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Canes announce basketball series with Gators; Chickillo, Gunter named to CFPA watch lists

For the first time since 2009, the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators will meet on the hardwood as both schools have agreed to a home-and-home men’s basketball series. Florida will host the first game Nov. 17, while Miami will host the return game at BankUnited Center during the 2015-16 season.

Florida leads the all-time series 45-22. November’s nonconference matchup will be the first meeting since March 20, 2009 – a 74-60 loss at Florida in the second round of the NIT. The Canes haven’t hosted the Gators since Dec. 22, 2005 – a 77-67 Florida win. Miami last defeated Florida on Dec. 4, 2004, a 72-65 win in Gainesville. 

Miami finished the 2013-14 season with a 17-16 overall record and the Hurricanes are 66-36 in three seasons under head coach Jim Larrañaga.

The Canes welcome nine newcomers to the 2014-15 roster, which includes six recruits – Kamari Murphy, Ja’Quan Newton, James Palmer, Omar Sherman, Joe Thomas and Ivan Cruz Uceda – along with two Big 12 transfers – Angel Rodriguez and Sheldon McClellan – and redshirt freshman Deandre Burnett, who sat out the 2013-14 season with an injury.


Miami Hurricanes seniors Ladarius Gunter and Anthony Chickillo have been named to the 2014 College Football Performance Awards Lineman Trophy Watch Lists at their respective positions.

Gunter, a defensive back, started the Hurricanes' first 12 games in 2013, missing only the Russell Athletic Bowl due to injury. He recorded 46 tackles (36 solo) with two TFL, six pass break-ups and three interceptions. He was named ACC Defensive Player of the Week for Oct. 7, 2013, after returning an INT 30 yards for a TD in a win over Georgia Tech. He was then named ACC Specialist of the Week for Oct. 21, 2013, after returning a blocked FG for a TD in a comeback road win at North Carolina.

Chickillo started all 13 games at defensive end for the Hurricanes in 2013, recording 46 tackles, 7.5 tackles-for-loss, 3.5 sacks and seven QB hurries. Chickillo has started 34 consecutive games for the Hurricanes over the span of the last three seasons.

Miami's Leonard Hankerson won the 2010 CFPA Wide Receiver of the Year Award and Pat O'Donnell won the 2013 CFPA Punter of the Year Award.


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Well, at least M-Y Miami, Florida Hurricanes are NO.1 in some tangible poll. hUh

Because according to NFL.com, MY Hurricanes are the absolute NUMBER ONE program which produces running backs. Get outta' here, Weirdo.

In other words, NFL.com claims the last 25 years their are no other major college football schools which send running backs to the ' league, ' whom perform at a High Octane sphere of athleticism. hUh

So Kudo's to Running Back U!

Now, if that Goldie could've/would've CHIT-CAN that SUSPECT defensive coordinator. Then just maybe, the Hurricanes could get back to being a LEGITIMATE Top 10 program. Or higher. dUh

A Texas Tech Police Department offense report released Monday accuses Bethel – enrolled in his first month at the school after graduating from Booker T. in May – of “causing serious bodily injury” by hitting Amber Battles on Saturday. The one-page report states the attack included “hands, fists, feet, etc.”

The only thing i'm thinking is, maybe one of them dikes finally found out they might want to stand down!

Congrats to Chick and Gunter: But where do the coaches really want to play Chick so that he can be at top production? Do U really want to play Chick at DE? Is he big enough for DT? Has he speed dropped off? Maybe he should shed 10 lbs and go back to being a true DE. He can rush the passer, but the extra weight I don't think is good. I'm trying to figure out why the DC wanted the weight gain in the first place. U don't do that with Florida-bred boys.

Gunter needs to be on the field every play. He can play. Is faster than what I thought. If played right, he could be All-American.

But we're talking about the DunnoToday, DunnoTomorow, JustWpn'tEverKnow Anything about defense or football.

