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August 14, 2014

Al Golden talks depth chart, injuries to Scott, Jenkins and a lot more


On the decision to narrow it down to two players at quarterback: “I’m pleased, I know it’s hard for everybody reading and watching, but I’m pleased with that group. That group in general has made as strong a progress as any group over the summer. Malik Rosier had a great summer, I think Kevin Olsen had a great summer and is as strong as he’s ever been, but right now, Brad and Jake are a little bit ahead of them. But we have a long way to go. We have one scrimmage, we’re going to have three more practices before the next one and obviously a lot of film. We’ll go from there. I’m not ruling out anybody else, but we really want to get a good look at these two and see where it goes.”

Q: Is it really a two horse race?

“I’m still looking at everybody. We’re more than two weeks out, but I think at some point, you have to at least allocate reps so we’ve got to be careful with that. We still want to develop everybody, we’re still going to make sure everybody gets reps. Then we have a little bit of an outlier in terms of Ryan and his progress. He’s doing really well. That’s where we’re at today. It’s by no means a two-man race, but those are 1-2 right now. That’s probably the best way to say it.”

Q: Is there any chance Ryan Williams can go full speed in the next two weeks? 

“There is a chance. There is a chance. Going full speed, and then being able to protect him against our first or second opponents, that’s a little bit different deal. That’s uncharted waters for us right now. He’s doing really well. I know he’s confident, I know he’s strong, nobody’s been more committed than him. I’m just being perfectly honest. This is not my call. This is his call, along with Dr. Kaplan. We’re going to continue to let him progress and let him work in like he has been. But he’s doing really well. It’s hard to say it any other way.”

Q: Does Williams' status make the quarterback situation fluid? 

“Tricky. Makes it tricky. Yup. Makes it tricky, because he had a really good spring. And he’s bright and he’s a leader, so yeah, it makes it tricky. But his return will be a good thing for the University of Miami. That’s how I look at it. His return, whenever it is, will be good for us. But again, it’s just, that’s why I’ve just taken on this one day at a time mantra. I’m not really worried about other than just how do we get the guys ready for practice tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock and see what tomorrow brings.”

Q: Is there one guy in front right now? 

“I don’t think so, that one’s too close to call. I thought Jake had a really good morning today. As you guys know, cause you hear it all the time when you’re watching those preseason games in the NFL, you really have to take into consideration who’s out there in each series and who they’re going against. It’s really hard to quantify that into a little sound byte for you. It’s really hard. But they were really…they were…Maybe Brad was a little bit ahead yesterday and Jake’s answered today, whatever the case may be, but they’re 1 and 2. Really either way right now, but they’re 1 and 2.”

Q: For anybody saying Kaaya is first because his name is listed first on the depth chart how would you respond?

“I’m not very good at the alphabet, I guess. First name, I don’t know. It’s just the way it shook out.”

Q: Still, you have to be pretty impressed that Kaaya’s been here a couple weeks and is already to that point?

“I feel the same way about Malik and Jake. Jake was here less time than those two guys. Now Jake has a little bit more conceptual knowledge and line of scrimmage experience and things of that nature, so Jake adjusted…but Malik and Brad, the commitment that they made this summer as incoming guys and as I said, the whole quarterback group in general, because I think Kevin Olsen had a great May, June, and July, he really came on strong. They’re into it. Would Brad be where he was right now if the NCAA didn’t change the rule, probably not. James got a little bit extra time, but that young man put in a lot of time, an inordinate amount of time on his own, him and Malik, and then Jake when he got here, we’re grateful because he’s in terms of Brad answering your question, he’s running the huddle, his reads are really good, and he’s got a lot of poise right now.”

Q: Why is Duke Johnson not on return duty?

“We’re going to continue to work him there. I was trying to get some guys some work there. How many guys did I end up putting there, four? It’s probably four and four right now. Kick return is - pretty fluid, and we’re fortunate. Phillip, Artie, Corn, Malcolm Lewis can do it. I know I’m missing --- Braxton’s been good. And then same thing, Duke obviously can do that too, punt returner too, I probably could have put four or five on there. Braxton’s on both those lists. He’s really good at it.”

