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Hurricanes ready to take on winner of (today's) Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest at 3 p.m. Wednesday

After an amazing regular season, the Hurricanes will enter the Atlantic Coast Conference baseball tournament at 3 p.m. Wednesday needing to stretch their success to ensure being awarded a national seed for the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament that begins May 30.

After winning two of three from North Carolina, the Canes, who have won 27 of their past 30 games, actually dropped in the NCAA RPI from No. 10 last week to No. 12. Go figure. As much as the people who decipher those factors take into account how UM's opponents do, which, like in football, affects how they are viewed, keep in mind that Miami has a nation-leading 15-game road winning streak going. That is mighty impressive. So are four road sweeps -- just one fewer than the rest of the conference had combined going into this past weekend.

But regardless of being No. 10 or 12 in RPI, Miami (40-15, 24-6 ACC) needs to have a good showing at the ACC Tournament that begins today for the Georgia Tech (32-24, 14-16) vs Wake Forest (30-25, 15-15) and North Carolina (32-23m 15-15) vs NC State (32-22, 13-17) matchups that will determine the final two tournament teams.

UM will meet the winner of the Georgia Tech-Wake (3 p.m. Tuesday) game at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The Canes lost two of three at Georgia Tech this season -- the last game a 3-2 score decided in 10 innings.  Miami has not played Wake Forest this season.

"This tournament is huge,'' ACC Co-Pitcher of the Year Chris Diaz told me in a phone interview Monday. "It's the time of year when the best teams make it to Omaha. We're not just trying to win a couple of games here. We're trying to get a ring here, too.''

The Canes have not lost a game that Diaz has started since May of 2013 at this tournament. Diaz, a left-handed junior, is 9-0 with a 2.32 ERA.

Zack Collins earned ACC Freshman of the Year on Monday. Not bad for a guy who started the season 0 for 17 and 1 for 27 -- and ended up with a .285 average, with 46 RBI, eight home runs and a .520 slugging percentage.

"It's an awesome feeling,'' said Collins, from Pembroke Pines. "Obviously when you have that start... there are things going through your mind -- is it the college pitching or is it you? I just kept doing my best and knew it would come one day.

"It's almost like a fairytale ending to the regular season to get these awards when you start like I did. Now it's time to win the ACC tournament, get a national seed and go to Omaha and win a national championship.''

 The ACC tourney, at NewBridge Bank Park in Greensboro, N.C., uses a round-robin format, with the winner of Pool A (the No. 1 seed Canes, No. 4 Duke, No. 5 Clemson and winner of Georgia Tech-Wake) facing the winner of Pool B (No. 2 seed FSU, No. 3 UVA, No. 6 Maryand and the winner of Tuesday's UNC-NC State game) for the ACC championship at 1 p.m. Sunday.

  On Monday, Memorial Day, the NCAA will name the 64-team field for the Division I Baseball Tournament -- including the top eight seeds (national seeds). The day before, the 16 sites that will host the first-round regionals will be announced. UM will almost surely be awarded a regional in Coral Gables.

   National seeds are guaranteed to host the second round of the tournament -- the super regionals -- if the win the first round.

   In addition to Collins' and Diaz's honors Monday, FSU's DJ Stewart (.362, 47 RBI, .588) won ACC Player of the Year.

   Brian O'Connor of Virginia (43-11, 22-8) won ACC Coach of the Year -- over Jim Morrris, who brought the Hurricanes from 13-12 early this season to 40-15 and a regular-season ACC title. What Morris and Gino DiMare and J.D. Arteaga and weight-training-and-conditioning coach Brian Gabriel and assistant Rich Witten did to keep this team focused and finishing the way they have, to me is deserving of Coach of the Year for Morris

   ACC coaches vote for the honorees but are not allowed to vote for their own players (not sure about themselves).

   Diaz was the only UM player to make the All-ACC first team, with outfielder Dale Carey (.295), starting pitcher Bryan Radziewski (7-2, 3.14) and closer Bryan Garcia earning second-team honors.

