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7th-round UM Cane Seantrel Henderson "quintessential underachiever,'' says Polian; QB Stephen Morris & WR Allen Hurns go undrafted.

The Canes end up with three players drafted this year: Offensive guard Brandon Linder in the third round to Jacksonville Jaguars, punter Pat O'Donnell in the sixth round to the Chicago Bears and offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson in the seventh and final round to the Buffalo Bills.

Naturally, the networks talked at length about Henderson, who was suspended multiple times at UM for what he eventually admitted was because of marijuana smoking. Then it was revealed by ESPN's Adam Schefter last week that Henderson tested positive for marijuana while at the NFL Combine.

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, Jr on Henderson: "This kid was the no. 1 guy. He was who everybody wanted coming out of high school. He was supposed to be the next Jonathan Ogden – that type of player coming out of the prep ranks. If he can stay focused, if he can just be all football and no other problems, then he can be a factor in the NFL. But he got pushed way down, beyond where any player with his physical prowess should be."

ESPN's Todd McShay on Henderson: "For 6-7, 331 pounds he runs pretty well. He’s got power. And when he’s on his game, he’s dominant. He could have been a first-round pick if he had done all the right things right. Even if he had done things right the last six months he may have been a third, fourth-round pick. He falls in the seventh round for one simple reason: you can’t trust him. Maybe this is the wakeup call he needs."

ESPN analyst Bill Polian on Henderson: "...He is the quintessential underachiever. You’ve got to make a decision as an organization, do you want an underachiever in your building or don’t you? They took a chance and we’ll find out. He’s got one chance and one chance only."

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock: "Here's a situation where a kid has more God-given natural ability than you can even believe and he took all that ability and because of all the issues off the field turned himself from a first-round pick to a seventh-round pick. I wish the kid well. I hope Buffalo is able to help him grow up. I'd like to see nothing more than this kid grow into and mature into this massive talent that he has, and become a really good guy.'' 

 As for undrafted free agent quarterback Stephen Morris and wide receiver Allen Hurns, they will join Linder and former UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch with the Jacksonville Jaguars. UM reported they signed contracts with the Jaguars.

 I talked to Stephen Morris' dad, Colin Morris. As expected, he was disappointed. "It's been a very tough day,'' Colin Morris said. "But thankfully, he's getting ready to head off to another city and start working with another team. I know that Stephen is very excited about going to Jacksonville.''

 Also signing free-agent contracts, according to UM, were linebacker Jimmy Gaines (Buffalo), defensive tackle Justin Renfrow (Arizona Cardinals), fullback Maurice Hagens (Atlanta Falcons), tight end Asante Cleveland (San Francisco 49ers), guard/center Jared Wheeler (Carolina Panthers), safety Kacy Rodgers II (Kansas City Chiefs), defensive end Shayon Green (Miami Dolphins), safety A.J. Highsmith (San Francisco), defensive tackle Curtis Porter (Oakland Raiders).    






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Our mediocrity has been the result of a mix of subpar talent and subpar coaching - with BOTH RS and AG.

It's so frustrating to see all the arguing back and forth about an either/or reasoning.

I doubt AG has any hidden tricks left in his coaching quiver. Will a tougher schedule and better players prove his process?

It's fair at this point for many of us to be doubtful, but open to being proven wrong.

OOF, you got it mostly right. Just add that the administration is not obsessed with football but improving academic standing. This is a very different school than it was 20 years ago.

Talent obviously down as the program has declined, part of which is due to kids not qualifying academically. Part of it is due to the gloss being off the program. The fact Golden was extended before doing much of anything shows what the admin is looking for----a program manager.

The $ comes from TV these days and with new ACC contracts what you do on the field and court really doesn't impact the bottom line much.

Exactly^^ the real GKC has spoken.

It's explainable by sheer numbers.

2010 class: 31 players, 21 of them are 3 stars. A third of this class also failed to qualify or transferred out within one season.

2011 class: Fell apart during the 2010 season, leaving only two players committed. Class ended with only two 4-star players.

By comparison, each class for FSU and Alabama now regularly feaature more 4/5 star players than three stars. The above two classes of Miami were badly imbalanced.

Flashforward to the 2013 season. Due to transfers and roster attrition, Miami was left with just twenty 4/5 star players on their roster. That's ten less than in the 2012 season. And twenty less than FSU last season. It's also the lowest collection that they have featured going back to the 1990s.

