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Waiting for Heaps: UM's other five QBs -- including injured Ryan Williams -- working hard to stay ahead.


While transfer Jake Heaps gets ready to arrive in Coral Gables to begin a one-season tenure with his third college football team, it's life as usual for the other five scholarship quarterbacks.

Redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen, recently arrived true freshmen Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier, third-year sophomore Gray Crow and fifth-year senior Ryan Williams are doing what it takes to prepare for what they hope will be a meaningful season. 

Kevinolsen"It comes with the position,'' Olsen's father and former high school coach, Chris Olsen, told The Miami Herald by phone Monday, when asked how his son was doing in light of the news of Heaps coming to compete for the job. "It is what it is. As far as Kevin goes, he's fine."

There were only two spring practices remaining, not including the annual spring game, when projected 2015 UM starting quarterback Williams tore the ACL of his right knee during a scrimmage. Suddenly, Olsen, a highly touted four-star recruit out of Wayne Hills (N.J.) High School, was thrust into the position of being the main man before he had ever thrown a pass in college.

Olsen, who had his share of struggles in his first year at UM, was doing well and had improved a great deal, according to teammates and coaches. But he had a disappointing showing in the spring game (as did Gray Crow), completing 7 of 21 passes for 65 yards, with no touchdowns and an interception.

Crow was 9 of 20 for 63 yards, with no touchdowns and an interception.

 "He's there the whole summer, taking summer school classes, going to workouts -- the whole thing that everybody does,'' Chris Olsen said. "All you can ask for is an opportunity to go out and play. It will all work out in the end.''

Meanwhile, Williams, who earned his undergraduate degree in December in sports administration, has been rehabilitating his knee daily and still has a goal of returning for the September 20 Nebraska game.

"I can't believe how fast he's bounced back,'' Jayne Williams, his mother, told the Herald today. "He was driving and off his crutches two weeks to the day of his surgery (which was Wednesday, May 9). 

"His spirits are unbelievable and he has such a great mindset. We were in New Orleans a month ago and we were in the French Quarter and he was walking around for hours. He said he's not in pain. He's doing fabulously.''

Jayne Williams said her son took it in stride that a new fifth-year senior quarterback would soon be arriving. Remember, Williams, too, transferred to UM from Memphis after starting there his freshman year.

"I feel like UM would have been doing itself an injustice if they didn't at least bring someone in with experience while Ryan is rehabbing,'' Williams said. "[Heaps] also has played and he's older than the other quarterbacks. That will make Ryan work twice as hard. That's the kind of kid Ryan is. He doesn't get upset in that kind of way.''

One big similarity between Heaps and Williams: both are married. 

 Williams' wife Deanna is expecting their first child -- a son -- on August 5th, the day fall camp opens. But she said the baby is so large (already over five pounds), that she doubts she'll last that long.

Heaps, a Mormon married to a former BYU student (he started 10 of 13 games as a freshman at BYU), transferred to Kansas after his sophomore season and played one disappointing season for Kansas (128 of 261 for 1,414 yards and eight touchdowns, with 10 picks). Kansas, however, had a bad offense all the way around, including its offensive line, which at least partly (or more than partly) allowed the less-than-mobile Heaps to be sacked 23 times.

 From everything I've read, Heaps is smart and a really good person with leadership qualities and a strong arm. He has publicly said he will get his degree this month, and thus, be able to play immediately at UM as a graduate student.

 He was rated the top quarterback in the nation by Scout.com and No. 1 pro-style quarterback by Rivals.com when he graduated from Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington.

"I am excited for the opportunity to play my last year of college football as a Miami Hurricane!" Heaps posted on Twitter and Instagram. "Ready to get to work!"

This will be a compelling fall camp, and with Williams possibly in the mix early in the season, the storylines will be plentiful. If Williams can get back in the game sooner than later, he is going to do everything possible to play after waiting three years behind Stephen Morris.

I'm on vacation until football gets going with the ACC Football Kickoff (media days) in late July in Greensboro. Until then, Manny Navarro will be manning the blog while he also covers the Marlins.

Everyone have a happy and healthy summer.



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They will all come they will all win & they will all play on Sundays

I like the fact Williams and the fan was hanging out in the French Quarter. My kinda guy..

*ooops fam

Wait, wait, wait: Are these misprints? Is UM considering QB's who have already attended and played at not 1, not 2, not 3 schools? Whatever happened to the halcyon JJ days when people were simply recruited to play QB.

Kelly was recruited. Kosar was recruited. Collins was recruited. berlin was recruited. Highsmith was recruited. And, yes (sadly) Dorsey was recruited.

