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Cardinal Gibbons defensive lineman Richard McIntosh commits to Hurricanes

Cardinal Gibbons defensive lineman Richard McIntosh became the 17th commitment in the Miami Hurricanes' 2015 recruiting class Thursday.

And it was hardly a surprise for his football coach Mike Morrill.

"He kind of indicated before I left on vacation last week he was going to commit on or about the Fourth of July," Morrill said. "Miami was on him early and they did a very nice job. They were very thorough. I think it's going to be a great fit for him."

McIntosh, ranked a three-star recruit by both Rivals and 247Sports.com, is as big and athletic a player Morrill said he's ever coached. Last season the Chiefs lined McIntosh at defensive end, tight end and wide reciever.

"He was over 270 pounds last I saw him," Morrill said. "He played probably about 240 last fall and then played basketball this winter. As soon as basketball ended he recommitted himself to the weight room and he really got big. But he's still growing. He's 6-4 1/2, about 270, 275 now.

"He's such an athletic kid, has tremendous feet. We even put him at quarterback in short yardage last season. I think in the playoff game we went short yardage against Immokalee and I think he got a first down, maybe even scored a touchdown. We're not afraid to put him anywhere on defense or offense."

McIntosh is the fifth player from Miami's immediate backyard to commit to the Hurricanes and the fourth from Broward County. His younger brother, Dion McIntosh, is a standout running back in the 2016 class Miami is also pursuing. 


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Welcome Richard.
You made a great choice!

Welcome home brother. Hit that weight room and prepare yourself for UTough!!!!

Guy can be a huge 3/4 DE and may possible grow into a DT the way he spouts when lifting.

So athletic for that size.....keep hitting the iron and aerobic conditioning.

How long will he remain three stars now? All the big schools will be coming for sure.

is this rocky's boy that played linebacker for the u?

Three stars? Yawn! Spring Ball fodder! Hopefully the kid develops. We need a top 3 recruiting class in the country. Time for Golden to really own South Florida and do something really special.

Nope Rocky McIntosh's son is around 8-10 years old now.

This is a good pick up even though he is listed at only three stars (for now). He's got talent, now let's see it developed at the next level where he can become a solid player and future All-American - which his talent suggests that he should become.

Great to have you aboard, Richard!

mo 2 star nobodies fer u ...

ppssssssssssssssssttttttt... what a Top-10-15 College Athletic Program looks like ...


College Football Conference Championships Appearances -3 ... 2 S.E.C. CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football National Championship Appearances ----2 ... 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------- 4

College Football NEW YEARS BOWL Appearances --- 8

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ------------ 8

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 4 ...

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 4


What a NON Top-10-15-25-50 College Athletic Program looks like waaayyy on the outside and delusionally looking in well into it's SECOND DECADE of PuRE MEDIOCRITY ...


College Football Conference Championships Appearances - 0

College Football National Championship Appearances ---- 0

College Football BCS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football NEW YEARS BOWL Appearances ------------ 0

College Football Final Top-25 Rankings ----------------- 1

College Basketball Final Four Appearances ------------- 0

College Basketball Final Four National Championships--- 0

College World Series Appearances ---------------------- 1

GATORS - 181

u ------------ 177

Yep, you're still a gator commenting on a Canes board.
We're not even in your conference. You lose.

mo 2 star nobodies fer u ...
ppssssssssssssssssttttttt... what a Top-10-15 College Athletic Program looks like ...

Yeah let us know when you find one.

Richard McIntosh may be the son of Kenny McIntosh who played basketball at Pompano Bch Sr. High in the late 1970's.

took 10 posts. slacking off.

What a top 10 athletic program looks like
Last year
Player indicted for murder
No bowl
Coach on hot seat
Fires 3rd offensive coordinator
Declines home and home with instate rival
Players block each other
Lost to divll team
Gets caught cheating
Puts criminals on school Calender's
Loses to 3 ACC teams
Fights in locker room
Gives up on season
Beats up girlfriends
Loses to divll team


great post

ha ha ha ha ha

Welcome big boi. welcome to the U.

.300...and don't forget that Pouncey is Incognito and Hernandez' cheerleader. The Gators got passed around so much, that they should replace the "of" between UF, with "can", as in...U can F...U can F...U can F...U can F...U can F...U can F...U can F...U can F. They RAN A TRAIN! on U can F in 2013!



