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VIDEO: Canes quarterback Kevin Olsen, CB Tracy Howard, LB Denzel Perryman talk spring game

Kevin Olsen's numbers weren't pretty (7 of 21, 65 yards, 1 INT, 0 TDs) in the spring game.

Here's what he had to say when it was over.

Cornerback Tracy Howard picked Olsen off late in the scrimmage. He also finished with two tackles. Here's what he had to say after it was over.


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TKS, assuming you spend all the time writing that block of letters so someone will read it, how about making it slightly readable.

Your new friend could be Mr. Paragraph.

Too hard to wade through.

Many of you people are weight obsessed. Are you under 18 or so old that you can't remember what happened to you between 18 and 22? Or, as I've long suspected, many of you are women.

RTCanes, I was speaking under the head coach, but I agree that our QB's produced better under Fishe's tutelage than under Coley's. Coley was hired to be the QB coach as well as offensive coordinator. I was not a big fan of that hire to begin with as I never really saw E.J. Manual develop under him while at FSU. But with that said Manual ended up being a 1st round pick as well as starter for Buffalo this past year. My belief is that Coley was hired for a couple of reasons, which was one to recruit, take him away from FSU, because he is an excellent recruiter and then second we did need a OC and let the guy develop. We would be smart this year to run a power running game with our backs, play defense and not put too much pressure on the QB's to make plays. If we don't then we are putting our defense in way too many bad situations. The one thing I have seen from Coley that I do like is he wants a power running game much like Butch Davis did when Coker was calling plays.

Now the one thing that I have seen with Golden as opposed to the prior regime is no one can say that Golden plays favorites. The reason that Highsmith and some others got playing time had a lot to do with their attitudes and work ethic. No doubt some of the other guys were more talented, but to have a team reach their potiential the players must have the correct attitude, workethic and mindset to go with the talent and compliment it. So while yeah Corter was more talented than Highsmith all you have to do is look at the Va Tech game and see where some of his mistakes cost us big time.

Here is the best recent Tubby quote:

"We haven't recruited a good QB because our administration refuses to recruit coaching staffs that are worth anything. Culture develops from the top down.

We have recruited good QBs, its just that our coaches staffs haven't developed or elevated their incoming talent levels after signing day. Some have even regressed overall, in the last 10 years."

Note that per Tubby, we have both recruited and not recruited good good qbs. I think that pretty well covers it.

RHC, good comment on qb coach for tight end. Seems like a no brainer.

Let's wait until all QBS are in before making a game 1 qb starter decision. Obviously, you begin with a guy who already is here. From the spring reps, the coaches have Olsen ahead of Gray. As the summer and fall unfolds that could change.

This year the qb will have duke, great receivers and a good (could/should be great) O-line. Not a bad way to break in.

I'm excited to see our defense perform this year. Our linebackers are faster/smarter. Our rush ends are more athletic. Our safeties are hitting harder covering more field. The cornerbacks are challenging balls and even getting INTs. If we are not a top 5 defense in the ACC this year, we will see AL break up with D'Onofrio via press conference.

I believe The defense is dominating. Thas why they had a hard time. I believe all opposing qbs, will have a hard time. \The defense is nasty, havnt seen one like it in 10years. The d-line is so long, did you see how many batted balls. It takes a skill set to jump up and time that while shedding blocks. It helps if your 6-7 , we have spped on all edges. The Lb's actually look like legitimate Lb's , havnt seen that in 10years. Armbrister, kirby, perryman, blue, jamal carter looks like that rover type beast. he can cover like a saftey and play like a LB. Jamal cart and crawford at saftey brings a presence we havnt had since , U know who. Please we finaly have the talent to where the coaches cant even screw this up.
As long as Donofriiiiikin....allow the db's to play a little man on man bump and aggresive coverage, then the front 7 will create havoc. Put Bush at corner. he has true corner skills. that ability to ride the receivers hips and feel his movements is a misunderstood talent. He has it let him play man on man coverage him and artie, let howard play slot corner, and crawford or nate dortch play other slot, Ladarius Gunter better step his game uo one more level, They probable keep bush at saftey becasue of gunter, but I think artie burns has that one on one quality. with speed.
To be honest I don't believe people are going to be able to score against us. All we have to do is pound and dink and dunk, home run every now and then. Thats simple. No trick plays ,, slim down on misdirection and stretch plays. Just run straight at em, Just prove we are biger and stronger, and faster than you. Thats it
Stick to that , and we dominate all year. Loosing only one, may FSU, any one else we should mop.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | April 14, 2014 at 09:54 AM

Dude your reading comprehension is bad. Can you not read between the lines.


