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Miami Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris gets three-year contract extension through 2018

    After leading the Hurricanes to their best regular season since 2008, University of Miami baseball coach Jim Morris has been awarded with a new contract that extends his head-coaching duties through 2018.

   Our Barry Jackson reported the news late last night.

   Morris, 64, had one year remaining on his contract, which would have taken him through the 2015 season. That contract extension was done in September 2009.

   “I love coaching,’’ Morris told the Miami Herald in mid-May, when asked about his future status and what he would say to critics that wanted him ousted after seeing UM go three consecutive seasons without winning a regional – one of those, in 2012, as the host. “I’m not doing things a lot differently than I did 10 years ago. We have better players this year. We had a great recruiting class.

   “You know what? I drive a Cadillac. And these guys are Cadillacs.’’

   The Hurricanes finished the season 44-19. They got to the championship game of the Coral Gables Regional, but lost to Texas Tech, now in the College World Series. They were 41-17 in the regular season for a .707 winning percentage, third only to national seeds Virginia (.772) and Florida State (.741) – both fellow members of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    Miami won the regular-season ACC crown with a 24-6 league record (.800).

   Morris has led the Canes, who have qualified for the NCAA tournament a national-record 42 consecutive years, to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, 11 times since he began coaching at UM in 1994.

    He brought national titles to Coral Gables in 1999 and 2001.

    But UM has not been to Omaha since 2008, and last year Morris was hospitalized with pneumonia during the NCAA tournament and said he doesn’t remember anything from that period. He said he’s in perfect health now, and doesn’t plan on hanging up his cleats anytime soon.



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Oh no, not 3 more years, of punchless and Judy baseball. With all 3 starters gone, he better dump the one out sac. bunts and start stealing bases and drag bunting and oh yeah before I forget, get some 3 hundred hitters.


Well, well... my, my... I see that Mr. Phillip Steele ranks Carolina Blue at NO. 18 in his latest TOP 40. And that NO. 18 is MILES beyond the Hurricanes weak No. 38 ranking and what not. Ouch!

Again, for y'all Cane Goons and Fools which be in bloody DENIAL. Goldie nd' Marky Marky have led a ONCE proud major college football program into AVERAGE, middle-of-the-road territory. hUh

FWIW... I SEE-r Carolina Blue handing Miami ANOTHER home lost in 2014. That's if you call SLS a " home field " advantage. dUh

It's too bad that Jimbo drove the Cane caddy off the Coral Gables turnpike the latter portion of the season!

Oh, it don't take no major college baseball SEER to see that Miami, Florida Hurricane hardball WON'T RETURN to beautiful downtown Omaha, again, in 2015!!!

Y'all serious Cane college sports Hooligans have to UNDERSTAND, that the Powers That Be are quite CONTENT with relatively above-average men's basketball and middle-some above .500 winning baseball and football programs. hUh

Simply because the men's and women's athletic programs get a generous portion of the ACC pie... $ TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS revenue this past season.

In other words, as long as Miami, Florida receives around $ 18 million- $ 20 million annually from the ACC. The Powers That Be are quite satisfied knowing that both the men's and women's sports teams are OPERATING in the Black ( It's Simple Accounting, bUbba's! ).

Now don't misinterpret my SAGACIOUS words and notions about y'all's BELOVED Goldie nd' Marky Marky... canespace Good Ol' Boys/M-H bUbba's.

Because the Hurricanes will ' sure nough' ' have winning seasons in Autumns to come. hUh

Unfortunately, the Cane's WON'T return to FULL SPECTRUM college football DOMINANCE and what not. A dominance on the gridiron ( Or Synthetic-turf. ) which evolves into Top 5/10 seasons and conference championships and BCS bowl games. But most of all, Miami being ONE of four teams playing for the NC!!! Ouch. That's just too much Hate, Weirdo outsider!!!!

And I'll let major college football HISTORY be my judge. hUh

more of the same the next 4 years like the last 6 years.

The New BRILLIANT 2014 u Season Ticket Sales Marketing and Ad Campaign...

