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7th-round UM Cane Seantrel Henderson "quintessential underachiever,'' says Polian; QB Stephen Morris & WR Allen Hurns go undrafted.

The Canes end up with three players drafted this year: Offensive guard Brandon Linder in the third round to Jacksonville Jaguars, punter Pat O'Donnell in the sixth round to the Chicago Bears and offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson in the seventh and final round to the Buffalo Bills.

Naturally, the networks talked at length about Henderson, who was suspended multiple times at UM for what he eventually admitted was because of marijuana smoking. Then it was revealed by ESPN's Adam Schefter last week that Henderson tested positive for marijuana while at the NFL Combine.

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, Jr on Henderson: "This kid was the no. 1 guy. He was who everybody wanted coming out of high school. He was supposed to be the next Jonathan Ogden – that type of player coming out of the prep ranks. If he can stay focused, if he can just be all football and no other problems, then he can be a factor in the NFL. But he got pushed way down, beyond where any player with his physical prowess should be."

ESPN's Todd McShay on Henderson: "For 6-7, 331 pounds he runs pretty well. He’s got power. And when he’s on his game, he’s dominant. He could have been a first-round pick if he had done all the right things right. Even if he had done things right the last six months he may have been a third, fourth-round pick. He falls in the seventh round for one simple reason: you can’t trust him. Maybe this is the wakeup call he needs."

ESPN analyst Bill Polian on Henderson: "...He is the quintessential underachiever. You’ve got to make a decision as an organization, do you want an underachiever in your building or don’t you? They took a chance and we’ll find out. He’s got one chance and one chance only."

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock: "Here's a situation where a kid has more God-given natural ability than you can even believe and he took all that ability and because of all the issues off the field turned himself from a first-round pick to a seventh-round pick. I wish the kid well. I hope Buffalo is able to help him grow up. I'd like to see nothing more than this kid grow into and mature into this massive talent that he has, and become a really good guy.'' 

 As for undrafted free agent quarterback Stephen Morris and wide receiver Allen Hurns, they will join Linder and former UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch with the Jacksonville Jaguars. UM reported they signed contracts with the Jaguars.

 I talked to Stephen Morris' dad, Colin Morris. As expected, he was disappointed. "It's been a very tough day,'' Colin Morris said. "But thankfully, he's getting ready to head off to another city and start working with another team. I know that Stephen is very excited about going to Jacksonville.''

 Also signing free-agent contracts, according to UM, were linebacker Jimmy Gaines (Buffalo), defensive tackle Justin Renfrow (Arizona Cardinals), fullback Maurice Hagens (Atlanta Falcons), tight end Asante Cleveland (San Francisco 49ers), guard/center Jared Wheeler (Carolina Panthers), safety Kacy Rodgers II (Kansas City Chiefs), defensive end Shayon Green (Miami Dolphins), safety A.J. Highsmith (San Francisco), defensive tackle Curtis Porter (Oakland Raiders).    






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Long, slow whistle....

Boy--Remember when the CANES had 3-4 guys go in the FIRST round.
Getting out recruited by Alabama.Louisville, F.S.U. ,etc.

RANDY, LIKE Larry JOKER ruined the program with N.C.A.A. investigation.

Actually, RS and Larry Coker did not ruin the program. The program is being ruined by a failure at recruiting and keeping coaches around the program that should be elsewhere. Stop sniffing AG's jock and call it what it is; a failure on AG's part at this point.

Miami has to stop getting out recruited and out coached by other teams. They must bring in top talent and at this point, I'm not sure if that is possible. This is AG last year to prove anything about the canes success. No more excuses, put-up or shut-up. They have enough talent to win the ACC if coaches know what they are doing. QB's have to grow-up fast and so does the offensive play calling as well as the defensive play calling. If it gets as bad as it did last year, now you know why FSU let the Offensive Coordinator go because he was no good at play calling, ONLY recruiting.
On the other hand, it the defensive play calling gets as bad as it was last year, he should be fired on the spot (the first game if possible) with the idea of who will succeed him. Miami cannot afford to wait around for new coaches if they are going to compete in Division-I anymore. If Louisville comes close to beating Miami again, then start the overhaul right away or the best recruits will never come back to "The U" to play again. It is hard to get a four star recruit and next to impossible to look at a five star recruit. Don't mess it up AG, or you can go back to where-ever you and your boys came from. The big boys will leave the little "U" in the dust for recruiting and championship wins.
Winning with a weak schedule will take care of a lot of problems or pay (four million dollars) for a good head coach and ROI will be great like Alabama, Auburn and Florida State did. If Jeff Fisher does not win with Jacksonville Jags, go get him to come back when they fire him as an Offensive Coordinator. At least the Canes had a wide open offense when he was here. Take your pick for defensive Coordinator.

