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UM quarterback Ryan Williams undergoes 90-minute ACL surgery. Here's what you need to know for now.

  University of Miami fifth-year senior quarterback Ryan Williams, who was slated to be the starter next season before he tore the ACL of his right knee in a scrimmage Friday night, underwent 90-minute surgery Wednesday at UHealth Sports Performance and Wellness Institute in UM Hospital.

  His mother, Jayne Williams of Pembroke Pines, told the Miami Herald "the surgery could not have gone better. His patellar tendon was so long that they were able to take out a small part in the middle of his patella to replace his ACL,'' she said. "They said his kneecap will be absolutely fine.''

  Williams said there was "a small tear in the cartilage'' that doctors said "will heal on its own.

   He also had a slight meniscus tear that will heal on its own, said Williams' wife, Deanna.

   Deanna said when Ryan woke up "the first thing he did was blow me a kiss. He was so drugged up it was comical. He's doing great. Former UM quarterbacks Stephen Morris and Preston Dewey are visiting him right now."

  "It was the best you could ever expect for Ryan,'' Jayne Williams said.

  Williams said Ryan was sleeping until recently, "but Thursday he's going straight to the training room to get it checked out. Now he'll begin moving forward for rehabilitation.

   "He's an amazing kid and is getting so many prayers and so much support from everyone you can imagine, most of whom I've never met. I want to thank every single person praying for him.''

   She said Ryan, who earned his degree in sports administration in December and plans to soon begin working toward his master's, is determined to return to the field sometime next season and "finish his football career with his best friends and teammates.''

   Williams said she was especially grateful to UM for its support in the wake of his injury. "From the coaches to the trainers to the doctors, UM has taken amazing care of my son,'' she said. "They worked day in and day out to get the swelling down so they could do this surgery.''

   She also said that UM is in the midst of reaching out to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to talk with him about his rehabilitation after his major knee surgery. 



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Amazing news!!!!!!! Keep your head up and concenitrate on rehab. We miss you RW!!!!! Get back in the huddle

GO U!!!!!

6 months of rehab; needs to red shirt.


not sure if he can redshirt but positive he can get a med shirt. Damn this kid was so patient and this happens to him.

I think Golden should reach out to Gallo and offer him a position as Director & Special Consultant of Football Operations since he is so knowledgeable.

Cane 89

I agree, he seems like a great kid, first time I saw him was when he played in Orlando at the high school championship, I live in Apopka so I always check out the ships since its been in Orlando. I couldn't believe when he was a senior at Miramar the other mia staff wasn't interested in him. I sat on Miramar's sideline talking it up with there fans/family they said he wanted to go to mia but whipple was only interested in one qb that recruiting year......morris. oh....btw at the time he broke teblows td passes in a championship game for fhsaa. Yea why would you recruit kids like this. I fell outta my chair when I heard golden was interested in him, he made such an impression on myself the way he played that night. I was rooting for him in Memphis, he couldn't do anything wrong during the h.s championship game. Hope to a speedy recovery!!!!!!!

No worries canes, kevin at QB
the gator transfer at punter
and OR at defnsive tackle, defensive end, middle LB, safety and left corner.
OR is da man.

get well Ryan. sure wish Dewey was still able to play football. people forgot he was a 4 star coming out of hs. him,kaaya and olsen would've been fun to watch battle.

Let's admit it, Crow could be the Gators right now!!!

To get a medical redshirt u have to have missed parts or all of 2 seasons. I think williams only missed one. Its to bad cause he probably would of been starter. That said i think team is better off having, olson win it. If kayaa were to win they would be better off in long run also. Peple forget how highly rated olson was coming out of high school or how well he did at the elite 11 qb thing. I feel bad for ryan but in long run him getting hurt helps this team more.

Prayers up in the sky for you Ryan Williams. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the article. Ryan Williams tears ACL. Damn kid been waiting patiently for his shot. Come on Ryan get that Adrian Peterson recovery and get out there on the field and bounce back like Adrian Peterson did. I want you on the field instead of Olsen.

People also forget how well Olsen did at the Under Armor game and how well he carries himself off the field. No worries here.
But again folks what more can be said about OR.
Defensive MVP and comeback player of the year rolled into one. A one man wrecking crew who can play any position on D.
OR is da man.
OR for Heisman.

Brandon Spikes says he spent 4 years as a slave in New England.

