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Former Krop standout, Niagra forward Joe Thomas signs financial aid agreement to play for Canes

Joe Thomas, a 6-foot-7, 235-pound forward, has signed a financial aid agreement to play for the Hurricanes, coach Jim Larrañaga announced Friday.
"Joe joins us at the perfect time," Larrañaga said in a statement released by the school. "We needed a front court player with experience and a fifth-year senior was exactly what my staff and I hoped for. He provides us with some size and strength and rebounding toughness."
Thomas, a fifth-year transfer from Niagara University,  will have one year of eligibility with the Hurricanes, beginning immediately. At UM, Thomas will be reunited with former Miami Krop High  teammate and point guard Angel Rodriguez.
Thomas averaged 3.4 points and 2.7 rebounds in 30 games last year during his redshirt junior season at Niagara. He led the Purple Eagles in blocks, and his 54.8 field goal percentage was second-best on the squad.  

As a prep player at Krop, Thomas averaged 12 points, 10 rebounds and four assists as a senior. He and Rodriguez led the Lightning to a 26-6 record and its first trip to the Class 6A state Final Four.

Thomas joins eight new players on Miami’s 2014-15 roster. Five are recruits: Kamari Murphy, Ja’Quan Newton, James Palmer, Omar Sherman and Ivan Cruz Uceda. Two are Big 12 Conference transfers –  Rodriguez and Sheldon McClellan. Redshirt freshman Deandre Burnett sat out last season with an injury.

> Earlier this week, UM announced the team had an accepted an invitation to participate in the Brooklyn Hoops Holiday Invitational hosted by the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday, Dec. 22. The Canes will take on Providence.


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GREAT ! Now instead of looosing by 20 points a game on average, ur sorry basketball team will only looose by 16.6 a game with ur new stud scrub...

u r u...YOU are a complete numbskull! If you had a half a brain-cell, you know the facts about these incoming players and realize the Canes are going to romp on the court.

But, stupid people like 'u r u' are simply jealous of the "U"


"Romp on the court"???????????
Julienne you need a reality check and maybe a visit to your local shrink. Talk about delusional.
Were you named after a vegetable peeling technique???
A vegetable has more intelligence than what you demonstrated with that silly post.
The "facts" about the incoming cane players are that they are young and have a team made up mostly of a bunch of small guards. In that sense this new transfer makes a lot on sense. But the fact remains that Larranaga has struck out on a bunch of top rated front court players who have gone elsewhere.
This kid from niagara falls had no offers from any top team He fits right in with the rest of his new teanmates.
The goal for your basketball team in 2014 is to make the NIT and stay out of the ACC cellar. Anything else is delusional.

Yes Julienne, u r u appears to be a very "looose" cannon who thinks we will "looose" a lot of games, but to me, he sounds like a real loooser.

U are u is jls14234 from the gator blogs. His team went 4-8 so now he bashes teams that beat his on the field. He is sad and pathetic. He vacations where he has no cell signal so he can hide for weeks at a time when people call him out. The Canes will beat his gators in basketball this season and he will hide again as usual.

Also, I think its cute he usesacc sucks screen name sometimes when just last year Louisville, FSU and UM beat his team.

UM should play Alabama in 2017 and LSU in 2018.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: Louis Davis | 06/27/2014 at 11:36 PM


0-1 n 0-1

no wonder u are known as del[]_[]sional u ...

Defnititon of delusional

When your team loses to a di1aa opponent at home, after your recriting classes havebeen topten the last4 yrs,

The same team that lost to wofford and furman lol.

And to come on here and talk about "loosing"

That is delusiional

Miami owns you, gatorz. Get used to continuing on tnis lozzing streak

Isn't it funny they lost 8 games last year?

every once in awhile, It just hits me...why does this guy care so much? It's funny.

The best retort to "I hate you" is: "at least you care."

Great pick up by Jim L. Selective use of the guy who has already graduated so can transfer and play right away, is becoming quite the thing. Well done.