I think the last comment has a lot of truth to it, Miami was very "bad defensively" last year, but looks who gives Miami trouble every year-Florida State who had more talent, Virginia Tech (a better quarterback/defense), North Carolina (Spread Offense+Hard more Physical Team), Notre Dame (Payback for the blowout in the 80's) and lastly, Louisville (Better Quarterback, Better more explosive offense, defense and with players who have something to prove to state of Florida and the city of Miami.

Right now Miami's biggest issue is that they don't have a home stadium, they were slicked out of stadium deal and now the awful Florida Marlins occupy it's space, and next they can't draw sell out crowds for home games like their recruiting foes, (Florida State, Florida, OSU and others. I realize they play in a pro stadium, and many other university don't have to deal with the beach, South Beach, warm weather year around, a pro baseball, basketball team to draw your attention from, but people in Miami, you have a good team support them better and you will get better recruits naturally. Imagine the pitch of Urban Meyers when he shows them a sold out stadium every week.

I think Miami has had bad luck over the last couple of years starting with losing coach Randy Shannon and losing Teddy Bridgewater and others, then having inconsistent play from Jacory Harris for four years, then Duke Johnson gets injured this year and Phillip Dorset also, then again inconsistent, maddening play from Stephen Morris, and yet losing a possible nice replacement with experience this year Ryan Williams.

So, hopefully more support and some good luck can turn Miami back into a winner, maybe?

Why not put a positive spin onthis wholeissue?

Miami has 14 -15 players signed. If they all make rosters, UM will still be the #1 college program with players in the NFL- ove Alabama, LSU, USC, Oh State and even FSU

This is still NFL-U

Drafted or free agents. DOnt matter

And toKevin Edwards and others:

Randy Shannon couldnt recruit his way out of a shoe box. He alone destroyed recruiting by alienating many other schools inso fla, to the benefit of Miami NW whose players with the exception of Teddy Bridge, s-ked

Kevin disagree about the stadium being an issue with this team, all we have to do is get back to winning and the stadium being full will take care of itself. That being said even during our heyday, the OB was not full every game.

It's as you said, we have the Heat, the Marlins, the Dolphins, it's in Miami, we are a small private school, and all that plays a factor in attendance. Have you been to Tally, or Gainesville? All they have on a Sat is going to the game, whereas a student in Miami has a myriad of things to do.

Again if you WIN they will come.

Also way to Canes baseball on another ACC victory and holding onto 1st in the Coastal at 37-14 and 21-5 in conf. These boys are on FIRE!! GO CANES!!!!

Ditto to Cola Cane's posts

A small reminder to the haters:

HUGE football historic powerhouse U TEXAS- won the NC 2009 ship. Had the#2 recruiting class 2010 and has alwasy been up there recruiting. Only program that can take players away from Texas in the area is Oklahoma.

Guess what? Texas drafted NO ONE into the NFL. ZERO.

Miami still had 3 drafted and 11 other signed as free agents

What does that tell you?

a) the recruiting star business is wack and BS

b) Miami is still the pipeline to the pros

c) Many of those drafted willbe busts.

d) all of the above

Johnny Manziel will be a bust.
Michael Sam- despite the PC spectacle on ESPN, he will be a giant bust.
Those were the two that come tomind- The most over hyped.

Bortles from UCF will be a huge star in the NFL. Mark my words

To all "Die Hard" Cane players... 1st, Congratulations and thank you for being a Cane. Thank you for giving it all. Thank you for bustin your asses on a hot summer day. Thanks for playing hurt when you should have sat down. Thanks for everything that you have given us.

