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Perryman makes Nagurski Award Watch List

Hurricanes senior Denzel Perryman, already on the watch lists for the Bednarik award and the CFPA Linebacker of the Year award, was one of 81 players named to the 2014 Bronko Nagurski Trophy Watch List Thursday, an award given annually since 1993 to the National Defensive Player of the Year.

Past Hurricane winners of the Nagurski Trophy include defensive lineman Warren Sapp (1994) and linebacker Dan Morgan (2000).

Players may be added or removed from the watch list during the course of the season. The Football Writer's Association of Amercin and the Charlotte Touchdown Club will announce five finalists for Nagurski Trophy on Nov. 20. The  Nagurski  winner will be chosen from those five finalists who are part of the 2014 FWAA All-America Team. The annual Bronko Nagurski Trophy Banquet will be held on Dec. 8 at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte.

Pittsburgh tackle Aaron Donald won the award last season.


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Jordan Scarlett will be a beast.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | July 14, 2014 at 04:33 PM

Agreed. All four of those RBs will be a great addition to the team.

u are u ... Dec. n Jan. DEcommit count ur chickens b4 they hatch u...


Posted by: Rabblerouser | July 15, 2014 at 02:48 AM

true that!

Just talking out mah turd cutter, I guess.

See how touchy that is, HTG?

Just-so statements that interpret limited information to suit your confirmation bias doesn't make it true.

The totality of the behavior surrounding that incident cynically reeked that AG tried and failed to bail.

Meh. We still got him. I am over it for the most part. Redemption is plausible.

You take his word for it.

We disagree on that. I don't need to call you names or disparage your entire being over it.

I am not going to invest in another round of rehashing that drama.

As long as the Canes become better than they have been since at least 2005; become a force of nature again, I could care less if AG stays only long enough to get back to PSU if Franklin fails, or if he becomes our Bear Bryant.

"u are u ... Dec. n Jan. DEcommit count ur chickens b4 they hatch u..."

Duh, buy, hey-buh, man-buh. I's be mushmouf from duh ghetto.

You are a truly pathetic welfare Pig.

Proof is what you can't produce harphong. That's a fact. Everyone of your posts show it....or don't show it.

Posted by: UFilth is a joke of an institution | July 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

Oh, HTG,
Don't lash out at me now...or do. whatever.

ALL of em? Superlatives aren't your friend.

Like I said, before - we're stuck with him for the foreseeable future and I am okay with that.

Like I said you have absolutely no proof he " tried to bold" to Penn st. Or even that he reached out to them before they contacted him. Their link was my proof they contacted him first. It was said and printed. Sorry you and tubby can't acknowledge that. Silly gatorbrains.

"Their link was my proof they contacted him first. It was said and printed. Sorry you and tubby can't acknowledge that. Silly gatorbrains."

"MY PROOF" BEING THE OPERATIVE WORDS. Geez, dude, I don't have the energy to dredge up all the posts, articles, and comments of who said what in that whole drama.

You seem to have a funny way of focusing your energies on mission towards the complete assassination of anyone who dares disagree with any point you try to make. Unfortunate.

I merely pointed out that your interpretation of what was published on the interwebs, by people who have a vested interest in keeping details close to the vest, for understandably selfish reasons, does not make it so. You chose to take it at face value because it confirmed your bias.

Myself and others interpreted the reports, the silence, the demeanor, the totality of the circumstances, and yes, his own words, as well as those you cite - as less than convincing.

we simply disagree.

So now, according to you, I am a Gator, every post I have EVER made is dismissed, on and on. Pssh.

I have intently read the back and forth you have with the gator trolls, with HTC, and have found some merit in some of the points you've made.

I'd make a suggestion, but that might enrage you further. I don't need to call you any names or conclude you are a terrible, terrible person. sheesh, bro.

harphong, you sound like you have been here a long time. I believe that HTG has a point, though. The detractors of Golden claim he was begging for his dream job, and that Penn State showed him the door, followed by AG "acting" like he was never interested in the position.

He asked for some shred of proof, other than the repeating of other detractors, that this was the case. Nobody has stepped forward with one.

Meanwhile, he provides documentation supporting his suggestion that Penn State, in need of a new coach, went to an alumni, who had just shown that he could handle NCAA turmoil, and had a discussion with him.

As you say, take the insults out of it, and that is what we are left with. One side, making a claim based on their hate for golden, then disparaging his request for supporting evidence AT LEAST at the level of his side. Like you said about HTG, they are just confirming their own bias.