Q: Why is receiver Rashawn Scott not listed on the depth chart?

“Yeah, so Rashawn has an injury and we really just need to see where he’s at before we move forward. Rashawn, as you guys know – so, again, I’m not as concerned, because you guys see the depth every day, with the shirts and everything, because you’re here every day, so I wasn’t as concerned – but I didn’t want to place him until we know the extent of his injury. As soon as we know exactly what that injury is, we’ll release it. But certainly he would have warranted a 1 or a 2, as he has all camp.”

Q: Happened before or after the scrimmage?

“In the scrimmage.”

Q: Any other injuries to report from the scrimmage?

“Uh, well Jenkins got injured – he’s had a chronic deal, and the way it looks right now, it’ll have to be the end of his season. Again, when I get more information on that, we’ll relay it. It’s been unfortunate. It’s just a chronic thing that they want to fix.”

Q: Scott injury minor or major?

“You know, I don’t know. We didn’t think it was major, but again, rather than put him out for an extended period of time, I just wanted to get the facts before we release it on that.”

Q: Back injury for Jenkins?

“Yes. Scott is like in the shoulder/clavicle area, and Jenkins is lower back.”

Q: Is Scott's injury the same  as last year?

“You know, it’s not. It’s not. Guys to be honest with you, as soon as we get everything gathered, we’ll be able to release it so we all know what it is. Hopefully it won’t be too long.”

Q: Dallas Crawford had a strong showing in scrimmage. Was his performance a sign of the way he’s transitioned?

“He’s physical. I think everybody on the team would say he’s one of our toughest players. He’s another guy who’s lost a lot of weight, his body looks different, he’s quicker than he has been. And he really studied the game worked on his transitions and everything. He played really well, really, really sound. There’s good competition there at the safety spot with Gayot and Hester, two young kids, of course Fentrees can go back there if we need him, he’s sort of in between now and then Bush, Jamal and him. But Dallas has made a difference back there with his leadership.”

Q: A lot of young guys in starting spots on the offensive line

"There's two things when I sat around like July 4th weekend -- the offensive line I was saying I was wondering where 8, 9 and 10 were going to come from. And we've been really, really pleasantly surprised here. Those guys have done a good job. Trevor Darling has really come on strong. Hunter Wells has been in the rotation with the 1s. I think Kc McDermott did an absolute overhaul on his body and came in with a great mindset. Maybe Joe Brown is the surprise of the camp. We knew when we recruited him he was strong. He played defense. He wasn't really an offensive guy. But, we have him listed at 318. You would take the over on that. He's probably 330, doing a really good job. Nick Linder is just as you would imagine he is. He's playing both guard and center for us. Tyler Grimsley. Those guys have all made a difference. And then going the other way, Gall, Hunter Williams, Taylor Gadbois and of course the vets. That's a position I'm excited about. Of course the position was quarterback. Those two things have have changed. The fortune on those two have been very positive. So, we'll see how well we can perform in the next couple days and then into the scrimmage."

Q: Jonathan Feliciano, Kc McDermott were held out some during camp. Did that affect their status on depth chart?

"They're all competing. Jon is going to play left and right guard and right tackle. We're in a mode right now. This afternoon I was going to rest Flowers. I was going to rest Duke. I was going to rest Shane. What you do is try to pull guys out so some other guys have to step up. So, in Kc and Jon's case, Trevor and Hunter and Alex Gall were given opportunities and they really responded really well. We're moving guys around, trying to build that depth. I really feel like we're going to end up with 10. I wouldn't have said that a month ago. I don't know who they are going to be yet. But certainly Jon and Kc are in the mix and can play both positions. Kc is going to work left and Taylor Gadbois is going to work right now and we're just going to keep mixing it up."

Q: Has Joe Yearby increased what you think he's going to be able to this season?

"I think that's fair. Just has to develop, understand what's expected everyday. That will come with maturity. I know Ice is doing a great job. And Duke has done a great job with that. He really had a good scrimmage. And he ran the ball hard. Did he outperform Gus in all the practices? No. Did he outperform Gus yesterday -- and that's a money ball for us -- and yes he did. But again, I thought Trayone Gray did a nice job. So, I think Gus is going to answer it. He started to answer it this morning. So we'll see how that develops. I really wanted to take Duke out of it today to see those other three guys step up."

