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QB guru who tutored Aaron Rodgers believes Jake Heaps headed for monster year with Canes

If numbers never lie, new Hurricanes quarterback Jake Heaps appears to be nothing more than a former blue-chip recruit gone bust.

In four years, Rivals' No. 1-ranked pro-style quarterback in 2010 has gone from breaking Ty Detmer's freshman record at BYU for touchdown passes in a season (15) to the third-worst rated FBS quarterback in the country a year ago who lost his starting job on a 3-9 Kansas team.

It sure looks ugly and makes you wonder, 'Just how desperate is Al Golden for quarterback help?' But at least one man doesn't see this as a desperation move by the Canes. He sees it as a smart decision on both sides. 

Meet Taylor Barton (@TaylorBarton12), a former quarterback at the University of Washington who was on the field as a backup when the Hurricanes steamrolled the Huskies 65-7 en route to the national title in 2001. Barton is now a quarterback coaching guru in the Pacific Northwest, who runs the Barton Football Academy in Oregon and Washington.

Barton has not only coached Heaps since the sixth grade when his parents used to drive him 3 1/2 hours each way on the weekends over to Portland, Oregon for two hour camps. He has also tutored some of the best players to come out of the region including Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Jake Locker, Joey Harrington, Kellen Moore, Kellen Clemens and Derek Anderson among more than a dozen alumni who have reached the NFL. 

"We’ve been working together for a long time. Jake's one of my all-time favorites if not my favorite to come through," Barton said. "He’s a great kid, great competitor. I would say Jake epitomizes exactly what you think of when you picture the ideal quarterback. He’s not the big 6-foot, 5-inch quarterback. He’s not a guy who is going to blow you away with size or arm strength. But he does all the little things the right way. That stuff adds up to big things. That’s why he’s been so successful and that’s why I think he’s going to have a monster year next year at Miami."

It's hard to equate success to what Heaps has done at the collegiate level over the last three years. After completing 57.2 percent of his 383 passes for 15 touchdowns and nine interceptions as a freshman at BYU in 2010, his numbers went south along with his playing time in 2011. So he transferred to Kansas where Charlie Weis, who had tried recruiting him to Notre Dame, promised big dreams and a big payoff in his pro-style system after sitting out the 2012 season. 

Barton said the reason things fell apart at BYU are pretty simple. The Cougars changed their offensive coordinator and their scheme. "The next year after Jake left that coach ended up getting fired," Barton said. "I think that can lead you to the conclusion maybe he wasn’t put in the best position that year."

So why the struggles at Kansas? The Jayhawks pretty much stunk, Barton explains.

"You can look at maybe his completion percentage [49 percent, 125th out of 129 passers], but that doesn’t tell the whole story," Barton said. "I went back and looked at film in one game where he had four straight passes where he hit the receiver in the hands and they dropped it. Statistically that’s an incompletion. But from a quarterback’s standpoint all you can do is drop back, find the open guy and throw it to him. You can't run the route and catch it too. So there were a lot of things that get pinned on the quarterback."

Barton said Heaps has never been one to "point the finger at everybody else."

"He hasn’t been perfect. He’ll be the first to admit that," Barton said. "Every QB wishes they could have some reads back or throws back. But for the most part I think he’s been put in some situations where the odds were stacked against him. And I think that’s why he’s so excited about this situation and why I’m so excited about this situation for him. Because this is the first time he’s going to a program with superior talent, a tremendous coaching staff and a tremendous system. He doesn’t have to be the featured guy -- just get the ball in the athletes’ hands and let them make the plays.

"He hasn’t had that since he was in high school [at Skyline High in Seattle where he won three state championships]. And I think that’s why he’s going to end up having one of the biggest years and being one of the biggest surprises in the country next year."

When Heaps found out at the end of this past spring he wasn't going to be the starter at Kansas, he decided to transfer and immediately reached out to several schools at both the FBS and FCS levels. UM was one of the first schools respond. Barton said when Heaps took an official visit to Miami a month and a half ago, he was scheduled to meet with offensive coordinator James Coley for an hour. They ended up sitting down for six and breaking down the Hurricane's offense on a greaseboard.

"If anyone can do it I think Jake has the advantage," Barton said of picking up the Hurricanes' offense quickly. "I guess the silver lining in going through the path he’s gone he’s seen several different systems. There’s not much you can throw at him he hasn’t heard, seen or understands. I know Coach was very impressed with Jake’s intellect and knowledge of the game. Jake was excited. He came back saying he gets the concepts, loves what he’s doing and he thinks he’s going to thrive in it."