But we're talking about the DunnoToday, DunnoTomorow, JustWpn'tEverKnow Anything about defense or football.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | July 01, 2014 at 07:00 PM

lol, those penn disgrace morons are as clueless as they come when it comes to defense. When basically everybody else in the nation are salivating for speed from here, these morons continue to take speed players and pack on as much weight as they can in a short period of time.

Looks like UM lucked out when Nigel Bethel de-committed in favor of Texas Tech. Last thing the program needs is a new round of negative media attention.


College Football acc Conference Championships Appearances - 0

College Football National Championship Appearances ---- 0

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football NEW YEARS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ----------------- 1 (#23)

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 0

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 1

u looose to the GATOR HOOPSTERS ...

u looose to the GATOR HOOPSTERS again ...

Florida leads the all-time series 45-22...


Make THAT 47-22...

lemme guess... u'll be young and inexperienced in 2014, 2015 and 2016 ?

U R Stupid!! Why Kid ? Why don't you go out and have some fun go see a movie , Hey I heard deliver us from evil had Aaron Hernandez in it ( go terds ) I hate to give it away but the last scene is a 4-8 season with get this ... ...... A lost to Georgia southern at the dump,, kid I know what your thinking NO flipping way right but I am telling you this was a wicked scary movie definitely rated R at the end they show all these "Bubba"s" leaving the dump cursing and crying while they drive heart broken to the piggly wiggly across the street to buy "Naty-light" and chew it was painful to watch Georgia southern run off that field reminded me of that Rudy movie but they were saying EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES ... 4-8 means U suck 4-8 means U should not post on one of the 8 teams that kick your ass 4-8 means Dude honestly this is all you got to do ? Post stupid stuff so you can get slammed ? This is the high light of your night I guess so I have been proven wrong AGAIN ,, There is one thing that is more pathetic then 4-8 ..... U are U and will never be anything else ... Goodnight Cane Nation!!

Calvin ur a doosh
Dike or not, no man should ever touch a woman ever

what are you, chris browns boyfriend? You pu55ie a55 jive turkey?

A football player hitting a woman

He lost all cred. Fight me, nigel. Ill go all broward county on your boo ker t lame a55

Calvin you lost all the miniscule cred that you thought u had wit that post

Calvin just confirmed that he is a lowlife with that post. That post wasn't funny and whether Amber Battle is a dike or not is irrelevant, as no woman who "stands up to a man" should be physically assaulted.

Why are we playing Florida AT ALL in ANYTHING?

#### them!

21-16...Turds cough up another one.....

But we won in women's softball....bawwwwwwwwwwww

Florida leads the all-time series 45-22, winning 15 of the last 17 showdowns.


Make that 47-22 and 17 of 19 GATOR DOMINATION !!!

rise n shine for ur daily kick in dUh nUts cane clUcks...

u nUmbnUts are always jackin ur jaws n smack talking about how the MIGHTY GATORS CONSTANTLY Playing for Multiple Conference and National Titles in a Plethora of Sports means nothing outside of "the big 3" of Football-Baseball and Basketball... ("big 3" of which u are no longer big in any)

Well, well, my menial cranial challenged cane clUcks... In the ENTIRE History of GATORS vs canes in the BIG-3 of FOOTBALL-BASEBALL-BASKETBALL the OVERALL HEAD TO HEAD RECORD IS ...............








GATORS - 181

u ------------ 177


u LOOOSE AGAIN clUcks ...

dis iz gettn juz T[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[] DAAAAAAYuMMMM EASY !!!

Basketball doesn't count .... riiieeet ?

No loser basketball absoultely DOES count as a major sport. Gymnastics, lacrose, softball and basketweaving (which the gators always count) do not!

Therefore, geniuses, in the 3 major sports,

UM 9
UF 5 FSU 5

Have fun playing catch up

Have fun staring at your aaron hernandez calendar photograph . Only in gainseville would a serial killer be promoted as one of heir own. Figures.

When I coached at UF da calenduh had a pic of a CROCODILE on it cuz our media staff just wadn't smart nuff to know the diff-ernce.

are the canes hiring??

me and Muschump are beefing? He took my job from me!!

