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Hurricane linebackers JaWand Blue, Alex Figueroa kicked off team after admitting to police they intoxicated, raped 17-year old on campus

Two University of Miami football players were arrested and charged with sexual battery Tuesday morning after admitting to Coral Gables police they got a 17-year-old intoxicated and then raped her on campus over the holiday weekend.

JaWand Blue, 20, and Alexander Figueroa, who turned 20 on Tuesday, have since been dismissed by the school, according to a statement made by athletic director Blake James.

"Earlier today, I permanently dismissed JaWand Blue and Alexander Figueroa from the UM football team," James said in a statement. "The University has also suspended the students from school and barred them from all campus facilities while the University conducts an internal investigation and continues to cooperate with local law enforcement.

"Any allegation of a sexual assault is extremely serious, and the University will not tolerate conduct that threatens the sanctity and safety of our students and our campus. We hold all of our students -- especially student athletes -- to the highest standards of moral conduct. The University is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment for all."

According to Coral Gables police, the victim, also a UM student, reported the crime to campus police. Coral Gables police investigated and made the arrests.

According to the arrest report, the incident occurred in the early morning hours last Saturday inside Figueroa's dorm room at Pearson Hall on campus.

According to the report, Blue and Figueroa administered or had knowledge of someone else administering to the victim a narcotic, anesthetic or other intoxicating substance that mentally or physically incapacitated the victim without her prior knowledge or consent. Police said the victim was physically helpless to resist.

On Tuesday morning, Blue and Figueroa admitted to police they bought and provided several alcoholic beverages for the victim before bringing her back to Figueroa’s dorm room. They admitted to performing sexual acts on her without her consent, the report said. Both were immediately arrested and transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. Figueroa was also charged with having a fake driver's license.

A spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Corrections said Blue and Figueroa were in the process of bonding out of jail Tuesday for $10,000 and $15,000 respectively. Miami-Dade state attorney's office spokesman Ed Griffith said Figueroa and Blue were scheduled to be arraigned in front of Judge Maria Elena Verde on July 29.

UM president Donna Shalala released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying she had spoken to the victim and offered full support.

"The safety and welfare of our students is fundamental to our mission as a university. We have zero tolerance for sexual assault and gender-based violence," Shalala said in her statement. "There is no confusion about our responsibility as a university: We will fully and compassionately support the victim of sexual assault. I have spoken to her myself and reassured her of our full support.

"We have suspended the men involved, and they have been barred from campus. Our athletic director has taken firm action ending their involvement in the football program. We have notified the individuals involved that the university is beginning an investigation immediately, which we expect to conclude quickly and fairly. We will also continue to cooperate with the police in their ongoing criminal investigation."

Blue, a former three-star recruit from West Boca Raton High, played in two games last season and registered one tackle. He finished the spring as the backup middle linebacker behind Denzel Perryman.

Figueroa, the son of military parents from Stafford, Va., played in nine games last season and made two starts, registering 17 tackles. He ended the spring listed as a co-starter at outside linebacker along with Thurston Armbrister.

Getting a quick boot from the team following an arrest is nothing new under coach Al Golden.

In May 2011, Hurricanes freshman defensive lineman Jeffrey Brown was booted from the team after being accused of sexual battery on a helpless victim and admitting to Coral Gables police he had sex with a severely-intoxicated female student in a campus dorm. Those charges were eventually downgraded to false imprisonment and Brown was asked to serve three year's probation, complete a sex therapy program and perform 100 hours of community service.

Two months prior to that linebacker Ramon Buchanan was arrested and charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors following an incident at a Coconut Grove nightclub. Buchanan was suspended from the team following his arrest but reinstated two weeks later after he was permitted to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

In December 2012, cornerback Thomas Finnie was suspended indefinitely from the football team after surrendering to police and admitting he was involved in a laptop theft on campus.

In April 2013, linebacker Gabe Terry was kicked off the team following his arrest on charges of felony marijuana possession.

Neither player has posted any updates on their social media accounts since the arrests. But Figueroa did post the following message on Twitter last night.

This story was updated throughout the day as information became available


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disgusting...major jail time...get em outta here....prayers up for the victim!

