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Miami Hurricanes president Donna Shalala takes over as chairwoman of ACC Council of Presidents

This was released earlier today by UM:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala has been appointed as chairwoman for the Atlantic Coast Conference Council of Presidents effective immediately.

 President Shalala, who was to take the position July 1, transitioned early after Charles Steger announced that he was stepping down as President of Virginia Tech.

 "The Council of Presidents has shown tremendous leadership in positioning the ACC for the future, ACC Commissioner John Swofford said. "I appreciate President Shalala beginning her tenure a few months early and I know she will continue the positive momentum through her energy and guidance. I want to thank President Steger for his outstanding service this past year."

 All 15 member institutions are represented on the council.



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Cue the hate....

Hey whatever happened to the Maryland $50mil exit fee?

Great leader. Good for her and good for []_[]!

Yes, she is a good leader.

Ooooh $ hit ! Hahahhaa

Slowly but surely, Miami is taking over.


Canes 20-1 in past 21 in baseball.

Better in football, better in baseball, just plain better...

Just focus on making us better, let the other programs sort themselves out.

Tough loss last night guys, we had too many errors, but we still managed to almost win. Shake it off, 20 out of 22, about to be 21 out of 23. Lets pound them today, GO CANES!!!!!

errors have been the bane of Ubaseball- thanks to the horrendous coaching by their stale old coach. Errors will be their undoing in the postseason, mark my words. I am pleased with their recent play, and evenn thought that Morris had turned the corner and actually began coaching. But a loss against a nonranked small conference opponent AT HOME makes me want to puke. Remember coach MOrris: There are two teams that you need to beat consitently to even dream of getting back the respect that UM baseball had: UF and FSU. Period. Never mind the powerhouses in Texas and California! or even UScarolina.

Move on and win the series. Win the ACC regular season and use the ACC tournament as a positive springboard into the post season.

GKC- I'll be shocked if they win the ACC tourn- Theyhave UVA and FSU to contend with. If they do, it would almost be as hard as winning the CWS

This kid wants to play both ways. Looks like Devin without the ability to make that last guy miss. Seems like a better all-around player though. More of an athlete.


GKC- I'll be shocked if they win the ACC tourn- Theyhave UVA and FSU to contend with. If they do, it would almost be as hard as winning the CWS

Posted by: Brandonspikesandtebowareboyfrnds

They've beaten both, albeit it was 1 out of 3 both series, but they know they can do it. Once the ACC tourney starts throw the records out the door, and currently Miami is ahead of UV, so if we can hold that until the end of the season we'll be top seed, and who knows someone else can knock off UV. You just never know.

Another series win for the rising Canes. I bet we continue moving up in the polls, unlike other conferences, the ACC is dominating the top of the polls:


3 of the top 5 are ACC. 1 is in the Pac 12, and one from the Big West.

Yup, Big West....

Winston missed how many baseball games? Oh wait, he is a pitcher, they already miss games, that "suspension" was a joke.

A closer, where they played 3 games that did not need a closer, against a mediocre Minnesota team, but is suddenly done with his suspension before they face a much better North Carolina team?

That is like Antonio Morrison getting suspended for the Toledo game But available for the Miami game. LOL!

Donna needs to get her house in order and get good football coavhs and the AD needs to grow a set.

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