Heaps, who spoke with me for about 30 minutes Tuesday evening, said he received the complete playbook from UM "once things became official." But he's been preparing himself with the notes he took for weeks. He's set to arrive in Coral Gables on June 28th where he will immediately begin working with his teammates. He said he plans on living out of his suitcase until his wife, Brooke, a dental assistant, arrives in late August.

"The offense at UM is similar to different things I've done in the past," Heaps said. "The offense I ran at BYU my first year, and in some ways the offense I came to run at Kansas as far as making protection calls and changes at the line."

Listed at 6-1, 210, Heaps' height won't be an issue, Barton promises. Neither will mobility (he was sacked 23 times at Kansas).

"Guys are always a little bit smaller than they mention anyway, but he’s right around that 6-foot mark," Barton said. "He’s not going to walk into a room and have everybody say that’s Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But one of the QBs who came through our academy was Kellen Moore. We sent him onto Boise State and he ends up being the winningest QB in BCS history. And he was 5-11. The guy who won the Super Bowl was 5-10 ½. The game has really changed at the position. Look at what Johnny Manziel is doing. He’s barely 6-feet tall. I think Jake has enough size.

"As a QB people overvalue height. You’re never throwing over lineman anyway. You’re throwing through lanes. Maybe back in the day that was more important. But the evolution of the game it has become a lot less about height and a lot more about athletic ability and being able to make quick reads and get the ball in your playmakers hands and that’s what Jake does tremendously. If the line gives him time, he can make reads and pick anybody in the country apart.

"Now, if the pocket collapses he’s not going to be a Marcus Mariotta or a Colin Kaepernick and break off a 70-yard TD run. That’s not his style. But he is athletic enough and fast enough where he can pose a problem for a defense. He can get that 8, 10, 12-yard gain and move the chains and be enough of a threat to keep a defense honest."

When it comes to arm strength and comparisons, Barton sees a bit of Drew Brees in Heaps.

"With Jake he’s probably in that 60-65 yards throwing it down field," Barton said. "But when it comes to what he does best -- the thing Jake is superior to when it comes to all the guys that I’ve worked with or seen – it's timing and anticipation. To get to the higher level that becomes more important than arm strength.

"You see a lot of guys that have a very strong arm, but they wait until a receiver is open. When you get to the higher levels, playing a Florida State, their defensive backs are fast too. They’ve already broken on the ball. The great quarterbacks throw it to a receiver before he’s open. So when he turns around or when he comes out of his break the ball is there. That’s what Jake does. What he lacks for in arm strength he makes up for in being so smart, reading the coverage and being able to anticipate the throw and get it to the receiver before he’s out of the break."

> What the Hurricanes could end up getting in Heaps in the long run is a 2-for-1 quarterback special. According to Barton, UM recently offered 2016 top-rated quarterback Jacob Eason of Lake Stevens, Wash. and camper at the Barton Football Academy.

"It very easily could be a situation with them signing Jake he could very well easily step in and be the starter and then with Jacob Eason he could end up stepping in at Miami and being the starter in two years," Barton said. "He’s a kid who is going to graduate early and end up somewhere in spring ball. He has a chance to be the best to ever come out of this region. He is going to be a guy that plays in the NFL for 12 to 15 years. He’s the real deal."


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Manny, don't do this to me. I really don't want to have high expectations for this team, so they can come crumbling down. I'll believe it when I see it. Can't forget about the defense either. There are just too many questions.

Is that what the Guru told AG? Why not, the kid was paying him to coach him up, correct?

Like3 Seantrel Henderson. How can you pass up this opportunity when you need it most? My reasons:

Kevin Olsen is not ready. That was obvious in the spring. Therefore, 4 more months will not magicallymake him a succesful Um QB. By succesful, I mean, goingto Louisville and winning. BeatingNebraska. Maybe giving FSU a run. Why not? Jacorry Harris beat FSU as a sophomore in Tally against Christian Ponder!

Neither is Grey Crow. Seriously- if Olsenor Crow were "the guy" Spring would havebeen much different- they would have completed passes, maybe put on a show. Instead, both were gfrossly inaccurate. It was shameful> and the one thing I dont like about Golden, which is shared by most other ocaches is thathe comes up and doesnt admit what the whole world saw: tHAT kEVIN oLSEN AND gREY cROW ARENT READY!!