What a waste. Enjoy prison. NEXT MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!

Lack of self control and maturity. Great reaction from the AD and the team. Hope they learn their lesson and straight their ways. Prayers for the victims and her family.

Congratulations to the University of Miami for handling this in an exemplary manner. Thoughts are with the victim and her loved ones.

Too bad they don't play for FSU or an sec team....I had high hopes for blue this season . hope they get on the prison team with all the gators.

No we have double the amount of QBs on scholarship than LB's.

WTF were they thinking..

Figs was going to start, and Blue was to see valuable playing time. Talk about thin. This sucks, for the victim, her family and UM football

Wow, you really can't coach stupid.

Horrible act, way beyond any notion of immaturity.

Good, bold, decisive move by Blake. These guys must have forgotten they weren't in Gainesville or Tally.

Already removed from the official roster. Maybe UM could send help to the IRS.

Can anybody play LB?

So sorry for the young girl and her family. Disgusting! Dumb! Sad for their family families as well. You send your kid to college so that they can make a better life for themselves and instead they elect to commit a major felony! They have hurt so many more people than that child. My God!

It's not about the program losing depth, it's about the program maintaining its honor and integrity. The U is bigger than a couple of boneheaded sexual predators. Good riddance.

Prayers for the victim and her family. Kudos to Blake James for handling this awful situation with strong discipline. Idiots and animals like that have no place in this world, much less on a college campus full of young people who haven't learned to take care of themselves yet.

As a coach, I talk to my players all the time about actions off the field. I use REAL examples, like this to show how fast someone's future can change because of bad decisions.

More importantly, as a father, I talk to my daughters about how to protect themselves by avoiding bad situations (NOT IN ANY WAY suggesting the victim did anything wrong - I don't know the circumstances in this case). I also talk to my sons about some old fashioned words like: maturity, honor, honesty, and need to stand up for not only yourself but others.

have to agree no place for sexual predators at the u. Of course if played for fsu the police would of just buried it. Of if played for florida and urban meyer would of got a suspension for game against savanah state. Good for miami throwing these knuckleheads out of school. This is horrific behavior by these 2 .

Bob Stoops will offer them a scholarship this fall.

Ok high school LBs! You might have a good chance at starting next year if you come to the U!

Two separate Tampa Canes, but I completely agree with your statement.

That's what ThaU don't need. U dudes are thrash and I feel sorry for the mother's that gave birth to u dumb asses!

Wow.. Y'all are more disgusted with the fact that your teams LB position is thin than you are with what these pathetic losers did to that helpless girl... It's like that was the minor thing you read in this article.. "Dammit! These guys were going to get some serious playing time this year. What are we going to do(sad face). Oh, and prayers to out to the girl and her family. But seriously though who are we gonna get to replace them?!?!?" You people need to get your priorities straight.

Pray for the young lady. These dudes are idiots. One was on his way to becoming a star and the other was looking at increased playing time. Now they both await the same fate of the girl they raped.

So sad to see this. Blue played football with my son at West Boca and was an excellent athlete and guy.. So sad to see him throw away his future in football like this.. Was looking forward to watching him play this season.

This is horrible, my prayers to the victim's family. I believe the a 17 year old child should not be drinking and taking drugs for one but especially around horny college students. I say that because we should hold everyone accountable for their actions not just the scum that raped someone. They should get a nice prison sentence and she should learn a life lesson about drugs and alcohol.

This is not about what school you attend this is about a young woman being violated by stupid young men who parents are in just as much in shock as we all are. I'm so sorry this happen to this young lady there is no place for rape in this world no matter what school you attend!

Proud to support a team that doesn't hide this stuff but acts decisively. Sure, it is a big loss to the football team but that doesn't even matter. Hopefully jail teaches them not to take advantage of others. Prayers for the girl and the families of both sides.

No place for that at the u -but stop acting as if you a hole r perfect

Bennett, get off you hypocritical high horse. Your priorities are as follows: Bash the posters, invent what no one else has said, and no mention of the Victim.

My prayers and condolences go to the victim and good job Mr. Blake.