  Collins, outfielder Willie Abreu (.299) and pitcher Andrew Suarez (5-3, 3.15) made third-team All-ACC.

   An oversight, in my opinion, was leaving left fielder Tyler Palmer off one of the All-ACC teams. Palmer finished with a .304 average with 31 RBI (only behind Collins team-wise), a .441 slugging percentage (only behind Collins) and a team-leading 18 stolen bases (sixth best in ACC).




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Stay focused and don't worry about the outside, just stay in your bubble guys and the wins will continue. You've shown all year, a NEVER say die attitude, and have pulled together when guys have gone down. Great job from Morris on keeping these kids on the right track. GO CANES!!!

Go Canes! Let's see if our baseball team can win the ACC tourney to rival what the one year wonder basketball team two years ago. Never mind when we get bounced in the Regionals again. At least we can say we are ACC champs. That is something that Alverage Golden and the football team have never, and will never be able to accomplish.

Go Canes! Let's see if our baseball team can win the ACC tourney to rival what the one year wonder basketball team two years ago. Never mind when we get bounced in the Regionals again. At least we can say we are ACC champs. That is something that Alverage Golden and the football team have never, and will never be able to accomplish.

Posted by: averagecane

Way to be positive and upbeat Debbie Downer, jeez dude take a breather.

Let me add that YOU might an (averagecane) but this team certainly is NOT.

An hour of dUh u part doo doo will consist of cane clUcks, former players n coaches beeyotchin, whining, crying, pissin and moaning about the final outcome of the OSU 'Ship game and the Ref's CORRECT FACEGAURDING CALL without realizing or mentioning the FACT that u trailed the entire 2nd.-3rd. and 4th quarters until luckily kicking a 40 yrd. FG in the 4th. Q with 0.00 to go to OT on the last play of regulation and blew it well before the 2nd. overtime ever began...

One other little fact that in the tank Billy Corben will gloss over is that u have won just 1 National Championship in nearly 25 years... ONE and none on the horizon as u are still boo hoo []_[]nranked u in 2014.

u are officially the 21st. Century delusional Notre Dame South.

Hey d!ck head, we really should of won 3 championships in a row.....no way in hell FSU deserve to be in that championship game in 2000. We beat them during the regular season and would of smoked down OU. You have s?@t for brains if you really think that was pass interference in 2002. Keep kissing your sister you piece of white trash.

ESPN is allotting two hours to the film and is planning to air it this winter. It will pick up where the last one left off – late in the 1990s – and cover the 2001 championship team, the program’s decline, the Nevin Shapiro scandal and more.

UM isn’t thrilled about having anything about the Shapiro story in the film, but the extent to which the NCAA scandal is covered will depend on various factors --- including how many people are willing to be interviewed on the topic. But it’s a big piece of UM’s history in recent years and obviously won’t be ignored.

UM refused to allow current employees to be interviewed for the first “U” documentary. UM said it hasn’t been asked this time around, but it’s still very early in production.

Director Billy Corben and producer Alfred Spellman, who did the first movie, are also doing the second but are not permitted to comment about it, in accordance with ESPN’s policy. They have begun interviewing the program’s stars from the past 20 years.

Yup. Right before signing day.

1 'ship in 25 years u in denial douche canoe... 1...

DB cane cluck NEVER made a play on the ball, just threw up his hands and hoped. Ref had trouble pulling out the flag. why didn't u stop them on goal line like they did to you the net series huh ? u trailed the ENTIRE GAME Mr. woulda, coulda, shoulda, ifs n buts.

2002, so loooonnnnng and multiple GATOR CHAMPIONSHIPS ago...

The []_[] should embrace this documentary and use the opportunity to tell our story. Billy is alum, he won't paint []_[] in a negative light.

Read on and u will see that a phantom PI call did not looose that game 4 u ... u and ur canes got out hit and coached and out played ALL NIGHT !!!

25 reason why u lost that 2002 National Championship game u clUcks...


Yes, Miami Hurricane fans are still talking about the pass interference call again.