Sure, an OPINION can be thrown out there that Golden would love the Penn State job. It would be likely. The guy went to the school right after they won a title AGAINST Miami, must be a mythical time for him. Who would not want a job with their alma mater if they had a great time there? I would LOVE a job working for the Canes.

BUT, that wasn't the claim that was made, it was a claim that he ran to them at the first hint of an opening, begged and pleaded, got rejected, and then came back with his tail between his legs, sniffling and red-eyed, back to Miami. It doesn't match the documentation.

BTW, I like the way you write, it is clear and without insult, but still defends your point of view. I hope you stick around.

Now, as a separate speculation, would Penn State have made him an offer if he did not have Donofrio in tow?

I think they might very well have done so. In my opinion, (meaning I have no documentation supporting this, just a hunch based on my own views), Golden's link to Donofrio is a burden not only to the Canes, but to any team that takes Golden in the future.

If we accept that Golden is a good recruiter, speaks well and gets along well with local coaches and the media, and truly cares for his players, that is a positive reflection on him.

But has anyone said any of those five positives about Donofrio? Donofrio without Golden would sink fast. Golden without Donofrio would rise fast. We are not even talking about scheme, performance on the field, or wins and losses. Just plain old marketability.

I really wish Golden had lost some ballast after each of these past two seasons. To me, that is all Donofrio provides, ballast.

Dang harphong, it took me 5 minutes to find a link to show what I was saying. I also googled Golden rejected by Penn st and found nothing. I googled Golden turned down and nothing. Its not hard to provide proof with the internet. Don't fret though, HTC can't do it either.
Outside observer. I take pride in my Canes. I also post opinions here occasionally but usually explain my opinions to avoid argument. I was once told by a military blogger here, and this is an exact quote, "dam n sidcane, you hit hard but you hit clean". You will never win an argument with opinions. You have to back them up. Maybe you are right on the dno thing with Penn st. Who knows? But I don't care who you are in coaching, 99% of the time the administrations are offering a coach, not a coach and a a d coordinator. Speculating, maybe they told him he couldn't bring his d coordinator? Who knows? I don't argue these points because there is not one piece of evidence to base an argument. Two seasons ago I wanted golden to fire dno but I didn't post 30 times a day every day saying that. I posted my opinion every few months and the rest of the time talked positive about the team or bashed haters.

EXACTLY HTG, we ALL know the weakness of our Canes, and WE ALL know what needs to be fixed, and HOPE that it happens this year, but for whatever reason many bloggers (they know who they are) come on here EVERY FREAKING day bitching about the same EXACT thing ALL THE TIME. It gets to where you don't even want to come on here, because no one is talking about anything positive. Like the new kids on the block, who will be out starting qb, getting the Duke back and having a stable of rb's, or will Dno finally change his tactics, you know football talk, lol.

Cola, I would like to see Olsen starting even if we have to take some lumps. Heck a few lumps and some new guys on d minus the two idiots that got kicked off the team,if we improve 20% on on that side of the ball alone, it wwon't be all bad. I really think Williams will be ready though. No setbacks and he is determined. The good thing is he has experience and when he was on the field last year he showed promise. The new qb was a walk on freebie so he falls where he falls. Duke has gained weight and opposite what people say has not lost speed. He is still running a 4.4 40. Year by should be behind Gus. Gus was showing hunger in the spring game. Receivers....where to start...lMAO....we are loaded. On defense I think we will run 4-3 and 3-4 as hinted to by golden.

Agreed, we're gonna take some lumps, but with the weapons we have on O, it'll help take some pressure off Olsen, or whoever is are starter. I also think the D will improve, because the kids have a thing called pride, and I know Dno HAS to know how bad we've been, and he HAS to agree that maybe changing up the strategy a bit could work wonders, and if doesn't, then it's his time to be shown the door, as we can't take another yr like the last couple. The 4-3 is our baby, and with our experienced DB's who'll be our strength, can also help make the 3-4 very doable. I think the Duke will lead the ACC in rushing IMO.

Duke was at almost 1000 yrds before injury last year....he may lead the nation.

y Nash Williams
Published on 07-15-2014 08:52 PM 23 Comments Comments
Oakleaf High in Orange Park, Florida recently produced current Miami Hurricane Darrion Owens. Now they have another future Hurricane linebacker in 2016 stud Shaquille Quarterman.

