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7th-round UM Cane Seantrel Henderson "quintessential underachiever,'' says Polian; QB Stephen Morris & WR Allen Hurns go undrafted.

The Canes end up with three players drafted this year: Offensive guard Brandon Linder in the third round to Jacksonville Jaguars, punter Pat O'Donnell in the sixth round to the Chicago Bears and offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson in the seventh and final round to the Buffalo Bills.

Naturally, the networks talked at length about Henderson, who was suspended multiple times at UM for what he eventually admitted was because of marijuana smoking. Then it was revealed by ESPN's Adam Schefter last week that Henderson tested positive for marijuana while at the NFL Combine.

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, Jr on Henderson: "This kid was the no. 1 guy. He was who everybody wanted coming out of high school. He was supposed to be the next Jonathan Ogden – that type of player coming out of the prep ranks. If he can stay focused, if he can just be all football and no other problems, then he can be a factor in the NFL. But he got pushed way down, beyond where any player with his physical prowess should be."

ESPN's Todd McShay on Henderson: "For 6-7, 331 pounds he runs pretty well. He’s got power. And when he’s on his game, he’s dominant. He could have been a first-round pick if he had done all the right things right. Even if he had done things right the last six months he may have been a third, fourth-round pick. He falls in the seventh round for one simple reason: you can’t trust him. Maybe this is the wakeup call he needs."

ESPN analyst Bill Polian on Henderson: "...He is the quintessential underachiever. You’ve got to make a decision as an organization, do you want an underachiever in your building or don’t you? They took a chance and we’ll find out. He’s got one chance and one chance only."

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock: "Here's a situation where a kid has more God-given natural ability than you can even believe and he took all that ability and because of all the issues off the field turned himself from a first-round pick to a seventh-round pick. I wish the kid well. I hope Buffalo is able to help him grow up. I'd like to see nothing more than this kid grow into and mature into this massive talent that he has, and become a really good guy.'' 

 As for undrafted free agent quarterback Stephen Morris and wide receiver Allen Hurns, they will join Linder and former UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch with the Jacksonville Jaguars. UM reported they signed contracts with the Jaguars.

 I talked to Stephen Morris' dad, Colin Morris. As expected, he was disappointed. "It's been a very tough day,'' Colin Morris said. "But thankfully, he's getting ready to head off to another city and start working with another team. I know that Stephen is very excited about going to Jacksonville.''

 Also signing free-agent contracts, according to UM, were linebacker Jimmy Gaines (Buffalo), defensive tackle Justin Renfrow (Arizona Cardinals), fullback Maurice Hagens (Atlanta Falcons), tight end Asante Cleveland (San Francisco 49ers), guard/center Jared Wheeler (Carolina Panthers), safety Kacy Rodgers II (Kansas City Chiefs), defensive end Shayon Green (Miami Dolphins), safety A.J. Highsmith (San Francisco), defensive tackle Curtis Porter (Oakland Raiders).    






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I'm only looking at where players were rated at the time the signed the loi, not the end result. I think if you look at those ratings you might find Randy edging out Golden. That seemed like a can't miss, program changing class at the time. I don't think Golden has had that type of class, yet.

yes, you can factor in the whole shapiro situation and say it impacted recruiting. I think that's fair.

I agree we need to win in order to keep it rolling.

I'm going to represent for The U at the Jaguars mini camp. I think Blake Bortles will be a bust. If the Jaguars give Stephen Morris a true look, he can make there roster.

Canesjunkie, why does it have to be all or nothing in one case but not in another.

None is blaming everyone or accusing everyone on the board of racism. The people who I refer to and are overt with it, get addressed directly. It may be all about winning to U, but it isn't for everyone, so why do U continue to make such broad statements about the entire boards intentions as if U know them?

D'No like Shannon, is being used as a scapegoat for Golden apologists. Despite Golden's own words that this defense is his own and has his full approval and support. Thus when U call for D'No's head due to the defense, U are in essence calling for Golden's as well--but U won't hear that.

There are no racial influences in the 4 years removed RS debate, but U see complexity and variation in the argument that D'No is to blame fully and not Golden despite Golden's own words?

Thats selective critical thinking lol.

Stop lumping yourself in with the few racists here. I wanted RS gone as well, and I don't feel like racist because of that feeling. But to continually blame him for the ills of this program until this day is ridiculous and racially motivated.

