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UM baseball coach Jim Morris wanted very badly for the Heat to win Wednesday. Can't blame him...

   University of Miami baseball coach Jim Morris, a fan of many sports, was watching the Heat game with extra interest Wednesday night.

  Morris wanted the Heat to win as much as any Miami fan – probably more.

   Because Miami lost to Indiana, the Heat are back home to play the Pacers at the AmericanAirlinesArena at 8:30 p.m. Friday for what could be the deciding game in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals.

   Morris’ top-seeded Hurricanes (41-17) open their NCAA Coral Gables Regional play at 7 p.m. Friday against No. 4 seed Bethune-CookmanUniversity (26-31).

   Morris told me he has already talked to folks who have season tickets for the Heat and Hurricanes. He said they told him they'll be at the Heat game Friday night and back at Alex Rodriguez Park on Saturday for the double-elimination regional. 

     “I hope we have a great crowd,’’ Morris said during a news conference Thursday afternoon. "Last night I was pulling really, really hard for the Heat. And now they’re matching up against us… And that does make a difference in this city. It’s a big city but it makes a difference. These people have finally figured out what basketball is all about.

   “When I came to Miami I had a TV show. The basketball coach did not have one, just to give you a comparison. They’ve really caught on fire the last couple years and it does make a difference. Hopefully we’ll have a great crowd for everybody. It would be a fun atmosphere to be in.’’


   Miami left-handed junior Chris Diaz was named a Louisville Slugger first-team All-American Thursday. Diaz is 9-0 with a 2.31 ERA. The Canes won every 2014 regular-season game started by Diaz.

    Diaz, who has a career record of 18-6 with a 2.25 ERA, is the 10th Hurricane in UM history to be named to the Louisville Slugger first team.


   Get well soon to Columbia ace pitcher David Speer (7-2, 1.86), who had emergency appendectomy surgery on Monday and is unable to play in the regional with his Lions. Speer is a senior, and that has to be a heartbreaker for the left-hander and his team. He’s also the Ivy League Pitcher of the Year, having led the nation with four shutouts.

   The No. 3 seed Lions ( 29-18) will go with right-handed sophomore George Thanopoulos (5-2, 2.81) to face No. 2 seed Texas Tech (40-18) at 2 p.m. Friday at Alex RodriguezPark.






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Because Miami lost to Indiana, the Heat are back home to play the Pacers at the AmericanAirlinesArena at 8:30 p.m. Friday for what could be the deciding game in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals.

Morris’ top-seeded Hurricanes (41-17) open their NCAA Coral Gables Regional play at 7 p.m. Friday against No. 4 seed Bethune-CookmanUniversity (26-31).


24 hours til the first pitch, and exc[]_[]se #1 is in the books...

Those aren't excuses, miami wasn't saying needed a crowd to win. he just wanted a good crowd for his kids. God i hate gator trash spewing there crap here because living in gainsville is worse then dying and going to hell.

Dear Bloggers,

If U have nothing positive to say then post on the Miami Herald blog.

UMike..your FSU tix have been revoked for your clear negligence at banning trolls posting a OBVIOUSLY negative agenda against UM which U obviously love. U are now on your own. Bad choice by U.

OGV..We do not want U here. Get gone.

HerbIbis...U too. Find a new home.

4-Real...go to the SS, PBP or MH. U are not wanted here.

No discussion, no arguments, no comments, just go away.

Posted by: SOUP | May 28, 2014 at 09:47 PM

Some of U, maybe 10% of U, should be ashamed to even call yourself Canes fans. Because clearly U are not. U are just angry, selfish, haters. Trolls and regs included.

Posted by: SOUP | May 28, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Haters Gonna Hate.

Go hate somewhere else.

Posted by: SOUP | May 28, 2014 at 10:01 PM

When people here take things for granted then accountability and consequences must follow.

Posted by: SOUP | May 28, 2014 at 11:10 PM

I will take comment moderation off later this afternoon when I get home and can montior the blog more closely.

But I will leave ON "Commenters MUST sign in to TypePad" on for Friday until I am sure things are back to normal and the trolls are gone for good. So if you have not "gone BLUE" by registering with TypePad U may want to today.

Posted by: SOUP | May 29, 2014 at 06:56 AM


In other words, u better do as I do, think and speak...

ANTI-U Decent, Counterpoints and Criticism VIL NICHT BE ALLOWED !!!

Isn't this how Hitler got his start ?

Bethune-Cookman ace Montana Durapau (11-1, 1.71).

