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Two-way Tucker not shying away from playing linebacker or fullback for Canes

When JaWand Blue and Alex Figueroa were arrested and booted off the team last month following their arrests on sexual battery, sophomore Walter Tucker said he had an idea coaches might ask him to move back to linebacker. 

Apparently, though, coaches didn't get around to it until Monday -- the day before camp started. 

"Basically [linebackers coach] Hurlie [Brown] called telling me to come to the office," Tucker said. "He asked if I minded playing linebacker. I was down for it."

Tucker (6-0, 218 pounds) is still down to play fullback, too. And as far as coach Al Golden is concerned, Tucker will.

Although he spent the first three days of camp at middle linebacker and will spend the rest of it shadowing starter and leading tackler Denzel Perryman, Tucker said he still expects to come in and block or carry the ball in short yardage situations as a fullback.

"It really shows that I'm an athlete," said Tucker, who said he still participates in team meetings with the running backs to stay fresh with that side of the ball. "In the past, when I was younger, I always played both sides of the ball.

"With the [defensive] scheme, things are coming along better than what it was last year. I also have DP there to help me. We always get together after practice and work on plays."

Tucker was a two-way star at Plantation American Heritage as well as a track star. He won a pair of state titles in the 110-meter hurdles and had the nation's fastest time as a senior at 13.89 seconds.

This summer, Tucker said he was timed in the 40-yard dash at 4.4 seconds, squats 405 pounds, bench presses 330 pounds and produced 25 reps on the bench of the NFL Combine testing standard (225 pounds).

What does he like about middle linebacker? "Basically, you get all the action," he said. "You are the head hunter and you are also like the quarterback of the defense. You're in control."

Golden called Tucker explosive earlier this week. 

“He’s a 4.5 guy who’s 230,” Golden said. “He played a lot there last year and even a great deal before the bowl game, he took a lot of reps there. He’s got some stored up. Talking to [linebackers coach] [Brown], he was comfortable with his recall to this point.”


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Another factor not mentioned is that Tucker HAS TO be comfortable with Hurlie Brown, who will have now coached him in BOTH positions.

How often does a guy get to change positions and still have the same coach?

Lucky break for him.

This young man sounds like he received very extensive training prior to being coached by Al Golden. That is a problem that will be corrected when a better player development coach is brought in.

The ability to fire Al Golden is unavailable. There has to be a team that will offer to hire him. That should be the mandate for this team. In order to put the best thing in place for these great players, that give their all here.

Tucker is a team player. Fans love the team player. Hopefully, he will learn quickly. MLB is a tough position to play.

Finally, the Canes have a fast LB. Let's not put any more weight on him and see how it turns out. The move might be better for his career as FB is a dying position in the NFL.

Going back to the last article, we are very fortunate to have Ice Harris on the coaching staff. Not only is he going to be a great recruiter, he knows football and has won multiple championships. I hope he sticks with the Canes for a while. Who knows, he could be the head coach one day soon. Go Canes.

Speed is needed at all defensive positions. Your fastest man on defense 4th on the depth chart. How do you expect a defensive back to catch a 4.4 guy when he is running a 4.7 . Let me guess being in position or taking the right angle. The story of last year and the year before. Speed kills. Without it . Look for gash and slash all day . The talent to go undefeated has alway been there. Including this year. Problem is you need the right coaches developing players. Since Al was a genius at getting paid. I'm sure he can figure out areas of major coaching development. Too some he was God sent to UM . For others . This guy is a false prophet spewing excuses. Other schools rebuild, Miami reloads. What happen to the mind set.


ChampCane- Nice positive response. Let's give the fans evaluation of you. The votes are in and it's a landslide , You're A MORON!!!! We knew you were one and you just keep working at it! Congrats!!!!!!!!!

Or we could bring back Butch Davis and play in the National Champ game every single year........

Posted by: CaneFan in Toronto | August 08, 2014 at 10:25 AM


Golden has already taken the Canes to as many National Championship games as Davis did.

Gary, you pay too much attention to me. And no attention to the without merit raise and extension given coach here. He should be able to deal with the scrutiny that being paid that well, without winning ways, provides. Especially, since apologist like you provide more excuses than he does.

Examples are not hard to find of Al Golden's failure as a coach. It is continuing your failure as a fan for you to not post the truth here. While you are not showing any level of intelligence by continuing to be an apologist.

He (Seantrel Henderson) was a wasted talent in college and he may be doing that in the NFL, but sure as hell didn't do it in college. All those interviews saying 'I've changed, and grown up, and realize this is my last chance to prove myself', yeah he almost proved himself right out of any chance at all to be a pro. He was lazy, and maybe he's FINALLY awoken to the real world.

Posted by: Cola Cane | August 08, 2014 at 10:33 AM

Some guys need some extra time, have to take some lumps before we get out of our own way.
It's not like he was out committing felonies, punching women, or brawling at the local night spot!
Coaching in my opinion is more than recruiting and X's & O's--sometimes you must be able to reach guys, to relate to guys and obviously not everyone has that ability as a strong suit.

