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UM gets quarterback transfer from Kansas (via BYU) - but he doesn't have to sit out

From UM:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Kansas QB Jake Heaps has signed a financial aid agreement and will transfer to the University of Miami, head coach Al Golden announced Sunday.

Heaps spent his junior season in 2013 with the Jayhawks, earning second-team Academic All-Big 12 honors. He was voted as one of the team captains. He played in 11 games, starting nine, and threw for 1,414 yards with eight TDs.

(Note from me: He also threw 10 interceptions along with the eight touchdowns, and had 49-percent accuracy).

The 6-foot-1 product from Sammamish, Wash., began his college career at BYU, where he played in 2010 and 2011. As a freshman in 2010, Heaps set every BYU freshman QB record, including passing yards (2,316), touchdowns (15) and wins (6). He was named New Mexico Bowl MVP and was later named honorable mention Freshman All-America by College Football News.

As a sophomore in 2011, he threw for 1,452 yards and nine TDs in nine games, making six starts. He sat out the 2012 season to satisfy NCAA transfer rules after transferring to Kansas.

Note: Heaps should be able to play immediately without sitting out another season, per NCAA rules, if he earns his college degree this month from Kansas and can take graduate courses at UM.
"I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by Coach [Charlie] Weiss to play football and earn my college degree,'' Heaps said in an Associated Press story that ran Friday. "My wife and I have truly enjoyed being part of the Jayhawk Community. We have made lifelong friends through this experience.''

So, if Ryan Williams, recuperating from a torn ACL, doesn't return as quickly as he hopes (by Nebraska game September 20), the Canes now have an option in Heaps if Golden is intent on redshirting Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier, and Kevin Olsen or Gray Crow don't work out.

You would think that highly touted Olsen, who had a disappointing spring game, would know the offense enough and pick up his play enough to earn the starting job. But at this point who knows?



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Gotta love how the staff is quietly adding depth and creating competition all over the field. Al is building a monster.

Load em up baby. All incoming QBs need to realize this was once called QB U. You need to work your butt off, compete, win, contribute, bide your time, and then do your thing when your time is up.

Its all about this U

Go heat

Hey Susan - The reason Olsen doesn't know the offense well enough is because he wasted his freshman season by not taking his football serious enough. Now he and the team are paying the price for his immaturity.

Gotta weigh in that Olsen smells like marvewright 2.0.
Agreed that the addition of another mediocre qb transfer does help get the competition going though. High hopes on Kaaya/Rosier 2015.

2014. No expectations except a marginally better defense and some good ground game, even if the passing game suffers.

Sounds like he's a waste of a scholarship and will only stunt the growth of Kevin Olsen and Brad Kaaya. If Kaaya is the QB of the future than let him takes his lumps as a freshmen and build on that playing experience.

One other thing... it's about time we had another Football article added to this blog!

There is a reason you take this QB - experience and RW is and will not be ready. Cannot go into the fall counting on an immature inexperienced QB. Good move by AG. Louisville is huge to begin the season with.

Once again scholarships are being wasted. This QB should be playing in a mid major conference. Kevin Olsen should be the starter. But because of poor development stemming from lack of leadership starting with the coach and staff. As Warren Sapp said don't hire someone you are not willing to fire. Believe me somebody should have been fired last year and the year before that. Great person and good coach doesn't always go hand and hand. The question is how long will the administration wait for Al to be great.

Posted by: []_[] know it | June 15, 2014 at 10:31 PM

Nice assessment bro. Way to call it like you see it. Just think if Coley didn't come in to recruit Kayaa. Olsen is Al's Jersey guy, along with Gray Chow (yea that's what I call him) we would be dead at qb. At what point does this guy (Al Folden)eye come into question? Oh I know the NCAA is the reason for him to keep recruiting this garbage.

How can you scream depth? It's more like desperation.

Hey why not? The guy could start if need be. Maybe he would have a strong year for us. He will have offensive skill players like he has not seen. That could be a big boost. The experience will help us.

So, whatever shakes out, Go Jake, Go Canes!

Kaaya redshirt or Williams isn't coming back anytime soon.

I say give Kaaya a shot at winning the job.

c'mon man... It's a matter of respect. Like someone pissing on you and telling you it's raining.

And in terms of which recruit goes where, It don't matter. We get the guys who WANT to be Hurricanes and aren't afraid of the legacy.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | June 15, 2014 at 01:36 PM

the irony on the 1st sentence is thick lol!

