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How's this for a twist? First Canes player taken on Saturday in NFL Draft: punter Pat O'Donnell.

Miami Hurricane Pat O'Donnell of Lake Worth, yes, PUNTER Pat O'Donnell, just got selected by the Chicago Bears 191st overall -- the 15th pick in the sixth round -- in the NFL Draft.

I've said it numerous times (and so has UM coach Al Golden): O'Donnell is a beast.

O'Donnell played his first three seasons for Cincinnati before transferring to the Canes and being allowed to play immediately because of the exemption graduated senior transfers get from the NCAA. He was a graduate student.

He's the first UM player taken in Saturday's final day of the draft and the first kicker of any type taken in this draft -- and he's an amazing athlete.

O'Donnell, 6-4 and 220 pounds, earned All-America honors from USA Today and set Miami's single-season record by averaging 47.1 yards per punt that ranked second in the nation en route to being named a 2013 All-ACC selection.

At the NFL Combine, O'Donnell's time of 4.62 seconds in the 40-yard dash tied former USC kicker David Buehler from 2009 as the fastest 40 for a kicker or punter since 2006. O'Donnell also did 23 reps of 225 pounds in the bench press -- more than six tight ends, 19 running backs, 21 defensive linemen and all 37 wide receivers.

In the final regular-season game of 2013, O'Donnell earned ACC Player of the Week honors. 

Against Pitt, O'Donnell kicked four punts for a 44.2-yard average, including three kicks inside Pitt's 20-yard line. However, his biggest play occurred on the opening kickoff, when he forced a Pitt fumble which was recovered by UM's Garrett Kidd. That forced fumble resulted in a touchdown by Stacy Coley.

It's almost impossible to believe he wasn't even named among the SEMIFINALSTS for the Ray Guy Award. 

Not that any of it matters now. Be assured that O'Donnell will be an NFL success.

Meanwhile, quarterback Stephen Morris, receiver Allen Hurns and tackle Seantrel Henderson still wait.



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Wasn't there an offensive lineman taken in the 3rd round? Brandon Linder?

You know, looking at the NFL Draft, it is remarkable that Miami went 9 - 4. Let's give the coaches some credit. I feel for Morris, ranked as the #3 QB early in the year, and now undrafted in the 7th round. This tells us a lot about why the Canes were not the team we would all like to see.

The Ball State QB and San Jose State QB and SMU QB have all been drafted.

Hurns is worth a shot. Henderson is toast. O'Donnell got drafted by Da Bears. Congrats, Pat! Great name for Chicago!

Linder was taken at #93 by the Jags. Congrats, Brandon!

woo hoo punter u ...

Linder went in the 3rd round to Jax.
Now the punter taken in the 6th round, well before our Heisman hyped QB or anyone else.
Punter U
Our new NFL pipeline, the punter!

With O'Donell being drafted so high and Bonner already in the NFL it is more accurate to say we are Kicker U.
Looking forward to having a punter and a placekicker in the pro bowl for years to come to represent the U.

The New []_[] ... OVER a Decade []_[]nderachieving []_[].

Wow, Morris undrafted. Henderson gets a shot with the Bills. I wouldn't bet on success when that guy seems programmed to fail. Hurns does not get drafted. Could catch on somewhere.

With Morris, this is a painful flop. I was not that high on him as a reader of defenses or someone who would make smart plays or motivate the team. Our receivers were often not open. He has a strong arm. Had the injury, but that seemed to go on for weeks as an excuse. Seemed overwhelmed psychologically at times. Good kid, loyal and good character, but seemed a liability on offense too many times. Puzzling.

I think the coaching was poor and generally reflects problems developing players to their potential at UM.

I feel bad Morris wasn't drafted, but teams must have seen something. Or someone figured they can get him as a low cost free agent and give him a shot.

But to have the QB from Cornell ranked on Mel's board ahead of Morris was painful. I was praying he wouldn't get chosen as the last pick, Mr. Irrelevant.

I hope he proves them all wrong.

Sorry U bashers, but I think this shows what kind of talent Al has been dealing with. 2 OL and 1 punter drafted.....no skill players, No Defensive players. no QB. In Fairness to AL, these Seniors was Randy's players, and 3 years of Sanctions yet we are loaded with young fr/soph future all americans. We have depth now, loaded roster, best Rb's in the nation, Best Wr group in the nation, Great Secondary with Burns/Carter/Howard, LBs on the rise, Great De's Quan and Tyriq/Jackson, and a great O line. TEAM Is On THE RISE......


You can speak to RS' players all you desire, but development of players over a three year period is on AG and staff. Many players rise with good player development; even with Burns, Carter, Howard, Bush, Coley, Duke, and others, they will be average at best under this coaching staff (as it is now). Look at Chick; he was a top flight player coming into our program, now he is a slug, going nowwhere fast. At this point, what great player in our backyard would want to be a part of a program that makes excuses, keeps a DC that has proven to be inept, and opens camps for kids that have no business at the "U." You can bring up RS in every conversation on this board, but this mess belongs to AG and his staff. We are not on the rise, at least not in football terms; academically, no doubt.

Yo Cane trash

Yo the draft is over
Punter U
Now that is too funny
But true

Yo here comes dom the dUmb cluck with more absurd claims
We have depths
We are loaded with future all americans
Best RB in the nation
Good one
Best WR group in the nation
Of course, just like last year, same baseless claim
Great secondary
Maybe in practice they look great
LBs on the rise
Rise from being the worst in the lowly ACC
Great DEs
Haven't done squat in 3 years and again worst D in the crappy ACC
Great O line
Yep, just like last year Great Wall of Coral Gables
Which in reality was the Great Façade of Coral Gables or The Great Swiss Cheese Line of Coral Gables
Only this year it is worse since the 2 best O limen are gone
Give it to Nostradomasse
After a dismal draft he finds a fake silver lining
He blames Shannon
Blames the NCAA sanctions
Ignores the truth
All these players have been under the Golden Retriever development plan for 3 years in a row
And this is what U get
Punter U

Yep domasse, team is on the rise
Rising from being the worst D in the ACC can be accomplished by anyone, even Onofrio
Maybe not

@canetrash. Isn't it great when morons can't even spell "losers". Must be a UF or FSU dropout.

Hey Canetrash...5 Titles...more to come you DBag

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