U are looser ... stop exposing yourself for the poser u r... I can tell your younger years must have been rough a little red neck boy running around the trailer park filthy with that not so bright orange shirt holding a slim Jim thinking one day you might wear some shoes your old man drunk on bush light pissed at the world because dem canes just won again, so as the years pass the anger and spite just builds with every champion ship the school wins you can't even wear your orange and blue anymore because of all the hazing you get then it happened you had a short run of 5 years when you were good and you could wear your gear again and be proud !! That's when you learned and felt like what it is to be a Cane ( not bad is it ) but since tebow has left and coach is at Ohio state ( ouch ) you have hit rock bottom I mean we have had some bad years too but not like the 2013 terds lmao oops sorry anyways I feel the sorry pathetic troll looser u r is because of my canes and my fellow fans so for that I am sorry u r stupid because u have spent u life just trying to be us and when u became good didn't know how to handle it.. u r stupid it is going to be OK exhale stop hyping a league that you have become the door mat in ( we were 1-0 against the mighty sec last year guess who we beat ) rumor has it after geogia southern beat that ass in the dump there was a conference call with sec heads about how embarrassingthat was for the sec so go back to terd trailer park pick up some bush light and slim jims and fallow in your family tradion because it again will be a very long year for terds and do your family a favor o buy your son a nice orange shirt but this time make sure it has a U on it so unlike you he can be a proud and productive person in the future ... good day troll know disappear

[dih-loo-zhuh-nl] Show IPA

having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions: Cane fans who think they will get an on campus stadium or a competitive team this century are delusional.

Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness: He was so delusional and paranoid that he thought that his team "was back" every year for the past ten years.

delusion (dɪˈluːʒən)

— n
1. a mistaken or misleading opinion, idea, belief, etc: he has delusions of grandeur
2. psychiatry illusion See also hallucination a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason :Even though his team has never sniffed the ACC ship game he thinks they are competitive and this is the year.
Even though his team hasn't had a player drafted in the first or second rounds for 8 years straight he thinks the coaches are excellent at developing talent.
Even though his team has been blown out of every bowl game they have played in the last 8 years he thinks his team is going into the playoffs.

3. on a canes blog where No one cares about Oof. Fighting a battle for a cause that doesn't exist.

You forgot that part. You're welcome.

Gator football performance vs Canes

1. 21-16 loser in most recent game
2. 26-29 disadvantage in all games played
3. Loser of 7 of the last 8.
4. Enjoyed playing Miami until 1987, when saw the writing on the wall and bailed
5. Regular season non-conference (required) games played outside the state of Florida in last 20 years:
-- Florida- zero, nada, zilch
-- Wash, UCLA, Baylor, Ar St, Penn St, Tenn, Oklahoma, Ohio St, Kansas St, etc etc.

I wonder if Florida is the only team ever to be ranked in the preseason top ten just to go 4-8. Georgia Southern at home. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha it's still enjoyable.

Delusional is not accepting that 4-8 is you record. Delusional is thinkining you can beat Georgia southern. Delusional is not admitting Aaron Hernandez is family.delusional is thinking this is driskels year. Delusional is expecting to make a bowl game in 2014. Delusional is thinking all of a sudden "this" offensive coordinator is gonna help. Delusional is thinking your nOline will be better. Delusional is thinking you have the top school in the state . Delusional is pretending your teams blog doesn't exist. And you wanna talk about delusions? Especially when you make claims and then say we are delusional because you posted all our qb's are heisman candidates . only you claim the things that make us delusional. Better get some help. Dementia is the next phase of your illness.

I am still surprise at Manny and Susan putting all the focus on the QBs. The QB position has not been our problem over the past 3 years...it's the defense...PERIOD. With an average defense, the U could have at least posted 9 or 10 game seasons. The foundation to a championship program is the defensive players and unit. We can recruit all the QBs, RBs, WRs, and OLs, but the defensive unit controls the game and wins championship. Just ask Texas AM, Auburn, Baylor, Oregon, etc., with high scoring offenses and no defense. Alabama won championships with their defense and an average QB who was not asked to win games or take unnessary risks.

Heaps and Williams have not produced enough to get the ink they are receiving. I am interested in the development of the existing and new defensive players. I am hoping major changes to the "whole sale" rotations of the defensive players. Tyriq must start over Chic; Burns should be one of the starting CB; Hester can push Howard at the other corner; and Gayot and Carter can put pressure on Crawford, Bush, and Jenkins at safety. The two DEs from BTW and Harris can bring it too. McCray and Grace may be small, but they can make plays in open space.

Best scheme for 2014:
- Run the ball with short/intermediate passing routes off play action on offense. Put Coley in the slot to create mismatches, and he would be in a position for reverse plays too. Please use Duke on screens and passing on first downs. Who is the offensive coach in the booth?

- Play defense with speed and aggressive playing, by putting pressure on the QBs to make quick decisions. Coach Golden running the defense from the field, and his DC should stay in the booth.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | June 26, 2014 at 01:07 PM


I think the defense generally had their moments and carried the team early in the season. When your running game lacks punch in the trenches the way we did to keep getting first downs it puts the defense on the field more than you want and may expose a defense like ours that lacked depth. I think with a better running game and more depth you decrease the play count for guys, which will allow them to play harder, faster and more consistently throughout the game.