First it was we'll be back when we get more Stacey Coley's and Duke Johnson's, so are U saying that these coahces can't win games without 5 star player talent? You've previously said that we only lost games last year because of the loss of one player. Now "it doesn't matter" who comes to UM??? If recruiting doesn't matter now, then U must be implying that coaching will develop a winner no matter the recruiting classes talent level. I'm confused.

Finally, no one needs to be scared of a legacy thats being overtly changed and when mentioned/revisited by fans, is being called "living in the past." These recruits aren't being held to old standards of excellence. Golden is recruiting kids on par with his own talent level…and rightfully so. These Hurricanes aint the Hurricanes.

More competition and he was one of the top 2 quarterbacks in his class as a 5 star recruit.I don't understand how Florida flipped a 2016 cb recruit we had committed and he claimed it was education and grad rates.what's Florida feeding those recruits we have higher grad rates and smaller classes for a better education.they have the higher conviction rates!

Defense wins games and championships. And since goldie and d'o do not know squat about defense, Miami will still have just another mediocre season this year.

Goldie still is clueless about keeping in just four bigggg down linemen all the time on defense, contain the end run first, move LBs up to within a couple of yards of the LOS, play pass coverage with man to man short and zone deep, disguise blitzes.

Throwing a hail mary pass and flat passes on offense or using small offensive backs that can not make three yards are all a waste, too. goldie just does NOT know winning football.

And then, there is the failure of goldie and his staff to get the team in great physical and mental condition to play every game, every down. It is time for the Cane coaching staff to be men instead of kissing the players' butts.

As the old saying goes, if you have 3 or 4 QB's, it really means you have no QB...

When was the last time we had a QB that went on to play well in the Pros?

why would anyone say he is at best a mid major QB?

what is you all stoopid?

he did well at two programs: BYU and kansas. Thats more than ANY QB Miami has RIGHT now.

if nothing else it gives UM an option in case Olsen s-ks like he did in the spring, and Williams isnt ready.

It goes to show why youneed to load up in key positions like QB, rb. you never know when you will be decimated. injuries, poor performance, etc

There i still 2 and a half months to go before kick off. NONE of you weenies know whats going on with Ryan Williams. 2 MONTHS ago Golden sad he was doiing reemarkably better! I wouldnt be surprised if he is ready.

regardless I can see Louisville teeing off on our QB and again making our offense predictable

If UM's QB whoever that is is even somewhat productive, it will open up running lanes

Let's put this new QB addition in the right perspective! Coach Golden has never been comfortable with inexperience QBs. This was the main reason he decided to go with Jacory, rather giving Morris some experience. This is the reason he played an injured Morris, rather giving Williams valuable game experience. This is the reason he does not have a QB coach on staff too. Regardless who we get as a recruited QB, someone on staff must be able to develop them, to include designing a game plan to match their skill level.

Everyone keep talking about QB U, but no one can recalled that Earl Moral (former pro QB) was the QB coach under Coach Schelly. I will continue to beat this topic to the ground, because the QB position is critical to the success of any team...pop warner or professional. Jacory and Morris played their best college football under the formal OC, who was a QB coach at the professional level.

Why have a TE coach on staff, and the HC is a formal college TE? The TE practices with the OL and WR coaches! Hire a full-time QB coach, because the QB detemine the success of the offensive unit. Jacory and Morris could not make the right reads on the field concerning mis-matches with safeties and TE or LBs on RBs. Jacory and Morris stayed with their primary WR too long. Jacory and Morris could not throw effective screen or crossing passes too. Therefore, I say the problem is coaching this position, to include evaluating who is the best player to lead the offensive unit.

This move by Coach Golden makes sense, because he does not trust a young QB. I guess coach Golden defines experience by age and years in the program. Kaaya has that "IT", but he needs a QB coach.

BOSTON (Reuters) - Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged with murdering three men in two incidents in 2012 and 2013, is due back in court on Monday to face charges of assaulting a fellow inmate while in jail.

He was charged in May with the February assault of a fellow jail inmate in the Bristol County House of Corrections after the two got into a verbal alteration.

Agreed RHC. Fisch was an OC as well as a QC, but Coley isn't so that is certainly a weak spot and doesn't help in the development of a QB.