Move ahead to this offseason. The Canes signed more 4/5 star players than they lost, raising their theoretical talent level (on paper).

Next year the 2011 class graduates. Barring early departures, only one 4-star player leaves (Chikillo). If Golden finishes strong on the 2015 class, then the number of 4 and 5 star players can jump back into the low 30s.

I am somewhere in the middle on putting the decline of the program squarely on the shoulders of the ADMIN, Shalala, et al...

I had posted elsewhere, a trope on how much the Admin is smart enough to know that the overall branding of the University is STILL very much dependent on the continued quality of the sports programs, namely, our FB - despite the academic branding/progress over the last 20 years that you mention.

Are they trading on fading glory and looking for the "Manager" and steady revenue/ACC cash cow, regardless of performance?


I do concede that the meritless contract extension was a bad rush job, based mostly on NCAA fear.

However, contracts can be and have been bought out for lack of performance.

I forget who aptly pointed out the buyout numbers that they would face, even if they waited through next season, as substantial and unlikely, but I still contend that AG has AT LEAST through 2015 to show his worth - even if we pull a Muschamp THIS year.

Based on what evidence I saw at the end of last year: despite the "lack of talent," despite the NCAA, despite the injuries to key players, I expect a MUSCHAMP, yet hope for a Cutcliffe in 2014.

I expect that we go anywhere between 5-7 and 10-2 THIS year, without being all Gallo or Homer about it.

I have resigned myself to merely complaining bitterly when poor coaching rears its head yet again this year, without demanding an immediate regime change.

We had our window with the PSUgate; it closed when AG was passed over - he WAS passed over for more than one reason.

I am also excited to possibly see HIS recruits overcome his mediocre career history and outperform my tempered expectations. I will cheer as loud as any!

I will gladly shovel a heaping plate of crow in my smiling pie-hole if DNO's defense even sniffs the CFB top 50 and keeps us in, or contributes to W's in close games, even against the WF's and UVA's, especially against UL, NEB, FSU, etc...

I am ready to be done with the RS vs. AG comparisons, though that horse is not yet beat enough. SO,

Dear RS apologists:

As I have discussed the race cards with HTC; even conceding some of the perceived racism here by some fans and EVEN if the Admin was merely, OR worse - institutionally racist towards RS; I can't help but notice:

Charlie Strong.
Kevin Sumlin.

Successful at UL and Stanford ....now running powers in...



Our FB program is a mixed bag right now, with a lot of factors contributing.

Watching it play out is the point of being a lifer of a fan.

I love this program and eagerly anticipate legitimate bragging rights again in my time.

Go Canes.

If tubby agrees with you, rethink your position


Generally agree with your latest. I wasn't trying to lay it all on the administration but simply add it to the mix.

Golden is contractually committed through 2/1/2020. That's about $15 million at current salary. Don't know if there are any raises built in.

In any event, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. No way this admin buys out more than a year or two, even with losing records. Simply too much money. UM doesn't have Nike (oregon) or oil (texas/texas A&M) kind of boosters. More the hundred dollar club.

So, as a lifetime fan, I hope for the best. Glimpses of optimism at times but hard to get excited with the current coordinators. And as some keep asking, why don't we have a qb coach. Seems obvious.

and eagerly anticipate legitimate bragging rights again in my time.
Go Canes.
Posted by: It's pronounced OOF. | May 12, 2014 at 01:49 PM

It's all a matter of perspective on your notion of " legitimate bragging rights. "
Because with Goldie and his boi Marky Mark overseeing the Hurricane program. Miami will NEVER return to Elite Top FIVE status in major college football and all that entails, i.e., major bowl game appearance and possible win, ACC championship trophy, one of four teams vying for an opportunity to play for the NC, etc.,etc.!! hUh
And as a few WISE Hurricane fandom mentioned above. The University " Powers That Be " are CONTENT with winning seasons of 9-3 or 8-4 and THIRD-TIER bowl games. Simply because the athletic department rakes in major dollars from the ACC vis-à-vis football and men's basketball ( NCAA Tournament anyone. hUh )
For instance, the POWERS THAT BE associated with the University of Miami, Florida had TWO opportunities to hire an ESTABLISHED head coach after Mr. Coker and Mr. Shannon, yet they FAILED miserably to do so. Which indicates RETURNING to Elite Top 5 status is NOT A PRIORITY. Au Contraire to what y'all Goldie and Marky Mark APOLOGISTS bloody well believe!!!!!!