Hey Junk what's up. Yeah I can see what you are talking about from basically just a star system when the players came out of high school. Myself I am looking at what they do as players once they are in a Cane Uniform. I agree that Golden has not yet had that type of class yet but the NCAA thing has had a lot to do with that as well. The program as a whole is better, now we win on the field consistently and the recruits will come. You have to admit that considering everything Golden has done a great job recruiting in the face of all these obstacles.

It has been some really accurate proof of the examples of why Miami Hurricanes' football was given lesser resources. It is the continued negative attempts by fake fans that are causing there corrections here.

We will have a much better program, once Al Golden gets another job. That believe is prior to knowing who will replace him. He was given so much support that he cannot get fired for years. No other coach, here, ever was supported that much. That is supported without merit. That is completely opposite of the staff he replaced.

That is a point that causes observant fans to defend the truth of the post here.

Htc, yes, Shannon has been gone for a long time. Can't look at him for the current ills.


Yeah, it's different when you look at the stars and what they actually produce in college. They can't all be duke and stacey coley, right. Seantrell was a huge get at the time, look at what he turned out to be. It makes you appreciate the guys we've had in the past.

Golden has done well recruiting. I'm just doubting his decision making lately. The defense is a big thing for me.


good point on Dino being the scapegoat for Golden. Golden kept him, so that means our philosophy and schemes are ok with Golden. The head coach gets that blame now.


I agree Golden gets support without merit, if merit is results on the field for you. Some people see merit as him keeping the program afloat and making some progress in a difficult situation.

That was fine for me in years 1 and 2, but not in 3 and 4. I thought we should've made it to the ACC title game last year. Year 4, we should be there and be competitive or win.

I need to see results now or he's not the guy.

no matter how you put it Henderson was and is a looser. he was part of the UM
cancer that ruined the team and its inner discipline. he should have been kicked off the team the first time. he has no integrity, self discipline, or concept of being a team player. unfortunately he is headed for even more disappointment and if not careful loss of his life. all the talent in the world and no character.


This might be heresy, but isn't it scary how one must honestly admit how similar our situation is to OoF, insofar as the expectations that real success engender a sense of tradition that must be upkept at all times, yet can be so easily upset and hard to reestablish?

For all the distinctions between they types of institutions we are, and that we are winning in the head to head, and that we are better human beings - that we are so close to being in the Gators current position come this time next year?

Posted by: It's pronounced OOF. | May 12, 2014 at 02:48 PM


U've been behind and are still trailing since 1992... but to a complete cane clUck, that's like 2 or 3 years ago...

1 CHAMPIONSHIP in over 24 YEARS for u ... u dig ?

Posted by: bdevilandcanes | May 15, 2014 at 09:53 PM

The culture U blame Seantrel for was on-campus before he arrived as a 5 star Z"can't miss" #1 recruit in the nation. Its obvious using logic, that he is a product of a culture that mirrors and accepts the bad adjectives U used to describe a 21 year old. A lot of kid are coming to UM champions and hard-working (at least thats what the coaches that have recruited have said about them), but leave lazy and entitled in the opinions of our fan base. But no one wants to associate these bad culture with those paid to produce, establish and be the utmost example of it. keep thinking the kids are the issue instead of the elites who make decisions ill-advised decisions that have kept us in scandal like welcoming Shapiro, despite knowledge that he owned a sports agency--for example.

Exaggerating Seantrel's impact as a cane doesn't solve our issues because those issues didn't begin with his arrival. Dudes continue to blast gun shots into the air as if they're killing the sky.

I still can't comprehend why we are playing a 3-4 defense. Sapp said it best, the U is a 4-3 attack style defense, play the run on the way to the QB. I live in New York and I know damn well that the schools in dade county mainly play man coverage across the board with an attack style mentality. So now we need to get larg D-linemen to play 2 gaps, players not found in south Florida and if there are any good ones they are going to the top 3-4 schools like Bama, Georgia, I believe ohio state is now in a 3-4 front. Bottom line we need a coach who is going to play to the recruits strength not force recruits to play to the coaches strength. I also believe we need a different strength and conditioning coach. If I'm not mistaken coach Swasy has a degree in sociology, I don't think that's going to fly in today's cutting edge training.

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