Cornerback Chauncey "C.J." Gardner flips his commitment from UM to rival UF

Cocoa High rising junior cornerback Chauncey "C.J." Gardner flipped from his commitment to the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday night and pledged to the Florida Gators.

Gardner told the Orlando Sentinel he didn't mean to upset rival coaches, but he had to make the best decision for his future.

Gardner posted to his Twitter account @StillDat_, “I Would Like To Thank Miami For All The Opportunities They Presented To Me But I'm Taking My Talents To Gainesville #CHOMP #GoGators.”

Gardner, who did not have a scholarship offer from the Gators heading in to his appearance at the Will Muschamp Football Camp on Saturday, impressed the UF coaches enough for Muschamp and recruiter/defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson to extend a scholarship offer to him. Once he got the offer, he was all Gators.

“It feels great. It’s a big change and coaches may be mad, but I did it for me,” Gardner said. “It’s like Coach Muschamp said, 'It’s not about football, and it's about getting an education when you come to Florida.' It’s about football, too, but there’s a time and place after football is all said and done, you’re going to have to have something to fall back on. You’re going to have that four-year, five-year diploma, have my degree … they have a high graduation rate.

“But football-wise, I love Coach T-Rob and I had great experience learning from him today at the camp. It was good.”

Gardner, who also plays receiver for the Tigers, averaged about three tackles per game last season and had five interceptions and a blocked punt. He is the third commitment to the Gators 2016 recruiting class, joining Naples WR Tyler Byrd and Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab WR Tre Jackson.

The athletic Gardner also had 19 receptions on offense for 307 yards and scored three touchdowns. He ran the ball 16 times for 92 yards and three more touchdowns.

Gardner, who committed to the Hurricanes last summer, said he had been talking with his uncle for a couple of weeks about his commitment. He said the shift was not a sudden decision, but once he earned the offer from the Gators, he was sold.

“I was thinking about it and I did a lot of research to see what’s best,” Gardner said. “I’ve been to Florida a lot of times and I been to Miami a lot of times, and Miami compared to Florida, it’s hands-down, Florida has it.”


"and Miami compared to Florida, it’s hands-down, Florida has it.”

That says it all and how u are viewed outside ur lil 305 bubble...

Grad rates are you kidding, not a sudden decision? He goes to a camp is offered and he makes a decision. And anyone who doesn't think Will the Trill doesn't hand out $100.00 bills hasn't seen the picture of Joker with a recruit during the silent period. Go ahead tell me Willy boy didn't know or approve! Gators cheat, plain and simple and Gators pay! No doubt about it! Florida has it, yeah losing seven of the last eight they played against the U yeah they have it alright, education? roflmao who is this kid kidding?

Golden needs some serious tips on how to utilize his weapons. You have one of the best receiving corps in the NCAA. The defensive core is at it's best since who knows when. You have Depth on both sides. If Golden knows what I know I would send all of my QB's to the Manning camps every summer and I would make them all eat and sleep in a gym on a daily basis. There is no need for another loosing season this year. I hope Mr.Heap has thick skin because if he doesn't he's going to be dead meat. One thing about us UM fans we expect the best out of our players and nothing less. "Let's win, win, win" Throws up the U sign. Another thing Defensive players and offensive players when you make a big play throw up the U sign on your opponents.

In the sec" you have to try to fail", he will fit right in at Florida. All his money worries are over. Sec recruits are ignorant to say stuff like that.

Let's see.... Joker just happened to be in Miami during the silent period without any other Gator coaches knowing about it. He was on vacation! Yeah... That's the ticket. Fla is about to endure a loooong investigation with recruits wondering when and what will happen. Don't let the screen door hit you on the butt on the way out of your trailer Will. Paybacks for your trash talking our Canes on the recruiting trail for 3 years really suck.

"Gardner posted to his Twitter account @StillDat_, “I Would Like To Thank Miami For All The Opportunities They Presented To Me But I'm Taking My Talents To Gainesville" #CHOMP #GoGators.
So he's Lebron "taking his talents..."
Sounds like the usual in a long line of me first kids.

BTW, "Chauncey Gardner" was the Peter Sellers character name in the movie "Being There."
That character had the IQ of about 80, yet fooled the UK into thinking he was simply a keen observer of life.
Guess he fooled the Gators as well.

"rising junior cornerback Chauncey "C.J." Gardner ..."

Rising junior? The kid is 15 years old and the blog Pig posts this? The kid doesn't know his head from his arse yet thinks UFilth is "it?" Maybe, if by "it" he means trailerparks and steaming ruptured sewers.