Dear Miami fans, you went up against a better team and you lost. Not because of a field judge, and certainly not because of some secret, national anti-Miami agenda.

You lost because your offensive linemen were not man enough to block OSU's defensive front.

You lost because your star running back really wasn't so tough after all.

You lost because it turns out your invincible quarterback doesn't like getting hit in the mouth. (Ken, might I suggest field hockey?)

You lost because your coaches just aren't as smart or effective as the OSU coaches.

You lost because your super-human defense couldn't stop a desperate, wounded team looking to pick up a 4th-and-14 in overtime.

You lost because your mighty, invincible football team could not move the ball a mere six feet in four opportunities in double overtime.

You did not lose because Terry Porter threw a flag against a team that had spent the previous four hours BEGGING for yellow cloth to be flying.

And yes, there was a penalty on that play. Watch the replay. There's serious contact before the ball gets there. That's pass interference, and if that's not good enough for you, there's defensive holding and a facemask on that play, too.

Some of your biggest whiners, it seems, have access to computers and on-line forums for their sour grapes. Here's one of my favorites (link: http://miami.theinsiders.com/2/86210.html).

Miami fans that choose to simply focus on one play in the first overtime session are missing the point.

The referees who made that call in overtime also made (or perhaps more accurately, didn't make) calls throughout the evening that would have changed the outcome dramatically in Ohio State's favor. In fact, many of these blatant NON-calls, if ruled correctly, would have eliminated the overtime period altogether.

If you don't believe me, print out this list and check each call off as you watch the replay of the game this Saturday on ESPN Classic.

I'm putting this together as a reference tool for the future, whenever Buckeye fans hear about the pass interference call in the end zone. Just whip this thing out, and explain that the game involved more than one controversial call, many of which went Miami's way.

This reaction should happen like a reflex, like kicking when the doctor hits you in the knee with the little rubber hammer, or flipping the bird to someone in a Michigan hat. No thinking involved, just instantly hand them the list.

I'm sure there are calls (and non-calls) that went OSU's way somewhere in the game, and I would love to see some Miami fan come up with a list like this to back that up.

Here's the catch. The call has to be clearly visible on the game tape. There are some borderline calls that I left off this list, including some non-calls that didn't hurt the Bucks (such as Miami guys holding Buckeyes when Dorsey gets sacked) and some closer calls that aren't crystal clear on the game video.

I even saw a couple on the video that my station shot at the game, that weren't clear on the tape. They're not on here. If every fan with a copy of the game can't see it, I didn't include it.

If it's on the list, I promise you're going to see it on the tape.

I invite all our friends from Coral Gables to put their own list together. Show me how many more bad calls OSU benefited from than Miami.

You should have plenty of free time; say on January 18th, while we're busy celebrating our national title in the Horseshoe.

1) 6:30 left in the first quarter, and Ohio State has the ball 3rd-and-3. Craig Krenzel throws a nice pass to Maurice Clarett past the first down marker, but it falls incomplete. Clarett gets up asking for a flag, but none is forthcoming. On the replay, we clearly see Clarett spinning clockwise (away from the ball) because the Miami defender is grabbing his right side before the ball gets there. Should have been a penalty and a first down, instead OSU must punt, giving the ball to Miami in good field position. The Canes would use this short field to score their first touchdown.

2) 5:40 left in the first quarter, Miami has the ball 2nd-and-9. Ken Dorsey drops back to pass, and Robert Reynolds is coming around the corner (top of the screen), about to knock him into next week. Willis McGahee steps up to pick up the blitz and absolutely mauls Reynolds. You can see his jersey pull away from his shoulder pads. It's a clear, clear case of holding. Instead, no call is made and Dorsey (instead of being sacked yet again) hits Kellen Winslow for a first down. So, while the Canes should have been facing 3rd-and-long (if Reynolds wasn't held and got the sack) or 2nd-and very long (if the hold was called). Instead, Miami gets a first down to the OSU 23 yard line. This leads to the Canes' first touchdown.