************************** Go To FEWER GAMES **************************



When your school has trouble selling out home football games, what’s the logical approach to fixing that problem? How about telling fans to go to less games. Because that’s what the Miami Hurricanes ticket office is doing, believe it or not.

I guess file this one under #ACCLogic.

So is this just complete backwards-ass craziness by Miami, or is this a way for them to bulk up attendance at a game (North Carolina) that otherwise might have a lot of empty seats, as the Florida State game is always a sell-out.

When you look at the other games besides these two on Miami’s home schedule — Florida A&M, Arkansas State, Duke, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh — it becomes more clear why the University felt the need to have a gimmick to silence the echoes of the empty seats in Sun Life Stadium for at least one more home game.

I wonder if consistently winning games and returning to being a national power would help. Maybe?


************************************** []_[] **************************************


Miami Hurricanes Discourage Fans from Attending Games with Bizarre Ad

At this time of year, most big-name college football programs are hassling fans with demands to purchase expensive season tickets — but not the University of Miami. Some marketing genius at the school has come up with the foolproof plan of asking fans to attend fewer games in 2014, because that totally seems like a strategy without a chance of backfiring.

“Go to fewer games,” the ad begins. “We hope you’ll join us for as many games as you’re able,” the ad ends. It’s a confusing request, definitely, but easily the most perplexing part of the ad is the part where a freakin’ hat is considered a $30 value.


**************************************** R ****************************************

Typical UM since Shalala showed up. Lets face it; if Missouri didn't come and graciously take Haith off our hands, he'd still be here too.


Miami Hurricanes ad encourages fans to attend fewer games?

In an interesting display of marketing acumen, the Miami Hurricanes are encouraging their fans to attend fewer football games in 2014.

The 'Canes have had trouble filling up Sun Life Stadium on game days, thanks to a combination of an off-campus stadium, mediocre football.

An ad in South Florida newspapers tells fans to "go to fewer games." The Hurricanes are offering two-game ticket packages for the home contests against Florida State and North Carolina. The 'Canes seem to have their fanbase pegged:

If you identify with any of the following statements, then the Two-Game Mini-Plan may be right for you:

1. I like exciting college football in rocking, sold-out environments.

2. I want to see the Hurricanes play the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles and the preseason top-25 North Carolina Tar Heels.

3. I'm not so sure I can make it to the other 5 home games.


************************************* []_[] *************************************


************************** Go To FEWER GAMES **************************


*** When you look at the other games besides these two on Miami’s home schedule — Florida A&M, Arkansas State, Duke, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh — it becomes more clear why the University felt the need to have a gimmick...***


**************************** CANE RECR[]_[]ITS !!! ****************************



Wow! What joke.

""" I wonder if consistently winning games and returning to being a national power would help............................................. Maybe? """


[]_[] think ?

********************** THE SORRY STATE OF THE []_[] **********************



University of Miami’s new marketing ploy: come to fewer games

Apparently it’s NOT all about “The U.” In a new marketing campaign for the upcoming football season, the University of Miami is encouraging fans to come to fewer games (but come to as many games as you want to!). What? Exactly.


Not many teams would tell you to go to fewer games.

Most would try to push a full season package on you, even if that requires more money or more time than you possess.

We are extremely thankful for the support of our Miami Hurricanes season ticket holders, but we understand that a full season of tickets is not for everyone, and that’s OK.

So we created the new Two-Game Mini-Plan to give fans an opportunity to experience the two best college football events in South Florida.

If you identify with any of the following statements, then the Two-Game Mini-Plan may be right for you:

1. I like exciting college football in rocking, sold-out environments.

2. I want to see the Hurricanes play the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles and the preseason top-25 North Carolina Tar Heels.

3. I’m not so sure I can make it to the other 5 home games.

If you agree with the above, here’s why you should strongly consider the Two-Game Mini-Plan:

1. Better seats are available at better prices through the Two-Game Mini-Plan than on StubHub and other broker sites for the FSU game alone.

