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It's over for now. Canes pitchers Andy Suarez, Chris Diaz, B-Rad, Javi Salas & OF Dale Carey drafted.

Sometime before the sun set: Bryan Radziewski called me to make sure I knew that pitcher Javi Salas was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 10th round.

He told me all the guys were making plans to go celebrate. Salas said they all might gather in his "very big'' backyard, two blocks from campus.

"It's been a great ride,'' Salas said. "Obviously we started the season with high hopes and came a little short. But this is a great reflection of the program and coaching. Miami prepared us for this moment.''

5:45 p.m. Friday: I was on the phone with Dale Carey, when he shouted, ""B-Rad just went in! Awesome!"

  That was a cool moment. "B-Rad" is Bryan Radziewski, the left-handed redshirt junior who was just drafted in the ninth round -- 256th overall -- by the Houston Astros.

B-Rad was drafted by the Cardinals last year in the 29th round -- 875 overall -- but chose to return to the Hurricanes. Obviously a very wise decision. Not only did he earn his degree, he will have more money in his pocket and be that much better a player.

 Radziewski, from Miami and a graduate of Florida Christian School, went 8-2 this season with a 2.86 ERA. He struck out 111 batters in 100.2 innings and held opponents to a .228 average in 16 starts.

  He is in seventh place in the UM record books with a career 333 strikeouts.

  His patience and talent has paid off.

"Four years at UM passed in front of my eyes and now I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish.''


5 p.m. Friday: UM's third player, outfielder Dale Carey, was drafted in the seventh round -- 214th overall - by the Washington Nationals. He will be joined by fellow UM player and new Nationals' draftee Andy Suarez.

 Carey led the Hurricanes with a .305 batting average this past season, with a team-leading 16 doubles. He also had seven home runs and 29 RBI and 16 steals and was the only Cane to start all 63 games. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 21st round in 2010, so he has improved his stock big time.

"I was sitting down and eating and I heard my dad scream and my name announced,'' Carey said. "That 'Oh my God! I just got drafted!' feeling came over me. I couldn't wait to hear my name called -- so stressful. Finally, relief.''

Couldn't be happier for him!



3:30 p.m.: UM's second player (and pitcher), left-hander Chris Diaz, was drafted by the Atlanta Braves 163rd overall (fifth round).  Diaz, the Atlantic Coast Conference Co-Pitcher of the Year, was Miami's Friday-night ace this past season. He was not drafted out of Miami Gulliver Prep.

 He is from Florida City.

Diaz finished 9-1 with a 2.41 ERA, and was Miami's first, first-team All-American (Louisville Slugger)  since Yasmani Grandal in 2010.

  The Hurricanes won every 2014 regular-season game started by Diaz. His only loss came in the NCAA regionals.

 Diaz was not drafted out of high school.

Also, Archbishop McCarthy left-handed pitcher Brian Gonzalez, who signed with Miami, was the Baltimore Orioles' first overall pick today -- 90th overall, third round. 


 University of Miami left-handed pitcher Andy Suarez, who was drafted in the second round (57th overall) after 11 p.m. yesterday to the Washington Nationals, is naturally elated to be turning pro. Needless to say he didn't sleep much last night.

   He told me just now in a phone interview that he absolutely made the right decision to become a Hurricane when he was drafted in the ninth round out of Miami Columbus High.

   "Definitely worth coming to UM,'' Suarez, 21, told me. "It was always a dream of mine to play baseball at Miami. When I got drafted out of high school I still didn't know that much about baseball. But Coach [Jim] Morris and [pitching coach] J.D. [Arteaga] and all the older guys helped me mature and taught me so much. 

   "I just wanted to go to school, get an education and get ready. College helps you mature as a player and as a person.''

   Suarez, a 21-year-old who just completed his redshirt sophomore season, finished his season 6-3 with a 2.95 ERA. He pitched nine innings four times this past season, including a complete-game shutout against Bethune-Cookman in his final start May 30 during the Coral Gables Regional.

