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NCAA: Miami Hurricanes get five teams honored for being in top 10-percent in Academic Progress Rates

 Released this evening by UM:

 Five University of Miami teams were publically honored for being among the top 10 percent in Academic Progress Rates (APR), the NCAA announced Wednesday.

 Men’s basketball, men’s diving, women’s swimming, and men’s and women’s cross country were recognized with APR Public Recognition Awards. It marks the third straight year that women’s cross country received an APR Public Recognition Award and the second straight for men’s basketball. It was the first honor for women’s swimming.

 Miami’s five APR awards are tied for the most in program history. The Hurricanes won five in 2012 and have won at least three in each of the last four years.

 Miami has received 30 public APR awards in 11 sports since the program was instituted nine years ago – women’s golf (2006, 2011, 2012, 2013), indoor men’s track & field (2009), outdoor men’s track & field (2006, 2008, 2009), men’s cross country (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014), women’s cross country (2012, 2013, 2014),  women’s swimming (2014), men’s diving (2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014), football (2010, 2011, 2012), men’s tennis (2011) and men’s basketball (2013, 2014).

 “Our Hurricanes student-athletes consistently demonstrate their ability to achieve excellence in the classroom and in athletics,” said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services. “This recognition is not only a tribute to them, but to the faculty of the University of Miami that valiantly serves to inspire and educate our students. We are all tremendously proud of this accomplishment.”

 The Academic Progress Rate, a multi-year rate based on the most recent four years of data, is a real-time measure of eligibility and retention of student-athletes competing on every Division I sports team. The most recent APR scores are based on scores from the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years. This year marks the 10th year of APR data for most teams.

 In the fall of 2011, the Division I Board of Directors approved tougher academic standards, including setting a new standard that teams must meet to participate in postseason competition. The goal of the NCAA’s academic performance program is improvement, not punishment. Not only does the program ensure accountability for student-athletes, teams and institutions, but also it provides fairness by considering individual circumstances per team and school. Under the revised penalty structure, the Division I Board of Directors has set a cut score of 930 (out of 1,000) as a threshold for teams to meet or face possible sanctions. As was also the case a year ago, no sports from any ACC institutions are subject to penalties from this year’s APR release.

 Among its 2013-14 membership, the ACC’s 15 current schools had 77 combined teams recognized, the most from any Power 5 conference.The ACC was one of only two of the Power 5 conferences to see all of its 2012-13 schools have at least one team recognized.


2006 (4) – Women’s Golf, Men’s Track & Field (Outdoor), Men’s Diving, Men’s Cross Country
2007 (2) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Diving
2008 (2) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track & Field (Outdoor)
2009 (4) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Diving, Men’s Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor)
2010 (1) – Football
2011 (4) – Baseball, Football, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Golf
2012 (5) – Baseball, Football, Men’s Diving, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Golf
2013 (3) – Men’s Basketball, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Golf

2014 (5) – Men’s Basketball, Men’s Diving, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Swimming




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### UM tonight lost out in its pursuit of four-star Jersey City quarterback prospect Brandon Wimbish, who orally committed to Penn State.

Meanwhile, four-star Plantation American Heritage dual-threat quarterback Torrance Gibson, South Florida’s top 2015 prospect, said UM has fallen from his favorite to No. 8 on his list “because they’re not staying in contact with me.”

### Three-star Georgia-based defensive tackle Quentez Johnson de-committed from UM tonight, tweeting: "I feel as if I rushed into a decision."


Well, how was ur short lived Spring National Championship clUcks ? Now for the loooonnnng hot Summer before u begin to unravel again come Fall to continue ur well over a decade long freefall...

Just a small snapshot of a looooong recruiting season.
You are well known for that kind of stuff.

It really doesn't matter how we recruit does it?? Shall we focus on on-field, head-to-head results???

Congrats on those 6 #1 teams back in February btw.


Well, how was ur short lived Spring National Championship clUcks ? Now for the loooonnnng hot Summer before u begin to unravel again come Fall to continue ur well over a decade long freefall...

Posted by: u are u ... Spring n Summer u
Ahh yes a Gator in denial, gotta love it, LMAO.

### A day after three-star Georgia-based defensive tackle Quentez Johnson de-committed from UM, four-star Orlando-based running back Dexter Williams said he’s considering other options but has not de-committed from UM.

“I’m just really open,” he told rivals.com, before adding that “right now” Miami “is the place for me.” Then he added "your mind could change." USC and Notre Dame are among others in the mix.


Down goes another one for u...

As Promised......dont forget shawn burgess-becker #21 and calvin ridley #16 top florida recruits via mario christoball......not to mention losing minkah fitzpatrick....

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Terry Richardson - RB Coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR Coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard – RB
Travis Rudolf - WR
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brandon Powell – RB
Malcolm Bunche – OL
Derrick Griffin – WR
Dennis Turner – WR
Reilly Gibbons – OT
David Perry – DT
Quentez Johnson - DT

Gallo.....U still havent added muschamp and the gator football team to your fantasy list. Why so incomplete? Would love to see your muschump casualty list...I bet georgia southeen and any acc team arent on that one.lmao loser!