This is your time... enjoy it.

Best wishes to all the Canes seeking an NFL gig!

WOW remember this remember that ..... I will tell you what I remember a coaching staff that does not know how to improve there kids mmmmm you want examples ok
We loose to Duke: this is a school that gets 2 star recruits ( in fb ) with 1 or 2 3 star kids every year... VT another school that tradionally is a top 20 to 30 recruiting class school ..NC state Virginia BC even lower rankings on average... NC Louisville has had some decent years but overall 15 to 20 on most years . SO with that said we would think our canes from day one have a big advantage on all of these programs right ? Our 3 & 4 and 5 star kids from the sunshine state our so much better then those smart 2 star kids from Duke... LMAO!!! the difference is when these kids arrive at these other schools as 2 or 3 star kids they get TAUGHT how to play they get PUT in a system that works so when there upper class men they are 4 star kids now ...at the U you come in with great potential you leave with question marks this staff can't win with 4 star kids ASK your self this how bad with Duke be with this staff there ? And how good could we be with with there staff here we get good talent and just try to point them In the right direction and hope for the best and if he fails he was not ready ? Name me one kid who has come here as a 2 or even a 3 star project that this staff has made good... Every school does this its called coaching (I.e ) teaching ... Hoping for the best as always but I have stopped drinking the kool-aid

Hurns and Morris probably better off not being drafted and being able to pick their destination. Going with jax and Fisch gives them a shot.

Morris otherwise would have gone somewhere to be a human ball throwing machine for a few weeks and then cut.

I think Hurns sticks. Morris is a longer shot. Maybe Fisch has a theory as to why Morris senior year was so dreadful. Certainly not the trajectory Morris was on when Fisch left.

Of the others, I think Porter has an outside shot to stick. Oakland pretty dreadful.

We are the canes
Remember way back then,
We used to have several players drafted in the first
How do we long for those long gone days
We are still NFL U
Just not QB U
Now we are PUNTER U
We are the canes
It's been a long time since we been relevant
Long time since we have won a bowl game
We blame Coker and Shannon
We blame the Marlins and Pro Player
We say to our fans
Come out and support the team
What fans?
We are the canes
3 years into the Golden Era
Still he gets a pass
Must be the nice Orange tie
The white shirt or the goofy haircut
Can it be his results?
We are the canes....................


Way to straighten them out for bringing up Shannon again. Oops my bad, their post fit your agenda so I knew that wasn't going to happen.

The obvious immature bigot on the blog has so much hate in his heart he can't help himself. He wants to tell us how bad Shannon was as a recruiter but then state that 14 of his guys signed with teams. Okay which is it. Go change your name again.

How bad of a recruiter must Golden tongue be if his recruits can't beat out the horrible recruiter Randy Shannon's recruits? I guess that explains being blown out in every big game since he's been here. Oh no that was the NCAA's fault. Of course the NCAA allowed Maryland to throw 20 bubble screens in the "Alverage's one" first audition here.

Nothing to do with recruiting, these coaches need to start developing the players and teach them football. When you play in a system that makes you look like you know nothing about football, this is what happens. All of the lower tier schools are having players drafted. The coaches failed the players. I am not sure why anyone would want to come to the U. What have they shown the recruits. I haven't seen anything in years!

Last 3 posts are unfortunately on point!

Nothing but the ever-spreading, weak, excuse-ridden, Gane mentality holding Us back.


Way to straighten them out for bringing up Shannon again. Oops my bad, their post fit your agenda so I knew that wasn't going to happen.


Jville please don't throw me into the (agenda) group. I was simply responding to Kevin and the stadium and crowd issue. Which Miami has ALWAYS had to deal with. That's my post, nothing more, nothing less.

Come out and support the team
What fans?
We are the canes
3 years into the Golden Era
Still he gets a pass
Must be the nice Orange tie
The white shirt or the goofy haircut
Can it be his results?
We are the canes....................

Posted by: Ten Years Of Mediocrity and Counting

Yep, no fans, no stadium, no recruits, no coaches, hell, no nothing, but one lil ole teeny tiny little fact, we STILL own you, and we STILL have more of EVERYTHING than you do. Man that must really sting, LMAO!!!!