Q: Does Joe Yearby's weight concern you?

"No. Who does he remind you of two years ago?"

Q: Does he remind you of that guy (Duke Johnson) two years ago?

"Well, you know, guys can play at that position. It's his running style. He's a spinner, a slasher, low center of gravity. He ran the ball hard between the tackles yesterday. He really did. Proud of him. It was a little bit overwhelming in the beginning. The tempo. He got sick the one night. He's been fighting steadily back. We just go to keep him going."

Q: How is Quan Muhammad?

"He's doing really good. That's a heck of a battle though. That's a good battle. Tyriq McCord, Quan. I thought Trent played really good yesterday when it looked like the other guys were going to jump on him. So, again,  that's the first depth chart. But that's been a fluid position. We're going to keep rotating there."

Q: Do you plan to wait until closer to the game to decide who the starters are for Louisville?

"What we're going to do is get it down to two at some positions and then we'll carry a third. At wide out you'll have a third guy because you use more wideouts. There will definitely be a cutdown day on that Tuesday. It's not going to be -- if I can liken it to the NFL roster -- not the final cut, but the one before that. It's like we're cutting it down and work with these guys, keep developing everybody else and get these guys the reps."

Q: Will you cut down the depth chart and announce starters the week of the game?

"No. Tuesday. Then there's here's our depth when the week is over."

Q: What has Trent Harris done to get in the mix?

"He doesn't make any mistakes. He's a hustler. He's tough. And there's something to be said. Like I always say this to offensive coaches -- offensive linemen that are smart and cover guys up and have a guy like Duke running behind them, that's half the battle. Trent's the same way on defense. If he's supposed to box the play he knows how to box it. If he's supposed to kick it to the will linebacker outside him he knows how to kick it. His pass rush is good. He's gained weight since the spring. Like a lot of the freshmen who came in midyear we're not looking at them as freshmen. He's done a good job. He really has."

Q: How close was Michael Wyche to making the depth chart?

"He's still got a long way to go from a conditioning standpoint. He got a little behind this summer. He had an achilles heel long before he even got to camp. That put him behind a little bit. The other guys were ahead of him physically from a conditioning standpoint. He made some really good plays. He just has to be able to do it for multiple series."

Q: Artie Burns limped off the field at practice. What is his status?

"They got him booted right now. But he'll be fine. Might it take another day? I don't know. We'll see. Hopefully he'll be out there in the morning. The rest today might have helped him. He got a lot of treatment. We'll see what he looks like in the morning."

It's QB "Brad Kaaya OR Jake Heaps" on 1st UM depth chart

The moment we've all been waiting for... (drum roll please....)

The Hurricanes have released their first depth chart of the 2014 football season, and, as we expected, there is an "OR'' between quarterbacks Brad Kaaya and Jake Heaps.

BradkaayaThe surprise, at least to me, is that the true freshman Kaaya is listed first, followed by the graduate transfer Heaps.

Wow. I know they'll say it doesn't mean anything, but...does it?

I truly thought they'd have the "OR,'' but that the fifth-year QB Heaps would be listed first (either because he's the veteran or because of alphabetical order. Haha).

So does that mean Kaaya is the super-secret one to beat? Have no idea, really, other than he played with the first-team this morning in practice and is very impressive. 

I do know from the past that coaches like to light fires under players, and the depth chart is a good way to do it. 

Please keep in mind that the second scrimmage is Monday, also that the Canes have another practice session this afternoon and we'll get coaches after it's over.

No other quarterbacks -- zip -- are mentioned on the depth chart.

The only true freshmen listed as first-team on depth chart: Kaaya at QB, Trent Harris at DE and Trevor Darling at RT.



First-team QB: Brad Kaaya OR Jake Heaps.

First team RB: Duke Johnson, then Joe Yearby and Gus Edwards.

First-team O-linemen, left to right: Ereck Flowers, Hunter Wells (He's followed by Jon Feliciano), Shane McDermott, Danny Isidora and Trevor Darling.