Calvin, Calvin, Calvin:

I dropped by to see some of my old buds, and what should I read.
Calvin is up to the same ole same ole.

From years ago presenting and proposing the mentality that anyone from his neighborhood can get away with anything because he has the talent to play football.
Check this out.

Selling pot, no problem
Sleeping in hallways, passed out drunk ...no problem
Stealing computers..no problem
Cussing out Coaches...no problem
Having an attitude and not attending classes...no problem and so we go...
A little "green lettuce ain't all bad", he just got caught..no problem.
Punching out a teammate in practice..no problem
Punching out and doing major damage to a female ( dyke or not)..no problem

You haven't changed 'bro..one thing, you are consistent in your mentality and thinking, and that is "it's all good if you are from the 'hood".

So now we see the twisted mentality that pushes this agenda, where if you punch out someone and do major damage that would be a physical assault and jail time in the real world. Major time.
Blame the other party, Bethel was provoked so it is fine.
Well because she was not female enough then it is OK.

You are lost, and your sense of morality is zero.
Continue this pattern and people will not only disregard your buzz, but consider this...if this female was your daughter and some boy smashed her up, what would you do, and what would you feel after this event?
You don't have the coh.... to answer.

Congrats to Ladarius. We expect good things this year, and Chick too. Go for it guys, stay healthy, and we can make a difference with our talent and our style.
Go 'Canes

Calvin torn between obsessing about men's weights and staring at the hernandez calendar. Tough choices.

I luv how all the people come out with their ghey opinions of what I said or think. Did I post somewhere that said what nigel bethel did was right, lol, you guys are consistent in your reading non-comprehension levels.

For all the geniuses out their that try to their wits end to try and twist words and tell lies, keep the comedy skits going. I can't wait to see you guys/gals next under arm commercial "We Must Protect this Dike".

These dikes out here need to stop the aggression, it's not a game. But the sissy's at heart are to afraid to put these people(dikes & phaggots) in their place.

Calvin is a pure idiot? Wow, I'm so shocked to find this out...

So Kudo's to Running Back U!
Now, if that Goldie could've/would've CHIT-CAN that SUSPECT defensive coordinator. Then just maybe, the Hurricanes could get back to being a LEGITIMATE Top 10 program. Or higher. dUh

Posted by: TheeMackJones

You can also throw in Wide Receiver U as well.

These dikes out here need to stop the aggression, it's not a game. But the sissy's at heart are to afraid to put these people(dikes & phaggots) in their place.
Posted by: Calvin

What place is that Calvin?? If it's anywhere near YOUR place, then no thanks. You've got serious issue man.

#1 RB U; #1 WR U.

#8 best uniforms (what was that the Pig was saying about brands?).

And the lowly Gatr Trash is nowhere to be found. Anywhere. Unless you count the top worst plays of 2013. They are there with the self-block.

More embarrassment nationally for the state's largest public diploma mill with the Aaron "MURDAH" Hernandez Mr. July calendar. Nice work, maggots.

Hey, blog Pig, now I know why you post at all hours of the morning when most working people are asleep. You are ghetto trash, RIEEEEEGHT.

Go get your welfare check, you Obama-queen.

You can also throw in No.1 of the Top 10 College teams of the 2000's.

Even threw NCAA bull canes never had 4-8 season! Randy Shannon got fired over a 5-6 season! And then sinking gator cry on how they play in sec ,and what you play teams with same budget so shut you trap about big BAD sec. IF YOU HAVE MORE MONEY TO SPEND A COURSE YOUR CONFERENCE SHOULD BE! 4-8 4-8 WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME CANES WERE 4-8 LOOK IT UP CALVIN!

ESPN college football continues to give Miami some LOVE and whatnot.

Because the Hurricanes are among the stadium high Top Ten concerning scoreboards. The Canes are rated NO. FIVE regarding 21st Century GLITZ and entertaining scoreboards. hUh

And mighty Texas is NO. 1, FWIW.