I just rewatched the UM spring game. Olsen had a lot of dropped passes and more deflected balls from the dline. Gus definitely looked better. Tucker wasn't too bad himself. Defense lined up 4-3 and 3-4 throughout the whole game. I can't wait for September..... I personally think Williams will start but hope Olsen pulls it out. Why dothe haters keep harping on golden criticizing the defense for freelancing? Saw one interview where the player said the same thing. Could it be the haters are wrong?..... They are wrong about almost everything else.

yep that's all it is a bunch of haters who don't know jack squat about the game.

.300 Club,

It's a big difference from film and being at the game. The television don't show the issues going on the side line. It's only a few people hating on coach Golden, and I think they are Gator fans trying to impact recruiting. Oslen is not ready, but could improve with a hands-on QB coach.

As for the defense, they appeared loss in their assignments...rather freelancing. If the players are not smart enough to run the defense...make changes in personel or scheme. Why keep giving up 500+ yards a game?

Miami Hurricanes 2014 recruiting class will be huge, 25-27 recruits. Most of them are highly rank in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennslyvania, but my main concern besides the fact this class is make up of mostly high 3 Star players, is the lack of "DBs" aka man-to-man or simply put "true cover guys". None so far in this class, maybe only 1 in last year class, and then only 1 or 2 from the class of 2013. They are recruiting good safety prospects but we need more pure cover guys. And some electric WRs more along the lines of Stacey Coley. Florida was loaded with electric WRs from last year, but we came away with only a few good ones. But our LBs recruits are getting bigger.

Rhc ...I was at the game. On TV theses days , we have DVR, you can watch individual players on the field. We had more pass deflections in the spring game than all of last year....OK maybe not...but the dline was getting their hands up. Talent behind the dline seems to be getting better. That new kid blue may be a beast in the making. We have a good enough oline to protect even Jeff driskel so I don't think qb will be as big of a concern as long as we don't throw bombs on every series.

Al: Nice post. I agree that DB's are needed. but don't county on it. They will come here, but the DC will fail them when it comes to coaching. U see, U can take the worst of DB's anywhere, but if they are coached properly then they can succeed. UM will get the athletes, but those players that get here will be failed by what U can now call a "system."

Where is the new recruit going to play on the DL? UM needs to start stockpiling at DT.

You can also take the best dB's and they may not be coachable. Every program has players at every position that never see the field and either quit or transfer. DP is being coached well. What makes you think its the coaches?

Good post .300 Club, but I never assess spring training performances. The practices are too control, and the coaches will not expose the weaknesses of the team. The purpose of spring ball is to teach and evaluate.

I am excited about the upcoming season too. The only position of concern is QB, because the experience signal callers are transfers who was not productive at their previous colleges. The youth moment needs time, solid running game, and effective coaching to lead the offensive unit.

The only issue I have with the defense is leadership from the players and coaching staff. I actually prefer coach Golden to take an active role on game day. I agree, the defense will improve, but will struggle against Nebraska, Louisville, and FSU. FSU is the only team on paper that should be favorite...based the combination of QB and HC experience.

With the looks of Gus and Tucker...behind Duke to boot , I think the ground game will be good if the oline does its job. Receivers are hot so they can make any qb look good. See Dorsey. Dline is my only concern but with like 8 deflected passes in the spring game I'm optimistic. They don't have to be the #1 d in the land.....they just have to improve. They did a little last year and I think they will again this year. The Blue kid tore up the spring game and Crawford looks like he belongs on that side of the ball. Dline was swatting passes like flies I just hope they can get some push this year.

UF Football has never had an undefeated season. EVER. Even when Teabags and the cheater Meyer was there. UM's undefeated season are more than UF/FSU/LSU and more combined.

We need a new defensive staff bad..bill young came in08 with very young talent and ran a zone blitz and was very successful,we just didn't have a offence.so why coach no/d with 3 years can't do a dam thing..we played wake,they spreaded there o/line about 10ft apart,instead of us lining up like normal,this dummy lined our d/line up with their 0/line and they dam near beat us and don't thk we even sacked the qb..bring in butch or lsu,Sth crln,bama d/line or 2ndary coach

3-star from SoFL is better than a 3-star from NJ!