I love Miami. I possess a degree, circa 1988, and I was in and around the campus during the glory years. I have watched coaches come and go since 1984. Simply put, Larry 'Grandpa' Coker was given the keys to a Ferrari - a team stocked with talent and momentum; he took that Ferrari and turned it into a Yugo with a lack of leadership and personal strength. After his disastrous tenure, Randy Shannon took over. Randy is a lifelong Cane, a cornerstone of the program's success, but unfortunately, he was only a great DC and not a head coach. His replacement, Al Golden, looks like someone who will keep Miami 'clean' and win 9 or 10 games a year. He does not have the recruiting chops to compete with the current superpowers. But, this is his year to prove me wrong. Show me something Coach to make me doubt my assessment. I bleed orange and green, but I am afraid that we may not see much better than what we have today, namely a 9 or 10 game winner. Yes, we have had some bad luck, but preparation, desire, and skill help you make luck. Let's see how much of those three key ingredients we have. One more thing while I am at it: if you're not a Hurricane fan, please get back under the rock you came out from under and read the Sunday comics instead of posting here. We don't need you spewing noise...

Way to go Canes Baseball on the SWEEP and 38-14, 22-5 in conf.

jacksonville is morris best shot, he really only needs to bet out the first round pick from UCF. if he can do that he is in......on a nother note, it doesnt look like much developing of players from Al G. if its the same old stuff this year his seat should be red hot.

I don't know if I buy into the myths that SH was a bust and underachiever. Who did he have motivating him? I know Kehoe does what he can, but I got to believe that SH just needed the right HC around and that wasn't 'Goldy.

BUT UM players used to go first round big time. These days, 5th, 6th and 7th is what it is. The program is on auto-pilot. There are no more gurus of any kind at the Hecht Athletic Center.

...we are loaded with young fr/soph future all americans. We have depth now, loaded roster, best Rb's in the nation, Best Wr group in the nation, Great Secondary with Burns/Carter/Howard, LBs on the rise, Great De's Quan and Tyriq/Jackson, and a great O line. TEAM Is On THE RISE......

Posted by: Dom | May 10, 2014 at 08:15 PM


...and right on cue, Dommasse strikes again, just like last year and the years before... Yo Dommasse dUmb clUck, there's not one future 1st. Rounder on that entire roster. Yet, again, u and ur pea brain boasts that the roster is "loaded" with future All-Americans. The cart before the horse cane cluck fool will never learn. Try starting with some all-acc honorable mentions and a conference championship game first dip sheet.

When a doper is smoking during the season and it carries over to the combine testing, you are obviously dealing with someone who is dumb, doesn't really want to play football or is just oblivious.

Why not put a positive spin onthis wholeissue?

Miami has 14 -15 players signed. If they all make rosters...

Posted by: Brandonspikesandtebowareboyfrnds | May 11, 2014 at 07:37 AM


there are no words other than, J.E.S.U.S. H. C.H.R.I.S.T.

Morris will beat out Bortles & be the face & QB of the Jags for 12 years.

U areU.....we put 4 more players on nfl teams thanyour team did that means both acc teams instate are bigger nfl pipelines than ufelony. LMAO at your ignorance.


By the time the NFL season starts- you pu55ie haters go and check NFL rosters to see what schools have the most players in their rosters. Miami has been either 1 or 2 since 2002. No joke,. This the quintessential NFL pipeline. And we dont need to send no man kissing you know whats from Mizzou. Or sideline huggers like Tebow and Spikes

UM fans really need to be realistic about 2014, which I believe is a bridge year. 2015 is the year of judgement for Golden. Deliver us to the ACC Championship game or deliver yourself out of Coral Gables.

Kinetic Cane, with no disrespect to your comments. This is the problem...we are starting to settle. What happen to next man up? Golden was hire to develop regardless of what happen prior to his arrival. Golden and staff should be evaluated annually like any other employees receiving a check. If Golden and staff are looking for average, then his 300 page binder is missing pages surrounding the U...we practice and play like champions. We don't rebuild...we reload! We play anywhere, any time! Butch rebuild while on probation, which mean every year we noticed the team getting better...period. The only weak link on this team is the QB position, which has been the problem from Kyle Wright to Morris. However, we continue to overlook the importance of hiring a QB coach.

