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Hurricanes 5 minutes away from Coral Gables Regional baseball showdown with Texas Tech

Good evening from Alex Rodriguez Park, where the gray clouds are indeed ominous. 

The Canes, who finally broke out the bats against Bethune-Cookman this afternoon, are on the field being announced now for their do-or-die 7 p.m. showdown with the Texas Tech Raiders.

UM defeated Bethune-Cookman 10-0 this afternoon, eliminating the Wildcats and leaving just the Canes and Red Raiders in the regional.

If Texas Tech (42-18) beats UM tonight, the Red Raiders will claim their first NCAA regional championship and advance to a super regional next weekend.

If UM (43-18) defeats Texas Tech tonight, the teams will meet again in a winner-takes-all regional championship game at 7 p.m. Monday.

The Canes finally broke out their bats in the first game, garnering 10 hits, including ACC Freshman of the Year Zack Collins' two home runs that drove in five runs. Now Collins is tied with Mike Papi of Virginia with 11 home runs. 

And left-handed senior pitcher Bryan Radziewski was spectacular in allowing only three hits in nine innings for the shutout. Radziewski raised his record to 8-2 and lowered his ERA to 2.86.

UM still hasn't used many of its relievers, and the ones who have thrown have been used sparingly. Closer Bryan Garcia hasn't even pitched this tournament.

"Our bullpen is in great shape,'' Morris said after this afternoon's victory. "Woodrey threw an inning and a third last night and Cooper [Hammond] threw a little bit. [Javi] Salas is going to pitch tonight. ..We need a good outing out of him. I'm very confident he could pitch and do the things he needs to do. He's a senior and a guy that needs to get it down and step up.''

Pitching for Texas Tech: right-hander Ryan Moseley (1-2, 3.86 ERA)

If UM wins tonight, I, unfortunately, will have to miss the championship game Monday night. My son is graduating from high school at 7 p.m. I'll have my phone charged up and ready to go!



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Good luck Canes, congratulations Susan.

15. Inning vs Texas tech 0 runs...wow

Where is the fffffffffffff.......ing hitting .???

Morris has to go

Would be a shame if they call the game in the 6th. But as was said, Canes can't seem to hit TT pitchers.
Must be the "water" in Lubbock.

Susan, Congratulations on the graduation. My daughter just graduated last week.

5outs left in season if canes can't score 1 run!?? Shame to waste all the great pitching!! Looks bad! Wow!!

Awesome, IMAWriter! Congratulations.

Thank you. Now, off to bed. I have a horrible cold and am spent after that last game!! :)

if UM cant score a run or two AT HOME they dont deserve to continue their season and Morris dont deserve to keep his job

if UM cant score a run or two AT HOME they dont deserve to continue their season and Morris dont deserve to keep his job

Posted by: The swamp is a dump
You know there is a thing called GREAT PITCHING, and it happens to everyone. We had it against BCC, but came back and pounded them, now we're facing it again, and by the way TT is ALSO facing it against us, because they ONLY have one run on a hit batter, so they're not hitting either. Come on Canes, you have 2 at bats to tie or win this thing, let's DO IT!! GO CANES!!!!!!

UM has been approached about opening the football season against Alabama in 2017 in Atlanta or LSU in 2018 in Arlington, Tx. UM will consider playing in one but not both.

Ha..just think if you had to play BOTH in the same season!

See why the u doesn't want to be in the SEC!

Posted by: sec the best! | 06/01/2014 at 02:31 PM

[]_[]nfortunately, dUh typical cane clUck hasn't been able to "think" straight since the 1980's... Nor could they comprehend having to play 7-8 RANKED teams per Season.

BTW, both those games offered are essentially home games for 'Bama and LSU. Like Notre Dame was in Chicago.

Posted by: IMAWriter | 06/01/2014 at 11:05 PM

just listen to []_[]rself former Mr. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere...

Barry, as you always seem to be on top of things, is there ANY chance UM can find a space for a "near" campus stadium...ever?

Posted by: IMAWriter | 06/01/2014 at 10:54 PM

Just fill in that []_[]seless Mosquito breeding sc[]_[]m pond otherwise known as Lake Osceola and build ur little rinky dink 40k High School Stadium there... problem solved.

what time are they resuming

Some of you posters are a joke. If we'd have won last night 1-0, like the night before, you wouldn't be saying jack.

Posted by: Cola Cane | June 01, 2014 at 08:28 AM


why is it that 90% of all ur posts always contain the hypothetical word "if" to counter facts with ur delUsion ?

why is it that 90% of all ur posts always contain the hypothetical word "if" to counter facts with ur delUsion ?

Posted by: u are u ... what "IF" u

Why is it 100% of YOUR posts are STUPID?? Now get the F outta here LOSER. You couldn't even win ONE game in your regional. We may not make it out of ours but at least we kept it going.

why is it that 90% of your posts attack people on here for DISCUSSING the game?