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | May 12, 2014 at 01:50 PM

If I post 1 +1 = 2, you'd emphatically disagree, so please stop confusing your emotions based opinions with those of intellect. U believe whatever makes U feel comfortable, and unfortunately sometimes that psychosis doesn't align with reality. Your emotional rants and homoerotic name-calling (Tubby) is a smoke screen for your ineptitude as a contributor here. Don't cheat---just be smart.

Golden was fools gold...and Shalalalala is the fool! They both need to pack their bags and head for the low country

All but Harriets posts here are good.

Harriet whines about name calling but readily agrees and praises poststhat call Golden "Alfraud" and "moron" etc. That makes HTC nothing but a two faced hypocrite. And he therefore has no cred.

Buh bye HTC- nobody gives a flying &&& what you think say, believe, or your stand on Miami, race relations, politics or anything.

As far as the program is concerned, once these kids get some reps in we shall see what comes out of their "4 stars" etc. problem is UM has clamped down on any hint of unsavoriness or discipline issues, partly bc of the Shapiro scandal, and partly bc that is the culoture of UM now- very intolerant to disciplinary issues unlike the past- I mean look at Jameis Winston. Without Winston, FSU DOES not and I repeat DOES NOT win the nat ch and doesnt even come close. Heres a kid who I strongly believe got away with rape. Now he literally gets away with petty theft on top of that rather than keeping his nose clean. Thats FSU for you.
And the same goes with academics. You can be a retard and play football for FSU, LSU, Clemson, and even florida. Come on are you serious?

UM has recruited very well last two years. There were some misses, some whiffs, but you cant get them all. Impossible. Some kids didnt grow up cane fans, others had their parents influence their decision, others just cant qualify.

But I disagree that Miami will go 5-7 to 10-2. I think we are waybetter than 5-7. Butbecause of the QB situation (and what I saw in the springgame), this team goes no better than 9-3.



I know you and Tubby go back and forth, but I find myself agreeing with points you both make and choose our bonds as Canes fans over the disagreements that devolve into demagouguery.

I appreciate the insight on the admin and can really only make an advocate for strategic sense's argument it isn't so.

QB coach?!
Nope. That would be smart and easy - not how we do things round here, LOL. Guess I just destroyed my own argument, huh?

That one's a head scratcher, for sure.

For example, J Fisch's success with SMO vs. a "harder" schedule in 2012 may lend to the 'program management' approach you invoked. Yeesh.

Agreed completely, with the stipulation that a FULL Muschamp this year and not much better in 15 will get the ball rolling on some money gathering.

I will give credit to us screaming fans at the end of last season and through PSUgate, the prompting of professional pundits to peel off at least the the gloss coat on AG's wooden veneer.

This might be heresy, but isn't it scary how one must honestly admit how similar our situation is to OoF, insofar as the expectations that real success engender a sense of tradition that must be upkept at all times, yet can be so easily upset and hard to reestablish?

For all the distinctions between they types of institutions we are, and that we are winning in the head to head, and that we are better human beings - that we are so close to being in the Gators current position come this time next year?

Muschamp has this year to get back to 9-4 at least, though his overall record at OoF is really close to AG's...imagine what we're going to feel like if, despite the progress in talent, we whiff BAD this year.

I just puked in my mouth a little.

Maybe that's partly why piggy obsesses about us.

The real GKC's post didn't allude to placing all blame on the UM administration. It seems that whenever a poster thinks any higher than the coaching and player for accountability for our football program's decline, dudes are hypersensitive towards any assertion that remotely even considers those in positions that hold the most power, influence, and pay grade. As if there's absolutely no way an elite could possibly be at fault for the direction of professional culture, money allocation, and institutional oversight of an organization or business.

"Dear RS apologists" lol! As if their exists a proactive, initial post supporting RS on this blog. Posts that support, defend, or that aim to provide balance when ALL *blame is truly mounted on his tenure*--should not be labeled as apologetic in nature. Changing history and masking perspective and misrepresenting context is bigot behavior.

Who ever said RS was a great coach?

When have U ever discussed the "race card"? More closet terminology. The race card in function on this blog is the incessant, proactive, and premediated posts aimed at disparaging Shannon above and away from all any dynamic that surrounded his tenure. But on the same token, being ever-thoughtful, understanding, empathetic, sympathetic, sensitive, and aware of those that have faced Golden. Both opinion are fueled by the same "race card" motivation of insulating white privilege and thus institutionalized white supremacy.