Durapau, a right-handed senior from Deltona, Fla., has faced Miami three times in his career. He beat the Hurricanes 7-3 this past March 11th, allowing three runs -- two earned -- on nine hits and two walks in eight innings. He struck out seven.

Durapau also beat the Canes 5-3 on April 3, 2013 in Coral Gables. He allowed two earned runs and struck out seven in seven innings.

In 2012 as a sophomore, Durapau pitched three innings of relief in a game that UM won 5-4. However, Durapau did not allow a hit and struck out four batters in his stint.


grease up. bend over n spread'm wide yet again cl[]_[]cks...

BARREL END first cl[]_[]cks ... b[]_[]tt u likes dat...

ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me me me next ...

Don't let Soup and others annoy you.
It simply means they secretly wished they had attended UM. They might have tried to get in and were rejected. It is sort of like being by rejected by the girl you envy and when you can't get her, you bash her at every opportunity. I take it as a compliment when I see UM haters. They really envy the program and have always wanted to be a part of it but couldn't make it. They really need our sympathy. So Soup, Bring it on; your actions speak volumes of your envy........

3rd. Team Killian N[]_[]body

Living in Gainseville is worse than-( FILL IN THE BLANK):---------------------------------

2) Waking up and realizing you just made love to Rosie O Donnell
3) Having a firecracker shove up your ---- and then having it sewn shut

Wow, what a bunch of losers. The U is playing tonight and so is the Heat, some have already made the decision to go to the Heat game to watch a bunch of overpaid actors, others will go to Mark Light and watch what sports is all about, young athletes playing the game they love, and not getting paid. There will be a good crowd at The Light and the Canes will come away with a win. Go Canes, next stop, trailerville for the next stepping stone for their return to the CWS GO CANES!!!!!!

I doubt the Heat game will have too much effect on the Mark Light crowd since the playoff tickets have been sold out since forever anyway, so it'll be rocking tonight. Let's open this can up tonight Canes, and bust BC ass. GO CANES!!!!!

breaking news: piggy reads canespace during the offseason at 11PM and 6AM, writes about it the next midnight. Not even canes fans read or worry about cane fanblogs that diligently.

if only he put that obsession to curing cancer, but then he is a cancer himself just like aaron hernandez and riley cooper and tim tebow.

Pie face Soup spotting his panties AGAIN? Drama queen lil byytch is exactly what he is. He'll be right back on their nutz in a week or two. What a queen. So how much ad revenue does that little homer site generate? Lol. This guy is a complete little girl. Thin skinned. Incapable of having a subjective view. It's all unicorns and candy canes in Pie Face's world.

Pouncy -
Agreed! LOL. Such diligence, Piggy! Thank you for the update on the other blog that none of us care about. Gestapo comparisons are so profound!

Keep up your very, very important work.

How's Gainsville? TGIF service a little lacking? Waffle House not cooking the chicken thoroughly?

Tell us more...be sure to include Nazi references, so we may comprehend the gravity of the situation.

Posted by: u are u ... pathetic loooser to Bethune u | May 30, 2014 at 02:22 AM

Seems like 2 AM Piggy needs a job. 1983 Gables Grad Miami Born Gator/Cane loser.

Hope you are working on your new 9-11 sob speech, Pig.

Steve Ballmer has offered $1M to anyone who can find a bigger dump than Gainesville using any metric.

You have forever to make the case. He is confident you can't do it.

The guy is on here saying we have the EASIEST pool of teams to play??? I guess he hasn't seen TCU's or FSU's or S Caro's, I mean come on man.

How come nobody calls out the CANADIAN COWARD Alain Dubois who has spent years trolling everywhere as canesrule 21 ships? Fat UMike say, "I didn't see nuffin."

Piggy maggot. Maggot piggy. Bacon. Piggy. Dump. Piggy Maggot.

why call out somebody that doesn't even post anymore? They will never read it.

you attack here to beat a person that doesn't even know you exist.

you fail on so many levels.



The last 20 years ...



u - 0 & 1 ... zero & one ... zip & one ... nada & []_[]no ...

u looose again ...


The S.E.C. announced record revenue in 2013, as $309.6 million will be distributed amongst the 14 schools -- an average of $20.9 million per university. With the league introducing its own TV network this summer, that number could double next season.



It's an S.E.C. Thang that []_[] simply could NEVER []_[]nderstand ...

Lol and they still make less than Texas alone.....wow. Heck big twelve makes more than any conference. But that's a gator for u...." We're number two we're number two",..... Loser.

Loser u are u....living in your short 20 year history....let's talk to date....5>3..... In the last 21 we had two ...the last 23 we have 3....last 25 we have more than U. Love how you conveniently leave of the next 5-9 years. And we own if.