Shaquille committed to Miami on June 24th, a few days after attending the Al Golden Football Camp. His commitment helped start a recruiting hot streak for Miami as the 'Canes have added a total of eight commitments in the 2015 and 2016 classes since that date.

As one of the premier linebackers in the country, Quarterman was a massive pickup for the Miami staff. Why did he commit to Miami so quickly?

"I've been a die-hard Hurricanes fan since I came out of the womb," said Quarterman.

"For me I just love it there. It is home. They offer what I want academically. I really love the defensive scheme and how they plan to use me. I just want to call Miami home," Quarterman said.

At six-foot-one, 233-pounds, Quarterman is a physical freak. He describes himself as physical, and unstoppable on the field and would compare his playing style to San Francisco 49ers star Patrick Willis.

Quarterman believes the transition to the next level will not be too difficult because of the similarities in scheme with his high school and Miami.

"Coach (D'Onofrio) and his scheme is what I am used to in high school," said Quarterman. "It should be pretty easy to adjust to that when I get there because I'm ready to make an impact on day one and earn playing time as a freshman. I mean, I am on a mission."

Quarterman says Miami fans have a lot to be excited for the future.

"The program is already going in the right direction right now. I feel like I am going to be a big part of that too, because I see myself having a prosperous career as a Miami Hurricane. I know we are going to win a lot more games and we are going to get back to the old Miami."

Quarterman credits wide receivers coach Brennan Carroll as the coach who has made the most impact on him during his recruitment.


From the womb? Now this kid is a Cane!

Shaquille Quarterman

**With Dredrick Snelson’s commitment to Miami yesterday, the Canes have already compiled what will be one of the top three receiver classes (2016) in the country if Bruce, Mullins, and Snelson stick. The next big WR target for 2016? Southridge prospect Freddie Pinder (6-5), who could emerge as a national prospect with a consistent season. It is possible that Pinder commits in the coming months. Miami expects Michael Irvin, Jr. to evolve into a TE prospect for those asking. He will also most likely be in the class. There is talk that 2016 Northeast WR Binjimen Victor will be committing to Alabama soon.

**I should be interviewing Jaason Lewis this week, but I also got a little more info on him in regards to Miami. The Canes view him as a jumbo WR/TE in the mold of Kellen Winslow, Jr. They see him as an all-purpose offensive weapon that they will be able to line up everywhere and create mismatches. They would even have a package that would allow him to take handoffs out of the backfield. Miami is very much in the picture.

**Despite most Miami fans continuing to worry about the DT situation, the staff is confident with where they are at right now. Moten is making waves already and they feel like he is as good as advertised, Wyche is a massive upgrade at nose tackle, and Calvin Heurtelou might be the strongest player on the team. Heurtelou’s counterparts at OL were raving about how tough he was to move by the end of spring ball. Also, the staff is very pleased with Courtel Jenkins’ progress early on. Jenkins is only a few pounds off of his goal weight and has grown (height) since the time Miami began recruiting him. As far as recruiting goes at the position, RJ McIntosh is currently weighing 275 pounds and Miami coaches believe he has the same sort of upside as Muhammad Wilkerson, who Golden and D’Onofrio groomed at Temple. They believe they are in the picture for Neville Gallimore as well and I should have some JUCO names later this week.

**I mentioned Devante Peete as a guy Miami still wants, but HurricaneGlory and I both have different sources telling us that there is major work he needs to do in the classroom. Just something to watch if his recruitment takes a weird turn. On the field, there is no question about his ability.

**I received a text from someone close to Calvin Ridley and Shawn Burgess-Becker and this person said, “No shot on those two right now” in regards to Miami. Like I’ve said, look for Miami to just try to stay in touch and make a push late.

**The Torrance Gibson situation is going to get very interesting. First to clear any speculation, yes Miami is recruiting him as a QB. They know that is what he wants to play so they will give him that opportunity in order to try to land him. Is his NFL position at WR? Probably so, but Miami is not dumb and knows they would have no chance if they recruited him as such. With Miami’s recent success landing impactful South Florida kids, look for that to play a major part in his decision. As I mentioned last week, Snelson could be the wild card here for the Canes.

**Your weekly Dexter Williams update… CanesInSight’s Nash Williams spoke to him this weekend and he continues to say he is sticking strong, but his actions are showing different. I’m told that Williams reached out to Notre Dame this past week expressing some concern about a potential crowded backfield at Miami. I’m not saying that Notre Dame is the team to watch for, but there is just a lot of things working against Miami and I still do not see him sticking. Read Nash’s interview with Williams here - http://www.canesinsight.com/threads/...mitment-rumors

Holy Football talk!
HTG, Outsider,
Granted. I concede the argument on the merits about AG staying. I still think he tried and failed, but hey.

