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Stephen Morris back on Greentree Field -- "I knew I was going to throw really well" -- for UM combine

 Former Miami Hurricanes quarterback Stephen Morris was back on Greentree Field Thursday for UM Pro Timing Day, throwing to Allen Hurns and others as all but two NFL teams were represented by scouts, coaches or personnel. He seemed cool and confident, and said he was happy with his performance.

 Is this What you dreamed about, what you expected?

 "Always, man. Always,'' Morris said. "It’s kind of crazy how fast it’s kind of picked up. You come here as a freshman at Miami and you don’t really think about the NFL. Then in your sophomore and junior years it’s kind of in the back of your head. Then my senior year I was really thinking about it. Now it’s here. Now you have the opportunity to do something that you’ve been dreaming of."

I asked Morris if he was very nervous before today.

"No, not at all,'' he answered, "because all I knew was I was going to throw, and I knew I was going to throw really well and I felt confident in my body. I felt confident in the way I had been preparing for this moment and it showed.

 How much does it help being on your field?

"Big time,'' he said. "Being on my field, being with my receivers. The comfort level was huge for me and it felt great.

It's quite obvious who Morris wants to be, and believes will be, the starting quarterback for the Canes next season. 

How do you think the team is going to be this year without you and with a new quarterback?

"I think Ryan is going to do exceptionally well,'' he said of senior Ryan Williams. "I think that he’s done a great job leading the team, even when I was there with him. I’m excited to see how the defense is going to respond [with] another year under their belt with the maturity and everything that those goes are going to have them. Coach Swasey has done a great job in the weight room with them, so I know offense and defense and special teams are going to be a big factor. It’s going to be great.’’

 Morris has been training with Tom House in Los Angeles. “Pre combine, before the combine, I was at Pete Bommarito’s.

 “My body feels healthier, a lot better,’’ Morris said, agreeing that he felt 100-percent while working out Thursday.

And how is his previously injured Achilles’ tendon that hampered him most of the season?

“A lot better,'' Morris said. "That was my biggest concern going into the combine, just getting that healed up. It’s good.’’

 Morris wouldn’t disclose what teams he has interviewed with or will interview with or what teams he’ll work out with. “I’ve kept it kind of under wraps.’’

 He called Drew Rosenhaus “a great agent. The whole Rosenhaus sports family, everything they’ve done for me, sending me out to LA, and doing all the things. They care for me and they’re there for me at all times. That’s the best.’’

Bernadette Morris, Stephen's mother, watched him with other family members from atop the Hecht Athletic Center. "He did great,'' she said. "I’m very proud of him. It’s an emotional time but it’s also an exciting time.’’

 So, where will Morris be during the NFL Draft -- May 8-10?

 "I’ll be home at the beach, chilling with my mom and dad, family."

   He turned and looked at his mom, who had walked over to the interview throng.

   "Hey, Mom!"

    Said Morris: "I’ll probably just be relaxing w them. I’m a family guy."





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Best of luck.

I am just wondering if the players know the difference, because over the past 3 years on defense it seems like they thinks it's practice on game day.
Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | April 03, 2014 at 01:13 PM


Kilt it....


Hopefully Things Work Out For him. He has poor footwork, that's the root of all his issues.

Good kid, but yet another injured QB that hurt us in the end.


Thanks for some great moments as a Cane.

Best wishes in your NFL dream!

Morris, thanks for everything. I truly wished you never got injured and we could have really seen what you were made of. I appreciate you trying to stick it out as a leader and not show the pain you played with throughout the season. Thanks for everything and best of luck. Hope you become the next QB for the dolphins. They need the most help. Keep sling'n that rock!!!!!

GO U!!!!!

I absolutely love this kid!! I would have loved to have seen the outcome with Morris, Duke and Dorsett not injured. Once they were injured, the game changed. But, not without a great effort. Morris has a great work ethic, leadership, smart kid, great personality. I hope he goes far in the NFL. I will watch every game with the team he lands, even if it's an enemy team! Would love for him to join my NFL teams (Dolphins and Giants), but I would love to watch him play to his potential on any team! Congrats Stephen!! Wishing you the best....

Linda Wiss...

A lady who likes football.... Hmmm

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is David.

I appreciated watching you play at the University of Miami. I still remember that game winning touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson against Maryland. Best of luck in continuing your career in the NFL.

Best of luck SM on your journey to the next level! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow as a QB, leader, team mate, and person during your time at the "U"! Here's hoping for a phone call between May 8th-10th. I know my NFL team here in Jacksonville is in DIRE need of a gunslinger like you! C'mon up to North Florida mate!

No no please stay down south and help the Dolphins, please!!!!!

Good luck Stephen!!

**you will be great. Just keep working hard and ignore all the negative comments other post or say!!!

Give em hell SM, yeah you had some bad days at the U, but you also had some days that'll go down in HISTORY as some of the best. Keep on rocking dude and best of luck.

The injuries did hurt the U last year. You could see it in their sync, so out of it. But a better year than usual.

Jags or Cowboys

Thank you Steven.

Good luck!

Achilles was never healed all season. Morris was a beast untill a certain oc ruined him. Huge arm, all heart and scary smart young man. Great team guy and works his rocks off. Great young man of the []_[]!!! In the end. ANOTHER Freeman... Would loved to of seen him 100% last year. Never really got settled and able to drive off into his throws with that nagging injury. Brent Grimes took a year off for his injury. Glad Morris didn't injure him self even more.

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