3) 4:23 left in the first quarter, Miami has the ball 2nd-and-12. Kenny Peterson beats his man off the line. Miami's no. 76 grabs his jersey on the right shoulder. You can clearly see the jersey pull away from Peterson's body. The Miami blocker uses the hold to twist Peterson and drive him into the ground, away from Dorsey. Another blatant, blatant hold is missed and Dorsey gets the chance to throw the ball away. Instead of 2nd-and-25 or so, it's 3rd-and-12. The next play is Miami's first touchdown.

If any of these first three penalties are called, Miami's first touchdown becomes much more difficult to score. None of them directly negate the score, but the Canes certainly had some help from their friends in the Big XII on the drive. And just to be clear, if Miami doesn't score that first touchdown, there is no overtime, and no controversial pass interference.

4) 3:48 left in the first quarter, OSU ball 1st-and-10. Craig Krenzel's pass is intercepted downfield. It was not a particularly great throw, but watch the replay of the action downfield. Miami's no. 22 shoves Vance to the ground as the ball is in the air. That is called pass interference. Unless, of course, you're wearing a striped shirt. Then it's 1st-and-10 Miami. That non-call would have negated a turnover and given the Buckeyes a first down at their 30. Instead, Miami gets the ball in great field position again.

5) 2:14 left in the first quarter, Miami ball 3rd-and-14. Darrion Scott, rushing off the corner on the bottom of your screen, clearly beats his man, then mysteriously starts turning sideways. That's called holding, but it's not called anything here. Regardless, the Canes are stopped short of a first down on the play and have to punt.

6) 13:18 left in the second quarter, Michael Doss is in position to blow up a punt return, instead Miami's no. 28 blocks him in the back to knock him out of the play. It should have moved the ball back half the distance to the goal line, but it wasn't called. Instead of starting from the six, the Canes get to take the ball around the 13.

7) Next play, Miami 1st-and-10, and Chris Gamble gets flagged for pass interference, presumably because he's fallen a step behind the speedy Andre Johnson. But as the replay clearly shows, Johnson uses his right forearm to crack Gamble across the face and/or neck, slowing him down and making him lose his balance. This, naturally, is not called, but the eagle-eyed official does spot the tug on Johnson's jersey.

8) 12:24 left in the second quarter, Miami 2nd-and-10. A seemingly innocent draw play gets a whole different look on the replay. From behind the Ohio State defense, the camera clearly shows two Buckeye defenders being held. Both Tim Anderson and Robert Reynolds have their jerseys pulled away from their backs, dragging them out of the hole. Dan Fouts comments on the "good blocking up front there," prompting me to wonder if he's taking the opportunity to visually check his colon while his head's up there.

9) 10:08 left in the third quarter, Ohio State 1st-and-10. Miami's nose tackle jumps offsides (run it frame-by-frame if you don't believe me) and Lydell Ross is stuffed. Instead of 1st-and-5, the Bucks are left with 2nd-and-12, and end up settling for a field goal on that set of downs. It's easier to convert (obviously) on 1st-and-5, and maybe this cost the Bucks a chance to score a touchdown. It certainly cost them a chance to run off some more clock.

If I was a whiny Miami fan, I would chalk this up as a guaranteed 7 points that my team was robbed of. I'm not saying without a shadow of a doubt that OSU would have put a touchdown on the board, but those five yards would have made it a lot easier.

10) On the ensuing kickoff, an Ohio State player is blocked in the back and driven past Andre Johnson, who runs it back to the 39. There's no replay shown on ABC, but you can watch the live-action shot as Johnson is at the 15. Farther toward the top of the screen, an OSU player goes flying past Johnson, with more than a little help from a guy in a green jersey. Half the distance to the goal line from there means Miami should have started this drive around the 10, not the 39. Then, when the Canes went 3-and-out, OSU would have had the ball near midfield, not on their own 21. Considering how important field position was in this game, the no-call on the kickoff return was a big one. Assuming the Miami and Ohio State drives immediately following this non-call played out as they did in the game, the Canes would have started their would-be touchdown drive on the 15 instead of the 45. And I didn't see anything all night that would make me think Miami could go 85 yards on the OSU defense.