Second-team O-linemen, left to right: Kc McDermott, Jon Feliciano, Alex Gall, Alex Gall (not a typo), Taylor Gadbois.

NOTE: Kc and Feliciano were wearing red jerseys recently, so maybe they're recuperating from injuries.

Third-team O-linemen, left to right: Just listed are center Nick Linder and Joe Brown at right guard.

First-team tight end: Standish Dobard, followed by Clive Walford and Beau Sandland

First-team fullback: walk-on Ronnie Regula OR Walter Tucker.

First team wideouts: Phillip Dorsett and Malcolm Lewis, followed by Stacy Coley and Herb Waters. Braxton Berrios and Tyre Brady are third team. 

Missing from WR depth chart, and missing from today's morning practice: Rashawn Scott.


First-team defensive ends: Anthony Chickillo and Trent Harris, followed by Chad Thomas OR Jelani Hamilton under Chickillo's name; and by Tyriq McCord and Al-Quadin Muhammad under Harris' name.

First-team tackles: Calvin Heurtelou and Olsen Pierre, followed by Earl Moore and Ufomba Kamalu.

First-team OLB: Thurston Armbrister and Raphael Kirby. Behind Thurston is Darrion Owens and behind Kirby is Nantambu-Akil Fentress OR Jermaine Grace.

First-team MLB: Denzel ''The Prez'' Perryman, followed by Walter ("two-way") Tucker OR Juwon Young.

 First team corners: Tracy Howard and Ladarius Gunter, with Corn Elder behind Tracy and Antonio Crawford OR Artie Burns behind Gunter.

 First-team safeties: Dallas Crawford and Deon Bush. Hugo Delapenha OR Marques Gayot behind Crawford and Jamal Carter behind Bush.


Punt returners, in order: Stacy Coley, Braxton Berrios, Phillip Dorsett and Corn Elder.

Kickoff returners, in order: Stacy Coley, Artie Burns, Braxton Berrios, Corn Elder.

Punter: Ricky Carroll OR Justin Vogel.

Field goals: Matt Goudis, followed by Michael Badgley and Jon Semerene.

Holder: Dallas Crawford, followed by Justin Vogel.

Long snapper: Frank Gabriel OR Ronnie Regula.

Short snapper: Frank Gabriel OR Ronnie Regula.

OUT FOR SEASON (Yes, you knew already): safety Rayshawn Jenkins.





WR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 187, Sr.
3 Stacy Coley 6-3, 185, So.
83 Braxton Berrios 5-9, 183, Fr.

LT 74 ERECK FLOWERS 6-6, 324, Jr.
52 Kc McDermott 6-6, 305, Fr.

LG 64 HUNTER WELLS 6-6, 312, R-So.
70 Jon Feliciano 6-5, 316, Sr.

C 62 SHANE MCDERMOTT 6-4, 300, R-Sr.
67 Alex Gall 6-5, 305, So.
68 Nick Linder 6-3, 290, Fr.

RG 63 DANIEL ISIDORA 6-4, 318, R-So.
67 Alex Gall 6-5, 30, So.
55 Joe Brown 6-4, 318, Fr.

RT 73 TREVOR DARLING 6-5, 310, Fr.
76 Taylor Gadbois 6-8, 316, R-So.

TE 5 STANDISH DOBARD 6-4, 255, So.
46 Clive Walford 6-4, 258, R-Sr.
85 Beau Sandland 6-6, 260, Sr.

FB 39 RONALD REGULA -OR- 6-2, 240, Sr.
FB 44 WALTER TUCKER 6-0, 226, So.

QB 12 BRAD KAAYA -OR- 6-4, 209, Fr.
16 JAKE HEAPS 6-1, 208, Gr.

RB 8 DUKE JOHNSON 5-9, 206, Jr.
2 Joe Yearby 5-9, 192, Fr.
7 Gus Edwards 6-2, 230, So.

WR 9 MALCOLM LEWIS 6-0, 189, R-So.
6 Herb Waters 6-2, 198, Jr.
82 Tyre Brady 6-3, 200, Fr.


 DE 71 ANTHONY CHICKILLO 6-4, 282, Sr.

