended just as fast as it began... Kaaya better be studying that playbook.

Did not like what I saw from Olsen and his interviewing persona is cringeworthy.

KO Smells like MarveWright.

Looking forward to Kaaya and Rosier.

Beginning of 2014 could be rough.

7/21 ouch ! Gus still developing Tucker not developed for RBs. Receivers are good but only as good as the QB . Translation I don't like this! Here we go again. Brad K is going to be good ?really? So was Olsen .,.,,

Can someone get Ryan Williams some deer antler spray. Hey, it worked for Ray Lewis.

How does William's arm strength look now?

Totallyagree- and agree withBarry Jackson- These two QBs are the second comingof Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman and throw in a MArve inas well!

What do coaches see when they recruit these kids?? W-TF???

Why isnt it possible to re3cruit a real QB? Its been literally 10 years since Brock Berlin left campus. The first year that Kyle Wright took over the helm was 2005 when UM began its downward slide to mediocrity. That was the year UM got pounded in the Peach Bowl by LSU despite having a "decent" defense (yeah decent Randy Shannon defense right?). BUt it all has boiled down to NOT HAVING A G--- D---M QUARTERBACK! HKEVIN OLSEN AND GRAY CROW STUNK! LETS NOT COLOR IT THEY STUNK! THEY COULDNT MAKE CHECK DOWNS OR READS, THEY COULDNT THROW SLANTS, AND THEY WERE GROSSLY INACCURATE! JAMEIS WINSTON WAS AT THE SAME COLLEGE YEAR LEVEL AS KEVIN OLSEN WHEN HE TOOK HIS FSU SEMINOLES TO AN UNDEFEATED SEASON AND A NC!

Th eother side of the coin is the stoopid offensive coordinator- Why make these kids throw these complicated sideline patterns? Why not have them throw little bubble screens and such like Jimbo Fisher makes his young QBS do?// James Coley is just at afault as anyone here- with stud WRS Malcolm Lewis *(he's bback people), Coley, Dorsett, Scott adn those huuh=ge Tight ends, why notjust throw short completions?????????????????? HAsnthe learned form last years stupidity which is magnified now with two wet-behind-the ear QBs???


told ya.....like I've said......olsen is a disaster.......

6-6 at best 2014

Too bad we can't actually bet here and take Gallo's $ on his 6/6 prediction. I have logged it though. When we pass 6 wins in October, I'll be sure to point it out.

Well before the Williams injury, I predicted that Kaaya would be the starter. Having a 1 year qb made little sense to me. The injury has left the door wide open for Kaaya. Wish he could have enrolled early.

Lets not start saying the sky is falling and the season is over based off freshmen QBs playing their first college scrimmage. The offense will be behind rhe defense at this time of year. I'm also guessing the defense threw more than they normally would in order to show them schemes they will face during the year. Schemes they haven't seen in high school. Duke Johnson did not play and not sure what other offensive starters sat out. Having Duke playing will help some. Listen schools Luke ALABAMA FSU STANFORD FLORIDA AUBURN MICHIGAN STATE WISCONSIN are a few of the schools who offered Olson scholarships. They felt he was good enough to offer him a scholorships so its not like Miami went on a reach to give this kid a shot. Many schools felt he is good enough. Will there be growing pains? Sure there will be. Only a handful of freshmen start day one and blow it up and have a great freshmen season. Our offensive line will have to play lights out and our running game will have to help take the load off. Lets not freak out over a freshman starting his very first scrimmage without Duke Johnson there to help. These QBs didn't even play a entire game. They split time so in actuality its still not even their first entire game. Lets not give up already. There will be more practice and a long season ahead of us. GO CANES

Some troubling signs with the QB play. We will need to run a ball control scheme, short passing, pound it out running. A shame because we have some great downfield talent.

Hope the new guys coming in can be a major surprise. If yesterday was an indication of what Olsen and Crow have, we are in trouble unless one of the them steps up.


It's easy to say UM just needs to run,run,run next year, but that is unrealistic. Teams always load up against the run against UM until the Canes prove the QB can burn them for committing to the run. Inconsistent play at QB over the last several years has really hurt UM's running game. I guarantee this. If UM does not get good QB play next year, they will not have a big year running the ball.

One dumb meaningless two hour fantasy play time game does not make a season. This is April, not Sept, Oct, ect., It's impossible to judge a player for greatness this time of the year. Someone could look great now but come game time, we will know for sure. Enjoy the beach, take the summer off and get the U out of your head. The time is not now...........................

I remember sitting Gatorville for Bernie Kosar's first start. Several in my group wanted his scholarship pulled. I said it's his first start and let's give him a little time. For those that enjoyed that era the U went on an 11-0 run and it's first national championship. Take a deep breath and let Olsen get his legs. By the way the defense was swarming and Artie Burns went stride for stride with Coley. And how about Dallas Crawford...that kid is a ball hawk and a big time hitter. Go Canes.

Appears to me that the QB of the future who will have his name mentioned among our greats of all time, has yet to arrive on campus.
After the horrendous outing by Olsen & Crow--we need help desperately at the QB position. Yes! it is the first start so no panic mode. No wonder Golden was ready to kiss the feet of Ryan Williams. BOTTOM LINE!! in my opinion---Golden and his cronies must do a better job recruiting our signal callers.

It's just Spring ball. Take a deep breath and take it easy. Olsen has a ways to go no doubt, but the kid is very talented. If he busts his a$$, works hard and immerses himself into the playbook, he will do just fine. Kaaya has a better upside, but I really don't want him thrown into the fire prematurely. He needs to redshirt.