2. Florida State tickets will not be available to the general public on a single-game basis.

3. We’re throwing in a complimentary Miami Hurricanes hat with every purchase (an added $30 value per plan).

Some people have told us we’re crazy for offering a Two-Game Mini-Plan package that’s THIS good. Our response: IT’S WHAT OUR FANS HAVE ASKED FOR.

If this is something you’ve asked for, call our friendly ticket representatives at 1-855-UM-2PLAN and we will be happy to find seats that you’ll enjoy. Or, if you prefer to go online, visit www.UM2PLAN.com to view a diagram of every open seat available to you.

We are really excited about the 2014 season, and we hope you’ll join us for as many games as you’re able.

In recent years, Miami has taken a lot of flack for having empty stadiums for big games. It doesn’t help that the team plays way off campus. Like 20 miles off. And if you’ve ever driven in Miami traffic and your options are to either watch Brock Berlin (dating myself here but that’s fine) throw six interceptions or take the party to South Beach, well, see where I’m going with this? This also could just be an attempt to get the less enthusiastic fans to commit to going to a game that’s not Florida State. Who knows. It’s an odd campaign, but at the same time, makes sense. To me. Which is sad.

While FSU & Florida season tickets sold out, Miami wants fans to come to fewer games...

Call it a tale of three programs, if you will. In the ACC one side, in Tallahassee, you have reigning national champions Florida State, a considerable favorite in the early playoff discussion for 2014 with a Heisman Trophy quarterback and a roster ready to make another run at an ACC title and perhaps defend its spot on top of the college football world. On the other hand, in Miami, you have a program still looking to recapture the glory of days past, with a new head coach now leading a program without any clouds looming over the program with uncertainty. The story of how tickets are being sold pretty much sums up where these two old rivals stand today, heading into the 2014 season.

At Miami, the Hurricanes are left trying out new ideas to encourage fans to purchase tickets. That includes encouraging fans to attend fewer games. Wait, it makes sense.

Knowing that fans can sometimes struggle to purchase full season packages for any sporting event, Miami is offering fans a chance to purchase smaller ticket packages for a fraction of the home games. If six game plans are too expensive, perhaps a two-game package is more fitting. For Miami, anything is worth a shot considering the difficulty it can be for the program to fill Joe Robbie Stadium Pro Player Park Dolphins Stadium Land Shark Stadium Sun Life Stadium on a Saturday afternoon. Since moving home football games to the home of the Miami Dolphins from the old Orange Bowl to build this monstrosity, crowd shots of Miami games have become something of a running joke for many on social media. Miami faces a number of concerns other universities do with selling tickets, so any new ideas that can used are always going to be worth experimenting with.

Miami’s home schedule includes games against Florida A&M, Arkansas State, Duke, Cincinnati, North Carolina, Florida State and Pittsburgh.

Not exactly appetizing after FSU.

Typical UM since Shalala showed up. Lets face it; if Missouri didn't come and graciously take Haith off our hands, he'd still be here too.

Posted by: Nino | June 11, 2014 at 02:01 PM

Seriously LOL!

Now, now Nino. U don't want to be LABLED a Cane Hater by those FOOLS in that canespace.

Miami New Times

Miami Hurricanes to Fans: "Go to Fewer Games!"

Anyone who has tuned in to a non-marquee matchup while the Miami Hurricanes are playing at home is greeted with the sight of a stadium full of large swaths of empty orange seats. The attendance problems at Sun Life Stadium are well known.

Oddly, this is the team's latest marketing push: "Go to fewer games!"

A full-page ad blaring the words ran in all of South Florida's daily newspapers this weekend. No, the ad does not go on to read, "Seriously guys, don't you have anything better to do? We're kind of worried about you, honestly. It's a fall Saturday in South Florida, and you're sitting in a concrete bowl in the middle of Miami Gardens. Go out and enjoy life or something. Listen to the game on the radio at the beach."

It's actually a marketing ploy designed to boost attendance at the Canes' home matchup against the UNC Tar Heels by tying those tickets to the FSU game.