You guys are smoking some bad s__t! The problem is not going to be our offense, we have too many play-makers for that to happen even with a bad QB. No, this team's problem is the defense under that mental midget O'Nofrio! Trust me, our offense will have to be on the field on long drives and score a lot of points to win with this defense. O'Nofrio is the worst defensive coordinator in college football and Golden refuses to see it, so get ready for another year of our defense giving up over 500 yards per game. Golden has never beaten a good team, and with the problems at QB and our soft defensive scheme, there is not reason to believe anything will get better this year. Actually, I think this team will be worse that last year's team. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Gee, J'Ville, what lines are those?

Golden boy, Florida was a good team before they lost their QB. They went 11-2 the year before. The offensive play calling does have a direct correlation to the position the defense is put in. I am going to give the defense this year before passing judgement. The one thing that concerns me is if the defense is going to be similar to the Al Groh's defenses which I have never been a fan of or a Alabama type of defense. If it's the latter I'm cool with that, if it's the former then I say get him outta here and get a Jon Tenuta, pressure style defense in here.

championships is all that matters,

I concur with your thougths, but disagree with a ball-control offense. Too many gifted players, and we do not have the OL (i.e., Alabama) to run. Furthermore, our defensive staff and players have not demonstrated that they can dominate for 4 quarters. Too many skill players on offense to play ball control.

This is the reason that I liked Jimmy Johnson as the HC. He had a dominating defense, and an explosive offense teams respectively. He coach to win, not to level of his opponents. Find a QB and play south Florida football: speed, speed, speed, etc.

Agree with the prevous post, Richmond.

Why not use the tight ends more. These guys are monsters. They cant be covered 1 on 1. No way. That right there is 5-10-15 yds. Sets up the run, and sets up the play action to the speedy wrs outside.

Our O-line last year was huge- oneof the biggest. No reasonwhy we cant run a ball control offense- andwith our less tanstellar defense, that is betterthan 1 minute time of possesions.

Snapshots from the private rooms of the UM Hall of Fame banquet Thursday: Warren Sapp hugging Pat Riley, then later complaining about UM’s ACC-worst defense…

… Inductee Lamar Thomas, now receivers coach for Louisville, talking about “how it will be a little strange” playing UM on Labor Day.

Thomas told Al Golden a couple of years ago that he would love to coach at UM, but Golden’s staff was full. “I’m in a better situation because I can learn from one of the great minds, and it will make me a better coach,” Thomas said. “Bobby Petrino is an offensive genius…. I was thinking of going to UM practice [Thursday] but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Lamar Thomas knows he is in a much better situation in Louisville with a real coach like Petrino.

Sapp knows that Onofrio is incompetent and Goldenfraud will never get rid of him.

The defense looked good in the scrimmage.
That is bad news
Usually the O looks great going against that efense.
Now the O is so bad it can't move the ball against the efense. Wait until they face a defense.
Long year coming up cane clown
neither manning nor Wilson will be able to save you.
There is always next year as you well know.

Gee, J'Ville, what lines are those?

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | April 14, 2014 at 12:17 PM

Clueless & bitter.






Yes, you are. And also you're butt buddy J'Ville, apparently.

I can't help it if you are for A and not A at the same time. And feel strongly about it.

Everyone's dumb except the spineless, transparent maggot in the mirror.

I'm not dumb because U don't understand lol!

Saw the spring game today on espn....didnt look as bad as everyone says.4 tipped passes accounted for ints and incompletions , thats good D not bad O.few bad passes and a few dropped passes,plus 2 passes where D knocked the ball loose .

Yeah I saw it as well and I concur 21-16. I thought at times the QB's didn't play as bad as they were made out to have played. They were making the right reads the majority of the time. I thought they were both playing a too tight and mechanical instead of letting it flow and following through on their throws. Malcolm Lewis is definitely back, and those two power backs Edwards and Tucker were really impressive. Walter Tucker is going to be a straight up beast running between the tackles, love to watch that kid run the ball, high knees and looks to run over defenders. The defense looked surprisingly good, but until its a live game against someother team, I am going to have to pull the reigns back on the praise. They did get a lot of tip balls and Dallas Crawford looked great as a safety, glad he is able to play probably his true position and excel.