Yeah, when I was 15 I thought Duran Duran was great too.

Pig, UFilth has nothing going on. Zero. That is why you have to post quotes of a 15 year old and about the women's soccer team. In the fields that matter, UFilth is garbage. Transfer, decommits, coaches quitting and raw sewage in the streets of Trailerville.

They arrested the blog Pig (you know the one: Arty/Soldy/quoting 15 year-olds/Posts in rhetorical questions/9-11 limp-wristed Marines post; yeah, that slob):

A central Florida man who weighs about 450 pounds faces multiple charges after sheriff's deputies say he hid cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana under his "stomach fat."

According to a new release, a Volusia County sheriff's deputy stopped a vehicle Friday after noticing that the passenger wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Officials say 42-year-old Christopher Mitchell told the deputy that he's too big to wear a seat belt. The deputy says he requested a drug-detecting dog because Mitchell and the driver appeared nervous. The dog detected the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

850cane ." another losing season" ? You're on the wrong blog buddy. Maybe you meant to be on gator clause? Also, throwing up the U in a game is now considered taunting. You're a moron poser.

This move by Coach Golden makes sense, because he does not trust a young QB. I guess coach Golden defines experience by age and years in the program. Kaaya has that "IT", but he needs a QB coach.

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCanes | June 16, 2014 at 09:01 AM


I see that a couple of Cane loyalist have a certain degree of COMMONSENSE and whatnot. hUh

Nonetheless, the new kid on the Coral Gables block COULDN'T emerge as the No. 1 signal caller for a BOTTOM-FEEDING Jayhawk squad.

Also, Heap has transferred to THREE schools in his brief stint as a QUESTIONABLE major college pigskin QB. Ouch. And that's BAD NEWS no matter how you'all Cane GOONS and FOOLS spin the entire bloody matter. dUh

Golden is recruiting kids on par with his own talent level…and rightfully so. These Hurricanes aint the Hurricanes.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | June 16, 2014 at 01:16 AM


HTCane be bloody well SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, again. Nothing more and nothing less. dUh

FWIW... this news bout' the incoming eligible signal caller is Much Ado Bout' Nothing. Ouch.

Simply because both Goldie nd' Marky Mark had a FORMER 2nd Team All Big-Ten defensive end on the squad last season and these two CARPET BAGGER'S didn't give this Sunshine state ex-HS star SIGNIFICANT playing minutes. Which was a WASTE of defensive end TALENT.

Yeah, yeah this DE was too much of an ATTACKING defensive end and didn't fit into Goldie and Marky Mark's STYLE of non-aggressive, patty cake defense and what not. hUh So what!!!

Incoming QB transfer, Jacob Heaps, STATS were VERY unimpressive. If U Know What I Mean, bUbba's. And this was on a " 3-9 " Jayhawker squad.

In other words, the kid had a passing % of LESS than .500. 49 percent to be exact. hUh Oh, signal caller Heaps THREW MORE interceptions than he did TD's ( 10 int./ 8 td's ). Ouch.

Again, the kid is an EMERGENCY back-up plan. In case Olson or Crow are MAJOR bust's and whatnot. dUh

Mac, you're an idiot....quoting HTC about being a Cane? When they join that squad, they're Canes. And do y'all really think this guy is gonna walk in and play with 2 months to prepare? He's a freebie walk on to have a little backup to Olsen. And great a sense of urgency. You guys are so bad at hating.


That is true, TMJ, but the whole team stunk. A better gauge are his stats at BYU.

FWIW... y'all's NEW SAVIOR at QB has been BEATEN out for the starting signal caller at TWO major college football school's ( BYU and MIGHTY Kansas. ). hUh

So read between the Orange nd' Green lines. If y'all Cane minions have any degree of commons sense. dUh

Yeah, yeah the incoming QB transfer was a FORMER Four-Star prep player. But that was many, many, many, many, many, many moons ago and he hasn't done much lately.

You guys are so bad at hating.

Posted by: better worry about muschump | June 16, 2014 at 01:59 PM

I'd like to believe I'm more of a DOUBTING weirdo whom has a certain degree of REALISM. Rather than being a Hurricane distractor and what not.