So what do you do? You buy time. back in the day, Vinnie, Bernie, Craig, Steve and even Gino, bided their time andplayed 1 maybe two years. Along the way they played some scrub time. Or filled in when the starter was injured. THAT is how youget your experience. In order yo benefit our offense, we need a mature level- headed QB that will e--fin MANAGE a game and not LOSE a game with ints and 3 and outs. StephenMorris and Jacorry did some good things but when itcounted they panicked under pressure, turned the ball over, and LOST games. Neither MANAGED games well. Ryan Williams was ready. But the freak nature of his injury messed UMs plans to bring Olsen along as his back up.

So in comes this kid- mature, supposedly has the skills. Lets see what he has. Worse case scenario, he is a bust. So then bring Olsen in or maybe Williams if he is ready

We need a QB that will be ready September 1, 2014. It will be nasty up in there. ULs defene is aggressive. Very nasty crowd.

Sounds like my kind of QB. Now living up to expectation… that's another story.

The Taylor Barton QB Guru School??
One player! Aaron Rogers is accomplished! The entire list after that are bums.
Golden is reaching, plain and simple.
Even if Heaps is an all-world performer at the QB position for UM, what does this say about Golden's reputation to recruit players? Where's the QB he's brought here that can play the position? That's the problem with all of this because to win, you need some blue chips--and it appears more and more the recruiting by this staff is not very good. The honeymoon is long over! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck more than likely---it's a duck! Bottom line!

Sometimes these Gurus sound more like PR guys. The cream will rise to the top. When a QB is good he's good. Let's all remember the Colts record after Payton left. Go Canes!

It would be exceptional on Jake Heaps' part for him to have a very successful one season career, at Miami. He would have to get the system down and play better than five other scholarship quarterbacks, for that to happen.

If that does occur, it would be a testament to the inability to develop players by Al Golden. Heaps skill set, and abilities, would generate his success on the football field. If that success comes from starting games with him reading defenses and making the proper throws. Since players that have been coached longer, by Al Golden, would have been less successful than him.

Here is an update on Brandon Linder's potential success in the NFL.


A look at how the Jaguars lined up during their team drills:

Offensive line: First unit — left tackle Luke Joeckel, left guard Zane Beadles, center Mike Brewster, right guard Jacques McClendon/Brandon Linder and right tackle Cam Bradfield (for the limited Austin Pasztor). Second unit — tackles Josh Wells and Sam Young, guards Drew Nowak and Linder/McClendon and center Luke Bowanko. Third unit — tackles Young and Wells, guards Tyler Shatley and Patrick Lewis and center Matt Stankiewitch.

By Ryan O'Halloran


Pictures of another former Hurricane, now a Jaguars. Who has a greater skill set than the first quarterback chosen in the draft, with the Jaguars' third pick.



This move by CG is a three step process:
1) We get an experienced QB with game time who has the chance on the Big Stage to show his stuff.
2) If Heaps does well and the U becomes a winner in the ACC and Nationally then the Coaching staff with Coach C looks great and our QB woes are generally over...Why.. with our red shirts and those recruit prospects for QB's looking at the program, our credibility level would be raised significantly.
3) To really develop as a Miami QB you have to be seasoned with a red shirt and develop to win the position.(See QB U) That will occur.
Good move by CG.
Go 'Canes

The fact that he is already studying, and is a bright guy, tells me he is preparing for week 1.

The reasons for his lack of production and eventual departure make sense. Esp. given that the OC for BYU was fired right after he left.

Against UL, who would you rather have starting? A veteran with something to prove, or a Kevin Olsen? Give me the guy with something to prove..

Either he will be good enough to start or he will push Olsen to get better. There is no downside to adding him. He was the top rated QB coming out of high school and this is his last shot to impress NFL scouts. The receiving corp, offensive line, and running backs are all better at Miami than at BYU or Kansas. I think he will play well, but if he does not then Olsen or Kaaya can start until Williams returns.

We need a QB that will be ready September 1, 2014. It will be nasty up in there. ULs defene is aggressive. Very nasty crowd.

Posted by: The swamp is a dump
UL lost a lot of guys on D, so it's not like we'll be facing last yrs D. Just saying.

Another can't fail qb recruit?

Good move by Golden, although it is indicative of his lack of ability to develop talent. This gurus words are just more high fructose corn syrup. I hope Heaps can help.

I really do hope that whomever is the starting quarterback, just destroys their opponents.

Maybe then Al Golden won't be turned down, when he tries desperately to get another coaching job again.

But do not be surprised when he does it again, apologist.