9 Chad Thomas -OR- 6-5, 265, Fr.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 290, Jr.

DT 93 CALVIN HEURTELOU 6-3, 315, Jr.
72 Earl Moore 6-1, 304, Jr.

DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-5, 300, Sr.
47 Ufomba Kamalu 6-6, 295, Jr.

DE 33 TRENT HARRIS 6-2, 238, Fr.
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3, 248, Jr.
98 Al-Quadin Muhammad 6-4, 245, So.

58 Darrion Owens 6-3, 235, Fr.

MLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 242, Sr.
44 Walter Tucker -OR- 6-0, 226, So.
51 Juwon Young 6-2, 240, Fr.

OLB 56 RAPHAEL KIRBY 6-1, 238, Jr.
28 Nantambu-Akil Fentress -OR- 5-9, 200, Sr.
5 Jermaine Grace 6-1, 212, So.

CB 3 TRACY HOWARD 5-11, 188, Jr.
29 Corn Elder 5-10, 188, So.

S 2 DEON BUSH 6-1, 198, Jr.
6 Jamal Carter 6-1, 213, So.

S 25 DALLAS CRAWFORD 5-10, 196, R-Jr.
48 Hugo Delapenha Jr. -OR- 5-11, 193, R-Sr.
7 Marques Gayot 6-1, 205, Fr.

CB 37 LADARIUS GUNTER 6-2, 192, Sr.
21 Antonio Crawford -OR- 5-11, 191, Jr.
1 Artie Burns 6-0, 196, So.


P 27 RICKY CARROLL -OR- 6-3, 198, R-Sr.
16 JUSTIN VOGEL 6-4, 210, So.

FG 18 MATT GOUDIS 6-0, 170, Jr.
24 Michael Badgley 5-10, 180, Fr.
43 Jon Semerene 6-0, 205, Fr.

KO 43 JON SEMERENE -OR- 6-0, 205, Fr.
18 MATT GOUDIS -OR- 6-0, 170, Jr.
24 MICHAEL BADGLEY 5-10, 180, Fr.

H 25 DALLAS CRAWFORD 5-10, 196, R-Jr.
16 Justin Vogel 6-4, 210, So.

LS 55 FRANK GABRIEL -OR- 6-3, 215, Jr.
39 RONALD REGULA 6-2, 240, Sr.

SS 55 FRANK GABRIEL -OR- 6-3, 215, Jr.
SS 39 RONALD REGULA 6-2, 240, Sr.

PR 3 STACY COLEY 6-3, 185, So.
83 Braxton Berrios 5-9, 183, Fr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10, 185, Sr.
29 Corn Elder 5-10, 188, So.

KR 3 STACY COLEY 6-3, 185, So.
1 Artie Burns 6-0, 196, So.
83 Braxton Berrios 5-9, 183, Fr.
29 Corn Elder 5-10, 188, So.



Safety Rayshawn Jenkins to have season-ending back surgery Monday; QB Kaaya runs with first team.

Safety Rayshawn Jenkins, who started 12 games last season and had 46 tackles, three interceptions and five pass breakups for the Hurricanes, will have season-ending back surgery on Monday, a source has told The Miami Herald.

Jenkins first posted the news late Wednesday night on his Facebook page: “Will not be playing this season but I wish my boys the best. I would do anything to be out there with them but everything happens for a reason.#MinorSetBackMajorComeBack”

The source said Jenkins injured his back lifting weights and was trying to play through the pain. Jenkins last practiced on Monday. The recovery following surgery is expected to take at least six months, the source said.

"That hurt. That hurt us big time," senior safety Dallas Crawford said. "But he's still going to be out here coaching us. He has a lot of game experience. So he can still help the team in a lot of ways. But we need him."




In Thursday's morning practice at Greentree Field -- one day after the first scrimmage -- quarterback Brad Kaaya went with the first team and Jake Heaps went with the second team. We were told that the first depth chart will be released later today. It is neck-and-neck for the starting quarterback spot between freshman Kaaya and graduate transfer Heaps.