Now go out and find a real good QB who wants to play. It might be hard due to the fact that the 500-plus club still reigns.

What the heck is going on at the Hecht Center? This ain't how JJ used to do it.

Whatever Al Golden does to quarterbacks, it is not good. I cannot get Stephen Morris to look up at me, a fan of Miami Hurricanes' Football, here in Jacksonville. At a Jaguars practice. His family is noticing The U, up here. But Stephen is avoiding it like he is a local Gators fan.

I'll go to practice tomorrow and Wednesday, to see if things change. But it was not nice to see a player with Stephen Morris' skillset avoid looking at the University of Miami symbols. When there is nearly nothing up here that supports him, or his college team.

After watching the spring game, this team will be lucky to win many games. No one could catch, then again no one could throw. Golden is just another BAD hire.

On SM and the Jaguars: SM has the skill set of a pro QB. He can drop back and stay in the pocket. He''ll need GREAT receivers and OL in J'ville. I think he'll be successful in NFL, but not in J'ville.

I actually think Stephen Morris has better accuracy and arm strength than Blake Bortles. But since he was overdrafted at the third pick, Bortles will get much better treatment by the Jaguars. Storm Johnson was Central Florida's offense, but, he might not make the Jaguars roster. Because he ran the ball, or was catching it so much, he does not know how to block.

The offensive line should be better than last year. Along with the receivers, as well. Stephen should have a leg up on Jedd Fisch's offense, too. I will not be surprised if he ends up being a better pro than Blake.

Dude you cant be serious.

let me fix this for you..

Stephen Morris has better accuracy than Jayne Williams.

If Blake Bortles was running Miami's offense last year we would have gone to a BCS game as well.

If you cant see how Bortles is better than Morris I guess you think Shawnbrey McNeal was better than Emmitt Smith. Wow

I'm taking SM over Bortles. UCF had a good year. But SM is a natural drop back, look the filed pocket kind of passer. Arm strength, throwing the length of the field, give me SM all day. Bortles takes off at the sight of a heavy pass rush. SM does not really have good foot movement, which forces him to even further stay in pocket.

Blake got a lot of pub late in the season. That UCF team was good, but give me SM anyday. But Bortles is not a scrub. Bortles on that UM squad that SM played on. It would not have made a difference as the UM offense was stuck on a single-minded game approach every week. I'm a big Storm fan and hope he pans out somewhere.

New qb transfer from Kansas, let me see if I got this straight, he couldn't win the job their, so we take em in because the penn disgrace morons have been here going on year 4 now and don't have a qb they recruited on their own prepared yet. The days of having jacory harris and smo17 are gone, where are the morons's qb's. Let's see, transfer ryan wiliams, obvious baseball player thompson, dewey and the news gone, crow, olsen and now, this is a heap of crap.

We recruit linebackers that were linebackers in highschool only for them to become slower linebackers in college by requiring them to put on college and even pro defensive end weight by their 2nd year here. They keep holding back Jermaine grace cause in the words of one of the most outstanding morons in the none d-co, "jermaine grace needs to make the same type of commitment to the weight room like denzel).

For some reason, a lot of Miami teams college or pro like to hire the dumbest coaches but yet and still expect to maintain greatness. These penn disgrace morons don't have what it takes to be Miami Hurricanes, just getting a free pay check for another year.

FYI cat. Berlin was a transfer.....if this new qb is smart he may get the job with a goodoline to work with . personally hope oOlsen stands up and takes the job. C'mon sept.1st.

Calvin still an uninformed poser. Olsen is ready. Just because you say he isn't shows you don't have a clue. The new guy was on terrible teams. He was sacked almost as much as driskel without fumbling. But its OK to keep drlskel , right? Hypocrite!

Also Calvin , mark and am are Canes if you can acknowledge it or not. So in your words, Randy did have what it takes as a player but not as a coach? Some of you guy just post speculation with no grounds and expect people to buy it. What speculating morons!

Golden is supposedly a good recruiter but yet here we are again wondering which average qb is going to start. Just go out and get a top qb recruit already. The other top programs get there's 2 yrs before they graduate HS. Why is this so hard. This is The UNIVERSITY of MIAMI we need to do whatever it takes whatever it takes to get these studs back at our program.

It makes sense to bring him in because we have 0 starts on the bench. If we had a stud QB and someone on the bench this wouldn't be an issue. Why don't we have a stud QB? Who wanted to go to Miami the last few years with the NCAA hanging over our head? Morris had a great arm but clearly has issues and most likely wont stay in the NFL for long. When he was healthy and we had our #1 running back the Canes were not too bad considering the lack of talent and depth. Golden has done a good job but it will take time. We havent won a title since 2001 so at this point dont get too excited about a quick turnaround.