I'll man up on being called out on being too lazy to make a better case or just being guilty of my own confirmation bias.

Great posts.

Gotta go to work. Look forward to reading more. Good days ahead, Gents.

You need to write for the herald MP....just saying!

Major college pigskin notions of the odd sort. hUh

Well, it's set in official contract legalese. dUh Because the MIGHTY USC Trojans will square off against Roll Tide Roll in 2016.

It's a SHAME that both Golden and D'Onofrio played the DUCKING, quack, quack game. Ouch! And decided to pass on playing Roll Tide Roll.

Yeah, yeah maybe Miami's A.D. subtly PRESSURED Goldie into saying no to the possible matchup with Bama'.

Heck, I also guess that TWO seasons weren't enough TIME to get Miami ready for a game against ANY legitimate TOP 10 team. Go figures'.

Because the bottom line is the Hurricanes had absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE squaring off against Coach Saban's squad. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And everything to GAIN. That's if the Hurricanes were to DEFEAT Roll Tide Roll.

But that's neither here or there, now.

Then again, perhaps Golden didn't want to witness his program getting ROLLED, on national telly, by Alabama.

u dUmb clUcks are such lilbitches

So much better reading comments from harphong and Mahoney-Pearson and HTG than the usual lies from jls on here...

Chit, youse' figures' that FIVE season would be more than adequate time to get a program such as Miami, Florida READY for a game against a LEGITIMATE Top 10 caliber type of team.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I absolutely understand that ONION HEAD left the Hurricane program in abject DIRE STRAIT poverty of the college football sort. hUh So what.

But then again, those days of the Hurricanes playing a non-conference Top 10 Fee, Fi, FOE are PASSE! FINITO!! Ouch. Especially with Golden and D'Onofrio as the Masters of the program now. hUh

So much better reading comments from harphong and Mahoney-Pearson and HTG = Golden and D'Onofrio PROPAGANDA TOOLS of the Orange nd' Green degree. Nothing more, nothing less!

Perhaps the Fighting Celts will return to solid TOP TEN status when Miami faces them in a couple of seasons. Because legitimate Top 10 competition will only happen facing ACC opponents in the now and near term murky future. hUh

" Aside from Denzel Perryman, Miami has little in the way of sure things in the linebacking corps. Getting some better production from that group -- Miami had the fewest tackles for loss in the conference and second fewest among Power 5 teams last season -- could be the key to the Canes’ defense. " ESPN.com

Read it and turn Orange nd' Green with self-righteous HATE, y'all Golden and D'Onofrio apologists. hUh

Yes. It's more than a far-flung conspiracy, that ESPN college football has an absolute AGENDA of ' Dizzing ' the Hurricane program and whatnot.


19. Florida Gators

[]_[]nranked - u

It's simply amazing that a Florida squad coming off a dismal losing record in 2013, is preseason ranked and whatnot. But then again, ESPN college football seems to have a CRUSH on good ol' boy Johnny Rebel, redneck SEC football. hUh

FWIW... y'all Deep South Cane fans absolutely COULDN'T pay me to dwell ANYWHERE south of the Mason-Dixon line!!! That includes cities or suburbia, too.

Posted by: Harriet Tubman Gator | July 16, 2014 at 10:12 AM

Just trying to add substance to the forum. Thanks!

Posted by: # 1 GATORS & S.E.C. !!! | July 16, 2014 at 02:40 PM

How'd dem ranks work out for yas last year? eh?



Posted by: # 1 GATORS & S.E.C. !!! | July 16, 2014 at 02:40 PM

'Cause Immma Mushmouf. Nuttin' bangin' in duh ghetto but my welfare check. Immmma Mushmouf.

So, a total stranger compliments harphong and HTG in the same sentence, even though they were disagreeing, and Mackjones figures they are both tools of a propaganda machine.


Mack, go back and read harphong's comments, he was essentially agreeing with your side, just doing so in a clear and non-insulting manner.

BTW, other than one weak shot by the gator troll, it has been pretty quiet on their end. PERHAPS, we can have a bit of a break for both sides? Manny and Susan and Jesse are posting info, we are having solid discussions, and we do have a season to start thinking about. If "#1 gator" and/or "delusionalcane" and/or "acc sucks" could take a break, I am sure we can get a couple of ours to do the same. Just for a couple of weeks, to see how it goes. jls and gatoralum and suicyco, you stay on your blog, and we will stay in ours.