Same "race card" mentality and motivation that ok'd the colonization of the entire planet under the cloak of "whiteness" --an attitude and behavior--not a people.

Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong's success doesn't quell that, because its inside of people. Their success doesn't prove that racism doesn't exist…ask them if it does. Its so crazy to hear dudes pedestrian, novice and thus insensitive responses to proactive racism by bringing up successful black people or criticizing those who are impacted by it, when they themselves don't go thru it and don't understand its functionality. Just be quiet…please.

U done with the comparison, but U only address one side of the debate--the reactionary one that responds by comparing them…of course.

Any truly "colorblind" (lol), Canes fan would know and notice that the coaching acumen and administrative management of this program has lagged for the last decade regardless of the color of those it has lagged up under. Coker, Shannon and Golden are not championship HCs in my opinion. Their employers aren't as well and understandably. The inept love the inept. Golden is a continuation of Shannon's results on the field of play. Thats plainly evident so far, but whats the motivation for believing that he is the answer, when his record and abilities have been witnessed (so far to the contrary) now?

Could it be that "race card" U speak of? White hype…lol! Keep it all the way real or be quiet.

Oof, I think Fisch kept Morris in a bit of rhythm which is obviously important. This year it was get to line, take a peak, everybody turn around and look at the coach, adjust and run some crap play.

Morris couldn't read the field at all which is why he'll likely not stick at the Jags. I do think reuniting with Fisch gives him his best shot.

We have a great set of receivers, duke and a good, if frustratingly not dominant, o-line. Great opportunity for a qb, even 1 with little experience, to do well. It is all about football iq and timing. Hell, I have more arm strength than 2013 payton manning and he still usually tore up the league. Timing and sccuracy and picking to right guy is what it is all about.

In college, where no one has a D than can stop a good passing attack, someone is going to be open. Pick out the right guy and deliver in time to a playmaker, a la steve walsh. Great decision maker and good timing.

SEC nailed it. Great posts today. Except for the tubby racist.

SEC I'm still waiting for u to make me go away. whats the hold up?

I disagree with you opinion of what people care about, and have proof that people care by reading their responses to my posts and having conversations with them about what I've said on this blog. We have documented proof that my posts are relevant. Now yours is another story all together--no one responds to your posts--whether off-topic or on-topic. #Facts

How has the supposed "race card" impacted or affected U or your life?

The real "race card" has reshaped the entire world, caused countless wars, enslaved countless people, displaced countless people and is the only reason I'm here blogging with y'all racist arse's. So y'all should hate it too.

Its not just a supposed argument tactic. The real race card is an emotional, physical, mental, economic, social agent of humanities biggest atrocities ever. Check history, check death tolls…pull that race card.

FWIW Goons and Minions of the Hurricane sort. hUh
The ACC suits voted to keep the conference schedule at 8 games. A wise move which will benefit both Goldie and Marky Mark. Because a nine game schedule would've been Goldie's eventual Waterloo ( Contrary to what alFRAUD thought about a possible 9 game slate in the ACC. ).

One other notion of the Cane sort. Miami's Labor Day game against mighty Louisville will be thee absolute LITMUST TEST for the rest of the season. Au contraite to what Goldie satraps have to say on the bloody matter. hUh

I thought I take a look-in at that Canespace. Seeing that I have nothing but time on my side and what not. And those canespace blind fools still remain the same. hUh
For instance, the MAJORITY of the posters at that canespace are TOUTING a winning of season of 10-2. That's TEN wins during the regular season in 2014!
Haven't the blind, fools taken into account road games with mighty Louisville and Beamer Ball and that Go BIGot REDneck team.
Then theirs FSU and Carolina Blue on the home slate.
Of course, theirs ALWAYS some WILDCAT opponent which surprises thee Goldie FACTION. When said opponent defeats Miami. Whether that Cane lost happens on the road or in the comfy confines of SLS. dUh

If Miami goes 3-2 against that Quintet of Louisville, Go BigOT Redneck, Va Tech, Carolina Blue and FSU. Then it's a distinct possibiltly Goldie will be voted ACC Head Coach of the year. hUh
But then again, there's ALWAYS that mysterious opponent which hands the Hurricanes an UNEXPECTED lost.

Duh, what is your number?