Fridge....that backup at if wanted to transfer to Miami....Bridgewater wanted to come too until we fired his bro Shannon . players still want to come to UM they just don't want to wait their turn. I think name is Winston wanted to go to Texas and ended up with a national title. Your arguments suck

Who's truly saying that Olsen isn't ready?

Calvin's supposed words (where did he say this)?


Golden's actions?

Words have more credence in your world than actions do. Speculation?? The writings on the wall, the fact that U refuse to read is your own mania.

Not hating, U just gotta accept that everybody aint a sucker.

In his last post HTC. Sheesh you guys are ignorant. He said golden didn't have a qb he recruited prepared yet. Or something like that. I know you can read but can you comprehend?

This doesn't send a sign that Olsen isn't ready to you guys? I think it's a pretty clear indication that there's doubts.

They need to give Kaaya a shot at the job.

Oh and by the way, Harriet Tubman was a slave thief. There are no moral victories. She was wanted i n all the states you now co sided the sec.

Oh and by the way, Harriet Tubman was a slave thief. There are no moral victories. She was wanted i n all the states you now co sided the sec.

"berlin was recruited"

yea, by UF. Where he originally attended before eventually transferring to Miami.

c'mon bro. You just discredited yourself all by yourself.

To have six quarterbacks on scholarship, with two of those transfers. That is after two quarterbacks, Al Golden recruited, are no longer on the roster. That has nothing to do with the NCAA investigation, or sanctions. Because a top South Florida quarterback still wanted to transfer here. But, Jacoby Brissett was turned down. He would be eligible right now.

The inability to get his recruited talent at quarterback on the football field, since Al Golden has been here. Is more proof of his lack of player development. There have been too many quarterbacks on scholarship, to have that few that can run his offense.

This kid has tools. Let's see what Coley can do with him.

We are a better team with Heaps (reminds me of Brock) in the rotation. Al did what Al should, which is put the team in the best position, to win. I can't fathom why any true cane fan would be less than excited...

Well, we have 6 QB's , but our best and most dangerous Offensive set will be Duke in the Wildcat.

That's where we are at. Stay healthy Duke, stay healthy.

Seriously, we have two four star freshman QBs on the roster. Golden isn't recruiting talent? His starting QB tore an ACL leaving him with inexperience. What does it hurt to bring in a transfer with one year of eligibility? If he does better in a pro-style offense than he did in those spread offenses that were terrible, GREAT! He looks like a genius. If Heaps is terrible than we used a scholarship for one year that we weren't using anyway. Think people.

For coaching staff to recruit Heaps in June after new freshmen qbs arrive says clearly they don't have confidence in them to lead the team yet. These last several weeks told them something.

cool cat

All in the same breath: dumba55, jive a55 turkeys

Cool cat- your stupid comment that Berlin was recruited lost you all the cred (not that youhad any)--
BErlin transferred from UF

ANd the stupid a55 Black panther crew above would take Stephen Morris over Blake Bortles only bc he is black. No other reason. No football reason, or any other. Morris stunk. Look how he did in the senior bowl game. Look how he did against Louiville.

STUNK. I guess you morons know more than all the NFL scouts who made Bortles the Number 2 draft choice and Morris did not get drafted.

All you people are reading way too much into this QB thing , We did not go after Heaps he expressed interest and we did not use a scholarship on him he is a walk on paying his own way . We have absolutely no risk involved , please chill out with all the panicking . All you negative morons are like vultures just waiting for a smell of anything you can feast on .Go Canes

All you people are reading way too much into this QB thing , We did not go after Heaps he expressed interest and we did not use a scholarship on him he is a walk on paying his own way . We have absolutely no risk involved , please chill out with all the panicking . All you negative morons are like vultures just waiting for a smell of anything you can feast on .Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane


2012 Stats comparing Bortles and Morris. I too said that Morris, if given the chance, would probably end up the starter in Jax. Morris 2012 campaign was good, so how can you possibly say his performance was sub-par. Mind you, in 2012 Bortles played in Conference USA, so the numbers should be taken with relativity.

2012 Central Florida CUSA QB 62.9Comp % 3059yrds 25TD 7INT 144.5 Rating

2012 Miami (FL) ACC QB 58.2 Comp % 3345yrds 21TD 7INT 138.1 Rating

So we have 6 QB's on schollies, yet complain about lack of depth. We have more QB's than natural Linebackers. We have Tyrique McCord behind Chickillo, DE transfer from last season that never saw the field. A stud TE that never saw the field..