11) 5:04 left in the third, Miami 1st-and-10. Willis McGahee gets the carry through a surprisingly large hole in the middle of the offensive line. I thought I saw a Miami player holding Tim Anderson, and the replay clearly confirms it. Again, instead of 2nd-and-4, the Canes should have been looking at 1st-and-20. Not impossible, but certainly a stumbling block for an offense as punchless as Miami's looked that night. This was the drive that ended in a touchdown.

12) 3:55 left in the third, Miami 1st-and-10. McGahee takes it off tackle for 11 yards and a first down. Robert Reynolds (no. 44) is clearly being held on the bottom of the screen, and McGahee takes it wide of him. If Reynolds not held and allowed to keep contain, there's no big gain. And the (properly called) holding penalty would have pushed the Canes back to 1st-and-20 at the 43, instead of 1st-and-10 at the 21. Again... considering how much trouble Miami had moving the ball against the OSU defense, an extra 20 yards makes an ENORMOUS difference, and there is no way any Miami fan/coach/player can say that a penalty there would be irrelevant.

13) 2:17 left in the third, Miami 1st-and-goal. McGahee's touchdown run is helped immensely as no. 60 grabs Cie Grant's jersey and doesn't let him get outside to contain. This is holding. This is a penalty.

This penalty would take 7 Miami points off the board, just like any of the previous 3 non-calls could have. Without those points, there is no overtime and Terry Porter remains an anonymous field judge from the Big XII. Then Miami fans are left contemplating what ELSE they can whine and make excuses about.

14) 14:13 left in the fourth, Miami 2nd-and-2. Miami's no. 87 grabs Will Smith's jersey with his left hand and hangs on for dear life. McGahee scoots by for a first down, with Smith finally wriggling free to make the tackle. A holding call there puts Miami in 2nd-and-12; instead they get a first down. This drive could have ended up resulting in points, but Sievers missed a field goal.

15) 13:05 left in the fourth, Miami 1st-and-10. Tim Anderson comes right up the middle, and basically drags a Miami blocker back to Dorsey. The replay shows this too. Darrion Scott manages to knock this pass down, but a holding call here (stop me if you've heard this before) pushes them back to 1st-and-20, and I'm not convinced they could convert that.

16) 12:15 left in the fourth, Miami 3rd-and-10. Cie Grant blitzes up the middle, and McGahee hangs on to him for dear life. There are two replay angles, which both show this hold very clearly. Dan Fouts again complements McGahee on his blocking. This should have been 3rd-and-20. Instead Miami gets a first down.

17) 11:53 left in the fourth, Miami 3rd-and-10. Cie Grant comes blitzing on the bottom of the screen. Kellen Winslow does the kind of unspeakable things to him that usually forces someone to have to register when they move into a new neighborhood. No call. This is especially confusing because it's a screen pass, and theoretically, you WANT the OSU defenders to come rushing upfield. This is also the play where McGahee does his impression of a flamingo. Miami settles for a field goal try, which they miss.

18) 9:20 left in the fourth, Ohio State 1st-and-10. Miami's nose tackle is across the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Again, look at it frame-by-frame if you want to prove it to yourself. It should be 1st-and-5 OSU. Instead, Clarett runs for 5, but the Bucks are facing second down instead of first. Clarett picks up the first down on the next play, so it doesn't matter much long-term, but it costs OSU a 1st-and-5, which is a great chance to throw deep to Jenkins or Gamble. And I still can't figure out how a line judge can miss a 300 lb guy jumping into the neutral zone before the snap.

19) 6:36 left in the fourth, Miami 1st-and-10. Whoever the Bucks send blitzing off the corner at the top of the screen gets the usual groping. Miami gets a first down instead of a 1st-and-20. This drive ends with Dustin Fox drilling Roscoe Parrish and forcing a fumble.