I am hoping for Golden and staff change: close practices, practice with intensity, stop playing favorites (i.e., Chic over Tyriq), and find the best linemen to be your DTs. I rather see a dominating defense then an offense who most control the ball to protect the defense. The U won championships because of a solid defense and a game managing QB (i.e., Alabama, LSU, and FSU copied us). Texas AM, Baylor, and Oregon have high scoring offenses, but cannot stop anyone, which resulted in no championships.

Therefore, I am looking for progress, and this staff should not get a pass. At least, please look like we practice and watched film doing the week. Nevertheless, I am excited about this team this year. Louisville will be a major challenge coming out of the gate, because of their HC versus our HC/DC...experience. The only other game, which is at home...FSU.

RHC, I don't have a strong opinion one way or another regarding the coaching performance. A lot is made of D'Onofrio's scheme. I still come back to talent. The reason UM plays a soft zone is because they haven't had the pass rush to play press coverage. Nor have they had safeties that can deliver consistent open field tackling (Highsmith and Rodgers were terrible IMHO). The recruiting is my biggest complaint. While Golden's first class was predictably weak, he has made progress since then. However, he and his staff still spends way too much time recruiting away from South Florida. Does he underestimate the importance or does he lack the will to create a recruiting fence around the area. Yes, it's easier for Golden to recruit in NJ where he has ties but that's never going to bring this program another championship. In any event, 2015 is as far as I think we take the Golden experiment. His recruits, his coaching decisions, his responsibility. Get it done or step aside.

RHC - I totally agree with your assessment. If we gave every coach five years to implement their plan, we could go through four coaches and 20 years real quick, which is basically what we are approaching. Going on year 14 since we won a National Championship. Another bad coaching selection after Golden, will put us at 20 years in a wink. And if that happens, we've been scammed by the administration who feels that they are able to live off of the branding of years past, without devoting 100% commitment to the football program. Every head coach hire from here on in, should get three years. If they do not win a major bowl game by year three, its time to move on. If Golden doesn't win a major bowl game this year, then its time for him to move on. Thereafter, Shalala needs to be evaluated. In order for this mess not to ever happen again, the powers to be at the school need to set up a football advisory board with former UM College and NFL Champions to evaluate the next coaching staff. What is so frustrating about this drought, is that we have the most unparalleled talent in the country right here in South Florida and the state of Miami, and we have more former UM college and NFL champions that could be excellent sounding boards and advisors to the program, but yet we seem to be mired in mediocrity. Moreover, I do not want to hear about the Shapiro issue anymore. The coaching has been terrible. The reason why Morris wasn't drafted (even though he has an NFL arm) is because he doesn't know how to read a defense. That falls on coaching. The reason why none of the defensive players were drafted is because none of them know how to make an open field tackle. That falls on coaching. It is time to move on. If there is no bowl game victory this year and people do not want Butch back, then bring in Winston Moss (current Assistant Head Coach of Green Bay), along with Alonzo, Chudz and whomever else they want to surround themselves with, a budget $15 million annually to the coaching staff, and let them do their thing. This is getting ridiculous already with all the resources the school has access to with both recruiting and former players that are now stellar coaches in the NFL.

BigDaddyCane, I would be thrilled with a 10 win year...plus, of course an appearance in the ACC Championship game.
The ACC was much improved, as shown by the success of Duke, FSU, Clemson, NC.
UM played beneath their potential The injuries to Duke, Morris, and Dorsett hurt.
But lets face it, the defense was horrible.

People need to stop disparaging Duke. The players are smart, want to be there, and have one of the top coaches and offensive minds in the ACC, if not the country. Peyton Manning spends some of his summer with coach Cutcliff.

I disagree with whomever said win and they will come. Not so, and has never been that way. I went to every Cane home game in the stinky, believed OB from 1958 till
I graduated UM in 1969. The only time the O-Bowl was completely filled was against the usual opponents, ND, FSU, UF, etc. UM was still an independent back then. Syracuse, and maybe VA Tech when UM joined the Big East.
That said, not having a true home stadium is more than just filling seats. It's a place where YOUR games are THE games. Presently, UM is an after thought, even with the Phins stinkin' up the joint as they sometimes do.

