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Per UM: Ryan Williams hurls 76-yard TD strike; Kevin Olsen accounts for 3 TDs in 2nd scrimmage

  The University of Miami had its second spring scrimmage Friday evening on Greentree Field. The nearly two-hour scripted scrimmage (first-team offense vs. first-team defense and second-team offense vs. second-team defense) was closed to the public and media, as was the first scrimmage last Saturday.

      UM sports information reported that senior quarterback Ryan Williams threw a 76-yard touchdown pass “that landed in Stacy Coley’s hands as he was in mid-stride.’’ UM also reported that freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen accounted for three touchdowns – “two through the air and one on the ground’’ – and that sophomore Gray Crow threw a touchdown pass.

   “Gus Edwards added a 25-yard touchdown run down the sideline,’’ UM reported.

   On defense, cornerback Tracy Howard, safety Dallas Crawford and linebacker Raphael Kirby each had five tackles. Howard had the only turnover of the scrimmage, intercepting an Olsen pass in the end zone.

   UM has practices Tuesday and Thursday before it concludes its 15-practice session with the spring game, open to the public, at 6 p.m. April 12 at Sun Life Stadium.

   Honestly, until we see these guys for ourselves in the spring game, it's hard to know exactly what to think. We do know from the open practices that Stacy Coley is a terror, as is Alex Figueroa at linebacker. Cornerback Tracy Howard, black shirt or no black shirt, will be a force to be reckoned with, as is linebacker Denzel Perryman. Al-Quadin Muhammad and Tyriq McCord have only improved and should help put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. 

   Offensively, the increased playing time afforded Gus Edwards with the absence of Duke Johnson and Joseph Yearby should prove invaluable to Edwards

   But we're all wondering exactly how Duke will rebound from his broken ankle. UM's success depends on it.

   One more week and fans can see in a game-like situation how Williams and Olsen perform with the 2014 version of the Hurricanes -- though not until they're able to be tackled, and that would be during the season, will we know for sure how the new quarterback shakes out.

   Should be fun when quarterbacks "Trinidad" Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier arrive in the summer.



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Looking forward to when the four years needed for Miami to be on top passes. As I stated on another article, Miami will have that many years until the team will succeed. By then Al Golden will have duped another school into hiring him. The next coach will succeed soon after his arrival. Which is an easy task, because Al Golden is the worst coach that has been at Miami since 1978. Take this post as a look into the future. Because I am not wrong on this prediction.

Your an idiot. This team will win at least 9 games this season. then next year will be 10-11 wins. and year after that will finally be back in national title race for good. golden has done a great job at miami and anyone except idiots with unrealistic expectations considering the gross lack of talent golden inherited and the ncaa mess who expected this to be a 2 yr rebuild when it was at best a 5 yr rebuild even without ncaa crap all over this team.


But other than that, I agree.

God bless Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes!

I don't see why they can't win 10 this season. Duke, Edwards and Yearby PLUS the weapons at Tight End PLUS the receivers. The defense will have improved. Coaches are learning as well. Just need to up the 'hit U so hard, bust yo dick and talk S#@%' attitude

Im not an idiot and I'm not impressed with Al Golden. What he inherited was the 22nd ranked defense which has since been the absolute worst of any defense in the history of Miami football. He refuses to adjust or even concede that perhaps his approach is wrong. He repeatedly blames the players without ever admitting that every single coach has destroyed his scheme and perhaps its not all the players fault. Hes kicked off 75% of the talent at linebacker. He refuses to recryit the 2nd and 3rd tier florida players who on their worst day are better than the best players in Jersey who he immediately jumps to. He consistently preaches accountability to his players but refuses to hold his best friend to the same standard.

Al Golden is a good man but let's not make him a saint. He hasn't done much at the U so far. I woukd certainly say he's underachieved to this point. we've lost so many games that were quite winnable if he would humble himself and realize what we already know...the secrets out in coral gables about the nonsense d and the refusal to adjust.

You are right in saying that we don't have the talent that we've grown accustomed to, but we absolutely have more than enough talent to beat Vatech & Duke. that's coaching. On Gameday he has failed terribly. Goldens predecessor inherited a team with less talent than he inherited and so far the two if them have basically the same track record with the exception being Shannons superior defensive coaching.