Now, if only Miami fandom would show up for a game or two, and give some to love to the Hurricanes!

Yeah, yeah, yeah theirs other social ACTIVITIES in SoFla which draw the interest of the creepy peepers down there. dUh And Miami isn't a ' college town. ' So what.

Lastly we came in at No. 3 All Time Greatest College Football teams for our 2001 squad. 75 Nebraska was No. 1.

And the lowly Gatr Trash. Po' Gatr Trash and their ghetoo livin', welfare recipient blog Pig fan.

Some BAD NEWS ARISING for y'all's Goldie nd' Marky Mark's Hurricane squad.

Mighty Louisville head coach Petrino declared his teams opening game against Miami as a bloody BLACKOUT affair. Ouch.

FWIW.... Vegas CURRENTLY sees the Hurricane vs. MIGHTY Cardinal game as a PICK' EM. dUh However, once the greasy GREASER Wise Guys put down their BENJAMINS, the line will absolutely shift by Labor Day evening. If U Know What I Mean, bUbba's.

Woe is me!
No attention from my moms!
I have to make fun of coaches on a rival school
because my gator coaches can't even teach which jerseys to block!

Cigar Aficionado magazine model; they'll let any idiot who can't coach for shat in that gay bait magazine apparently.

Keep puffing on the phallic object Alverage, it's obvious that's how you're keeping your job at this point.


I remember seeing Urban Liar and Buck-toothed Foley smoking some so, you know, your post fails awfully and miserably.

Damn, can't you gatr maggots get anything right? Murderer on the calendar, self-blocks? What will it be next, maggots?

"Posted by: u are u ... BIG 3 LOOOSERS to the GATORS u ..."

Duhhhh, I's speaks Ebonics frum duh ghetto.

Well...UNC declared a blackout against the Canes....
I love the Gators!
I stay on a Canes blog!
Timmy's meat in my hole.
I cried when Urban lied.
Give me attention!

I see where the majority, but not all, of canespace FOOLS and GOONS, be confidently talking about their beloved Goldie nd' Marky Mark coaching Miami to a " 11-1 " or " 10-2 " regular season in ' 14. Go bloody figures'. smh/LOL

Again, with Marky Mark still hanging around in Coral Gables. And with Goldie holding on tight to that ARCHAIC Penn. St. DESIGNED defensive scheme and whatnot. It will take a MIRACLE of the Universal sort, for the Hurricanes to achieve the miraculous in 2014... and that's a 11-1 or 10-2 campaign. dUh

Thus showing you're a closeted poof. Happy trolling poofter. Keep crying to the mods about what you don't like to read like a puss while trying to deflect and avoid facing how far the football team has fallen under the phallic handler of a coach who has time to pose for layouts, but not to fix the defense like he repeatedly drones on about doing, but never does.

I said Miami would be 6-6 at best in 2013 and they went 9-4!!!
My Gators went 4-8.
Give me attention!
No way Canes improve this year as they have the past two.
I'll die inside!
Give me attention.

TheeMackJones = TMJ = C*cksuckers cramp.

FOX college football envisions MIGHTY Louisville as ONE of TWENTY teams, which have a possible opportunity to play in the newly major college football playoffs. Ouch. Why not Goldie nd' Marky Mark's Hurricane program.

1 out of 20 people have the chance to improve the status in life by becoming educated and learning a language.


Why not you, C*cksuckers cramp?

In other words, according to the ASTUTE Fox college football scribes. Coach Petrino's mighty Cardinal squad is a LEGITIMATE Top 20 squad in ' 14.

Otherwise, why would Fox college football opine that Louisville be one of 20 schools in the early running for those precious FOUR playoff spots. hUh

Not that my team will play for the college playoffs either. We'll probably improve to five wins though!
Go Gators!

Mighty Lousiville beat my Gators too...
I cried.

Duhhhhh. OUCH. Sagacious. Duhhhhhhh.

Heyba manba, I's be talkin' du Ebonics. hUh.

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