"Nor could they comprehend having to play 7-8 RANKED teams per Season."

Nor can you, over-hyped maggot. Last year it was 6 and ONLY because Vandy had their 100-year storm of a season. Normally, you play 5 and get pounded by all 5 so don't le the facts knock-in the door of your rusted trailer, Cowardly Pig.

This Pig is so stoooooooopid.

Pig, take your bloated filth back to the Alachua County cesspool a/k/a Trailerville.

That stinking dump must be real nice this time of year. Nothing but roaches, rats and grimy love bugs. How do you keep them out of your trailer?

BWWAHAHAAAHHAHAHA. Swept at home. BWWWWHAHHA. After all that talk about a #2 seed and championships. Failure on an epic scale. Too funny. Another year, another goose egg in the title column. Such is the life of gatr garbage.

Holy christ, aren't you nerd embarrassed about talking to each other about a fake internet rivalry all day ever day?

Get a life nerds, in real life UM beat UF last year and we're not scheduled to play again.

This rivalry only exists on the internet between a handful of very sad men.

Why agree with BAMA or LSU? If they want to have a series then play at each other's home field. Miami fans must travel long distant, which we know is not going to happen. BAMA, Florida, Stanford, Auburn, and Georgia will not travel. When the U were playing top-10 football, LSU and BAMA never called to schedule. Unless it's a home and home series...don't agree...and stop thinking about money...what about the loyal fans?

Way to tie it Canes, now do NOT let them score, play good D. Garcia close em out dog. Let's GO CANES!!!!

Hurricanes and T. Tech TIED up heading into the CRUCIAL bottom of the eighth inning. Ouch.
Looks like which ever team has the thundering bats, that team will win. Because the pitching for both teams has been solid. If U Know What I Mean. dUh

Runners at the corners with 1 out.

Top of the crucial 9th. Canes have runners on the Diamond corner. No. Uno starter coming in to toss the hard ball. dUh
One out.
Red Raider kid had an error on an EASY out at first. The dork DIDN'T touch the bag. I guess he's a FIRST COUSIN of that goon cola cane and what not.
Then the TTECH pitcher threw a bloody WILD PITCH against the next Hurricane pitcher. Go figures'. He lost his cool.
Now Miami needs to score!!!!

Damnit we hit into DP. Okay bottom of 9th here we come.

Heading into the Dire Straits 10th. Is there a tenth inning stretch. hUh
Miami's hitters better come out of their ZOMBIE funk and WAKE uP. dUh

Extra innings. We're used to this, let's end this thing Canes.

Sr. Collins walked on a full-count pitch. 1 out

stolen base. Cane runner in scoring post. dUh

runners on diamond corner. Only one out for Miami.

Canes score. Thommy with a double. Only 1 out. Runners on 2nd and 3rd.

bases loaded 4 Miami!!!!!!

Come on! Let's go Canes!!

WE SCORE WOO HOO!!!! Come on Canes pour in on baby!!!!

Hurricanes up 2-1 going into winning 10th inning. the kid Garcia has to come through, bUbba's!!!

Canes 2 outs away from facing Red Raiders, again!!!!

the kid Garcia has ICE in his Orange nd' Green blood. hUh

Garcia tosses a crucial STRIKE OUT.
this kid Garcia has Alligator blood flowing. dUh

Canes WIN!! Demoralizing loss for TT. Now let's crush them tonight!

I am just glad that the Cane baseball BANDWAGON bubba's didn't post on bring their PALE, dark Karma on Miami!!! Seriously bUbba's ( SEE that goon Cola Cane, for instance!!! ).

Which ever teams bats come alive will host a Super-Regional. Because Hurricanes are not going with their ACE-in-the HOLE pitchers in a elimination game. hUh

Next game is this afternoon at 4:00 EST. dUh

TMJ, can you wait until after the game for the usual attacks on cola cane? He is ignoring you, let the rest of us enjoy the updates without the sidebars.

How deep is Texas Tech's pitching? Can they survive another 9? I hope not.

texas tech has solid pithcing. lets beat these texas queers!!!

Posted by: u are u ... OOF U | June 02, 2014 at 03:22 PM


Well bUbba, I'll just take my toys and comments and play all alone and what not! hUh Because I don't have to play in the Green nd' Orange sand box with that cola cane and his bloody ILK. dUh

One down one to go. Stay focused Canes.

FWIW... the sagacious Phil Steele had mighty Louisville penned in as his NO. 26 ranked team. And both the A.P. media-nexus and USA/ESPN coaches have Louisville RANKED at NO. 25. Ouch.

Didn't they just beat uf theemackstroke?

IF the Turds were good at baseball they would have won!





Huge game for the Lady Canes tonight.

Go Canes! It's all about this []_[]!

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