Let THEM go let's move on and not be THE judge

Is are football team cursed or what.right when it looks we are getting on track something happens. I know what they did was wrong but remember their age.They could have baroowed money for a prostitute.not that its right but they wouldnt have been charged with a haynnes crime.

Both F'ing stupid. Blue hasn't amounted to $hit since he arrived. Figueroa had everything going for him. The future WAS bright for him. Immoral conduct of this nature shall not and will not be tolerated here. At least our AD doesn't sit on his hands and make a "I dunno" face when questioned about the conduct of an athlete. Tip of the hat going out to our AD for using his position to keep EVERYONE at the University of Miami safe.

Jermaine Grace, you're up man. Go U!!!!!

@ cola kane and his bloody HENCHGOONS.

LOL... at y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark APOLOGISTS!!

First. Y'all Cane minions CALLED OUT one Randy Shannon for having an UNDISCIPLNED program. Yet, Goldie nd' Marky Mark have had their FAIR SHARE of Hurricane ball players stepping out of line.

Second. I'm NOT Absolutely DIMINISHING the grave, serious matter of the INDESCRETIONS by two former Miami ball players.

But, I just have to smh/LOL at ALL of the Goldie nd' Marky Mark loyalists and sycophants and apologists and yes, lackeys!!

Again, y'all Cane ??? fandom ??? CHITTED all over Coach Shannon. Even when he departed from the program three seasons ago.

Third. FWIW... I don't believe ONION HEAD had any players whom had transgressions of this SEVERE degree and whatnot. dUh

Thugs, UM

Opposing team game plan: run up the gut

Well, y'all Goldie nd' Mark Mark loyalist can bloody well KISS AWAY the notion of Miami having a LEGITIMATE Top 50 defense in 2014!

Because the Hurricanes have lost TWO defensive players whom would have given the defense VALUABLE MINIUTES on the synthetic-turf.

So much for y'all's BELOVED Goldie and his 600 page college football ENCYCLOPEDIA!

The $19 tickets were just reduced to $14. Stay tuned


"Remember their AGE"???? B.S. Nothing about being 20 years old says, "I CAN GO RAPE GIRLS!" Larry - you are the kind of idiot everyone with a daughter worries about.

I didn't rape any girls at 20 years old, and I'm guessing no one else on this thread raped any girls when they were 20 either.


Damyum, with all that " EASY Cocha " down in SoFla. Why did these two passé Hurricanes do the UNPARDONABLE and what not.

What dissapoint me more than the act itself is the waste of coaching and recruiting the U put in this two and now it can't be recover. Golden could've recruit some other player and not waste the scolarship on this idiots. This are the intangibles that numbers don't get in when the team struggle. And because their name is not Wiston the case will get prosecuted as it should. The leson to be learn for the rest of the team is to be sure u behave as they requested by the U and the team. Still the season will start on Labor Day so forget about this 2 and let's work with what is left and man up!!! Freshman, it ur chance take it!!!!!

I thought []_[] were BIULDING depths, not dismissing it.

Hey UCanes, Let people with actual grammar skills comment. Just shut up now.

Like Randy Shannon after the Gator game, "Wut da scoh was?" I'll never forget that quote on national TV.

First off here's to that young lady getting well mentally and hopefully being able to recover and be able to be a good wife for somebody.

It's time for the penn disgrace morons to roll out, under them, all of a sudden now, we got 3 rapist in 3 years. They say a team starts to take on the personality of the head coach, we know what school they came from. This type of crap would never have happened with coach Shannon at the helm, NO WAY! How many rape cases are we going to have under these morons. I'd rather have guys firing AK-47's in the air than this crap. This continues to tell me just how much these players can careless about these coaches.

This shows just how much respect these players have for these moron coaches. Don't let your daughters hang out with football players anyway. This is also why those raising Cane video's are stupid. They had one not to long ago talking about how discipline figs was cause he came from a 2 marine parents home and grew around the marines, sadly enuff, this type of behavior fits right in with a lot of military bases.

What kind of players are we recruiting now, i'm not condoning lying but these guys told on themselves that quick, WTH. More defensive guys getting dimissed and buying more time for these morons.