   "It was very disappointing to finish the way we did,'' Suarez said. "It wasn't how we wanted to end up. I'm sure next year the're going to bounce back and go further.''

   Suarez said he first learned he might be drafted soon when he got a text from a scout -- not from the Nationals -- "saying, 'Congratulations!' And I was like, 'What?'

   "I was at a friend's house and was checking on my phone. When the Nationals' scout called me and told me, I got over 100 text messages and phone calls congratulating me in the next 15 minutes. My phone just blew up.

   "I am honored to be taken so high in the draft.''

    He said he doesn't know anyone on the Nationals, but he was happy it is an "MLB East team so I get to be home a lot if i get a chance to make it.''

   I asked Suarez what's it like to almost be a millionaire (the slotted signing bonus for a player taken at his spot is nearly a million dollars). His dad is a local truck driver and his Cuban-born mom is a pharmacy technician. They are a hard-working family, but not a rich one.

    "It feels great,'' he said about the projected money. "I'm not going to try to spend it on anything except helping my family out. I'm sure I'll get them presents.''

    He has one older brother and a younger brother and sister that range from 15 to 23.

   Suarez said he needs one more year at UM to get his bachelor's degree in criminology and psychology.

   "If it doesn't work out with the Nationals,'' he said, "I'd come back to school.''

    Day 2 of the MLB Draft has just started. More UM players will go today, for sure.

   Some of them that might be taken in the remaining rounds of the draft, that continues through Saturday: pitchers Chris Diaz, Bryan Radziewski and Javi Salas; and outfielders Dale Carey and Tyler Palmer.

   "I'm supposed to go today as far as I know,'' said Radziewski, "but anything could happen. I'm just happy for Andy. There's no one who deserves it more. He turned down a lot of money to come to school, came closer to his degree and learned a lot. I know he wouldn't trade any of it for the world.'' 

   Every one of those young men are class acts.

    Good luck to them all.



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Well, I'll lay 2:5 odds that Andrew will say adios to Coral Gables and Jimbo's program and whatnot. hUh

Because any kid who's drafted in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round is bound to sign for a HANDSOME bonus and contract. dUh

FWIW... it seems that Phil Steele be FINALLY giving Goldie nd' Marky Mark's team some respect and whatnot. hUh

Because LB Perryman has made the prestigious 1st Team ALL-AMERICAN squad and teammate RB THE DUKE Johnson has made Phillip's 3rd Team ALL-AMERICAN team.

So kudo's to both of these fine young outstanding Hurricanes.

what a class act this kid Surez is. as a life long braves fan, they got diaz, i will root for the nats when he pitches. went to school with a surez kid and he was an awesome person so the faimly tree is super awesome. guud luck guys!!

Duke and Perryman are Miami's home grown products with elite skills. Sorry, but Golden and DC have not impacted their development...just benefitted. Golden has a good 2014 class and is doing well with the 2015 and 2016 recruits too. Hire a QB coach....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap ! There goes our entire pitching staff ! What are we going to do, roll out a pitching machine next year on Sundays as our third weekend starter?

We also had a bunch of our recruits drafted and the good ones will never step on the field at Mark Light. Looks like Morris has his talking point ecxuses yet again for next year and the 2014 College World Series hasn't even started.

I still cannot believe we had the table all set with a home super Regional and CWS bid right in our hands and didn't just drop it. We threw it out of the stadium over Metrorail onto US-1. It's just been too damn long and certainly seems like it will be even longer.

Coach Golden, you're up next. It's year 4 and although it looks like we'll be younger and not quite as good as last year, please, no more we are young but getting better quotes. No more we have played 15 Freshman this year like the last 2 years. How about a Miami team OVERACHIEVING winning ALL the games handily that we should and pull off atleast 2 of the 4 we shouldn't huh? That's your job Coach. Beat the snot out of the unranked teams and upset and pull out wins over ranked teams. So far in 3 years, we're 0-9 against teams that finished the season ranked. That's not just plain bad, that's totally unacceptable.