All that to say, you think he's great because he was here under the "Ncaa cloud" I say he's an organized intelligent guy and a mediocre coach for the reasons I stated.
Regardless we must agree that this year is the lutmus test.
No more excuses.
These are his kids, his schemes and his coaches.
If we don't go to the ACC ship and field a defense better than #35.
Al Golden will have failed.

I just hope he has the integrity to hold himself to the same standards he holds tgese kids to...


So pinecounty....if we take the acc , win11 games and have a 36 th ranked defense al is still a failure? I think we win the acc( if we can take down fsu) and next season contend for a NC. They already said we will be in the 4-3 more this year so those whinning about change can wait and see. If the d is not better than top50, d'o has to do.i think what al golden was saying about making no changes on d i think he was refering to personnel not scheme. He said adjustments will be made.

Sure would be nice if the HERALD would also mention the baseball team. I mean jeez, what a GREAT come from behind WIN over VT last night. GO Canes!!!!!

Sid, my post says if we don't at least go the ship game and have a d better than 35 then he wouldve failed. If we do those things its hard to argue against giving him more time. I think those expectations are reasonable. But in his press conference he did say he wasn't making any changes specifically to scheme. Honestly I couldn't believe it when he said it but, that's what he runs. Its unfortunate but he loves the drop back zone scheme.

champcane is a moron- notbc he doesnt like Golden- everyone is entitled to that opinion. But because of the uber idiotic ststementthatAG is theworse coachsince 1978. The only excuse stupid champcane can be allowed if little boy was born in '78-'83.

He also forgets that Randy Shannon had the vaunted (now obviously wrong) #1, #2 recruiting class in 2008 and yet still couldnt win sheet. In his first year, UMlost 48-0 to UVA at home in front of 70,000 fans, alumni, former players in celebration to the demolishing of the OB. He couldnt even motivate his players to win THAT game! He went 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6. He lost to USF. He never won a bowl. The Shapiro scandal developed under his nose. And on the eve of National Signing day BEFORE he was fired, he had like seven commits. No, "CHUMP" CNAE, gOLDEN IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING THE WORSE COACH UM HAS HAD IN RECENTYRS.

Golden clearly has to bring success with these athletes. I agree, next yr a 10 winseason is absolutely and positively mandatory. NO ---ing excuses!. Maybe the defense isnt there yet to win a ship, like Clemsons Defense is poised to do, but it looks like by the sheer improvement in the basics and fundamentals, that we are close. With an improved D, and this offensive fiorepower, UM can compete for the 4 team playoff. In 2014 this will require that UM get over these humps:

- BEating Nebraska AT Nebraska
- Beating FSU at home (that would be a start!)
- Beating VTECH at Blacksburg

Miami wins these 3 games, and they win at least 10, and will be ranked high at the end

Also they need to avoid that leate season let down that has plagued UM for the last 10 yrs

I agree that Golden s been too leniant with his buddY/DC.He has held his players to higher standards THAN his OWN coaching staff.No doubt whatsoever.When you witness the worst defense EVER in Canes football...that can be attributed to the DC...unless he s fairly decent.D uhno hasn t proved yet he has a clue.There s no place to hide if Golden s buddy/DC has a similar,underperforming defense again this season.Showing just minimal progress should be enough to convince even the most hardened Golden supporters that he did fail in replacing his buddy.

No one can use enough excuses to explain why Al Golden has not won more games than he has. He has never, ever defeated a team with more talent and a mediocre coach. That includes the superior talented, but inferior coached team from Hogtown. He has actually more, I repeat, more talent than any coach at Miami since 2001. You cannot debate the greatest combination of talent that has been here the last three years. With even more adding to the roster for 2014.

Irregardless of all your excuses for him, the reason teams are better than others is started with talent. The coaching allows more talented teams to dominate, or less talented teams to defeat lesser coached, but more talented teams. The attempt to reflect the reasons for the previous coaches failures are actually more valid when the failure currently is explained. Never have Miami teams constantly loss to lesser talented teams during any coaching tenure since 1978. Duke is less talented, Virginia Tech is less talented, and Virginia is less talented. If I were to examine the roster of every loss, that Al Golden has received here, I guarantee I will find several more. The reason Al Golden is still here is not due to his success. He is such a failure PSU, his model for how Miami is currently coached to be, turned him down.

That is why I state he will fool another university into hiring him, within two years. With excuses like we have 9 wins. But if you loss 4, or 5, or maybe even 6 games, that includes losses to lesser talented teams. That is why he is the worst coach Miami has had in a lifetime, since 1978. Only the without merit pay raise and extension allows him to reap the benefits while being a complete failure of a coach.