Finally, please, enough Randy Shannon regurgitation. The regime failed. Truthfully, I believe this one will too, unless staff changes are made at OC and DC. Pity that UM/Donna doesn't see fit to pay the assistants enough to attract same from MAJOR conferences. If Al goes, I offer Biscayne Bay to Jim Tressel. HIS teams played defense.

Ritchmond Heights still shonuff bringing IT!!!

Folks still hollering about the talent not being in The Gables ignore the fact that in every recruiting service Alfraud has finished in the top 3 in the acc in recruiting singe he and his Mac staff has been in so fla.

Ahead of Duke, L'Ville, and Vtech. 3 schools that clowned us!!!

Not to mention the last minute win vs wake and unc.

Mofo'$ should be ashamed of the excuses they make for these coaches but the players that actually sacrifice their bodies, time, and life (without pay) for the team they say they love get blamed the most.


Remember I told all of u SMF that Golden was playing Morris hurt to hide the fact how horrible this coaching staff was doing with him......... I HIT IT DEAD THE FK ON

Seantrel Henderson appears not to enjoy playing football all that much. Hopefully, he keeps his nose clean, stops his use of marijuana and plays hard enough to earn some good money, save some money, help his family, and retire from the league.

Seantrel got drafted based on his size. Polian said it best, the guy was a first round pick and turned himself into a seventh rounder. What is else is there to do in Buffalo, but smoke weed. Just cash the checks and move on.

Why all the infighting Canes ? Everyone relax, the Canes are on their way back and the biggest reason why is we got those sweet new Nike uniforms !!! We'll play great because we'll look great.

I'm surprised Stephen Morris didn't get drafted. Morris has horrible footwork, but that is something that can be fixed. His decision making was spotty senior year, but his junior year was pretty good.

Let's see if Fisch gives him a free agent deal.

you all are dumb

First of all- IT wAS the lack of talent that has plagued UM thelast 5 yrs. NOT just coaching. come on- look at Ums pro day did you forget that? Are you all that blind to the FACTS? Highsmith (who incidentally signed as a free agaent) ran like a 5 flat 40. AND HES A DBACK!!!!! Eduardo Clements, who was "highly touted" as a rb from south florida, didnt get picked up and he also ran like a 5 flat 40. Seantrel Henderson, despite being the #1 hs player in 2009 comes into the combine stones, which meant that he was basically stoned all throughout his career at Miami (No wonder he stunk and no wonder our Offense stunk sometimes) was he stoned against Luisville? Was he stoned against Duke? Probably! SMH SMH SMFH!

Coaching players up is key but these players were just not as talented as what we used to have! The top so fl talent inparticular was stoilen away or left so fl-to go to thelikes of UF, FSU, Luoisville, Ohio astate and the SEC. Prior coaches wiffed on much of this tealent- I know many are saying stop brining up Randy Shannon but I pose this question-





Now we have to watch and wait. Golden has to put up or shut up. BUt hehas gotten a pass last 3 yrs bc the cupboard was left so bare,cockroaches were running around all up in here

Lets add Erik Swoope to the list of Canes going to the NFL, as he signed with the Colts as a TE.

Congrats to um baseball Sweeping Duke....

These draft results prove how much talent we didn't have. Convincing talent to stay home is going to get tougher if we don't start winning soon. It really comes down to showing we can compete for titles.

When comparing or measuring the talent that's been around Coral Gables do it against the teams UM faced or at least in the same conference. The only team in the acc that's has had more talent than UM is fsu. Just check the recruiting rankings the last 5-6 years.

The 1st two years Alfraud was at Miami he said out of his own mouth that Miami had more draft picks than win and he wanted to turn that around!!!


It took the weakest scheduling in the last 20 years for that to happen!

Congrats to those that did get drafted and much luck to those who signed their undrafted free agent deals.

RHC, Nash, Kinetic, and especially "Its Almost Time to Move On"---excellent posts!!!

This is on Randy Shannon, deal with it! Golden is now on the clock.

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