Nonetheless, YOUR sacred Amendment No.1 gives you and YOUR Cane GOONS the " Right-wing " right to freely hate on the lone REALIST. hUh

Posted by: better worry about muschump | June 16, 2014 at 01:59 PM

Well, you and YOUR Miami HENCHMEN better PRAY to Almighty Buddha that Olson or Crow WINS the starting QB position.

Otherwise, that 8-4 regular season record, which I TOUT, will be in SERIOUS JEOPARDY with an EX-Jayhawker under center. Ouch!!

Again, both YOUR beloved Goldie and Marky Mark had a FORMER 2nd Team All-Big Ten defensive end transfer to Miami in '13. Yet, Thee CARPETBAGGER'S failed terribly in utilizing said 5th year transfer.

And dig this. This DE transfer from mighty Wisconsin had MORE on the turf CREDIBILITY than you new QB savior. LOL

"and Miami compared to Florida, it’s hands-down, Florida has it.”

That says it all and how u are viewed outside ur lil 305 bubble...

Posted by: u are u ... not IT u ... | June 16, 2014 at 10:05 AM

I guess that is true, if you are a meth addict. Ah, who are we kidding, of COURSE you are a meth addict.

"and UFilth compared to Miami, it's hands-down, UFilth is a steaming sewage pit."

And that's how UFilth is viewed outside the Alachua County (I laugh everytime I type that) bubbling latrine. Seriously, Trailerville is a dump. Even UFilth dopes know that.

8-4 regular season is considered a good season at Miami now. It's a joke and this administration has no interests in ships as long as those big ACC revenue checks come in every yr. Giving Morris a 3 yr extension for winning a regular season conference ship says it all. 13 yrs from last national title in football and baseball and counting.

Both of his teams moved from Pro-style to Spread after he joined. He was a top rated QB. I don't think he's going to be the starter on game one but he's a senior so if we weren't using that scholarship this year anyway, what's it hurt? There's no risk in this. If he comes in and surprises everyone or if he doesn't do any better and sits on the bench. Why is the coach being attacked for a move that makes no risk?

And thirteen years since Shalala took over and we've been sorry ever since. But there's no correlation. according to most Ganes, the players we recruit have just been selfish and entitled ever since then.

No one "hates" on Miami Hurricane football more than the UM administration and its last 3 coaches staff and AD hires. My words on a sports blog doesn't compare to the product we've been witnessing for over a decade now. Don't give me too much credit now.

"Al is building a monster?" Are you kidding me? Mahoney-Pearson. Do you even know anything about the sport? Do you know how bad it is at the QB position, for UM to even think about signing a third rate QB from Kansas, who's transfered 8 times? This guy will toss it up and pick 6 the other way in a heartbeat! Get a clue---Al and his staff will never catch up to FSU or Alabama. The team, in all honesty, has not improved very much at all, year to year. Now, many others will make excuses for this, but the Trustees, the Coaching staff--they're all selling the public a fantasy because they know the winds of accountability will be blowing in very soon!

For you guys with low reading comprehension, it says in the story he signed a financial aide agreement. That makes him a walk on. He is a freebie that will only be an experienced backup in case Olsen gets hurt. Williams will return.

This is neither good nor bad, at best it's intriguing! I fear that it may be a last ditch swing for the fences type move on Golden's part if Olson isn't performing up to expectations.

This new addition while adds some depth and hopefully maturity, talent wise may be a push cause he never lived up to expectations at his previous stops BYU & now Kansas where competition and pressure isn't anywhere what he's expected to face at UM.

To me this move's about depth and adding hopefully a leader.

Al Golden has six quarterbacks on scholarship now. But turned down Jacoby Brissett when he wanted to transfer here. While having less quarterbacks on scholarship than currently.

Talent acquisition was supposed to be Al Golden's strong point. Since player development is very lacking, by him.

Let us see if Al Golden can have more success with his quarterbacks, than North Carolina State does with theirs.

Some will defend Golden to the their death. After all he is the football Moses down here. Unfortunately we are losing faith and the compass arrows are spinning when we look to see what direction this team is heading in . News flash It's a new year and we are currently undefeated. Will this team remain undefeated. That depends on player and coach ownership ,dynamic coaching and play calling. Go canes

Calicane is back... I love my canes but have not be able get to excited about the football program since Al " used car saleman" Golden been coach. This guy is a joke. Please coach fans who love this guy so much what has he done for canes lately? Nothing.....

Did "D" become TheeMackJones or is that his non-Haitian alter-ego?

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