Chumpcane, your post has holes. If our qbs destroy every defense they play then Golden won't be looking for another job.Golden also just signed a new contract so he is not going anywhere soon. If any coach is looking for a job from um, it will be the D coach. Nice way to try to put a positive spin on a negative post.

You're the one attempting to misdirect the point of my post. Just as you bring unfounded hatred to even all of your names on this blog.

The attempt to desperately leave, by Al Golden, was a strong desire by him. No one does all he did, before, during, and after, his PSU turn down and really wants to be here. His lack of coaching skills can only be overcome by his constant moves, as well as his constant attempts to move, from team to team. It is a technique that people either can't see it, or don't want to see it in that person. It is called all types of positive traits when the person is liked by that person, as in Al Golden's case. But they are vilified when they are not liked by the person making the statements, LeBron James as an example.

In both cases one of leading sources of sports information, for those not very discerning, ESPN, will obscure the truth. Like ESPN was behind the long drawn out show that announced LeBron James' choice of the Heat. But they were also one of the main sources of the hatred of how LeBron James announced his choice of the Heat.

This gurus words are just more high fructose corn syrup. I hope Heaps can help.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | June 18, 2014 at 10:57 AM

LOL, again. Oh, I dig that " high fructose corn syrup " take and whatnot. hUh

Oh, being a PASSE wagering weirdo. I wouldn't lay down ONE red injun cent on the incoming transfer leading Miami to a possible Coastal division title. Especially with Marky Mark still hanging around upscale Coral Gables. Ouch.


Because he welcomes a QUESTIONABLE incoming transfer, which INDICATES Goldie is DOESN'T have confidence in Olson or either Crow as Cane signal caller's! Ouch.

In other words, to use a gambling PARLANCE. Thee CARPETBAGGER is USING QB Heaps as a bloody BACK-UP wager, so that Goldie can COVER his arse and whatnot.

Chumpcane When you started your argument with unfounded speculation you lost the no credibility you already didn't have. The attempt to desperately leave? PSU is his family and when family calls you listen. If anything , from the little news of the situation that leaked out, they couldn't sell him on coachin g there. "Rumors" are not facts . where did you get this info on golden "desperately trying to leave? I read sports year around a d never saw any rumor,tweet,email that even suggested that. I could go on for days about how wrong you are. And for the record if any thing PSU didn't turn golden down ...according to sports news outlets....he supposedly gave them a time frame of two days to make their pitch and the couldn't sell it. Plus UM just got a clean slate and PSU just got hammered. Make up what you want but it don't change the facts.

The team, in all honesty, has not improved very much at all, year to year. Now, many others will make excuses for this, but the Trustees, the Coaching staff--they're all selling the public a fantasy because they know the winds of accountability will be blowing in very soon ( EMPHASIS on the latter array of characters!! )!

Posted by: Rabblerouser | June 16, 2014 at 04:35 PM

Enter stage right Thee CARPETBAGGER'S Goldie nd' Marky Mark.

Heck, those stumbling college educated FOOLS at that Canespace sill HAVEN'T waken up to the notion, that Thee CARPETBAGGERS have played the Vulcan ' mind trick ' on them... LMFAO

Heck, Cane loyalist should have WAKEN UP to the SLICK move Goldie pulled on his APOLOGISTS, when he positioned himself for the Penn St. head coaching job. hUh

Again, these canespace fools and like-minded bUbba's are ASLEEP to maneuver's of Thee CARPETBAGGERS. dUh

Because Goldie SIMPLY doesn't have CONFIDENCE in either Olson or Crow. Otherwise, W-H-Y would accept a QB with a QUESTION MARKS written all over his vitae. hUh

Yeah, yeah the kid was a former HS signal caller with All-American potential and what not. Too bad Heap ran away from two programs when trouble came his way.

LOL u guys are like conspiracy theorists..... But in football.

Do you guys wear those aluminum foil hats too? Lmao

"It very easily could be a situation with them signing Jake he could very well easily step in and be the STARTER... " Barton


Cane bUbba's. CONNECT the Orange n'd Green dots on the latter CREDIBLE opinion of Mr. Barton.

Again, no matter what y'all Goldie apologists say. Alfredo DOESN'T have one iota degree of CONFIDENCE in either Olson or Crow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Hurricane loyalists are willing to give both Goldie and Jacob the benefit of the doubt. So bloody what.

It would be very, very, very awesome. That Goldie and Coley and Heap PROVE Miami DISTRACTORS and DOUBTERS wrong!! Seriously y'all Cane fandom.

