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NFL Network's Mike Mayock to me on Seantrel Henderson: "First-round talent that I don't think is going before the fourth round.''

I just asked NFL Draft analyst Mike Mayock of the NFL Network who he thinks will go for the Hurricanes in next week's draft, in particular offensive linemen Seantrel Henderson and Brandon Linder, quarterback Stephen Morris and receiver Allen Hurns. Here are excerpts of what he told me on a national conference call:

"I think those two offensive linemen are heading in different directions. I think the most gifted player on their team is Seantrel Henderson but he's had off-the-field issues and on-the-field inconsistencies. He is a first-round talent that I don't think is going before the fourth round -- and that's probably where he'll go, somewhere in the fourth round.

"...The guard, Linder, the more the coaches get involved, the more they like Linder. He's not as physically gifted as some players in this draft, but he's smart and tough. He could climb -- a lot of people thought he was a sixth or seventh-round pick. I tihnk he's going in the fourth or fifth round, and this is a pretty good guard draft.''

On Morris: "He's got a very strong arm. I like the kid, the person... Had some inconsistencies this year...I think he's a late draftable, probably will go in the fifth or sixth round.''

On Allen Hurns: "Is a guy that for me doesn't have any one outstanding trait as a wide receiver... He doesn't stand out in a wide receiver class that's very deep. He's going to be a late pick or a priority free agent.'

Please see Barry Jackson's Sports Buzz blog for Mayock's comments about the Dolphins and non UM issues."



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what about tyrone cornelius bofl

Hurns and Henderson will be a steal in this draft to a good team. Both have room to grow and develop (i.e., Sam Shields). Morris will be going late to Jacksonville, and I see Linder staying home with the Dolphins.

This would be attributed to a lack of player development, normally. But lies are stated as facts now, and, for decades. That plays out with what Al Golden does for the University of Miami's football team. His failures are stated as everything but his fault.

My Buccaneers will gladly take Henderson and Morris and sign Wheeler as a free agent and the BUCS will look real good.

Shame for Seantrel. I feel for him but it is TOO LATE.

If you do NOT take care of your business, and put a lot of personal off the field problems in front of your game.
You lose.

No one to blame but himself.

No team has the time, money, and effort to do a reclaim job for him to play catch up to the big Boys in the Bigs..
He will be lucky to go in the 4 th round.
Total waste of a fantastic talent.
Go 'Canes

I think jared wheeler will make a team on special teams alone and may just turn out to be a good o-linemen to as well. One of my favorite players, not to many people hustled and that type of hustle in em. allen hurns will continue to do what he did in college in the pro's and the thing about hurns is simple, plus there are a few things that you can't coach, no matter who the qb was, be it jacory, smo17 or ryan williams, they all looked for hurns, why, reliability is what he gives any qb.

Also, the stronger the opponent, the better allen hurns played, he always elevated his game against the so called tougher opponents thru-out his career. If indy(reggie wayne replacement) has a chance, they'll probably snatch him up.

Part of shannon's 2010 class that was actually his best recruiting, not the 2008 class labeled #1 by nerds.

Henderson has only himself to blame for the loss of a huge amount of $$$ in this draft. He lost a ton of guaranteed $$$. He can still make a ton of $$$ in his career if he gets his head on straight. If not, what a waste of talent.

Yeah, continue to blame Coach Golden for Coach Shannon's failures! You guys are a joke.

Henderson's picture is in the dictionary next to underachiever. Came in with an attitude of entitlement. Numerous chances. Consistently inconsistent.

Hope your favorite pro team runs away.

Hurns is rock solid. Bet he sticks with someone, either drafted or as a free agent.

Seantrell is a stoner....

Couldnt quit the chronic

He'll get in trouble in the NFL too.

now maybe you cane bashers will stop blaming the coach and see how young we were . When Thats your NFL draft class, your not a deep team. SHANNONS FAULT. 2 more yrs, we will be at FSU"s level. just like at all the NFL players we have on the team that are Fr-Jr's.

Hurns will be a better Hartline for someone, a shorter version of Anquan Bolden.
Hurns made the TOUGH catches, as Bolden does.