"Not many teams would tell you to go to fewer games," is what the ad actually reads. "Most would try to push a full season package on you, even if that requires more money or more time than you possess."

It then goes on to push a "Two-Game Mini-Plan" for fans who don't want to shell out for a full slate of season tickets.

In fact, single-game tickets to the FSU matchup won't be available to the general public. The easiest way to ensure your attendance at the game is to buy the plan that includes tickets to the UNC game (a team the ad boasts are a "preseason top-25" team, but that's according to one ranking by one guy at The Sporting News).

The 'Canes home slate this year isn't exactly full of blockbusters, save for the FSU game. They'll host Florida A&M and Arkansas State in September, and the only other non-conference home game is against the Cincinnati Bearcats. Otherwise the only other teams coming to Sun Life are your regular lot of ACC Coastal Division also-rans. So by tying the tickets to the FSU game, the team is hoping to boost attendance at the UNC game. The hope, of course, being that the game turns out to be appetizing enough for ESPN to broadcast and those swaths of empty orange seats don't seem as prevalent.


The Rant: Hurricanes fans can go to fewer games

Sometimes all you can do is laugh and shake your head.

The University of Miami says that they have listened to the fans and are shouting it from the rooftops — go to fewer games.

Seriously, they are telling fans to go to fewer games. Even providing a way to do it. They are offering a two-game mini plan in which you can buy tickets to see just the Florida State and North Carolina games.

Perfect — you can see the two big games on their schedule and not worry about sitting through games against Arkansas State, Pittsburgh and Duke.

Let me get this straight, I can see the National Champions and only have to pay for one other game? Sign me up.

But it doesn't end there. They are offering better seats at better prices, according to the flyer. And they throw in a complimentary Miami Hurricanes hat.

Seriously, what is wrong with this picture?

Did the Hurricanes think they would have trouble selling out Florida State?

And North Carolina should draw a good crowd as well. Why not package FSU with a game like Arkansas State that will likely draw a LOT less?

Not sure what they are thinking, but they got one thing right — they listened to fans, who I am sure do not want to buy season tickets to see bad games.


Miami Hurricanes Tell Fans to “Go to Fewer Games”

Attendance at the Miami Hurricane football games have been dismal to put it mildly, but now the school seems to think they’ve found a solution to the problem,. In what they believe to be marketing genius, the Canes have put out an ad campaign encouraging their fans to go to less games. This isn’t a joke folks. The premise behind the campaign is that fans may not have the ability to fill up the 76,100 seats of SunLife Stadium for every home game. Considering that the school has a population of around 16K students, this could definitely be the case. Whatever the reason for a their fan base failing to actually represent the school properly at homes games, the school is now pushing a two-game mini-plan, where people can buy tickets in pairs of games instead of the whole season. The problem with this ploy is that the Canes home schedule for the upcoming season is pretty weak, with them hosting teams like FAMU, Arkansas State and Cincinnati Bearcats. Will this work for the Hurricanes? With such a weak home schedule looming on the horizon, the answer is probably no, but nice try guys

FWIW.... Athlon college pigskin magazine TOUTS Miami finishing SECOND in the Coastal division behind Beamer Ball. Ouch.

Matter of fact, Athlon predicts the Hurricanes ending up with a 8-4 regular season record ( I SEE-r Miami finishing with a 8-4 campaign, also. dUh ). Get outta' here, HATER!

Athlon's base it's sagacious tout because of the SUSPECT QB position and because Marky Mark is still hanging around in smug, upscale Coral Gables. Go bloody figures'.

Yo U Dopes just might get back to the 1980's popularity if U keep this up... Ur trending BIGTIME AGAIN around the WORLD on GOOGLE !!!


But as the CONTINUED Joke of a Program that U are, have been for over a decade and will be right through into the 2020's !!!

Let's see... Miami ended up with a NO. 87 OVERALL team defense last season. Which was a VAST overall improvement from 2012. YEAH, YEAH I STILL understand that Coach Shannon's defensive player's were still on campus and whatnot. SO WHAT!!!!