Just get it done.

No matter how you say or put it - these young men with the help of their families and the UM coaching staff are a class act. Proud to be a Cane fan.

More proof that Goldie nd' Marky Mark have coached Miami, Florida to a bloody THIRD-RATE major college football program. Ouch!

Because, mighty CENTRAL FLORIDA is RANKED NO. 20 in Phil Steele's preseaon Top 25 poll. hUh No wonder STORMY weather transferred Central Florida.

Heck, there WAS a time when mighty Central Florida was a AFTER THOUGHT regarding college football in the Sunshine state. dUh

Now, the Hurricanes AREN'T even the second or third best team in the state of Florida and whatnot. hUh

1. FSU
2. Florida
4. Hurricanes

Nonetheless, y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark APOLOGISTS and lap poodles have gotten your COMEUPPANCE and whatnot. LOL And that kneeling down and worshiping Goldie has gotten y'all the FOURTH best team in the Sunshine state. Go bloody figures'.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Goldie nd' Marky Mark are going to finally resurrect the Canes in 2015 with championships and a BCS bowl appearance and Top 5 rankings and what not. So what, FOOLS!!

Mac Jones is dumber than jlo.

Phil Steele too...

In State Football 10+ Win Seasons the last 10 Years...

Florida- 4 ... 13-13-13-11

UCF----- 4 ... 10-11-10-12

FSU ---- 3 ... 10-12-14

[]_[] ----- 0 ... Zip-Zilch-Nada

[]_[] starting to see your sorry last Decade state... []_[] are what []_[] are...

Mediocrity []_[]...

b[]_[]t, just like back in 2005... []_[]'ll be back soon riiieeet soon ?




[]_[] enjoying []_[] new neighborhood the last Decade cl[]_[]cks ?

UM 5
Uf 3
UCf 0

### A rather jarring UM stat mentioned recently by ESPN: Over the past five seasons, UM is 25-24 against schools from the power five conferences, including its own. FSU, conversely, is 39-15.


Princeton - 26

Yale ----- 18

Notre Dame- 13

Pittsburgh - 9

Harvard --- 8

Minnesota- 6

Penn ----- 6

Army ----- 5

u -------- 5

California- 4

G. Tech --- 4

Illinois -- 4

[]_[] starting to see the ANCIENT Company that []_[] keep, cl[]_[]ck ? Just ONE Championship in nearly 25 years is what []_[] are. But look on the bright side, if []_[] happen to win 1 more the over the next 25 years, like the last 25 years, []_[]'ll catch Power House Programs like Minnesota and Penn !!!

When []_[] decide to join the rest of the World into the 21st Century World of reality, []_[] then might then be able to cope with []_[] demise and move on.

Like a drunken addict that hasn't had a fix in forever, only a complete in denial cane cl[]_[]ck can continue to look into the mirror and see what []_[] looked like 3 FULL Decades ago instead of in reality what you have been for over a decade, what []_[] currently are and what []_[]'ll continue to be in the future...

Mediocrity u...

IT'S OVER: & It's over for now.

Lead off HEADLINES in the last 2 Blog entries... That's such a never ending typical cane thang...

Next ?

IT'S OVER: top cane commits again decommiting & open their recruiting...

... That's not just plain bad, that's totally unacceptable.

Just get it done.

Posted by: Johnny C. | June 07, 2014 at 07:08 AM


Start drinking some Jim, Jack and Johnny heavily Johnathan...

whatis your point gator puke, that Miami is in the top ten of the winningest programs in history?

sad or jealous thatu dont belong??

When willgator fans accept that Tim Tebow isnt coming back? And neither is Wuerffel?

Miami yes, 5 ships. 6 really but thats ok. Miami is perennially the most talked about program in history. at least since the invention of TV

You dont see ESPN making a documentary about UF or FSU, Alabma or USC do you eh? Even though ESPN talking heads have despised UM they have always known that they need us.