20) 2:25 left in the fourth, Ohio State 3rd-and-6. This is the shining, gold-plated example of why the Miami argument about the overtime pass interference is stupid. Chris Gamble caught this ball. The replay shows that. And even if you bull-headedly want to insist that he didn't, there's no denying the defensive holding that is going on as Gamble breaks for the ball. That would have meant five yards and an automatic first down. OSU could have run three plays, and Miami could have taken one timeout. Even in the best case scenario for the Canes; if the officials stopped the clock after Gamble's catch AND re-set the ball between plays in an absurdly fast 5 seconds per snap AND the Buckeyes don't convert another first down; that still leaves Miami with only one minute and zero timeouts to try for a tying field goal. And if OSU had gotten just one more first down, the game would have ended. The Buckeyes got H-O-S-E-D on two separate missed calls on this one play. Either one would have negated the overtime and the Porter call.

21) 2:18 left in the fourth, Ohio State punting. Roscoe Parrish single-handedly does what the Canes haven't done all night-run through the OSU defense. But watch the Hurricane blocking A.J. Hawk (no. 47) at the Miami 40. He's got both of his hands wrapped tightly around Hawk's right arm, pulling Hawk backwards. That leaves A.J. to lamely waive at Parrish with his left arm only, and gives Parrish another 15 or so yards. A properly called holding penalty there pushes Miami back to their own 30, so they would have needed about 45-50 yards to get into range for Sievers. The TV version is pretty clear (so I'm including it here), but video that I've seen from our NBC 4 photographers at the game makes it absolutely obvious. There is no way Miami should have started the drive with the ball in field goal range.

22) First Overtime, Miami 3rd-and-1. Cie Grant again runs sideways, thanks to a little help from his Miami blocker. Other Buckeyes get mauled slightly less obviously. No call on any of them, of course. Miami gets a first down instead of a 3rd-and-11.

23) First Overtime, Ohio State 2nd-and-10. Krenzel scrambles and receives a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Jonathan Vilma. If this were the NFL, Vilma would be looking at a five-figure fine. But this is the Fiesta Bowl, so nothing is called. The personal foul penalty here would have given OSU a first down and negated the fourth-down penalty two plays from now. A side note: the Matt Wilhelm hit on Dorsey in double-OT was helmet to shoulder pads, not helmet-to-helmet. So don't even try to compare the two.

24) First Overtime, Ohio State 4th-and-3. The infamous pass interference in the end zone. Forget the holding that's going on before the pass was thrown. Forget the pass interference, if Miami fans want to pretend it didn't happen. The defender's right hand grab's Gamble's facemask. It's not a personal foul, but it would be a five-yard penalty. Marking off half the distance to the goal line would have left OSU in a 4th-and-a-foot situation. And considering that Miami's coaches are STILL either too stubborn or too stupid to figure out the Krenzel runs those keepers pretty well, I'm relatively certain that the Bucks would have picked it up anyways. And that's assuming that you take the holding penalty (obvious on the tape) and pass interference (pretty obvious as well) off the table.

Miami committed three penalties on this controversial play and their fans are complaining because they got called for only one of them. Just because that's a significantly smaller percentage than you got called for in the game as a whole doesn't mean you got robbed.

It means you finally got caught, and you finally got beat. Because you finally played a team than was better than yours.

.25) u are u ... beeyotchin, whining, crying, pissin and moaning, woulda, coulda, shoulda, ifs n buts, maybe u ...



What about the late hits and stepping on his head after plays of Kellen Winslow jr.? And to all the OSU fans how many National Championships they won since you been alive?

I forgot the throat cutting gesture by #2 after he hit Willis Mcgahee low?

Lol soldy....There is only one reason uf lost to georgia southern. Coaching!

Wow somebody has nothing to do,but I guess doing time in the Alachua County Detention Center will do that!


Top-25 College BASEBALL...


acc teams - 3

26) u had the chance to hold OSU after the Phantom Pass Int. call to win the game... u DIDN'T.

27) u had the chance to hold OSU to 0 or 3 points to begin the 2nd. OT. u DIDN'T...(they RAMMED it down ur throats for 7 easily as u were still crying about the 1st. OT).