Don't go by stars kinetic....those star gurus are wrong most of the time. Plus a kid will have no stars until he gets an offer from a major school then he is suddenly a 3 star. Then a few more schools offer and he becomes a four star. Star system is flawed beyong imagination.

My point: We shouldn't be focusing our recruiting effort on out-of-state kids. Golden has fallen down on the job by not developing close relationships with high school coaches and keeping SoFL's best recruits from leaving town.

And another thing...this throw-a-dart-at-a-dartboard approach to finding our next QB is a joke. I mean, how many scholarship QBs does UM really need? And what positions are lacking in scholarship depth because Golden needs to burn 6 scholarships to recruit and develop 1 decent QB?

You gotta start way thing more football to understand. People like me can't keep explaining circumstances to people like you. Randy burnt all those bridges and golden has been working his as5 off mend I g them. No coach in UM history only recruited s fl. Kids.

Sorry....watching more football

Of the 88 roster players on the 1987 National Championship team, 63 (or 72%) hailed from Florida. Of the remaining 25 non-FL players, I count only 6 that one could really say were impact players that season:

Greg Mark, DE (NJ)
Russell Maryland, DT (IL)
Matt Patchan, OT (PA)
Daniel Stubbs, DE (NJ)
Mike Sullivan, OT (IL)
Steve Walsh, QB (MN)

Jimmie Johnson knew where to spend his time recruiting and it wasn't out of state. The kids that came to UM from out of state were probably recruited lightly, if at all. They wanted to come based on the program's elite status.

True Kinetic. When Stubbs was in Red Bank, NJ that team was one of the best ever out of NJ. Stubbs came to UM because he knew he'd play right away. Stubbs also performed well in the classroom.

Same with Greg Mark, But I can't say that he performed well in the classroom, but thanks to his good friend Walsh Mark graduated. NJ had stellar high school football seasons back then and look at Syracuse football rosters and even Columbia (Ivy League) recruited a lot from NJ. JJ knew this and went knocking. How he came across Russell Maryland I don't know, but RM was good. There were other players from IL on the roster that year, but they didn't do so well. Wasn't WR Andre Brown from Chicago? Yea those were the days when the program recruited itself. Nowadays, it's not like that.

Golden needs to get back to basics. There shouldn't be any 3-star recruits from out of state on this team. If he needs to fill out the roster, recruit a 3-star from Dade, Broward or Palm Beach. Local H.S. coaches will be appreciative and UM will then have a chance to land the the elite local recruits that have been leaving for other programs in recent years.

Is ESPN making another 30 for 30 on the Turds or UM??

Just wondering....

UM conversation now on WQAM...

Nobody hates on Golden because they are Gator fans. Fans express opinions based on wins, loses, and what they see on the field of play.
1) No significant upgrade with regards to recruiting.
2) No significant increase in attendance at games.
3) Team defense has shown drastic decline under current coordinator.
4) We've shown improvement with regards to the "bone-headed penalty", but yet---we must give Coach a "break" for taking it on the chin in the Shapiro fiasco.
There's a fix for everything that's wrong at UM today. Golden's got to win!
There are no exceptions, no excuses, no press conference or spin--that can remove the mounting pressure to win games.
Talk has always been cheap in South Florida. UM & Coach Golden must walk the walk. It really is that simple!
We fans have seen UF & FSU win, and win BIG! in our recent memories. Our entire state is a Football Mecca!
Nobody! and I do mean Nobody! can come here, Coach to the tune of an average record, lose big games, and endear himself to our fans or our winning culture.
It's very true we did not give Coach Golden an easy situation to start with but it's time to show some progress and unfortunately, progress at UM is not giving up 250 yards a game on defense and losing to Big 12 teams by 20+ points.
I'm sorry fellas. I remember when UM was the ultimate Road Warriors. Anytime! Anywhere! We could blow you out in your house or our house! You tell us the time & place and we'd bring the woodshed.
I wish the recruits, the coaching staff, the players, the students, everyone affiliated with the University the very best going forward as I know they are all trying to get us back to prominence. But let's be very clear here! This is a results based business and winning games is the ultimate measuring stick. The honeymoon phase has concluded and I flatly refuse to believe that UM cannot be dominant and prominent again. Ignore and deny if you must but I need to see some results on the field this year. I need a victory against FSU or a victory on the road against a ranked opponent. I need proof we're headed in the right direction that shows the program is under good stewardship.