So UM hasnt won 10 in about 11 years. No, but in 2 of those 9 win seasons we beat the turds. One of those < 9win seasons we beat Oklahoma and FSU.

Play someone OOC and OO state. Then, your weak scare, petty little pu55ie a55es can talk smack.

We say were back like you have since 2009. Difference is you had 4-5 star recruiting seasons. We have not.

We play Louisville and Nebraska away this season. who do you play away and out of conference?

Congrats to all the Canes baseball players. They are a class act team/family and represent the U well! I wouldn't want my son to play for any other coach or school. Well done team!

Dumb ass am I missing something here ? You go 4-8 and loose too hold on wait a minute GEORGIA SOUTHERN at home lmao .....really shows how pathetic U.of.fools are Dude check your team "they suck" don't worry about us we will be alright .... Nice out of conference schedule you turds really stepping it again Idaho Eastern Michigan & Eastern Kentucky can't blame you though after getting your ass kick last year to mighty Ge-south and look 9 games in the state 2 in Tennessee and one in bama gotta save on travel expenses and use it to get kids to go to Canesville let's be honest I have been there 3 times what a stag net hot pit I mean there is nothing to do there hang at the flying j truck stop go mud ding ( rebel flags and all no jokes ) or sit in a swamp and watch your beloved team kick field goals and loose 16-9 exciting Sec games ... gotta be the money has to be ... go back to your moms garage and suck on your boil peanuts and stop posting on other teams sites while your using the outhouse... do you get your mom two cards on mothers day ? Mom and wife or do they sale combo cards at the flying j in great Gainesville

We sell. Combo cards.







It's sad when we are religated to listing stats from yesteryear to defend our place in football immortality.
I don't think there's a Miami fan that doesn't know that we have 5 ships and lead the state in that category.
The Herb could careless what UCF, FSU, Flo or any other schools record is in the last how many years, I only care what we do, which hasn't been much, in the last decade. Defense and our QB situation, has been our down fall. I don't know what head coach in America, would of kept DENO, after last year. The only positive thing that I can say about him is he doesn't appear to recruit any of the players he has to work with, that's the only bone The Herb can throw him!

Ibis guy... You just said you couldn't care less about stats from yesteryear and turn around and complain about UMs last decade. Troll Georgia southern blogs. They may not catch stuff like that.

Thanks for the clarification flying j ... Ha 4-8 means you suck real bad!!

Theres also an outback there. Real good steaks up in dar.

Posted by: 7 game losing streak and counting. ranked? lmao! |

Why put down The Herb when he is 100% correct to complain about your no defense, your clueless coordinator and your past 2 QBs? Is it because you are a delusional idiot apologist with your head stuck up your arse?

you sound and write like one of those hicks you are complaining about and it seems you have first hand experience about what goes on at the flying j......

Posted by: Calgallharriet leave this blog

why so fixated about playing out of State and out of conference you retard?
what about playing a competitive schedule, having a strong SOS.
must be because you play in one of the weakest conferences in the land.
must be because you have the weakest SSO of the "big 3" and UCF
big 3 is such a misnomer when you are included, you should be replaced with UCF
typical retard cane trash talking SOS hen his is pathetic.
" we play Nebraska and Louisville" forgot to add " and no one else"

why are cane followers so stupid?

It's Over

begin every cane blog entry with this headline and you will be accurate most of the time...............

"what about playing a competitive schedule, having a strong SOS."

Well, now that we have UFilth off the schedule, our SOS will be better.

As for UFilth's schedule, outside of 4 games (FSU, Bama, UGA and LSU), do you think playing the Missy's is tough? Kentucky? Vandy? Arky that lost to Rutgers last year? Is this the tough schedule you speak of, Gatr maggot?

Again, y'all's Goldie nd' Marky Mark have run the Cane pigskin program over the turnpike cement barriers and whatnot. Ouch.