I wanna know one thing, WHERE ARE ALL THE YOUNG PUNKS THAT SAID MORRIS WILL BE DRAFTED, ROFLMFAO this coaching staff is a embarrassment to all of the U family world wide....... DIV III coaching staff


Most U fans will just be saying you're an excessive user of capitals and an idiot. Golden not going anywhere no matter what the Louisville score.

When I look at the results of the NFL draft, I see a punter who came to the Canes as a grad student, Linder who improved himself, and Seantrel who hasn't yet. I hope Hurns gets a look; he can make a contribution to somebody's roster. Morris is somebody's project, but he has the right attitude to turn somebody's small investment into a winner.

The college football landscape has changed significantly in this century and the CANES have not adjusted well to it yet. They are on the clock.


I gotta get this off of my chest.

RS - hired in the wake of Coker's champ to chump dumpster fire - from within.

From within.

Who better, than RS to reload?

No One.

It was an objectively great call at the time.

From within: a recent championship team that fielded arguably the GOAT in cfb, of which RS was an integral part as DC, and as a former championship player; a true MF-ing Cane.

He saw firsthand what he thought needed fixing and set about fixing.

It didn't workout in the time frame that the world of CFB NOW demands from a consumer/business reality.

4 years.

The argument goes that he was undercut from the get-go, sold out, and cut short, whereas AG now has a free pass to go middlin' about, unencumbered by pesky merit requirements or as an undue beneficiary of some planned or incidental white privilege.

What was good for RS in firing should be good for AG, now, upon his same 4 year juncture, right?

Right. It's a solid argument.

There is this one pesky little angle to consider in the whole RS was a victim of a cruel, racist UM Admin/World.

The whole professional world of CFB, including the UM Admin was essentially rooting for RS from day one.

As for institutional racism by the Admin against him?

I have a hard time with that, without totally dismissing it, because of the point GKC has brought up recently and unrelated - that over the Shalala regime, a huge focus has been on becoming a vanguard academic and social institution, ergo, we have de-emphasized our sports programs at their expense.

But, as I have argued against GKC's point, that makes no strategic or tactical sense from ANY bottom line perspectives.

What better way to bolster the UM image than with the hiring and support of a marquee program's first black coach?

It made perfect sense. It WAS freaking story book. I loved it, as a guilty, white "liberal."

I have a hard time seeing the evidence that the Admin sold RS out because he was black ,wherein the incentives to support his success translated perfectly with the agenda of promoting the University at large.

Unfortunately, Ol' RS was a combination of: bad HC, a victim of institutional racism [granted, for sake of argument}, and a victim of a wholly unrelated circumstance that the consumer driven CFB timetable was not met in the day's standards.

Is that last portion part and parcel of HTC's general assertion that racism entirely pervades and affected the outcome of RS's dismissal?

If so, does it matter enough to be redressed? In what way?

Holding AG to the "same" standard, even though by extension, that is impossible, because he's not black?

What would that look like?

Does asking these particular questions therefore make me racist?

How can I not consider HTC's last post on broad racism
to be uncomfortably true to some extent?

Yet I cannot escape my own life circumstance and merely be an outsider, unqualified to comment, lest I be labeled a part of the racist framework?

What exactly am I supposed to do with that, even if I fully agreed with you, HTC?

For the record, I do see the "Thanks, Obama" racism everyday that makes your point. It makes me viscerally sick and anti-GOP, though I consider myself and true independent.

Yet, I can't stand the job he's done with the great Recession - the lack of prosecution/Financial Services Sector Reform, the Crony Capitalist giveaway to STILL unregulated Insurance companies through the ACA, and the expansion of the worst Civil Liberties record via Bush.

Does that make me racist? I voted for the guy because what the GOP has to offer our country is a sick joke.

Does saying that AG's and RS's stories have amazing and troubling coincidental arcs, yet are wholly unique and therefore irreconcilable make me an AG worshiper?


I enjoy the great arguments about RS and AG. I acknowledge the reality of racism in the world, but at the end of the day, standing behind the dismissal of RS, the hiring of AG, the souring on AG, and the hope that AG or whoever replaces him takes us back to the promised land does not make me a racist, per se.

and please, address the point I made earlier today:
RS was a victim of racism, then what about:

Strong and Sumlin...in TEXAS, brother...TEXAS!

The problem is that reloading was not our only issue at the time of RS's hire. Coaching acumen, intelligence, player development and ability to garner on-campus and off-campus support for the football program was. Everyone acts like they understand player development but our collective pots prove that we don't. i don't care where a player comes from, ALL players must be developed in order to be effective on the college level. That takes coaching ability--X's and O's and motivational skills. RS was able to provide these skills at the DC capacity but not the HC capacity, so U have to ask yourself--what is the difference? The HC capacity has more dynamics that are politically based and thats where RS obviously faltered.