"I feel like I did a good job of running the operation and completing passes but I think the biggest thing is continuing to get better, continuing to work on the overall operation and feeling comfortable with everything,'' Heaps said after practice. "At this point after yesterday and today’s practice this morning feeling good about where I’m at and the progress that I’ve made and now over the next few days this is really going to be a big push so we all need to get better as a team.

When told coaches would narrow the race to two frontrunners, Heaps said, "I’m not worried about that. I’m just going out there and focusing on me and every rep that I get and trying to make it count. What coach decides, what he ends up deciding, that’s out of my hands. All I can do is just go out there and execute the best I can."

 Dallas Crawford told us Kaaya threw the pass that he picked off and he returned 50 yards for a touchdown in the scrimmage. He said Heaps threw the other interception.

 Here's what Crawford said about Kaaya: “He goes through his progressions very well. He doesn’t panic. He has really good feet in the pocket. He doesn’t force anything. I joke with him all the time, I think he’s a junior college transfer or something. He doesn’t act like a freshman. Just the way he carries himself and calls the audibles at the line. He looked really good yesterday.” 

Crawford on Heaps: “Jake’s a leader. As soon as he stepped foot on campus, he’s been leading. He takes command of the offense as well. He looked good yesterday too. It’s a battle. They’re both going at it. They looked good yesterday.”

> Hurricanes RB Duke Johnson said he did not experience any soreness after Wednesday's scrimmage on his surgically repaired right ankle: "Everything was fine. Got in the ice tub. Woke up today feeling better than yesterday.''

Duke also said Brad Kaaya reads defenses "exceptionally well for a freshman,'' but that Jake Heaps is better in that regard. “His checks, his reads, everything is a lot faster and quicker than Brad’s.”

What does receiver Stacy Coley think of the quarterback competition?

"Everybody has their different skill set," Coley said. "Brad is really smart. Brad can just pick out the zones, coverages being run. He picks it up real quick. He's very calm. Since Day 1, he as really calm. He just got in his playbook and was ready to go.

"Jake's just a good motivator. All the quarterbacks are smart. He has a great deep ball, throws great slant routes. It's a good spiral. It comes at you fast. You can catch it on the run and keep going."

Linebacker Denzel Perryman gave us his take, too. What does Kaaya do well in Perryman's eyes? "He's great under pressure man," Perryman said. "I can't rattle that guy for nothing at all. I think nobody can."

What does Perryman like about Heaps? "The fact he's really short -- he's like my height -- and he can still get the job done. He's another one that can't be rattled."

> The players wearing first-team black this morning: DE Trent Harris, DL Anthony Chickillo, S Dallas Crawford, Lb Thurston Armbrister, weakside linebacker Nantambu-Akil Fentress (for the first time), LB Denzel Perryman, LB Raphael Kirby and CB Ladarius Gunter.

> The players wearing first-team orange this morning: G Hunter Wells, G Danny Isidora, TE Standish Dobard, TE Clive Walford, RB Joe Yearby, WR Phillip Dorsett, RB Duke Johnson, T Ereck Flowers, C Shane McDermott, T Trevor Darling and FB Ronnie Regula 

> What does Duke Johnson think of freshman RB Joseph Yearby wearing an orange jersey: "It says he's working hard. He came in ready to learn, ready to listen. He was ready to be ready. He came with a mindset that stuff in high school don't matter. I need these guys as much as they need me. Me and Gus Edwards have to teach him everything we know so he can come out here and be effective.

What's Yearby's next step? "Stay consistent," Johnson said. "That's the hardest thing for a freshman to do because that's something you're not used. You're not used to being out here all the long days, coming back for two-a-days. If he can be consistent he'll be fine." 

> Crawford forced a fumble by receiver Tyre Brady with a big hit in Wednesday's scrimmage. "I guess he ran a post and he was on the goalline and I hit him and he fumbled," Crawford said. "That's pretty much it. I usually don't think, I just react to the play."

> Crawford on Fentress, who is playing outside linebacker and a rover safety position: "We need him to be a big contributor. I don't know if anybody on the defensive side plays as fast he does. He runs from sideline to sideline. He's smart. He gives great effort and he's always where he needs to be. So, I mean, we're going to need to him big time this year."

> UM will be back this afternoon for another practice session.