RichmondHeights, that is why controlling the ball and clock with these four backs is so important. We do not have to have a dominating defense to play that style. That gives our defense the opportunity to rest and not be on the field so much. And remember the other team can't score if they don't have the ball. The o-line will be much better than a lot of people believe because some of the dead weight has graduated. With an inexperienced QB we need to have a good running game to put him in situations where it is 3rd and short yardage so he hasn't got all the weight on his shoulders to make a play. It's a lot easier to play QB when you can throw when you want to instead of throwing when you have to.

RichmondHeights, the thing about Jimmy that people forget is Jimmy was a power run guy and believed in having a strong running game. Everybody remembers Walsh, Testaverde, Kosar, QB U, the recievers, and all but they forget the fact that we ran the ball a lot when Jimmy was here. And while Jimmy did have a dominating defense which allowed him to be able to play more aggressive with the passing game he still knew when to control the ball and a lot of that passing game was to backs out of the backfield as an extension of the running game. Also Jimmy had speed no doubt on his teams but he had a lot of size and strength to go along with it. You don't stop the FB dive on Oklahoma, and Nebraska's option game without a compliment of both.

And another Criminole bites the dust


James Wilder Jr up to his old antics again.

Enjoy Criminoles.



My question pertain to championships...not a good season. The point that I was making, the big 10 has not been as dominate as the SEC. Therefore, why copy their brand of football? Remember, the U was the first to fully implement a pro-style offensive and defensive units under Schelly and Jimmy. The main reason we bacame NFLU, to include a major recruiting tool too.

Just my thoughts

RichmondHeights, the SEC has only made big news in the last seven years. Much of that has had to do with ESPN and Slive. The conference as a whole is overrated. Trev Alberts started all this SEC crap back about eight or ten years ago talking about Auburn when Campbell, Cadillac and Ronnie Brown went undefeated. Before the last seven years the SEC was really nothing to talk about. Now yes they have won a string of National Titles as a conference but during that stretch in winning those titles they have hardly been dominating in the National Title games over their opponents. The two SEC teams that really put on a dominate performance was Alabama over Notre Dame and LSU over Ohio State. Auburn needed a quirky play by Michael Dyer to beat Oregon and Florida wasn't super great in beating Oklahoma neither was LSU beating Oklahoma the first time they won it. If I was going to emulate any team from the SEC it would be Alabama and that is similar to what Golden is building here. When we were the best program in the Nation we had a perfect compliment of size, speed, and strength. It was not just because of the speed. We were the more physical team when we were on top. Which is something we haven't been since Butch Davis was our coach. That is what I see Golden bringing to our program which will compliment our speed.

UM has some really good players. The defense could be good this year, great secondary, strong LBs and some hope on the D Line. Pass rush should be better.

The offense has some major weapons, Strong O Line, good stable of RBs and excellent wideouts. Tight ends will contribute. Good return game. Questions at PK and Punter.

The question is QB, and it is a big one. These guys are young and inexperienced. Offensive scheme must compensate by using a ball control approach. Short and intermediate passes and a dynamic, power run game with breakaway potential with Duke and Joe Yearby.

Coaching must bring out the best in all of this talent. I hope they do.

Go Canes!

Anybody notice that Jim Kelly's nephew, Chad Kelly, a QB, got booted off the Clemson team last weekend?

Wonder if he is a prospect for us, in spite of some attitude problems?

Speaking of Jim, wishing him the best for a full recovery. The guy who started the championship era for the Canes, and a good man...

QB's played awful. Are you sure you watched our spring game? Olson's best throw was when he threw it away to the sideline. The one thing I will give him is that he has excellent eye discipline. He doesn't stare down his receiver he's throwing to.

It's harsh criticism, but our defense is not exactly great so guy should be wide open.


i think it should be short and deep passes. Intermediate requires an experienced qb. I think we will see a heavy dosage of duke and Gus edwards. We've got to protect the qb from freshman mistakes. I would also use the te and fullback more. I'd rather protect qb confidence than that defense. If the defense stinks, it's their own fault.