Winning at UM takes more than recruiting great talent, so the administrations assumption that RS's connections to the talent was all that was needed was fundamentally erroneous to begin with. The administration does not understand championship football. All onus of responsibility is on the talents of the players--some of Us have taken on the mindset of Shalala and the other stiffs.

Check recruiting ranking from Coker's days until present and U see that on paper, we have been getting great classes of talent, but we all agree that it hasn't been developed. Kyle Wright, Lance Leggett, Reggie Youngblood, Tyrone Moss, James Bryant, Tyrone Moss, Javarris james, Ryan Moore, RB Charlie Jones all 5 stars..etc etc were great classes. The MNW Shannon class with Jacory and the boys was a great class. The problem was the mediocre culture 9that comes from the top--not the coaches) and inability of the coaching staffs to scheme and develop the talent.

The issue is that we collectively continue to confuse aesthetics and efforts to keep up with appearances for actually being smart and having substance. Shannon's hire was the right thing to do politically and monetarily (to save money). They gave Us the hometown boy who was without the experience and expertise to navigate the aesthetics based world/environment he worked in. they gave us a feel goos story in Shannon's hire instead of a HC with a skill level on par with the players his bosses knew he could recruit. RS got those players (and we ALL went crazy at the time), but he couldn't develop them--and thats just as much his fault as it is his bosses who should have known at the time of his hire, that its more to coaching than player talent. What about helping him with culture, by listening to him when continually opposed Shapiro's presence on-campus?

*True support can be found in how money is allocate to your cause*. People get jobs everyday, but they get raises everyday. There budgets aren't increased everyday. If U check the numbers regarding income/wages, budget, on-campus building projects to attract recruits, uniforms and the direction given to the media in the handling of both coaches--you'll see what the true meaning of support is.

RS hiring was a results based gamble, but a monetary come-up and appeal to the emotions of fans and the South Florida community. When he was hired, UM sent out numerous memos to the media about his tough upbringing and he was universally sainted. When he began to lose and his Saban, Belechick, Popovich (all celebrated for it)-like demeanors began to infuriate the media, UM gave the green light for his lynching. Thats where U find the source of innuendo suggesting that: he was entitled, lazy, had bad relations with high school coaches, marginalized/ostracized those "who wanted to help him", the players were out of shape etc etc.

Its not true support, but actually attrition when U expect a grossly underpaid, budgeted, and politically unsay coach to somehow recruit the 2001 NC team again. Shannon's hire was the quintessential example of elitist naiveté and an attempt at political correctness.

Don't "root"…put your money where your mouth is. Some whites "rooted" for blacks during the Civil Rights movement, but what if those leaders would have called for the integration of the trillions of dollars and wealth produced from 338 years of free labor? The means of production, distribution,manufacturing realized by black labor? What about the restoration of that good old Homestead Act for black people now, like it was previously for whites??? What then? Rooting??

Anyone can root, but what are U gonna give up or sacrifice is the question!

Is that last portion part and parcel of HTC's general assertion that racism entirely pervades and affected the outcome of RS's dismissal? --pronounced OOF
Its funny that I have never made this argument myself, but I did hear that Calvin and others have before i began posting here. Nevertheless, I'd never dismiss it entirely because I'm more than aware that race is entrenched in the fabric of the American society's collective psyche. If it wasn't then we wouldn't have even made a deal about RS being black when he was hired. These occurrences aren't a product of my 35 year old mind, I didn't make things this way.

Your comments can be evidence of your thoughts being involuntarily complicit with the racist framework. U sometimes (as in your last post) choose to make comments instead of ask questions (which are cool--of course I don't expect U to understand of it isn't your daily reality). U made a commit and judgement in saying, "RS apologists"--thats not a question, thats a overtly, oppositional sentiment. Also the labeling of our conversations as "race card" based is another example U feeling qualified enough. race card talk is dismissive, because it suggests and holds a stigma that the said party is in la la land, making excuses, complaining, exaggerating and is voluntarily disenfranchised.

How u feel about Obama does not make U a racist, as long as it isn't race based. I don't like the job he has done in several aspects myself and did not vote for him during his last campaign for presidency. I to agree that he is the lesser of two evils.