Well, it will take a UNIVERSAL miracle of the nth degree for Marky Mark ( Assistants. ) to coach up and game plan and scheme the Canes into a legitimate Top 40 team defense in 2014!

lol. the blog is quiet, but for piggy and thee mack... wonder why?

Troll victory! Good job, ladies.

I have been a UM fan since the 50s. Been to 4 CWS in Omaha and I can state without doubt,this is the worst move in UM sports history!

Well, I hope Gino and JD stay, without them baseball would be in dire striates. I was hoping that they would not renew the contract and would hire Gino as head coach, but I was wrong. I cannot believe that he said he loves coaching, he hasn't been coaching in several years, all he's been doing is collecting a handsome salary. Oh well, we gotta just keep supporting the athletes and pray he doesn't call for another bunt with 2 outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd.

I have been a UM fan since the 50s. Been to 4 CWS in Omaha and I can state without doubt,this is the worst move in UM sports history!

Posted by: John P | June 12, 2014 at 02:20 AM

I second your sagacious notion and whatnot. Coach Jimbo should've retired two or three seasons ago.

Again, Thee Powers That Be involved with the University are quite SATISFIED with having above-average men's or women's sports teams. And an OCCASIONAL conference championship is just icing on the Orange nd' Green frosted cake. hUh

What Thee Powers That Be are seriously concerned with is raking in that annual $ 18 million- $ 20 million dollar check from the ACC trust fund and what not.

In other words, it's all about keeping the college athletic sports programs in the bloody BLACK! If U Know What I Mean. And winning championships, be they conference or national are NO LONGER the main priority. Ouch.

For instance, Thee Powers That Be had TWO GRAND opportunities to hire an experienced, HEAD LINE grabbing head coach for the football program. Yet, these University suits FAILED terribly in that important endeavor. Ouch.

Now, y'all Cane Hooligans are stuck with both Goldie nd' Marky Mark. dUh

Again, Thee Powers That Be are CONTENT with having winning teams. Albeit these " winning " teams WON'T win any national championships for the foreseeable future. Ouch. And probably won't return to Omaha for DECADES to come. Get outta' here with that hate!

Thus, ENTER one Coach Jimbo Morris and the STAGNANT state of Hurricane baseball for the past seven seasons. Then naturally, there's the QUESTIONABLE state of Cane football since the end of the 2005 bowl game. hUh

Miami baseball has absolutely FLAT LINED, and whatnot, the past seven seasons. In other words, it's been YEARS since the Canes reached a Super-Regional and SIX years since the program returned to beautiful Omaha... Omaha, the birth place of Henry Fonda. Yeah, yeah, yeah I understand the vast MAJORITY of y'all Cane fandom HATE the wussy, liberal Fonda FAMILY. So what!!!!

Yet, Great-Grandpa Jimbo is given a pay raise and contract extension.

Well, TINY Cal-Irvine has reached the CWS twice now in the past FIVE seasons. While the Hurricanes CAN'T even reach a Super-Regional site. Go bloody figures'.

Of course, TINY Cal-Irvine has a YOUNG, HUNGRY head coach and whatnot. dUh

By the way, TINY Cal-Irvine is working with LESS college baseball RESOURCES than Miami. Yet, TINY Cal-Irvine always PEAKS at the correct time of the season. While the Canes Diamond Nine FLAT LINES during the most CRUCIAL time of the season.

In thoroughbred racing parlance, that's HANGING IN THE STRETCH RUN and failing to win the race or finish second place ( Super-Regional or CWS appearances. hUh ).

By the time Miami baseball gets back to Omaha, Mark Light field will be waterfront property. Admin takes easy way out and figures its easier to screw fans instead. All together now, clap,, clap, clap, clap.

Another story that makes me wish I'd gotten a real job at UM. In the real world, abject failure gets you warned then terminated. At UM, it gets you contract extensions. First Shannon, now Morris.

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