You can only teach this type of stupid on one place.

Dat be floriDUH.

What a cesspool.


This could be a better than originally thought. Hopefully this will not set Ryan Williams back much.

I'm so very glad the surgery went well for him .

Speedy recovery Ryan Williams !!

I have never seen such an effort on the part of the Herald to make sure they get into print so much positive feedback from the parents of an injured player. They (Miami Herald) want to make sure the readers hear it, loud & clear--the kid and his family are happy with UM.

1) It's unfortunate Williams got hurt but I seriously doubt he would have remained our starter injury or not over the course of an entire season.
2) I wish Williams a very speedy recovery so he can get on the field this year---because if any of the young QBs play well this year---his window will close, guaranteed!
3) So some Herald reporters really like Ryan Williams. Why make your bias and kiss session so obvious?

Forget the stopgap QB and let's look forward to our next great signal caller wherever he may be. On the current roster or arriving in June.
Of course, Ryan Williams has value whether starting or coming off the bench, but we don't need to tell a bedtime story and kiss him goodnight! Happy the surgery went well---now how about writing something new, worthwhile, without all the sugarcoating you guys like to do.

To have 7 out of 11 positions listed as OR one side of the ball seems asinine to me. Seems like something is wrong.

Maybe it's just me but I don't see anyone else doing this crap.

Posted by: miramarcane | April 09, 2014 at 12:28 PM

All this OR garbage is just Al Golden's 1960's and 70's Penn St., Joe Pa, Harry High School rah rah crap. Guy's a total salesman and wants to paint the picture that the second team is as good as the first teamers. Unfortunately, is far to obvious that our 1st and 2nd teamers combined are still below the level of say DUKE's First teamers. Then there's all the different color practice unis, U tough workout programs and EVERYONE is getting bigger. And of course Golden tongues usual Coach speak after practices, on radio and booster meetings which fans, especially ones that never played, just eat it up. All I know is they are talking about being YOUNG, inexperienced but athletic all over again after 4 years and I call BullSheeet. The mere fact that his buddy is still running the Miami Hurricane Defense is a complete joke and disgrace. And many many former Cane Coaches and Players not only agree but publically said it. And just 3 months ago, had Penn. State offered Golden the Head Job, there would of been nothing but tire tracks, the smell of burnt rubber and smoke in the air leaving Golden's driveway. Then a few days later he acts like it was nothing and he's ALL about the U. Again, the blind fanatical fans that never played, ate it up and asked for seconds. That, I will never forget or forgive the Golden one for.

Tired of all the empty BS talk. Show me, but I'm not seeing it nor do I want to continued to be feed BS lines and excuses like a Car Salesman going through a never ending sales pitch. Get it done THIS YEAR or get the _UCK out Jersey guy. And take your roomie wit cha.

"OR" at 7 positions. What a f'ing joke.

Keep healing, Ryan!

954 spitting that Dylan

Posted by: 954 CANE Since '70 | April 10, 2014 at 12:03 AM


True Cane speak right here!!!


Congrats to Miami baseball moving up in the rankings on an 8 game winning streak, and oh by the way PASSING the Gators as well, lol. Lets pound UCF today, GO CANES!!!!

By the way Herald how about some NEWS ON UM BASEBALL, jeez man.

Posted by: Cola Cane | April 09, 2014 at 10:18 AM


Coke dude, do u ever get anything right ? What fish wrap rag poll are u quoting from? Well, everyone that knows goes by Baseball America and u barely slip in at #24. Meanwhile the GATORS are #15 and that's before completeing the 3 Game SEASON SERIES SWEEP of Half-Azzz-U Tuesday night. And the rest of the Top-25 ? 13-THIRTEEN SEC TEAMS take up more than half the ENTIRE Top-25...

U looose again... try again.


I like the attitude of Kevin Olsen. I like that he pushed the limits last year. I like that he has a little defiance in him.

And I hope he performs on the field. This kind of attitude would serve the Canes well if channeled in a positive way, and the coaches can tolerate it.

For Ryan, wishing him the best for a quick recovery.

Go Canes!

"Posted by: u are u ... still delUsional u | April 10, 2014 at 01:12 AM"

Mid-season rankings? Typical Gatr Trash. Like, ummmm, when the Trash was ranked 12 and came into Miami and got smacked? Those rankings?