And here's just another EXAMPLE of how my Miami, Florida Hurricanes have become INSIGNIFICANT on the national college football radar. Heck, perhaps the Hurricanes have totally DISAPPEARED off the radar and what not. dUh

For instance, TINY Marshall is RATED NO. 19 in Mr. Phil's latest preseason Top 25 poll. That's tiny Marshall College at NO. 19 and well beyond Miami's ranking. hUh Go bloody figures'.

Nonetheless, y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark APOLOGISTS and sycophants keep on HARPING on the Canes this and that, and how the Canes will return to dominant prominence under the BELOVED goldie and Marky Mark. smh/LOL

Fortunately Phil Steele has a TOP 40 rankings and not a Top 25 or Top 25 + 1 ( SEE CBSSports college football's Top 26. ).

Because Miami is NOWHERE to found in both the Coaches and AP Top 25 polls! Ouch!! Even USAToday's Top 30 preseason rankings DON'T have the Hurricanes among the best Top 30 teams in the country. Go bloody figures'.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I hear y'all Cane GOONS and FOOLS bellowing that Goldie will bring Miami back in 2015. And the Hurricanes will win a conference championship and play in a BCS bowl game and will be ranked among the TOP FIVE all season and whatnot. dUh

College football polls of SIGNIFICANT relevance.

1. ESPN Coaches

2. PHIL STEELE'S ( Thankfully 4 Cane Hooligans, Phil has a Top 40. )

3. AP college pigskin poll

4. CBSSports college football Top 26.

5. Sports Illustrated's Top 16 Power Poll

Posted by: UFilth

More of the same uninformed, uneducated, cane retard.
If you go by the final poll of the year UF plays 6 top 25 teams to UM only 3.
If you go by the preseason polls UF plays 5 top 25 teams to UM only 2.
UF does not play Ole Miss or MSU, however those two teams are ranked higher than the canes in every possible poll out there, both of them are regarded as much better teams than the canes by both the writers and the coaches.
Vandy was ranked in the final poll of 2013/2014, won its bowl game and is also regarded as a much better program than the canes by every writer or coach out there.
Vandy, Ole Miss and MSU are not only better than the canes but better than the majority of ACC teams as well. Yet they are in the middle of the pack in the SEC.
Keep talking without facts or knowledge, the mark of a true retard.
Again, why are cane followers so stupid?

Fact Check,

I agree with the writers and coaches on their evaluation or assessment of my canes. I agree with the SEC demonstrating a solid football conference too. What did the writers and coaches say about UF losing to Georgia Southern? What are the writers and coaches views about Al, UF, and LSU NOT scheduling or playing non-conference games at their opponent's home field? Why play at a neutral site, which is closer to your fan base?

The facts are: Vandy, Ole Miss, UF, and MSU do not have more NC combine than my CANES in college football. How many teams in the SEC have called to schedule my canes in the past? By the way, the game is won on the field...not by a writer or coach opinion.

@ RHCanes... Well, mighty LSU wanted to play Miami this season on a NUETRAL field in Atlanta( This game would have been televised NATIONALLY by ESPN. ), but Goldie nd' Marky Mark DECLINED the offer! Go figures'.

Now, Ole Miss will play mighty Boise St. on a nuetral field in the A-T-L. hUh

Still, it's very good that Goldie decided against playing a serious Top 10 contender in LSU.

Simply because the outcome would have been EMBARRASSING for the Hurricane program, again. ENTER the recent 2013 bowl game and past games against KANSAS ST. and the Fighting Celts. Games which the Canes were MOLESTED quarter after embarrassing quarter. dUh

Hogwash. RH has a point. As you have pointed out those neutral sites aren't so neutral. And I believe there were scheduling conflicts as to why we didn't accept LSU's offer to play at a "Neutral" (not so neutral)site. Hell, isn't Dolphin stadium practically neutral? The OOC games SEC teams do play are supremely weak. The Vandys' Kentucky, Ole Miss, Miss. St. and Tennessee's do NOT spark fear out of other teams. Will the ACC continue to dodge tough opponents, because we have the most Pre-season all americans, #2 in drafted NFL players and current BSC champion?