Sound good to you? It does to me.

You can always go back to calling us delusional two weeks later when you read someone's claim that Williams will be better than Driskell, or Duke will be better than your running back, whatever riles you up.

The writers of this UM blog cannot place the exoneration of Nigel Bethel in the College section? It was in the High School section.

Safid Deen, gets to write this story for the Herald?

Where's the story of UM putting the scholarship offer back on the table?

"Payne said he received a copy of a letter sent from the grand jury to Texas Tech director of athletics Kirby Hocutt recommending Bethel be reinstated to the football team."

Thank God this loser (Hocutt) pretending to be an Athletic Director is far away from our program.

Must be nice for an institution of higher learning to give you $$$ that you know in your heart--you do not deserve. Some local reporters are not earning their keep as well.

I am still here.....nothing to comment about until season starts.

6-6 was my prediction all along....2014 will be the worst year for UM. What green peas still don't get is that no mater how much you feel a guy will work out via his ability....nothing materializes (Golden)

Its only a matter of time before the whole coaching staff gets cleared out....if the town can handle Lebron leaving, it can handle Golden leaving....

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Terry Richardson - RB Coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR Coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard – RB
Travis Rudolf - WR
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brandon Powell – RB
Malcolm Bunche – OL
Derrick Griffin – WR
Dennis Turner – WR
Reilly Gibbons – OT
David Perry – DT
Quentez Johnson – DT
JaWand Blue – LB
Alex Figueroa – LB

haha that list is amazing. You have listed recruits that chose other schools, players that are starters right now, coaches that Golden brought here, and players that were getting in trouble before Golden ever interviewed for the job.

Gallo, how do you have enough self-esteem to even speak?

I am still here.....nothing to comment about until season starts.

6-6 was my prediction all along....2014 will be the worst year for UM. What green peas still don't get is that no mater how much you feel a guy will work out via his ability....nothing materializes (Golden)

Its only a matter of time before the whole coaching staff gets cleared out....if the town can handle Lebron leaving, it can handle Golden leaving....

Posted by: Jim Gallo

So you're prediction is the same losing one you made last year? How did that work out for you?

I too think that Kirby Hocutt is not worth a salary greater than spit. I don't think Al Golden is worth only spit, but he should not receive nearly as much as he does.

The discussion about whether there is proof of Al Golden's rebuff by PSU is somewhat misdirected. There is a clear pattern of behavior by Al Golden that is clearer than any possible wrong story only posted on the PSU site. He has shown to always, that word is not used loosely, look out for only his interest. The trait that fits him the most is self serving.

That is why it would be more accurate to past judgement in belief of Al Golden's rebuff by PSU. Than to believe that only PSU's site, that illustrated whatever, had details that no one else did.

But that does not change what I expect Al Golden to do. I will expect him to take an offer from a major university after this season. If he wins the 9 or more games, that this team's talent and half of a coach should win. There will be an offer this time, I am sure.

He has a more talented team than all but two teams on the schedule. A total of three teams, talent wise, at the most. He knows he is not a good coach. No one uses as many excuses as he does and thinks he has the skills to be a successful game day coach. So the clearly present self serving trait would lead him to take an offer after the season ends.

With his understanding that his skills are what any observant fan should have always used to determine his worth. But now without all the many excuses by him for his past failure to stand behind. Maybe now the apologist, like on this site, and those in the stands will see what was always there. An inferior coach with no abilities to succeed on the football field, at all.

ChampCane! A loyal Canes' fan.
I agree with you, eventually Golden will leave UM; his mandate to turn the program around an incomplete mess. His Coaching record today is 49-49. That, to me, tells much of this story.
Golden has a solid reputation in the sport but hardly any productivity by way of victories. He will get another opportunity, perhaps another small time job just like Temple. I only hope that guys like Shannon and several other young Coaches get another chance at HC jobs because after 3 seasons and 13-11 record in the ACC at UM, I believe I already know what we get in Golden--Average Coaching ability.
We could throw some coaching names in a hat, pull one out, and get as good as we're getting right now.
For readers who would say my critic is harsh--let me say this!--I have to take under consideration, when evaluating a UM Football Coach---the rich talent and recruiting area he has to work with. It's not like working in Minnesota or some other small talent pool area.
If you can recruit--you can have some shortcoming in your X's & O's because the talent here can overcome some coaching miscues and mistakes.
We were sold a bill of goods. I just want guys to understand--there's a thin line between hopeful optimism and harsh reality. We simply are not getting all the thoroughbreds here in our own backyards.