It doesn't matter, trailer snake. You can't beat the Canes. Can't do it. Just like you said in your stupid limp-wristed tome on 9/11: The Canes are the better program.

Now, back to your meth trailer.


Coke dude, do u ever get anything right ? What fish wrap rag poll are u quoting from? Well, everyone that knows goes by Baseball America and u barely slip in at #24. Meanwhile the GATORS are #15 and that's before completeing the 3 Game SEASON SERIES SWEEP of Half-Azzz-U Tuesday night. And the rest of the Top-25 ? 13-THIRTEEN SEC TEAMS take up more than half the ENTIRE Top-25...

U looose again... try again.


Posted by: u are u ... still delUsional u


Yeah I get plenty right. I get that in 3 polls including USA Today we're ranked AHEAD of UF, and I also get that we took the series from UF, and we're on a 9 game winning streak, and the ACC has 2 teams in the top 5, and that depending on what polls you're looking at the SEC only has 8 in the top 25, ACC has 5, and the top 2 in the nation.

Lastly I get that you're an idiot, but I guess you already knew that one.

Posted by: bosscane

Somehow I missed all that

Posted by: bosscane

Win? Play on Sundays? Really?

Posted by: bosscane

Dang I missed that too!

OR for Heisman

Ranked ahead of the Gatr Trash is no accomplishment. That is easy to do. Yawn.

Let's play some real competition like anyone in the ACC or anyone that doesn't get punked by GA Southern at home.

Basically, any team that doesn't think blocking your teammate is a viable offensive strategy.

BWWWHAAAHAHA. What horrible trailer trash you are, Gatr maggots.

Let's play some "real" competition like anyone in the ACC

Funny the things that come out of the mouths of delusional idiots. This is what you've been doing for the past decade and yet here you are with nothing to show for and still irrelevant.

Hmmmm. If the Canes are irrelevant, what happens when an "irrelevant" team pastes a bloated, over-rated team from a school located in the sticks?

What does it make that team? I know. I'll ask GA Southern what it makes you.

BWWWWAHAHAAAHAHHAHA. Typical under-educated gatr maggot.

Let's play some "real" competition like anyone in the ACC

Funny the things that come out of the mouths of delusional idiots. This is what you've been doing for the past decade and yet here you are with nothing to show for and still irrelevant.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Yeah I guess it must REALLY suk when irrelevant team such as Miami beats your Gators doesn't it???

If the Canes got anymore irrelevant, they would be SEC LEast champs every year.

Have the ORs won the Spring National Championship yet? Yup, that Golden is sure building depths alright. The middle of the defense will look like I-95 but who cares when you're building depths like this. Marble Mouf must be so proud. Not hearing ANY Cane College Football Playoff smack...yet. I'm sure as soon as Olsen throws a 6 against Nate Dorch the excitement will build to the point of eruption and cane fan everywhere will start running through home hallway smoke after rubbing one out in their Cane themed bathrooms. Might wanna go ahead and throw that []_[] Doo-rag in the laundry now Esteban. My god! This season is going to be awesome. Also I have it on good authority that the Golden Empanada Campaign will be brought back this year. With the massive expanses off empty seats I'm sure cane fan will be getting his cardio.

OR will beat out Olsen for the Heisman

The gator punter transfer will win the MVP

What happens when an "irrelevant" team meets a team of redneck felons?

Jesse palmer was knocking uf'soffense today on college football live. He said duke has better talent going into the season. He said they would be lucky to win8 barring injuries. With injuries he didnt sound optimistic.


Say it aint so! You mean the Driskel to Q Dunbar connection won't win more than 8 games? That the sieve of an O-line won't block for anyone?

I am shocked. Floored. Poor Nick Saban must be shaking in his boots.

Imgagine what a looooooong season it will be in that cesspool of Trailerville. Nothing for those donkeys to do but rip on the Canes. That is as good as it will get.






Duh, every year is a long year in Canesville. Why do you think the poor students there want to split for S Fla as soon as they can?


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano attended UM practice this week, leading some fans to wonder (on messages boards and elsewhere) whether he could re-surface at UM. But the Miami athletic department said on the record today that there are no discussions about Schiano taking a job with the Hurricanes.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/04/postscripts-on-tough-night-for-heat-marlins-dolphins-canes-chatter.html#storylink=cpy

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