Our defensive woes were multifactorial and []_[] are a better team today than they were at the end of last season. Far more depth, experience, and competition across the board. I don't think that's debatable, especially when you return so many starters on defense. That said, why are we handicapping the current team based of the performance of a weaker team last season?

Let's see what the depth chart looks like coming into training camp. I'm sure we will be much better than last season.

Delusional ? Mmmmmmmm let's see
D - disastrous as in your 2013 season
E - envious of Georgia southern ( hold up hahahaha )
L - lying looser lizards
U - The Team that U can't be
S - Sorry State School ( Sec step son )
I - ignorant idiots
O - Often offensive oxymorons
N - No in state wins last year because you suck Ibis Balls!
No go blog on Georgia Southern fish wrap .... Oops forgot U Can't

LMAO tampacane.....funny stuff...

Athlon college pigskin magazine recently came out with it's RISING Top 20 defensive players and 5 honorable mentions. dUh

Unfortunately for Cane bUbba's. Goldie nd' Marky Mark DIDN'T have any defensive players among the 25 selections. Bloody go figures'. hUh

Again, absolutely NO Hurricane defensive players among the rising defensive stars with potential for All-Conference teams and what not.

Oh, Va. Tech's Bud Foster had TWO defensive players ( One Top 20 selection and one HM. ) and Clemson and mighty FSU had one UNDERCLASSMEN each on the TOP TWENTY list. Ouch.

FWIW... Miami, Florida will continue to be just another ABOVE AVERAGE squad in ACC. Nothing more, nothing less.

And y'all Hurricane bUbba's cane look to Goldie nd' Marky Mark's SUSPECT team defensive schemes, ploys and what not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I understand completely Coach Randy Shannon and the diminutive FLIM FLAM artist is to blame and what not. dUh

- Play defense with speed and aggressive playing, by putting pressure on the QBs to make quick decisions. Coach Golden running the defense from the field, and his DC should stay in the booth.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | June 26, 2014 at 01:07 PM

Not DISRESPECTING you RHC and what not. However, your sound take above is a bloody FALLACY... a fallacy. hUh Simply because Goldie nd' Marky Mark's defense DOESN'T subscribe to " playing aggressively with speed and NASTINESS. )!

Why do you believe UNKNOWN opposing QB's seem to have CAREER DAYS and All-Conference games against Miami since both Goldie nd' Marky Mark arrived in Coral Gables. ENTER Beamer Ball's QB last season and the UNKNOWN QB kid playing for Maryland back in 2011, for instance.

By the way, Va. Tech starting QB last season had ONE of the WORST games of the season the following week against Maryland in Blacksburg. Talk about irony.

Oh, the MIGHTY Turtles happen to UPSET Beamer Ball in that game and had THREE DEFENSIVE starter on Injured Reserve for the game against the Hokies in Blacksburg. Go figures'.

FWIW... I happen to watch 75% of that particular Beamer Ball vs. Maryland encounter last season on ESPN3.

Oh, the Turtles played an AGGRESSIVE, NASTY " 4-3 " defense and played with SPEED against Va. Tech. Tangibles which RichmondHeights Cane alluded to above. dUh

And lo and behold, Va. Tech's QB didn't have the stellar game he had the previous week and was OUT of SYNC the vast majority of the game. I wonder why. hUh

Get off the dope Mac....your English is getting worse.

Zakkee, great to see your continued deconstruction of the cult of the loser football coach at UM has attracted such a fan base that they can't help but try and imitate you.

Yea I must've unintentionally hurt the boys feelings pretty bad. Hopefully he'll thank me later for the tough love. Its Canes Thing…soon they'll understand.

The best part about the whole miserable existence of the troll is that he's obsessed with trying to rub it in on a team you don't bother to even consider a measuring stick to the team you support. So the guy needs to work on his gimmick, in between getting some therapy for his desire to gay marry the horrible football coach.

^^Exactly, couldn't have said it any better.

A new low. Butt boys tub imitation Duh Thee using gay marriage as a disparaging comment.

Mac....your English is getting worse.

Posted by: Just say no! | June 29, 2014 at 02:27 PM

So what's new, FUNCTIONAL idiot!

Oh, I dig how you conveniently SIDE STEP the grand ISSUE of Goldie nd' Marky Mark's LAME ARSE defense since Thee Carpetbagger's arrived in Coral Gables. Go figure's.