Because according to all the accolades and fan fair QB Jacob is getting. It's a SAFE TOUT that Heaps will be Miami's starting signal caller come the Labor Night game against mighty Louisville.

And dig this y'all Goldie sycophants and apologists.

The absolute Cane IRONY is that both Olson and Crow are GOLDIE recruits and whatnot. Ouch.

So, too bad y'all Cane loyalists CAN'T BLAME Coach Shannon regarding QB's Olson and Crow.

Sad day. 5 time national champions are bottom feeding from BYU , Wisconsin and now Kansas. Is this the future of hurricane football. All 8 state titles were won by Miami area football teams. Yet Golden and staff are recruiting in New Jersey. Florida recruits have played major roles in winning national championships. Yet Golden and staff are recruiting New Jersey. What worked at Temple will not work in this league. You are dealing with better athletes. No comment on Heap. It's not his fault. This team is better than the coaching staff. They deserve better.

Some QB guru!?! Aaron Rodgers then goes to Greenbay and the coaches rebuild his mechanics, while the other QB's become lifelong backups, one on his way to becoming a backup and Joey Harrington is still looking for the open WR in Detroit.

" It sure looks ugly and makes you wonder, 'Just how desparate is Al Golden for quarterback help ( SERIOUSLY lol! )?' But at least one man doesn't see this as a desperation move by the Canes. He sees it as a smart decision on both sides. "

At least this opinion maestro has an OPEN mind and whatnot. hUh

Let him come in and compete. If he can beat Olsen out and hold off Williams after his recovery good for him.

Meet Taylor Barton (@TaylorBarton12), a former quarterback at the University of Washington who was on the field as a backup when the Hurricanes steamrolled the Huskies 65-7.

Really? Are we really going to take a scrub backup's word that this "Heap" will be some sort of Savior? Golden has been here going on 4 FULL years and this is what we are banking our Season on ? A 2 time transfer, 50% completion and barely 6 foot QB that none of us ever heard of or seen to waltz onto Campus, for 1 year, and be the QB of a team that's Coaching staff has been here for a full recruiting cycle yet has not developed an upper classman QB ?

Well, maybe our Defense will improve... I hope.

He won't beat Olsen for the job . its Olsen's to lose. He already has a year running practice at #2 and knows the playbook. Also he has duke to distract the defenses. No one has said players aren't being developed since Shannon left except formac.,Calvin, and people like them. Basically people who have zero knowlege of thesituation.

Hey Rabblerouser,
Any quarterback who can even get to the NFL is not a bum.

I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see what Duke Johnson has for Louisvilles defense. They have seen half our offense now they will get the full package. Its gonna be an interesting season .

So now the University of Miami has a Morman starting at QB ?

Oh where have the BAD BOY Canes of the 80's n 90's days gone ?

From QB U to Punter U
Alfredo Dorado es un Desperado
One mediocre QB gets injured
The 2 Golden recruits are not ready
Neither are the 2 incoming freshmen
Enter a Heap of desperation
Never mind his numbers
The "guru" says he will kick ass at dah U

One other thing to consider about Heaps, unlike a 5th year Senior to be transfer QB like Russell Wilson was from NC State to Wisconsin, there were absolutely ZERO Top-Ranked programs that wanted his services for just 1 year, except Golden and our Canes... But then again, when was the last time we were considered a Top-Ranked program?

I hope it works out, but having to count on this kid to come in a be our starting QB from Kansas, says more about where we are as a program than ever before. In year 4 of an administration we should be far more stablized like Top-Programs that told Heaps, "thanks for your interest, but we're set at QB. Good luck to you."

Three quarterbacks who transferred their senior years and were pretty successful - Cam Newton, Ryan Mallet and Wilson.

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
You been out mending fences for 3 years now
Oh, you're a mediocre one but I know that you got your excuses
The NCAA, ESPN, the whole world wants to hurt you
Don't you draw any tough schedules boy
They'll beat you like all top 25 teams are able
You know playing ACC patseys is always your best bet

Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you can't develop them
Alfredo Dorado, oh you ain't gettin' no younger
Your pain and your losing, they're drivin' you home
And going back to Penn State, oh freedom, well that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walkin' through this world with Donofrio by your side

Don't your players get cold in Orlando on the side line?
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the night time from the day
You're losin' all your bowls and top 25 games
Ain't it funny how the winning goes away?