Who is Geroge Mcdonald?
Who is Mario Chris-tobal?

Sorry, Gallo, I mean POS. You lose cred if you don't know how to spell people's names.

Zero cred. buh bye, a55 hole. You lose.

I could spell them backwards and it wouldn't make a difference.....golden and staff are disasters and it is showing already for 2014....

soon parents will be calling radio stations.....TMZ anyone?, lol

funny...shannons recruits (seantrel) on marijuana beat out goldens recruits (flowers) every day at practice and on game day the whole season....

coaching staff is worse than imagined, lol.....

21-16: The final statement.

What's that? Just the Huskies and Georgia Southern scoring again.

7 at night
5 in the morning

He reads every line in May about the February 2015 signing day for the Miami Hurricanes, ignoring the good news and repeating the bad news.

That tells you all you need to know about him.

What I cannot understand is why the U will not invest a staff position in a quality quarterback coach?? In the glory years we had Earl Morrall, Mark Trestman, Mark Richt and others whose job was to develop, train and provide play by play position coaching during games to the quarterbacks.. Now we use the O coordinator to do both?? Hello??? How the heck does one guy coordinate and strategize what the offense does against multiple defense sets during a game and provide personal guidance and support exclusively to the quarterback?? Without a dedicated top tier coach at this position it is not a wonder to me why we have not been able to attract top tier recruits to this position and why we continue to lose them to other programs where they make the investment in the position. With all the local talent that could do this job, like Torretta, Walsh and Dorsey...why don't we do something about this??? Walsh is coaching HS in West Palm, Toretta playing golf, and Dorsey had to go all the way to Canada to get a job as an assistant in the CFL. I guess I am the only soul out here to be concerned about this trend.

Yea, the academic thing was an RS high point. He stressed good grades daily. BTW:

Is this 'Goldy's fourth year now? What's his record? What his defensive tallies? What was RS's record? What were RS's defensive tallies?

"Cool Cat"
RS is gone..Not interested in the 'U'\, your comments, or anything to do with the Univ. of Miami...can't you understand that.

What he did has no bearing on anything now....if you have a beef with Goldy ...( and you always do) please come up with something rather than the same old SH**.

These young 'Canes are sweating , lifting, learning, and breaking their backs to help us move forward, and all you can contribute is some old references that is ancient history...

We have heard it all.....

Please move on and not turn every topic into an RS trilogy...
Thank you.
Go 'Canes

Toretta playing golf, and Dorsey had to go all the way to Canada to get a job as an assistant in the CFL. I guess I am the only soul out here to be concerned about this trend.

Posted by: NovaCane


Dorsey is QB Coach for the Carolina Panthers.

UGoCane: U R very ignorant. You are part of the "click" that supports the HC, the DC and the just barely achieving OC. U probably think RS was a bad coach I bet. Admit it UGo: RS had nowhere near the administrative and financial backing that the very mediocre 'Goldy has. Fact is, based on RS's past record, 'Goldy ain't much better, but in your warped child-like mind he's the best thing since sliced bread.

Did you say sweating, lifting and learning? Yea, sweating off the 15-plus pounds that have slowed a traditionally fast team to molasses. Go ask Chick how and why the D has slowed down.

Oh, and ancient history, Sir? Heck, at this point any bit of ancient HST that can manifest itself into the UM football program is a plus.

Beef with "Goldy? I'm sure he's a very nice guy, you know he wears a tie et all. But what has he really done for UM football?



You also predicted in your boring dull lame way that the 2013 season would end 6-6 and that UF would destroy Miami

Give it up, suzie. You are as good as predicting UM as weather men predict south florida weather.

You are LAME.
YOu are repetitious and boring
YOU are stupid and inaccurate
You are biased and stale
You are rebuked by any and all reasonable people
YOu are a dumba55








Congrats to the kids with solid grades.

99+% of NCAA athletes don not earn a living playing sports. Good to see so many doing the real prep.

All already smarter than Galloinda. To the best of my recollection, she got not one prediction right last year.

any of u dUmb clUcks wanna bet that the GATORS have more draft picks than ur sorry azzz u this year just like in all the years the past decade ?

I'll bet you they suck in the nfl and whatever gm picks them gets fired within 3 yrs.


Guys can we finally kill the Candy Randy saga??? Good Lord he's not even in Florida anymore, is he?? Who cares?!?!?!

Congrats to the Miami Hurricanes Student Athletes for showing another example that Miami is not just some Athletic Program. Congratulations and thank you for once again raising the bar.


I read that the academic motivation theme was:

Get your degree and control your life. Don't end up in Mom's basement like Gallo, Tubby and Calvina.

Appears to have been successful. Congrats.

Yo cane trash

Yo Manny Yo Susan
where is the story on the NFL draft?