Positive comments from WQAM regarding 2016 (yes, 2 yrs from now) recruiting class. Too little, too late for Golden to keep his job?

If Miami doesnt win 9 gfames next year and doesnt win a bowl, Id say yes, Golden's seat will be hellaciously hot. A lot will depend on the outcome of UL or Nebraska games and the final record and ranking. Golden deserves to be judged fairly NOW. Not the last 3 yrs, but now its ok. Its the same for his assistants. Because with winning attendance goes up, and the same with not winning. So we'll see. I agree with rabble...

" Chikillo? Most of bloggers here have complained that he is now worse than his freshman year. "

And those Cane bloggers have SERIOUS merit regarding their sound opinions!

Matter of fact, after the kid's freshmen season. I personally stated that the kid Tony would become All-Conference 2nd or 1s Team by the end of his junior.

However, y'all's beloved Chickillo has blood well FLAT LINED on the synthetic-turf. hUh And hasn't done chit on the field the past two seasons!

In other words, it's probable to say that both Goldie nd' Marky Mark have MESSED with his ego and have STUNTED his growth at DE. Ouch

Posted by: Rabblerouser | July 05, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Now, now Cane bUbba. You're bloody walking on the thin line of being called not only a hater, but a blood HERETIC, too. Ouch.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of Hurricane fandom are BEHOLDEN to Goldie nd' Marky Mark.

So no matter what win-loss record Miami ends up with this season and the next season. canespace fools and the Cane bloggers in the M-H will STILL be INFATUATED with Goldie.

Again, the Powers That Be committed a very, very serious blunder in the hiring of Goldie. Especially when Gary Pinkel and Mike ' Thee Pirate ' Leach were available. Among other well-qualified head coaches which probably would've considered a Miami offer. dUh

In other words, like Shannon. Goldie was a FOURTH-TIER hire.

We need a new defensive staff bad..bill young came in08 with very young talent and ran a zone blitz and was very successful,we just didn't have a offence.so why coach no/d with 3 years can't do a dam thing..we played wake,they spreaded there o/line about 10ft apart,instead of us lining up like normal,this dummy lined our d/line up with their 0/line and they dam near beat us and don't thk we even sacked the qb..bring in butch or lsu,Sth crln,bama d/line or 2ndary coach

Posted by: Gerald Williams | July 05, 2014 at 07:30 AM


In the first game as Miami coaches ( Goldie and Marky Mark. ). The Maryland game in 2011 was both a HARBINGER and preview of what was to become of a ONCE proud Miami, Florida Hurricane team defense.

If memory serves moi correctly. The Turtles QB had a field day against the Canes that night.

Oh, MIGHTY Maryland only won TWO GAMES in 2011. One against I-AA TOWSON ST. and U Know Who! Ouch.

Yes I understand Shannon is to blame for the 2011 season and whatnot. So what.

Canes fans better wake up to the fact that this year will be a transition year (9 wins is way too optimistic). I expect 6 wins without Williams, 8 wins with Williams (healthy). 2015 will be the make or break year for Golden with the critical metric being ACC championship game appearance.

Golden is not and will not be on a hot seat. His contract is too long and we don't get tax dollars to buy him out. If you want dno gone then you better hope for no improvement on d. If you do that you are not a fan. If it happens it happens but I'm not hoping my team regresses.

Canes fans better wake up to the fact that this year will be a transition year (9 wins is way too optimistic). I expect 6 wins without Williams, 8 wins with Williams (healthy). 2015 will be the make or break year for Golden with the critical metric being ACC championship game appearance.

Posted by: Kinetic Cane | July 05, 2014 at 02:12 PM

And already the EXCUSE HARPING, and whatnot, has commence. Go bloody figures'.

Let's see, y'all Goldie apologists and sycophants and lackeys were talking crap bout' 2014 as the season of the Hurricane.

Now, it's next season-2015- as the breakout Cane season and whatnot.

Like I bloviated. Y'all Goldie Lap Poodles will still continue to lap all over Goldie. Even if the Hurricanes have 8-4 or 9-3 seasons and get beaten in a bowl game.

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