Desperado Dorado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your 300 page manual, open the offense
It may be rainin' but don't be afraid to play
You better let somebody coach up your players
(Let somebody coach you)
You better let somebody love you before it's too late

THE []_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[]

OWNS THIS DUMP. And by DUMP I mean all things UFilth.


Posted by: Curse of the Joker | June 17, 2014 at 04:09 PM

These coaches are crooked as they come and still can't get 5 wins. I say we get rid of them all starting with if and work our way north through the sec.

Posted by: ghost of Hitler | June 17, 2014 at 09:03 PM

Our coaches suck and we still have no oline. And no oline backups to boot. All we do is hire cheating coaches and get 4-8 as a result. We have more money than god and less wins than Georgia southern.

Posted by: Harriet Tubman Gator | June 17, 2014 at 09:59 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2014/06/phillips-resigns-leak-to-take-over-wrs-.html#storylink=cpy

You guys are funny. We pickup a QB for one year and you're making a big case out of it. Why is it a bad move? If he doesn't win the starting job, we lose nothing. If he exceeds expectations and plays with a chip on his shoulder, he makes the team better. There is no risk in this move. You're hate is showing.

Posted by: Marco | June 18, 2014 at 03:16 PM

Duuuuuh, Gomer? Jim McMahon played QB at BYU. He was the baddest QB ever to play. So, you know, history is a damn thing.

what were you hoping for rabblerouser, that he attended the Brent Pease school of QBing??

Cane pigs run wild. Do unto others as the do to you. We are just giving a little back without speculating. Can't handle it.....? Get off our blogs.

Los....is that supposed to be a freestyle rap? Freestyle is what amateurs do.

The attempt to desperately leave? PSU is his family and when family calls you listen. If anything , from the little news of the situation that leaked out, they couldn't sell him on coachin g there. "Rumors" are not facts . where did you get this info on golden "desperately trying to leave? I read sports year around a d never saw any rumor,tweet,email that even suggested that. I could go on for days about how wrong you are. And for the record if any thing PSU didn't turn golden down ...according to sports news outlets....he supposedly gave them a time frame of two days to make their pitch and the couldn't sell it. Plus UM just got a clean slate and PSU just got hammered. Make up what you want but it don't change the facts.

Posted by: cant disguise the negativity | June 18, 2014 at 01:07 PM



1.) Golden contacted PSU first about their Head Coach opening.

2.) PSU goes to Golden house over the weekend. Golden tells the Press, "I have not been contacted by PSU." True? because he contacted PSU.

3.) Golden tells PSU he wants the PSU Head Coaching job.

4.) PSU tells Golden he is NOT a candidate for the PSU Head Coaching job.

5.) Golden holds Presser, says he was "never" interested in the PSU job and is 100% a Cane.


you see it as you like, but that's the exact way it went down from that Thursday through Monday. I'm not a Golden basher. Hope he turns this around. But I will never be an Apologist either and will hold him and his staff totally accountable for their actions, lack of actions and overall results without EXCUSES !

Now Coach Golden and University of Miami Football Team...

Show Me.

Sorry but telling the truth, being realistic and making sense doesn't make one a Gator.

Being delusional, having man crushes, putting one person before the program's best interests, habitual excuse-making, avoiding challenges, lying, being a liar, low expectation mongering, constant insults, etc etc are Gator traits. The proof is in the posts.

They had Tebow and Urban Liar sainted now Ganes want the same for Golden and D'No without the wins. Sorry that aint Cane-like, U are confused.

I don't know a lot about this QB Guru, but he speaks my language when it comes to throwing the football to a spot...not at the receiver. The addition of Heaps is the best move in enhancing the development of our future QBs. Jacory did not have someone to learn from, and Morris did not learn anything from Jacory...but throwing the ball deep.

Nevertheless, to much focus on the offensive side of the ball. We still have the same DC and defensive position coaches who have not put a competitive unit on the field the past 3 years. Manny and Susan, let's ask the tough questions this year, and not allow the defensive coaches to throw this kids under the bus again. How can the DL coach still have a job, when no one on his unit can stop the run, react to a screen, or get to the QB? How come the secondary coach still receiving a paycheck from the U, when his unit continues to take the wrong angles to tackle a ball carrier?

The talent is here, but the jury is still out on the defensive staff!

Los....is that supposed to be a freestyle rap? Freestyle is what amateurs do.

You say you blog facts, hummm............
At the very least you need to expand your musical knowledge, not a rap at all, come on man get with it.
Alfredo Alberto Dorado Desperado, you figure it out.

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