The facts are: Vandy, Ole Miss, UF, and MSU do not have more NC combine than my CANES in college football.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | June 10, 2014 at 04:20 PM


Princeton - 26

Yale ----- 18

Notre Dame- 13

Pittsburgh - 9

Harvard --- 8

Minnesota- 6

Penn ----- 6

Army ----- 5

typical cane mentality Fact in delusional candycaneland : The above teams are as good or better than u because they, like u, have multiple ancient football titles from decades ago.

1 'ship going on 25 years P-[]_[]... In 2020 it'll be well over 30 years with just 1 'ship...

More of the same uninformed, uneducated, cane retard.

If you go by the final poll of the year UF plays 6 top 25 teams to UM only 3.

If you go by the preseason polls UF plays 5 top 25 teams to UM only 2.


what is it about those facts year in and year out that don't compute in ur pea-brains ? u play 2 or 3 ranked teams a year MAX and still haven't pulled 10 wins in a season in well over a decade compared to Florida's 4, UCF's 4 and FSU's 3 over the same time period...

u are that former 80', present day fat, bloated, sweaty, jelly rolled mini-shirt/midrift wearing, cankles overflowing cuban creature cookie standing in line at the club looking in window telling urself, "WHATEVAH...oh jeah mang, I steal looookz goood."

2014 GATORS Schedule Verses Top-25 Ranked Teams...


2- LSU

3- Georgia

4- S. Carolina

5- Missouri

6- Vandy

7- FSU


[]_[]nranked u ?

1- FSU

2- Nebraska



u were actually saying something about... Strength Of Schedule ?

Floridu playing against LSU, Bama, Kentucy or UScar at home or away is nothing. NADA. Coaches all know each otrher, players other than truye freshman know the atmosphere, its like going to your cousins house. Dont geive me that self absorbed media driven hoo haa about the SEC. Theyre all familiar w each otehrs style of play, and even familiar with the plays themsoelves. GARBAGe excuse.

Go play U Louisville AT Louisville., NOt in a bowl when you pu55ies HAD to and got pasted

Go play Nebraska AT Nebraska

Go play Oklahoma State in Dallas

And no, morons gaytors, Atlanta is NOT a neutral site for LSU. But youidiots toothless necks can believe that if you want

Bottyom line is this (regarding SOS):





Technically........ They were 4-9 last year. Didn't they lose to a third current ACC team in their 2014 bowl? That was last year too. Let me do the math but I think that is a below .300 team.

Oh I feel the spirit now ..? Preach on brother !!
Just a side not u suck f umm I think you lost most of those games lmao
And your gifted post about rings in the last 23 years you listed 8 teams as "outstanding examples" but I am guessing here genius that you know in that time table all 8 of those teams won NO ships ..... lmao gotta feel bad for fools
Fat chic sorry for talking about your Walmart ( flying j ) like that I know mom jokes are hard for you and so is eating corn on the cob with that tooth.... that was just wrong

Oooooooooooh. 307......barley hangin' in the .300 club.

Lol....2013 bowl.

I get it, and it is very clear! SEC teams will not travel outside the southeastern region (conference opponents). If they play an D-1 Non-conference team, it must be close to their fan base (neutral?). AL and LSU will travel to Gainesville, but not Miami, and by-pass FSU.

Neutral sites does not benefit the real fans, college students, and local businesses. If the SEC or any other conference wants to schedule...agree to Home and Home as the only option. As season ticket holders, we should demand a better home schedule across the board. I rather see Al, LSU, OSU, USC, ND, UGA play the canes...then watching a spring game with FIU, FAU, or FAMU.

Agree, coach Golden need to strengthen the schedule, which will enhance recruiting too. I noticed everyone wants to schedule the canes doing our lean years, which is no problem. It's funny, I never recalled the SEC requesting a game nor playing at a neutral site from 83' to 2002! Well, TN and UF stepped up to the plate a couple of times. LOL

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