28) u had the chance to score 4 times from inside the 5 yard line on OSU to send it to a 3rd. OT... u DIDN'T. ST[]_[]FFED !!!

29) a Dozen years later, ur still beeyotchin, whining, crying, pissin and moaning, about what woulda, coulda, shoulda happened in a game u were beaten the whole game and barely tied to send it into OT and only have ur sorry selves to blame for not getting it done on the FIELD in either OT u in denial delusional crying clUcks... 31-24 FINAL FOREVER !


4 years later...


OSU - 14


Willis MCgahee got taken out as Miami was mounting a comeback. Its that simple- Youdont need a 10 page babbling prolixity to know very well that by taking out Mcgahee, games in the bag.

With Magahee Miami wins easily in OT. PLain and simple and u dont need a "degree" from THE Ohio st university

Maurice Clarett was ineligible, cheated his way through his first year and was "helped" along academically. THAT was admitted by him. Where was theinvestigation? THere was none. His allegations were brushed under the rug. Meanwhile, the allegations of a ponzi scheming felonwere taken seriously and followed upon by the corrupt NCAA. Mo Clarett however embittered, admitted to having cheated and buy being academically ineleigible andplaying in the game, made OSU automatically a cheat. The NC2A was too cowardly to ope up that can of worms, knowing that they had the whole midwest and nation on their side, and no way they wanted a Miami repeat. They knew that would mean what should have been done:

Ohio state should have been retroactively stripped of the title and the true winner should have been name: Miami.

That 2002 title was tainted as all titles go. Proof is Jim Tressel got his due later and is a pariah at OSU. The NCAA found a technilaity they could sink their teeth into which paled in comparison to what Clarett did.

That moronic diatribe at 10:27 pm by that idiotgator with nothing to do, failed to admit one fact:


To the gator who never learned how top spell but still got into UIF:

No, the "looser is you". As loose as your sphincter.

you lose.

Top-25 College BASEBALL...


acc teams - 3

Posted by: u looose again

Poor wittle Johnny Gator is at it again, trying his best to justify the existence of his wittle Gators, lol. Him just won't wet it go, awww poor wittle Johnny. Now go potty, and be a good boy.

talk about living in the past. guy is STILL in agony over 21-16, has to live off the wins by OTHER teams over the Canes.

Let's take down the Yellow Jackets today guys, we're on FIRE and lets keep this train rollin. Stay focused, and keep playing the way you have been, and things will fall into place. Morris has these guys playing lights out. GO CANES!!!!!

Posted by: u are u... 1 ship fer 24 years u | May 21, 2014 at 06:39 AM

Hey, Blog Pig, let's assume that EVERYTHING you wrote is true. The Canes are a shell of their former selves. But somehow, that shell has managed to pound your Gatr Trash 8 out of the last 9 over that time span.

8 out of 9. So while, if we assume what you say, the Canes suck, what to make of the bloated diploma mill in Trailerville.

It goes back to what is most important: head-to-head. Scoreboard. Everything you state is a smoke-screen to divert attention from what is most important which is really:

Your Gatr Trash cannot beat the MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES. Can't do it. You try. But you can't do it.

Canes own that cesspool in north Florida.


That HAS to sting, you 4 AM poster. What's a blog Pig to do?

I know. Write long rambling posts about SEC, winning some obscure Capital One Cup and women's archery SEC championships and avoid any mention of getting pounded by the Canes in football time and again.

Yeah, sounds like the blog Pig.

"2002, so loooonnnnng and multiple GATOR CHAMPIONSHIPS ago..."

Yep, and the country still has a love affair with the U. On again, in prime time, Labor Day night vs. Louisville, then at Nebraska a few weeks later, then again on prime time vs. FSU and Va Tech.

Gatr TRash? Ummmm, not so much. Nowhere to be found. Not even first choice of CBS. That goes to the good teams in the SEC. Not Gatr Trash. Back to your irrelevant mean.

Another 30 for 30. You know you will watch part 2, Pig.

Gatr TRash, a 15 second bit on the embarrassingly stupid Gatr chomp. That's it. 100 years of football for 15 seconds.