Yo just because Ur canes aint a part of it U shouldn't ignore it.
Even if U stick Ur heads in the sand it is still happening

Yo check it out
Another year
Another draft
No cane player taken in the first round
Congratulations on your streak
How many years has it been?
Too many, too many
Yo it doesn't end there
No cane player will be taken in the 2nd round either
U heard it here first maggots
But who expected anything different?

U just a bunch of LOOSERS!!!!!!!

I wouldnt be surprised if UF has more drafted this yearthan Miami. Regardless of the round they go. BUt one thing is certain: UF players, and for thatmatter the entire SEC they suc-k in the NFL at least from the standpoint of their hype.

Who is the best cover cornerin the NFL? Notan SEC guy
Who is the best QB in the NFL? NOt and SECguy
Who is the best Wide receiver in the NFL? Not and SECguy
Who is the best rb in the NFL? Not and SEC guy
What conference, or for that matter what school has had the most players in the probowl the last 5 yrs? HINT: NOT THE SEC

S-tfu with that SEC junk. Like gayllo- its lame, stale and redundant. Nobody cheers for a conference anymore bc conferences could care less about loyalty. Its all about the money. I still have a hard time even considering that Texas A&M and Mizzou are in the SEC. To me, theyr still big ten and Big 12 teams. Same with PItt and Syracuse in theACC. Just makes absolutely no sense. West Va inthe BIg ten? Please dont make me laugh.

So conference "loyalty" is a dumb concept and only the morons from the SEC keep that garbage up. Like it means anything. What a joke. Dont they realize, that it is obvious that the "only" reason they cheer for the SEC is to legitimize their own pathetic lives?

Gimme a break. NO UM fan, or for that matter FSU or Clemson fan ever cheers for the ACC. When did you hear a USC or Oregon fan going "pac 10, pac 10"?

Linder and Morris will go in the 4th rounds. O Donnell and Seantrel will go in the 5th. Hurns 5 or 6. The rest are toss ups ( Jimmy Gaines, etc).

First Round Picks by Conference:
SEC – 11
ACC – 5
AAC – 4
Big Ten – 4
Pac-12 – 3
Big 12 – 2
MAC – 2
Independent – 1

I am glad my brothers are getting their degrees instead on winning championships.

"BUt one thing is certain: UF players, and for thatmatter the entire SEC they suc-k in the NFL "

Spoken like a true moron. Sounds like a jilted little girl or a pre school kid who got beat up. So far from reality it is comical, but then again the name says it all. No truth to it, not based on reality. Typical delusional cane behavior.
Ask the Denver Broncos how much does Percy Harvin suck.
Ask the Houston Texans how much Clowney sucks.
This list could go on and on.
Great post Luke, you have a good sense of humor but your post is still factual.

Why is SEC on top MORE MONEY TO SPEND IN FOOTBALL BUDGET! Just like any business give one a bigger budget to use of course they excell. Congrats to students and staff!


I am glad my brothers are getting their degrees instead on winning championships.

Posted by: Luther Campbell

So I guess if you win a ship, your a dumbazzz???

Ask the Houston Texans how much Clowney sucks.
This list could go on and on.
Great post Luke, you have a good sense of humor but your post is still factual.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete
Why throw in a name (Clowney) who hasn't played a down yet, he may end up being a bust, probably not, but dude your arguement is weak with that, and although Percy has his moments, he spends more time injured than he does actually playing. I happen to like PH, he can flat out fly, but his injuries have plagued his career.

Posted by: Cola Cane

I don't remember it been a long time.

I put up a simple post congratulating all those who participated in the academic Progress reports mentioned in this article.-------I also went on to say---I would trade it all for an NCAA Championship in the big 3 sports.

What Manny?? or whoever---was so problematic with the post that it could not been seen here?


ACC- youdumb sht

Funny how a petty re-nck like yourself has to list the number of draftees by conference.

SEC aka rednk conference is full of pathetic excuses for students. Academics is a joke- LSu grads are re-trds.

Read the Herald's artcile on Mike Pouncey- Anotehr SEC re-trd. And guess what he aint that good either- if he was, Tannehill wouldnt be sitting on his arse so much.

Pounceys twitter response shows how vauable an UF education is- hes a dumb-arse like you

Percy harvin ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAh. That little smurf is fast- sure, but he will never be Devin Hester, or Deion Sanders why? becuase of his "migraines" and hes always hurt- pu55ie a55 gaytr that he is,.

Who else? Oh yeah Riley Cooper. Man hes good.

But is he in the same league as Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne or Calvin Johnson, Dermaryius Thomas or Andre Johnson)? (all ACC players)? I think not'

Where's Teblow?

Where he at?

Come on- Gimme a break with that junk.


While dumping on Golden for less than championship seasons they fail to notice that our players in the last 4 years have not been drafted above the 3rd round with most not above the 5th. Given the constraints on recruiting we have done well. Our players have played well but we did not have the horses. Golden and the staff have coached them well. If we had high picks and poor seasons it would be coaching.



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