Does saying that AG's and RS's stories have amazing and troubling coincidental arcs, yet are wholly unique and therefore irreconcilable make me an AG worshiper?
I enjoy the great arguments about RS and AG. I acknowledge the reality of racism in the world, but at the end of the day, standing behind the dismissal of RS, the hiring of AG, the souring on AG, and the hope that AG or whoever replaces him takes us back to the promised land does not make me a racist, per se.
and please, address the point I made earlier today:
RS was a victim of racism, then what about:
Strong and Sumlin...in TEXAS, brother...TEXAS!

Posted by: It's pronounced OOF. | May 12, 2014 at 04:59 PM

No it doesn't make U a AG worshipper--dude I totally agree and say the same thing all the time. I want whoever replaces AG to take us to the promised land as well. Hell, if AG can somehow learn to coach, i'll support him again myself. Key word…*again* because I used to sing his praises louder than anyone on the Canespace blog.

Finally, I can't address that point because I'm not Shannon, I'd be assuming and I can't possibly give the answer the justice and clarity he would. All black people's experiences with covert racism and its subtle dynamics are not the same in nature. Our collective reactions to these occurrences are not the same either.

Have racists found utility in black people…hell yes! It justifies the employment of black people just as it justified the dangerous Atlantic ocean trips thousands of miles away to steal and buy slaves to build America.

Slavers wouldn't have risked their lives to start a human trafficking trade if the product wasn't experts, hard-working, productive, efficient, diligent, punctual, mild natured, and capable of fulfilling ensigns for them.

*I don't advocate that UM is racist or was collectively racist in their handling of Shannon*, but have u heard Donald Sterling's comments? He saw utility in black people running his business due to their expertise in that field. But then he also discriminated against blacks as a real estate owner, when it came to hosting opportunities. Black people make money, their money is green too, it spends the same way everyone else's does. I'm sure U probably have better access to their psychosis than I do---U tell me lol!

Tubby is a racist. He can't refrain from using phrases like UM gave the green light for Shannon's lynching.

Maybe people had concluded he was terrible on game day, had shut out half the county hs coaches, was an inarticulate CEO who despised the media and had no chance to succeed. He's right positioned now. Let him be.

How does a media lynching mean I'm a racist? Please look the word up for Pete's Sake, must U flaunt your ignorance so incessantly here…skitdaddle…kick rocks! Skim my posts trying to purposely stir misled outrage, distract from the point, misrepresent and repurpose my arguments in the slightest of ways. Deviant and inferiority complex based behavior.

Of course people concluded that, the question was why they did and where was the proof?

This conversation is over your head, please stay in your place and intellectual capacity.

Keep purposely taking things out of context because of your disabilities.

Why would I make a racism-based light of the word lynching in regards to Shannon and I'm from the same demographic he is as a black man myself? Your logic doesn't add up as usual.

So what all you guys think is Al had no handcuffs? Butch had none either right? Took him years to right the ship. You guys watch thirty minute sit-coms. If you think the stuff Al inherited didn't hurt you're fing stupid. Growup. He gets two more years. All the coaches that win right now didn't have this sheet. You guys are the same ones that said get rid of butch. Sit back and shut the f up. It takes time when you have stuff against you. Some don't see!!!!! Did butch turn it around like you wanted? Answer that sheet.

Al Golden played a QB that was hopping on one leg, he could have let Williams play to get him some starting experience, but they kept Morris in to hide the fact about they didn't have Williams ready to play (next player ready)they kept Morris in to have the excuse of his poor throwing and foot work, but guess what, even with Morris Healthy he was pure junk, BUT GOLDEN CONVINCED ALL THE YOUNG U FANS HE WAS THE BEST QB ON THE TEAM, Williams should kick Golden right square in the nuts, for not letting him start some games last year, TO HELP BUILD DEPTH ( THATS HOW U BUILD DEPTH )Instead Golden let Morris hop on one leg to have a excuse that's why his foot work is awful..... POOR PISS COACHING DIV III IS BETTER

Paul U only see what you've been showed. Stop

U are a ventriloquist's doll.

meant: shown.

Tubby full of it as usual. Nobody hear to read ur moronic views on racism. Not sure you even know a thing about football.