Everyone is still overlooking the main issue here! We need a good QB coach and/or OC on staff. The new addition is a great move by Golden, because the freshman QBs will not be rush into the learning curve. Jacory was rush, and developed bad habits. Heaps and Williams are our best options this year, especially since we don't have a QB coach. In my opinion, Kaaya is the QB of the future!

Morris was a great UM QB as good as any of the Cane QBs who won NCs. His problem was goldie and the moron OC calling hail mary passes and flat passes which were wasted downs instead of throwing 15 yard passes. Also goldie and the OC used little fullbacks instead of a big full back to pound into the line to get three or four yards or give great blocking protection.

And of course, goldie and d'o are morons with their prevent the Cane win, NO defense that allowed other teams to march down the field so Morris was always backed up in the Cane end of the field.

The Canes will never have another great season until goldie and his staff are gone or until the learn offense and defense and conditioning the players from my brilliant posts.

You guys are idiots. All teams have numerous players at EVERY position that have not played a down of college football. If Williams didn't get hurt then Olsen would have seen mop up duty to get some experience. That's how this whole thing works. Olsen redshirted last year so technically he is a sophomore. Then we have freshmen behind him. Olsen knows the playbook and golden got this WAIK ON to add experienced depth and that's all.if Williams doesn't come back and Olsen goes down, you wouldn't want a true freshman finishing out the year for you. Look at Winston for FSU. He was a redshirt freshman. How'd that turn out? He never played a down of college football until last season. You guys are ignorant to how college football works. I don't know everything but lineups are pretty simple.

@Richmond heights Cane I agree with your comment about Brad Kaaya. Me personally I would rather see Golden throw in Kaaya. He has the size and the height already why not get him prepared for the collegiate football career? I would rather see him than some washed up QB.

" His problem was goldie and the moron OC calling hail mary passes and flat passes which were wasted downs instead of throwing 15 yard passes."

There you have it, Cane fans. All this time, the next Bill Walsh was in our midst. This crusty maggot knows it all. Instead of earning millions as a coordinator, he hits the blogs in the morning to "enlighten" us. What a great career choice.

STFU you moron. Go back to your double-wide in Alachua County.

Having heaps certainly doesn't hurt. Ups the competition and doesn't waste a scholly. A no brainer.

Getting a qb coach is a good idea.

SMO17 was awful w/out Fisch. Compared to Bortles!? I watched Bortles from the beginning of the year. That dude is the real deal.

Jacory wasn't a rush...he did have 32 different coordinators and wasn't that good. bad combo.

Golden for presz- NOT!


Bortles palyed against Louisville head to head- result: WON. He had a masterful game

Morris played UL in a relatively neutral field (inthe state of florida)- result: Morris laid an egg the size of the Epcot center ball.

Bortles is 2-0 in bowls

Morris is 0-3 if you include the bowl he came in for the other int machine.

Morris was handicapped with having goldie and his staff as "coaches" in mediocrity on offense and defense formations, conditioning, special teams, clock management, and psychology. I wouldn't let them coach in the pee wee league.


I concur with Kaaya, but I rather have an experience QB coach and/or OC to develop and guide him. I would hate to see Olsen, Kaaya, Grow, Rosier or any other future QB fail because of our existing coaching and schemes. An average QB (i.e., Dorsey) with talent at RB and WR should produce better results. Too many mis-matches, and we have not taken advantage of them over the past 7-8 years.

QBs are the product of the existing system, and that is why a lot do not excel at the next level (i.e., Steve S. QBs from Florida & S. Carolina). Steve S. is an excellent college QB coach/OC who happen to be the HC. The same as Jimbo at FSU.

Aaron Hernandez is back in court on Monday morning, and his defense team is expected to ask the judge to throw out the murder charge that the former Patriots player faces in the killing of Odin Lloyd one year ago. Given that the prosecution has so far presented no probable cause that Hernandez killed or was even linked to the murder (according to them), the charge should be dismissed.

It's an interesting move from the defense, though clearly they're going to attempt every maneuver in the book to escape before the trial begins.

Hernandez will apparently also be arraigned on Monday for the assault of a fellow jail inmate, which he did even as the inmate was handcuffed. Another charge was that Hernandez threatened to kill a Dartmouth County Jail guard, along with his family.

The ex-tight end is also facing a double murder charge for a drive-by shooting in 2012 in Boston. The entire incident, according to the prosecution in that trial, was the result of a spilled drink.

- Attacks a handcuffed man. Coward.
- Shoots three unarmed people. Coward.
- Threatens a jail guard and the guard's family. Moron.