Best of best don't you mean Bama and the restec?

Way to go Canes in a VERY WELL pitched game by BOTH pitchers, and taking Game 1 by the score of 1-0. Up next is TTU. FSU lost earlier, and UF is in a rain delay. GO CANES!!!!

Little bite of crow for the haters.....I didn't see any wrapping paper or bows.

Bannishment seems to suit The Herb. Got blindsided by the boot but will continue my rant here about my beloved Canes. They play good, The Herb will sing their praises, they stink, which has been quite often, then The Herb will tell you just how bad.
Good to see the baseball team bang out a 1-0 win. Here's hoping we score 2 runs tomorrow!


Dynamic Louisiana athlete Derrick Dillon has commanded national collegiate interest, from nearby LSU to Notre Dame. After spending several months surveying his options, he identified a trio of programs as top contenders during his conversation with 247Sports reporter Sonny Shipp (subscription required).

The 5'11", 180-pound Pine High School playmaker pinpointed Florida State, Texas A&M and Florida as favorites. Dillon, a 4-star playmaker, is capable of playing a variety of positions at the next level, viewed as a defensive back or wide receiver in most recruiting offices.

The Seminoles, Gators and Aggies each see him as a difference-maker on offense.

“I like how they all throw the ball a lot and they want me to play the slot which is where I want to play,” Dillon told 247Sports.

He rushed for 1,927 yards and 26 scores last season, adding seven touchdown tosses at quarterback. Dillon also starred on defense, tallying 29 tackles, three interceptions and a touchdown return.

During the past two seasons at Pine, he accounted for 56 total offensive touchdowns.

LOL!........Gaytors just lost to C of C. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Yes and FSU lost too, but don't jinx us dude, because anybody can beat anybody. We got TT tonight, so PLEASE fans pack the Light again and go crazy for the Canes!!!

4&5 star if....doesn't the gators have more commits from 3 star players? Should read 3.5 star if. Saw if lost to community of Charleston. Or was it college of Charleston? Doesn't matter . I bet they don't at that ooc again.

uf ....

Maybe it is charleston southern, like georgia southern. it is according to this gator in tampa.

Gators fall to Charleston Southern in NCAA baseball regional


Canes in the ninth? clutch.
gators in the nine? choke.

Gotta love it. It's like the Heat beating the pacers, good guys win, bad guys lose.

he likes how the gators throw the ball? So does Tracy Howard. LOL!

Would be a shame if gators aren't around for us to beat in the next round. A rare chance since they can't duck us.

Maybe the turd trolls here could update us on girl turd success in marbles or something.

"24 hours til the first pitch, and exc[]_[]se #1 is in the books..."

Hey, Pig, you POS. Come out from your rusted trailer and take your beating like the man...errrr...Pig you are.

Losing to Charleston Southern after you blow on about the Gatr Trash? Really? It's like we all know: Gatr Trash has a long history of failure and cowardice.

Can't be more of a red-faced maggot, can you? Foley will not doubt do all he can to drop CoC from any future schedules or tournaments.

It's how Gatr Trash rolls. Cowards and Looooooooosers.


Maggot? Oh, Trailer Donkey? Come out and play you '83 Gables grad Miami born Gator/Cane/Pig.

What's the matter? College of Charleston have your tongue? No reception in your rusted trailer? No new 3 stars to write about?

Didn't the Gatr Trash Women's marbles team win the SEC? You stoopidity, Pig, is only exceeded by your grotesque obesity.

The blog punching bag.

It was fortunate that Jimbo's Cane diamond nine had LADY LUCK riding with them last night. Otherwise the Hurricanes would be facing TINY Columbia in an elimination game this afternoon. hUh
Thus, it behooves that MORON " n " GOON cola cane and his henchmen to lay off the arrogant YAP and what not. Because I simply don't SEE-r my Hurricanes winning the Super-Regional against mighty Florida! Forget about it. dUh
Nonetheless, a Miami win is still a win. Even if it was on a WILD PITCH and what not.

Running out of material "D"? Now you are down to ifs?

Thus, it behooves that MORON " n " GOON cola cane and his henchmen to lay off the arrogant YAP and what not. Because I simply don't SEE-r my Hurricanes winning the Super-Regional against mighty Florida! Forget about it. dUh
Nonetheless, a Miami win is still a win. Even if it was on a WILD PITCH and what not.

Posted by: TheeMackJones

Hey Flava Flav if you're going to talk about me, besides being coherent, at least tell he truth, because I RARELY if any get arrogant on here DA, so
don't come on here with your by-monthly chime in's, of which most are not understandable.

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