Gibson was starting to do that for the Fins until Tanny nearly had Gibson decapitated.

1st round talent but not going before the 4th round. Translation Seantrel is lazy and has sorry work ethic. Nothing new here.

Hope Hurns proves everyone wrong and lights it up. He's a Cane.

SH? meh.
He didn't really represent the U, so if he succeeds, cool; if he doesn't, par for the course.

this draft pretty much sums it up for the Canes. Lack of talent all the way around. The best they can do is possibly a 4th round pick. So all you folks out there saying Coach Golden and staff can't coach, maybe it really was a talent issue. The NFL seems to think so. We're still building. This year will be tough unless Ryan Williams can get healthy. I see good things on the horizon.

LAzy,entitled player. The Randy Shannon coaching and recruiting culture. Golden couldnt shake that off him either. Linder and Hurns are exceptions to the rule- but to see what has happened to UM players in the last 4 drafts ( 2011-2014) is sad and it PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt HOW TERRIBLE A RECRUITER RANDY SHANNON AND HIS MINIONS WERE. Never mind player development. You first have to recruit them.

Mark my words- UM is turning that around- next year (or possibly intwo) there will be a change and UM will put out its first first round draftee next year in years, as Goldens recruits begin the turnaround and that will coincide with UM climbing the polls as well

Blew his chances, now is seeing the weeds instead of the fruits of his labored.

Neither Shannon nor golden can be blamed for that though. Effort is on the individual, not on the coaches.


What player you got hermano? When King Cane give lil jay a scholarship - he will be the first Cuban from UM going in the first round. I will bet 100 Mark Light Shakes on this.

Go Canes!

How about Kaaya tippin in at 230lbs? Will be here in a couple weeks and i'm looking forward to him elevating the level of play at the position. And i'm willing to bet R. Williams will be healthy by the openner and if not definetly Nebraska. Just watch.

Not to mention some of the real studs in the class haven't hit campus yet.. Hopefully Gray qualifies because i'm looking forward to seeing what he could do at RB.

Posted by: IMAWriter | May 01, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Not quite. Hartline was a track star. Hurns will be a good number 3

M-P, check with Calvin on any/all weights.

Good to see Kaaya arriving in may. he seems like a bright kid and has a chance to start in my opinion.

I'd rather break in a new qb when Duke is here and get 3-4 years out of him if the competition is close.

Hurns production increased every year he played. The kid play the game without any hype. Professional athleses make ton of money and this is one kid who I would like to see join thier ranks. Good Luck Hurns!

Hurns to Indy would be a godsend for his professional career. He was Mr. Consistent at UM, a true jack of all trades, master of none. He's not going to take over a game when lined up against the likes of Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman but he'll be where he's supposed to be and he'll catch the ball.

Waiting any minute for Calvina or Tub-A-Lard to call Brandonspikesandtebowareboyfrnds a Racist!


This just in....

Aaron Hernandez hits like a b*2nd !!!!!



Shannon's recruits are on a lot of NFL rosters. For example, Spence, Byrd, Travis B, Ogomo, Washington, Shields, B. Harris, Hankerson, Streeter, Allen Bailey, Kenny Phillips, Van Dyke, Vernon, Lamar Miller, Forston, Graham, Mike James at Tampa, and LB at NC. Miami had talent, but lack OC with Shannon and DC with Golden.

The current roster is loaded with high future draft picks, but position coaches and coordinators are not developing players to compete daily. Tyriq should be on the field every down, because he is a game changer at DE. Burns should start at CB, and then move to play the TEs on 3rd down. Carter seems to be the next play maker on defense too. The seven players coming in that I am interested to see are: McCray, Kayaa, Gayot, Gray, Thomas, Jackson, and Hester. Darling and McDormett look good! Harris and Young will benefit from coming early, and will get valuable experience...bright future.

This just in as of this morning. Seantrel Henderson tests positive for weed AT THE COMBINE! Good riddens man! You had every opportunity to get yourself straightened out and you are nothing more than an "entitled player". Good luck in life.

Another waste from the Shannon Era.

Man he should have stayed in Minnesota.

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