"I was once told by a military blogger here, and this is an exact quote, "dam n sidcane, you hit hard but you hit clean". You will never win an argument with opinions. You have to back them up. . Two seasons ago I wanted golden to fire dno but I didn't post 30 times a day every day saying that. I posted my opinion every few months and the rest of the time talked positive about the team or bashed haters.

Posted by: Harriet Tubman Gator "

There you have it Harriet Tubman Cane, the idiot who has bastardized your name is sidcane.
This jerk spends more time in Gatorclause than he does here. And he has the gonads to call you a Gator when he is the one obsessed with them.
You cannot reason with a delusional idiot like this.

Posted by: enjoying the real conversation for a change

The Gators you listed have not posted here yet sidcane aka HTG lives over at Gatorclause and has posted several times today already.
Don't complain when you get push back because of your pig troll sidcane.

The misdirection and idiocy concerning the ability to follow the flow of discourse is astonishing. No one has ever claimed to have an article or media released document that says Golden pursued employment and was rebuffed by PSU. That stance has always been an opinion of many Canes fans who observed the happenings of that weekend and how everything transpired behind the scenes. Its not even my personal opinion that pursued PSU (I've never said that and don't believe he initiated contact), but I do believe he wanted the job, and threw his hat into the running to be their HC.

The bigots and apologists continued to attribute every and all opinions they disagree with to every single poster they usually disagree with. Purposely lumping everyone into one blogger isn't a representation of the truth.

Now this whole topic was brought up because I reposted Mahoney's disparaging comments about Golden during the weekend in question when he called him "a carpetbagger", told him to "kick rocks", and said that Golden's credibility was now tarnished. Now how that has been spun into someone asking for proof as to what transpired that weekend when Manny and Susan both admitted that we'll never know, considering that its all been held close to vest--is beyond. All media outlets know that there's more to the story than what was made available--which was nothing. Manny clearly suggested as much.

How me calling Mahoney out using his own posts disparaging Golden and not believing in him anymore, turned into a "show me the proof" rant I'm not sure. It was a great smoke screen though. Glad the "outside observer" enjoyed it and finds deflection to be harmonic. Serious aversions to truth.

Lol jlo....I don't hide behind names.....you think I accidentally put sidcane in there? Moron



For those of yous who think extra weight makes players slower. UM sources confirm Duke Johnson recently ran a sub-4.4 40. Extra weight (5-9, 210, +15 lbs from last year) not slowing him down.

Please check the link for a great team analysis with P. Dorrsett running sub 4.2 40.

"The lack of evidence that Al Golden is a better coach continues to be shown. This comment uses the number of commits, at the previous coach's firing, as a negative. No players were signed to any teams, in the nation, at the firing of the previous coach."


Uhhhh, no players were signed but the vast majority were already committed like the 6 we had. The liklihood of making a surprise jump to []_[]s was very low. Typically top programs that do the best with recruiting have a handle on who's coming in. This is sematics at it's best but it does nothing to disprove the piont. You should come out and say Randy was a better recruiter than AL if that's how you feel, because it's widely accepted that AG is better than RS.

Furthermore, regarding the evidence of AG being a better coach, look at the records over their respective tennures in terms of trend and how the teams have played from an effort standpoint. Then I want you to explain how that disproves the notion of AG being better than RS. Or you can choose whatever rubric you please to support that assertion.


ND 41-3
KSU 52-13

FSU 41-14
VTECH 42-14
Duke 48-30
Louisville 36-9
all on national TV.
500+ yards 30+ points in the last 5 of 6 games.
Golden is 1-22 vs. teams with less than 5 losses, the lone win was when Temple beat a 10-4 Navy team.


49-49, 22-15. Worst defenses in Canes history. Worst in conference two years running.

Shannon had the players showing the recorded best effort ever in the classroom, posting the highest graduation rates during his tenure. That trended upwards.

Now the trending of effort is opinion based (created, subjective gray area) and in no way can be expressed by numbers. Offensive numbers during RS and Golden's tenures are somewhat similar. Defensive numbers are drastically different. Their respective schedules were drastically different with RS schedules being much tougher. No one has to disprove anything, U have to prove that Golden is better. And if based in the trending of wins then what trend does 49-49 set or speak to over a 8 or 9 year coaching career?

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