Damyum, only Goldie nd' Marky Mark can take a LEGITIMATE Top 25 defense in 2010, with 7 returning starters, and make it an UGLY TOP 60 defense in 2011! smh/LMFAO @ you and the Goldie nd' Marky Mark loyalists. hUh

But keep on harping on moi's sub-standard Anglaise, bUbba. dUh

Get off the dope Mac.

Posted by: Just say no! | June 29, 2014 at 02:27 PM


Your such a SIMPLETON. Chit, ONLY good ol' boy REDNECKS employ ' dope ' in the 21st Century, Dope! LOL

Again, since both Goldie nd' Marky Mark stubbornly refuse to TWEEK their ARCHAIC Penn. St. defense. Miami will probably finish the regular season with a winning record of... 8-4. Ouch.

The Last Decade ...


College Football Conference Championships Appearances - 0

College Football National Championship Appearances ---- 0

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ----------------- 1

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 0

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 1



College Football Conference Championships Appearances -3 ... 2 S.E.C. CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football National Championship Appearances ----2 ... 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------- 4

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ------------ 8

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 4 ...

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 4



2014 Rankings...

GATORS - #23

u - []_[]NRANKED

The Last Decade ...


College Football Conference Championships Appearances - 0

College Football National Championship Appearances ---- 0

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ----------------- 1

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 0

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 1


Its a 21st. CentUry Canes Thing…soon they'll understand.

bUt ....















Its a 21st. CentUry Canes Thing…soon they'll understand.

Posted by: u are u ... the sorry state of ur P-u ... | June 29, 2014 at 04:39 PM

Tragic to say, but there's a bloody ring of TRUTH to the above point. And Hurricane football matters probably won't become any better as long as Thee Carpetbagger's remain in Coral Gables.

Yes, yes the Hurricanes will win under both Goldie nd' Marky Mark. Yet, those winning seasons won't see Miami becoming one of four college football teams playing for the NC. Ouch.

But then again, I'm probably wrong as usual. But I doubt it. dUh

A new low. Butt boys tub imitation Duh Thee using gay marriage as a disparaging comment.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | June 29, 2014 at 03:37 PM

I agree this is a new low for U, just admit that U are out of ammo and that water pistol is empty. U had a spark when U started…now U just garbage.


2004-2013 u and fUtUre Season's ='s THE RULE ...

The Last Decade ...


10+ Win Seasons - 0



11 Win Seasons - 1

13 Win Seasons - 3

yes, yet again ... u LOOOSE

Tubo, I don't acknowledge your characterization of what I write. You must admit that your faux intellectual persona is designed to distract from your rather pablum hatred. Same factless assertions. Same hate. Same subject change.

Combine it with your Duh character you almost have a whole team. You can always buff Calvin's shoes and tell him how right on he is after he regurgitates what you say, albeit with far more errors of the language.

Just wanted to drop in and see if anything different. Golden coaching. Players getting ready to play. Basement dwellers still haters.

Nope, all the same.

RHC and MP -
Good points on the canes. The defense shouldn't be much worse than last year's. If we can get a more efficient offense that controls TOP - running and short to intermediate passing - our defense shouldn't expose any coaching flaws as much.

I will be thrilled if AG's and Dno's defense is any better than what has been shown.



Still the same, the broken clock is right once today, check back in 12 hours again and maybe the no value added blogging comment leader in the clubhouse will be right again about how nothing has improved in Miami's coaching or playing of the game of football.

Zakkee, dude has a chubby in his pocket for you but doesn't know how to square that along with his lust for lard tail Al it reads to me. Must be tough being owned like that.

Glad Sybil broke out some new names. More boring than usual otherwise.

If you cane fan welcome to the troll / looser / terd / idiot / blog ... Wow I guess the Gainesville Gazzet does not have a on line blog? Don't be distracted by losers who keep stats on the rivals or get off by posting stupid stuff and just sit there gripping there flip phone waiting on a response..If you are new to this blog it might all seem childish and just straight up dumb.. well it is ,,,,,,,,,but try and understand these are the same red neck kids who got teased about there tooth and about having a mommy sister ( gross ) they really have nothing else to do no yard work in the trailer park I guess so take it with a grain of salt.. This is The Cane Blog we just let them post to entertain us, there must be at least 15 minutes laughable stupidity written already on this one alone Gotta love a 4-8 team who embarrassed its own Conference talk smack kinda shows why they are who they .... Go Canes!! Oh and don't worry if you can't figure out half the stuff they post its not slang or abbreviations its the sound of there Chew hitting there cup it makes a CLUCK sound dUh ?


Maybe this one was good to get away.


How'd that work out last season?

The []_[] owns the blue nation.

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