Speaking of Marble Mouf, I don't recall any rapists on his teams?0

Golden could've recruit some other player and not waste the scolarship on this idiots. This are the intangibles that numbers don't get in when the team struggle. UCANES

Green and Orange IRONY at it's FINEST. hUh

Again, y'all Goldie SYCOPHANTS and apologists CRAPPED all over one Randy Shannon for " wasting " LOI's on a few past Miami players, whom got into MINOR troubles.

Yet, y'all continue to give both Goldie nd' Marky Mark a bloody FREE PASS and look the other way.

What a CLUSTER of HYPOCRITES in canespace/M-H Hurricane blog!!

I thought []_[] were BIULDING depths, not dismissing it.
Posted by: And the blind cancer boy run untouched up the

Wow you've reached a new low with your STUPID (as usual ) screen name you little douche. To even mention cancer the way you do just further shows EVERYONE that your brain is as useful as a bag of fuuuking dirt. Be glad you're hiding behind your keyboard dude, because people like you deserve to be just knocked the F out.

Posted by: Calvin | July 08, 2014 at 02:39 PM

A loyal Miami, Florida Hurricane fan SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, again!!! Nothing more, nothing less.

No wonder Mr. Calvin is the object of bloody good ol' boy HATE.

Damyum, with all that " EASY Cocha " down in SoFla. Why did these two passé Hurricanes commit major personal blunders.

Yeah, yeah the atmosphere down in Coral Gables is still filled with ONION HEAD's aura and what not.

Maybe, just maybe the NCAA rules not allowing coaches to be with the student athletes had an adverse effect on the influence on some of these kids.

Good post Calvin.

Mack, so are neither coaches to blame or both? Interesting correlation, I prefer the buc stops here mentality myself.

Posted by: Cola Cane | July 08, 2014 at 02:42 PM

Hey, Hey, my, my cola kane. So much for your BELOVED Goldie and Marky Mark coaching a Top 50 defense in 2014.

Because now that DEPTH at linebacker is all of sudden in CHAOS. If U Know What I Mean!

And please cola GOON. Don't be defending Goldie and Marky Mark and yapping about the incoming freshmen at LB. Because there is NO FIVE-STAR/FOUR-STAR talent at linebacker.

Mack, so are neither coaches to blame or both? Interesting correlation, I prefer the buc stops here mentality myself.

Posted by: Up in smoke | July 08, 2014 at 02:48 PM

U have an astute point. However, the VAST MAJORITY of M-H Hurricane,canespace bloggers NEVER used your inference with Coach Shannon.

In other words, cola kane and mountain kane and a cluster of others ALWAYS put the fault on Coach Shannon and went ballistic on him for recruiting suspect prep players.

This is why you are troll and we're sure you're the same person. There can't be more than one moron on this earth that would blame coaches for this. I would blame the coaches if they were still on the team after this maybe. This was two dumb college kids thinking they can take advantage of a young girl and get away with it. Al Golden has nothing to do with this. Seriously? You have that much of a vendetta? Ignorant fools.

You do something this stupid, you get kicked out of school. Terrible.

Mack your an idiot Shannon had 1 arrested for rape and 1 arrested for breaking a car mirror. Everyone who gets in trouble here is sent packing. This is 4 arrests in 8 years. No one has to apologize for golden for this. Just when we think you. Ant get any dumber you start typing and prove us wrong.

And please cola GOON. Don't be defending Goldie and Marky Mark and yapping about the incoming freshmen at LB. Because there is NO FIVE-STAR/FOUR-STAR talent at linebacker.
Posted by: TheeMackJones

AGAIN WTF are you talking about??? Show me a post where I defend them, and also show me a post where I said that about Shannon. You're an idiot dude, don't throw into your weirdo mix of circular logic, of which you have none by the way.

What an odd oddity. No word yet from y'all's BELOVED Goldie. Especially since it's been THREE days now since the tragic incident occurred.

I guess the SoFlorida Hurricane media-nexus is COVERING Goldie's backside and whatnot.

Chit, " if " this type of criminal behavior would have taken place under Coker or Shannon. Both individuals would have SPOKEN to the press by now. Or at least issued a statement.

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