That is how little the country thinks of all things Gatr Trash past, present and future.

You know you'll be watching the MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANCES after the Idaho beatdown.

5 ships in foosball and if i recall correctly 4 or 5 ships in baseball. Success brings envy from others that wish they had those accomplishments... and that coming from a small private university....

Gators can't comprehend their affliction....no use in trying to explain it to them.

Little for Gators to gain in SEC tournament

Florida already has what every other baseball team is seeking this week at the SEC tournament in Hoover, Ala.

The No. 7 Gators have a conference title in their pocket, a championship trophy on the way, and all kinds of momentum heading into NCAA regional play next week.

And that's not going to change — regardless of what happens to the Gators over the next few days in Hoover.

To do what they did during the SEC's regular season, the Gators do not need to validate it by winning the conference tournament. The league's other coaches seem in agreement on that point.

“What they've already done is an incredible feat in itself,” Texas A&M coach Rob Childress said.

What the young Gators have done is win the regular-season title in the strongest baseball conference in the nation. They did it by winning 21 of 30 conference games, by winning a school-record 12 consecutive SEC games at one point, by winning seven of 10 conference series.

Whether they win the conference title or not, it's been a special season that has put UF in a strong position heading into postseason play.

“When you win this conference in a 30-game (league) schedule, that's harder to do than win a national championship, in my mind,” Tennessee coach Dave Serrano said. “To win this conference outright like they did, it's a great accomplishment.

“You have to be very consistent. I really respect what (UF coach) Kevin O'Sullivan has done with his team. I really like the way his players play, the respect they have for the game and their program. I commend them for the year they've had in this league.”

There is little (or no) debate that the SEC is America's toughest baseball conference. Seven league teams are ranked in the Baseball America Top 25, and this is a conference where there are few (if any) easy wins.

“Playing a 30-game SEC schedule is the ultimate challenge in our sport,” Childress said. “You celebrate every win. It's the best of the best. If you make it through a 30-game schedule on top, you've accomplished something.

“(O'Sullivan) did an amazing job managing a young pitching staff. They played a lot of tight games. To finish on top in this incredible 30-game grind, that's incredible.”

In the preseason, Florida was picked to finish third in the Eastern Division. With so many new faces, and some question marks, the Gators were projected to be in a rebuilding year in 2014.

But this has turned out to be a championship season.

“What Sully did with those kids is impressive,” Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin said. “It's very difficult in this league to stay consistent over the course of the season, but they did it with a lot of different parts, a lot of pitchers that weren't necessarily in the same role (throughout the year).

“They've had a great, great year.”

The No. 1 seed in the SEC tournament, the Gators certainly would like to win it. But, they've already won the regular-season championship, and they're also aware that bigger games lie ahead next week when NCAA regional play begins.

“As far as winning it, there's a long way to go for that,” O'Sullivan said. “We've been really consistent throughout the year after a shaky start. I just want us to play well and build some momentum (going into next week).”

With an eye also on regional play, O'Sullivan is keeping his pitching options open heading into play in Hoover, including holding off on naming a starting pitcher for today's game.

“Maybe we'll look at Bobby Poyner. We've got some options,” O'Sullivan said. “We've kind of mixed and matched all year long.”

Notes: Florida claimed the SEC championship with a 21-9 (.700) record, its third league title in the last five years (2010-11-14). … It's the program's 13th SEC title, and finished on top of the East for the league-best 22nd divisional crown.


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"Baseball is a game where you have to play nine innings and there's no clock to run out, so you have to play it all out until the end," head coach Jim Morris said.


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Baseball is a game where you have to play nine innings and there's no clock to run out, so you have to play it all out until the end," head coach Jim Morris said.


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That Cola Cane his bloody HENCH GOONS are typical BANDWAGON Cane baseball ruffians. Nothing more, nothing less.
No wonder Miami was MOLESTED by a ACC Bottom Feeder, which had to win a PLAY-IN game to even face my Hurricane diamond nine. hUh

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