Interesting points - but I would like to add that for me, a football HC, even though totally responsible for the program, is not the one developing the players. Player development comes from the assistant and position coaches; the problem I have with what happened to RS is that he was not provided a sufficient budget to bring in the right position or assitant coaches to develop the talent to brought to the "U". There is not doubt in my mind that RS was a far better recruiter than AG and his staff; we had the players in the program, just did not have the lower level coaches to carry the program through development to victory. IMO, the likes of Cook, Mical, Green, Thomas, Bridgewater, Amari Cooper, Johnnie Dixon, Valentine, Khari Clark, Brandon Powell, Harris, or several other 4 and 5 star players would have signed with the "U" if RS had given the budget to get it done. AG doesn't have an issue with a budget; he has the financial support of the Administration. His issues are two fold: (1) Cannot recruit; and (2) fails to put the right coaches in places to get the job done.

these mutherfuckers have lost their minds thinking Shannon is a better recruiter than Golden.

The Shannon and Golden debate has nothing to do with racism. Every true fan wanted Shannon to succeed because he's an alum and would have stayed for years.

It didn't work out so obviously we all got the pitch forks and torches out. The same will happen to Golden if we don't start winning.

Right or wrong, that's how it is.

Hey Championships,

Shannon was a decent recruiter who pulled a lot of big talent. He had a different approach but you can't question his ability to pull blue chip recruits. Whether they worked out or not may be a reflection of his coaching ability and staff.

The classic example for me is Arthur Brown. Everyone wanted him, Shannon landed him. Then he plays him on special teams?!

No it won't if golden doesn't work out, it'll be the same excuses and/or y'all will let him go quietly like y'all did Coker.

U can't make a broad statement that the debate has nothing to do with racism when so some posts have going at RS have racial epithets and undertones in them.

U may speak for yourself, but U can't change want we read with your words….sorry.

Some comments are racially motivated, sorry U feel like U need to hide that fact.

Good post Cane89. I agree and am aware of the role assistants play in player development--just thought it went without saying or was an obvious point not worth specifying.

Hey Junk, Shannon had one good recruiting year and that was the year he brought in the Northwestern kids, Brown and others. Other than that his recruiting wasn't nothing to write about. Each year with Golden our recruiting has gotten better and better, but a lot will be decided this coming year because if the progression doesn't continue to improve then recruiting will definitely be more difficult.

HTC: Nothing on this board goes without saying or is to obvious; I found that out some time ago.

^^U aint never lied 89, hence my usually looooong arse posts.

Championship...matters: Acutally, RS had decent years in recruiting each year with 2008 being a very good year - something to write about. In four years, RS hauled in six 5 star players and some 45 four star players. I am not sure if you can say that each year AG's classes have improved espeacially with the numerous elite players leaving Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties like leaves falling off an oak tree in Winter. With RS, we lost a few players here and there like Sammy Watkins and Peterson, but not in the droves that AG has missed out on in 2013 and 2014; and it appears at this early stage, AG will lose even more elite prospects for our 2015 class. Over four years, RS averaged close to 10 four (4) prospects per class and one plus five (5) star each class. For now, AG has twenty-nine (29) four star players since 2011 (including the 2010 class which AG gets a pass to some degree). AG does have 3 five star players, but Duke and Chad Thomas would have came to the "U" anyway; it would not have mattered if Spiderman was coaching the team - these are "U" players to the core. AG does get credit for luring Howard away from UF. One more point, 95% of RS's recruits came from within FL, take a look at AG's recruits and see the difference (i.e., VA, PA, N.J., etc). Just pointing out some objective facts to add to the discussion.

Dude he had one super year and other than that those recruiting classes were not all that. Plus he never had to deal with an NCAA investigation or negative recruiting that comes with the forthcoming punishment from the NCAA hanging it over the programs head. And his last year he had very little in the way of recruits committed to us. If you just take a step back and look at things objectively anybody can see the job Golden has done in recruiting is much more impressive than the body of work that Shannon did. The fact of the matter is as far as Golden's long term longevity in recruiting will be determined to a great extent this coming season. We win, the defense looks improved and we find a QB who can make the offense hum and recruits will be dialed in to the U. Subsequently should the flipside of the coin fall, well then recruiting becomes more difficult. If the latter happens I still see Golden staying here with little to no heat considering what he had to endure but if the defense is not improved and the offense more consistent then I see one or maybe both coordinators gone.


There's racist comments on here, but that doesn't mean we all wanted Shannon our because he is black. I wanted him out because he wasn't a good head coach.

This is all about winning, nothing more.

Dino absorbs more hate here than anyone, he's white. Does his crap defense transcend race or something?

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