I'm not worried about who will be under center, because we have a ton of weapons on offense. I'm more concerned about us not giving up 500+ yards a game next season. I like the depth we are finally building at DE, LB and FS/SS, but the DT and CB positions still need some improvement. And we are building a nice stable of RBs now that Duke is healthy and stronger; Gus is blossoming; Yearby is in the fold and doesn't have to be rushed into duty; and now Dexter Williams ('15 commit is a beast)!

The talent across all positions is the best I've seen easily in 7-8 years. The 2015 class is off to a great start so we could easily have a Top 10 class next year. Then the cupboard will be nicely stacked, and it will be no more excuses - all on the coaching staff at that point.

How many snaps has Olsen had with the 1st team this spring?
I'm not saying I know he's going to be a good college football QB, I'm just saying I've watched this guy for 5 or 6 years and he has done nothing but win.

The sky is falling...haha....36-9....that was our last effort.....spring with green faces under center means not much.....36-9.....can this number be posted ALL OVER THE FOOTBALL FACILITY!!!???....I think that is enough to inspire any of these kids....God bless

Any quarterback would be drooling to have the receivers that we do at their disposal. Lewis and Berrios in the slot. Coley's versatility. Dorsett's ability to get behind the defense. Water's endzone hands. Scott and Jones' size on the outside. Duke and Tucker's ability to catch out of the backfield.

An experienced O-line that's developing a nice 2 deep set. Regardless of who ends up at the helm, they will have all the tools to succeed. It will come down to who wants it more and how Coley can keep their inexperience from causing too many mistakes.

For you idiots who think playing QB really well on Div 1 level is easy are so blinded by stupidity its not even funny. Olsen just began getting the majority of the reps last week. Olsen will continue to work with the WRs between now and the summer session which will improve his all-around game. Just give the kid a chance to improve. Jamie Winston had his red-shirt season and another Spring/Summer session worth of reps before he touch the field in an actual game.

When are UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU people going to understand, ITS THE COACHING, ITS FLAT RIGHT DOWN AWFUL, WAKE THE UCK UP, 30 YEAR CANE FAN, ITS FREAKING PATHETIC. The muscle the Canes are gaining are not allowing them to be quick, WAKE UP UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU FANS

The new Louisville QB threw almost for 400 yards in spring game...... WHATS YOUR EXCUSE NOW GOLDEN LOVERS

Still can't get it out of my head that Olsen was literally "THAT" bad. I wasn't expecting that at all from him. Not with what everyone has been saying about him. In practice he looked decent to me at least. Hope he's not one of those "great in practice and garbage in game" players. As far as I'm concerned Gray Crow is the starter until Brady Kaaya and Malik Rosier get here. Then it's a 4 man competition and winner will take all.


I am not going to say anything else until Golden is fired or makes changes, this will be all I say ( ITS THE COACHING )starting on next one

Its the coaching

the UL qb just showed with Strong not there defense is not like last years. And how about giving our defense some props before you let down the offense they play with sometheing we haven seen in years, an attitude. Walter Tucker is going to be a short yardage beast he runs through tacklers. Gus still needs to get lower. and use his eyes.

Gus cuts and accelerates quick. Love that, especially in a bigger back like him. Tucker will be a damn good short yardage back (good post CANE4EVER).

Defense played a lot faster than I have seen them in the past 2yrs. I saw a big improvement from the LBs. No need to mention Perryman in that due to him always bringing the hammer whether it's practice or game. Grace can definitely be a Sean Spence kind of LB. He's got it all except the size. Some of that can be improved on but not height. I say Spence because he was on the smaller end for a LB and still produced tackles and nice hits.

MLewis looked good to me and I saw at least one play where he took a nice shot and just kept on going. Playing hungry is the way to play like a Cane. IDGAF attitude.

QBs situation....

Crow wins IMHO, from what I saw. Now it's up to Kaaya and Rosier to take the spot away from him. To be honest, I always like Crow. Coming out of highschool only being a 3star recruit while playing for a not so good football team in Tampa. Guess I'm rooting for the underdog here but I don't care. If he produces then the spot is his. Plain and simple.

In the end, all of this was just from a very very vanilla spring game that was more about showing the public the new uni's than anything else. Saw stuff I liked and stuff that made me cringe. Just being completely honest.

Here's to 2014 GO CANES!!!!!

I'll keep my thoughts to myself and give more rope to Coach Golden to see if he will hang himself with it. I really was hoping for more positive signs out of the spring game, but a lot of guys didn't play and Ryan is toast he shouldn't ever see the field as a senior. So the kids are what we go with and it may take a game or two to see what shakes out. Lets face it no one really expects a top 10 team this season.

I won't waste my breath on the new Uniforms there awful its a blatant attempt to pander to the young non traditional black recruit. To show them how cool the U is. Funny Bama, LSU, ND, and the Noles don't see it necessary to throw tradition under the bus.

36-9 i will say it again
..that was our last effort put forth....that should be enough to inspire this entire organization...from the top down...to a man....36-9....if U care...U will NOTlet it happen AGAIN. GOD BLESS

It may be that Olsen can develop into a top collegiate qb. There was a great deal of major universities that thought he was worth an offer.

While looking at top basketball recruits, I saw where Jacoby Brissett was also a top basketball recruit in 2011. Wouldn't he have made a great addition to the Hurricanes' football roster? We will see if not allowing him to transfer after he first turned down Al Golden, out of high school. But gave Al Golden another chance at acquiring him, when he saw that Will Muschamp was a total failure of a head coach.

Brissett now at NC state...

I'm with Gallo. Expect a 6-7 season. And more excuses from Golden.

I'm calling it another 9win season. ACC birth and who knows. Everyone was high as hell on Olsen and where are you guys now?????? I never knocked him, simply stated that people here are carrying on their shoulders a kid that hasn't touched the field yet. RW please get well reeeeeeally soon.


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