Hey Junk, I wasn't looking at the end result as much as I was the little things that go into making the throw. What I saw was two QB's that were playing tight trying to be perfect too much and rushing things instead of playing fast. The thing I was looking at was were they making their reads correctly. Experience and repetitions will correct the former. We got to remember this was the first game like atmosphere that Olsen has been in two years, so it didn't really surprise me. We will be fine if the OC will protect the QB's with a ball control offense and pound the ball with our backs and use play action to throw the ball to the backs, use the TE down the seam, and some curl routes to the WR and occasional bombs over the top once the safeties have committed to stop the run. Calling the plays and that offensive philosophy is not that hard but for some reason Coley wants to stay in the shotgun way too much to suit me. We are not a spread team so why he does that I don't know.

I read today where AG is trying to get Tim Irvin to commit early and be the flag bearer for the class of 2015 to help with recruiting the 2015 class. Tim's response when asked about Miami being considered was that "As of right now I don't know...after I take all my visits and narrow everything down I'll see where it fits best for me, if I stay home or not." Tim said too that it will likely be at the end of his football season before he decides. You would think that with our greatest and current flag bearer (Mike Irvin) being this kid's uncle (close uncle at that), Tim would be on board from the word go. I would expect Tim to be of the mind-set of Duke Johnson committing early and helping talk up the program. If we lose this kid to another program, we may as well close down the football program. For me, Tim Irvin is more important to this program than any legacy commit we will ever get in the next 15 to 20 years. I wonder how much of this consideration or lack thereof is being given because of the current coaching staff?

Champ and Junk:
I have said many times that we need a good QB coach that will not only mentor our QB's, but develop a program that would monitor growth at that position.

IMHO Coach C is under way too much pressure in developing our O to spend the required time with and development of the QB....to even think of fast tracking the QB learning curve because of KO and the game shows our lacking in this area, and our NEED for a QB playmaker Coach there....

Very important to put this fix in early, and work it short term, and long term, to get where we need to be and as a program that is moving forward...for more wins in the ACC
Go 'Canes

Play ball control type offense, and we will really see out skills players leaving south Florida. Why limit the offense? The problem is on defense, and everyone is still giving Golden and DC a pass. I guess Golden has changed the culture...big, bigger, slow, slower and let's not worry about defense. LOL

RichmondHeightsCane, playing ball control offense didn't hurt Butch Davis from bringing in top talent and sure hasn't hurt Alabama and LSU with recruiting so how is that style of play hurting them? The bottom line is winning attracts talent not the style of play as much. No one is giving Coach Golden a pass for anything. The fact is we all know that the program has a ways to go, but when a coach has to follow two nimrods like Shannon and Coker, then has all this NCAA crap hanging over his head that whether you want to admit it or not does affect the recruiting landscape it is going to take a while to get quality players mentally and physically in place. I tell you one thing Golden has done a great job of getting talent in here considering what the man has been up against. If he gets this defense fixed and Coley is better in year two calling plays then this coaching staff will have no trouble at all bringing in the talent. Just because you play ball control offense, that doesn't mean that your players are slow. Besides there isn't one position on the team other than the defensive line that has not gotten better so far, and if Moten and the other guys can give us a good year there everybody better look out.

Hey UGo, the thing is typically your OC is the QB coach and designs the offense around their players skill set. In my opinion, Fishe was and is a much better OC and Qb coach than Coley, but I am interested to see what Coley does in year two before I pass any judgement on the man. Morris got hurt and really it would be unfair to judge the man until later.

The new oc was partially responsible for morris' decline, but some of that blame falls on morris himself.

Too early to pass judgment on Coley. Also too early for judgment on Olsen, but nothing can be done about that.


i agree the QB's are feeling the pressure. They did look tight, lots of throws into the ground. Not much can be done, it's sink or swim. I agree that we should pound the ball, but we will also need to stretch the field.

I did like Olson's eye discipline, you can tell he studies the game. Crow has a great play fake.


Coley wanted to be an OC, here's the perfect situation for him. It also gives us an opportunity to see what we bought. He has 2 highly sought after qb prospects, and a talent in Crow. Make one qb or design an offense that protects them from mistakes.

Gus Edwards needs to become a one cut back. The guy is a load and can explode upfield. Get this guy some arian foster dvds. If Gus gets upfield, he's dangerous.

There's weapons on this offense, guys. And they are diverse enough to scheme for specific opponents.


Our players are decent, not great. You want great? Show up for the games instead of bitching and moaning on post game shows and on sites such as this. Crowds of 20,000 don't lure many 5-star recruits.

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