Yep, that is the best NFL gator of the past five years. No wonder only morons, cowards, and meth addicts are signing up to hope they can beat division 2 opponents at home, and duck division 1 opponents on the road unless their conference or the state forces them.

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in responding Wednesday to a civil lawsuit alleging he shot a friend in the face and then abandoned him.

The lawsuit, filed in June, alleges that Hernandez shot his friend Alexander Bradley, 31, after the two socialized at a Miami strip club in February.

“Defendant asserts his rights under the Fifth Amendment and, therefore, declines to respond to the allegations,” the filing states 13 times in response to specific allegations contained in Bradley’s civil complaint.

I see where you are coming from, holmie. However, records vs. an opponent and bowl records do not fairly compare player vs. player. It's a team game. They had a running game and a good defense. They clearly were a better team.

Its my opinion that the Jags landed themselves Gabbert 2.0. Bortles isn't anything special..

Fellow State of Florida High School 2014 Seniors to be D.E./O.L.B Byron Cowart, Rivals #1 OVERALL and ESPN's #5 OVERALL 2015 Recruit AND D.E. Ce Ce Jefferson Rivals #10 OVERALL and ESPN's #8 OVERALL 2015 Recruit will announce soon and well before their 2015 High Season that they will commit to THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA as a Package Deal !!! 6-4/260lb Cowart will stay likely stay at Defensive End with more than enough ability to play upright at OLB when needed, while 6-3.5/255lb Jefferson should slid into the BUCK DE/OLB position presently manned by Pre-Season All-SEC and ALL-American Jr. to be DANTE FOWLER, a likely 2015 NFL 1st. Round Draft Pick early entry declare, and will be more than comfortable to double down with his hand in the dirt at D.E. at anytime... Either way, these two 5-STAR STUDS are interchangeable DE/OLB's and will man the edges wrecking havoc for the GATORS for years to come...

Read it and Weep u 2 n 3 star over a decade ALverage clUcks... and neither of these STUDS, just like 290 or so of the TOP-300 Recruits in the Country, are even CONSIDERING u...

per 247Sports and Bleacher Report.

Byron Cowart

The Gators are viewed as the overwhelming favorite to land Cowart, one of the team's top in-state targets. Florida has received 90 percent of predictions in 247Sports' Crystal Ball.

Will Muschamp and company hosted Cowart last week for an unofficial visit, and he has spent substantial time in Gainesville at this point (six visits overall). The Gators are attempting to pair him with fellow 5-star Florida defensive end CeCe Jefferson.

"They want me and CeCe bad," Cowart explained to Rivals. "They didn't sign a Buck linebacker and an end last year so the opportunity for both of us is there. They want me at Buck and CeCe at defensive end."

It's not a surprise to see teams tag Cowart as a compelling linebacker prospect. His athleticism and speed are routinely on display in pursuit at the second level.

CeCe Jefferson

CeCe Jefferson, one of Florida’s top recruits, told 247Sports last week that he knows which school he will commit to on national signing day. (ALL GATOR)

Instead of waiting for another eight months, let’s let the cat out of the bag right now.

Jefferson is going to commit to the Florida Gators. And he's going to bring his fellow in State DE/OLB 5-Star friend Byron Cowart with him in a frightening package deal. He’s going to harass SEC quarterbacks for at least three years and help keep their defense at an elite level. There are simply too many signs pointing in this team's direction. Anything else would be a downright shocker.

Sorry, Alabama, Auburn and USC—Jefferson is taking his talents to Gainesville.


Hey clUcks, how are all those 2-3 star dUds that ALverage has recruited in Mass to man ur turnstile front 7 on Ur 'Efense turning out after 4 years of Corch NO-D "development" ? yeah, yeah yeah... we get it... they're getting bigger, stronger, (SLOWER), and more experienced after 4 years hUh ? Riiiiieeeeeeeeettttt ...

College World Series Update...

SEC- 3-0 ...

acc- 1-2 Louisville first team eliminated...

According to ESPN, Miami has been nominated the number one school which puts out TE's since the 2000 season. hUh

TIGHT END U for the 2000's... No. 1 Miami, Florida Hurricanes. dUh

Maybe someday in the very, very, very distant future. The Canes will have a few defensive player's worthy of being No. 1 at their particular defensive position. But I highly doubt it with YOUR beloved Marky Mark hanging around Coral Gables. Ouch!

"Posted by: u are u ... and U KNOW THIS ! | June 17, 2014 at 01:49 PM"

Hey, Pig, we've seen this movie before. Even if they don't decommit (which is possible), or transfer (which is likely, they will still lose to the MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES.

Because trailertrash Gatr can't beat the Canes. Can't do it. Won't do it. And you know this, PiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG.

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