Chimpcane, we got it one of the first 800 times you wrote the same thing. No one cares. Golden is the coach. You aren't and won't ever be. try to find a basement somewhere.

Oh, and chimp, there is no word irregardless.

Gator, you cannot defend your man crush any longer. I am going to continue to rub you and your kinds face in your choice of a coach. Even after your failure of a coach leaves, in the near future. As a longstanding, non-bandwagon Miami Hurricanes' fan you and your kind are going to continue to be called out as the reason Miami has gone down. Along with the worst coach Miami has had, since 1978 a lifetime ago.

Chimp, u be a fool.

Really like what I'm seeing from this team. I think it stated with our juniors who committed themselves to stay for their senior year. I think this defense will be lights out this year....too much talent from our secondary and possible LB corps. I think the D-line will be ok.....cant get any worse. I think we beat Louisville to start the season and win at least 9 games again.

Chimp cane, I like that. This guy simply hates Golden because he hasn't won a bowl game yet. Forget that we gave up two bowl games and am ACC championship game. Forget that he had to suspend almost every starter to his very first game as head coach at The U and lost to Mary-land. Forget that the cloud was I've his head for 2 1/2 yrs while other schools got their nada sanctions within a couple of months. Forget that he had to deal with players he inherited from an inferior head coach.


Candy randy : records bounced around and only beat top level named schools during their down years which made him look good. Yet his finally year lost to USF. Usf is inferior, period. And all the while while having the top rated recruits did he lose to that team.

Al Golden : records have steadily improved EVERY year. Has cleaned up the mess from the previous regime. Has cleaned out the rats from the ship. All those ENTITLED players and their mentalities are gone. Weeded out the weaker players with his UTough program. Has brought back former players (the family) to check in and give advise to the younger players. That's Miami tradition right there. Candy randy broke family tradition by keeping former players out. You never pi$$off the family, never. Plus has been a positive figure for the program in light of everything he has had to endure while here. He's bringing in top talent left and right. Of course not all will pan out but guess what unrealistic people, not all top tier talent pans out. Sorry for that history lesson. Literally all of candy randys guys haven't really amounted to much in the nfl. Some have shown up but most were all bust. NorthWestern class is a perfect example to base that on.

Finally nice to read a blog that has more REALISTIC fans than those that want NOW NOW NOW. Unrealistic garbage. Programs aren't built in a day. Neither was Rome.


Damn auto correct. Hahaha

Cane you're sucking on that tit too damn much. You're posting a made up argument with yourself. You are a lying loser, like your man crush.

The bottom line that you losers, like tit sucker, don't want to address. The talent on the Miami Hurricanes teams, since Al Golden has been here, is greater than many of the teams he lost to. The Maryland team, you mentioned, had less talent than Miami. Even without the players suspended for the game. In addition to the other less talented teams I mentioned earlier that Al Golden loss to.

Suck it up that you and your coach are losers. No other attempt to see it other than that is going to be accepted.

Let the season play out, and then make appropriate comments. Why we are still talking about Shannon? Golden and staff are still on the clock, and let's provide our support. By the way, this article is about the existing players' performance in spring scrimmage.

I fully support the players. they've committed four years to play ball and grab a first rate education at the U. I'm not convinced about the staff but this year they will have no excuses.

BTW, all the shannon bashing needs to stop. Shannon isn't here anymore. And there are things on the defensive side of the ball that Golden has never and will never dream about accomplishing that Shannon did every single season.

Shannon was a defensive guru but couldn't string together 2 coherent sentences,
Golden is artfully articulate but he cant coach a miami defense to save his life.

they're different coaches with different strengths who happen to have the exact same record.
Leave Shannon in the past. Hopefully Golden can earn his salary this year and turn it around.

Your last lines are spot on, pine county.

"they're different coaches with different strengths who happen to have the exact same record.
Leave Shannon in the past. Hopefully Golden can earn his salary this year and turn it around."


i do't really expect THAT much from AG this year, other than we'd better be more competitive against equal or greater teams and beat those we should. This year's schedule is harder than last, so 7-5 isn't unthinkable. I'll take a 7-5, with some close battles that shows growth. Anything better is bonus. More blowouts and losses to teams we should beat start the drums...

Go Olsen!


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