The top story here on the blog today AGAIN opens with a big fat sentence about Blue & Figueroa being "booted" from the team. Attention! Manny, they're gone bro! long time ago now. There hasn't been 1 story yet about the guys who moved on to the NFL from last year's team currently in training camp. There's been Blue and Figueroa, Blue and Figueroa, Blue and Figueroa, Blue and Figueroa--All summer long! Yes! Seantrel had his issues, was immature and should have been a lot more productive here. Every player on the team has a relative, friend, or neighbor, someone they know--who's experienced some rough patches--whether alcohol & drugs, crime, poverty, some type of adversity to succumb to or triumph over and these reporters and coaches, you and I, are no different.
I hope the guy overcomes all his problems and has a great career, afterall---he will always be a Hurricane.

2000 team got cheated out of the NC game
and every Cane knows 2001 was Davis' team.
Just a UM history lesson.

SH don't owe Us nothing. Good for him.

Golden's opportunist behavior is cool, but Seantrel's is vilified.

Our CB depth is much improved. If Howard and Burns are battling for their lives for PT that tells how much we have improved there.
I hope we have a much improved defense, if we do we can be in the top 10 ranked by year's end.

Go Canes!!

Condemnation can go in more than one direction. I have nothing but that for these apologist that attack these underpaid young men, without fail. While apologizing more than Al Golden does himself.

Go away when Al Golden gets that future offer from another university. There are too many fools at the administrative level for this conman not to get another job.

Only a racist thinks Henderson vilified for his lazy unproductive college career.

History Lesson HTC:

HC Larry Coker - Ring
HC Dennis Erickson - 2 Rings
HC Jimmy Johnson - Ring
HC Howard Schnellenberger - Ring

HC Butch Davis - NO RINGS!
HC Randy Shannon - NO RINGS!
HC Al Golden - NO RINGS!

Try again.


K ator K ill K ane, you are one of those that should be first to leave with Al Golden.

Coach, you too are part of the apologists.

This team has to win 10 games.
I'll accept two losses.

It's time for Golden to win a bowl game this year.

Anybody wanting to call me unreasonable I am right here to support my position.

Again 10 wins and a bowl victory nothing less this year.

That was my motto for last year. I saw the talent was there and the schedule had ten plus, regular season wins, written all over it.

This year has more talent. The players are better than those from, all but one, on the ACC schedule. As well as better than Bigot Redneck Huskers, thanks Mack. Ten plus, regular season wins, is what I believe should be won.

10 wins is very reasonable, rabble. Looked at the schedule the other night and thats what I came up with.


A "Fan" develops a relationship with his "Team". They see their team as a part of their "family", like a good father has hopes and dreams for his son to succeed at a sport. This good father goes to his son's games, roots for him to do well. And when his son loses a game, or makes a poor showing, his father supports him and keeps his spirits up and helps him find his way back to confidence and finding his potential...

Then there are the fathers you see who chew out their sons, call them losers and pathetic when they underperform....

The representation of these 2 kinds of people are shown everyday on this blog...

The ones who curse, shat, and spit on a team trying to rebuild from over a decade of disarray for many reasons.

And there are the ones who have faith, hold onto hope and belief in their team, and show up to the games to cheer and send good vibes for their Canes to succeed....

We each know who were are don't we?

Chump cane...lol underpaid young men? Wtf? They are getting 60k +per year. Your a moron. You probably make 8$ an hour for trolling and you have the nerve to call these kids underpaid? WOW!

We will get 10 wins and play in the ACC-CG. For someone up in N Fla searching for anything Canes related some of you whine, bicker, moan, and cry like a Kardashian. Enough already! Support the team and our players. I don't expect glowing comments but let's be focused on our players, and the upcoming season. Not all this hate geesh. At least you all aren't stuck up here in Gator country havin to listen to local sports talk love up the Gayturds. You'd think they went 11-1 last year the way they talk. But they do talk about the team not all this external noise. Bash me all you want but at least put in a sentence about the team too.

10-2 with losses to FSU and Nebraska. Forget Louisville; we enact revenge for last year. All we need is Heaps getting the ball to our game breakers and the rest will work itself out. As I the defense they will be vastly improved over last year if anything but depth. Now you have 7 guys benching 225 30 or greater reps wise. That alone should demonstrate we won't be pushed on the line like last season. Yes LB is a concern but only in depth. And the secondary could be top 5 in the nation. We are on the rise again finally and with recruiting going well shoukd be in the position to stay that way and compete finally for titles. Go Canes!!!

Commander is spot on. I have a guy that played minor league ball that lives behind me and he is constantly screaming at his kid calling him a rag arm. All the neighbors hear it . one day we started yelling ragarm dad back among other things . now he doesn't do it any more. Guy is a price of sheet.

What I like is hearing and reading how good brad kaaya(True Cane) and the transplant are doing, just stays consistent with what we already know, no matter who the qb is, they start looking all world as soon as they play against this clowns defensive scheme. We have no real way of knowing if they are good or even solid, when u got one of the worst defenses in the nation/world, who's going to be wise snuff to use our practices as the litmus test for how good new guys are.

sidcane, you go past all the other things posted and comment on that? The pay given to this coach is how many times that you quote? And your post is right after a post about the types of fans there are. Which I do see the fans that support these players, without questions.

sidcane, the players get more scrutiny than that of their extremely higher paid coach. You objection to my post does not question that. Or, any of the other things posted. That is not unusual for the apologists. Not at all.

Top 5 would be sweet canedog. If they play like that back there we're looking at 12 win season. Not the most physically gifted group but I love watching them. Most seem to have good instinct. Play book knowledge and execution is key. If they can play with the knowledge of highsmith and not make physical errors sky is the limit.

CaneDog, yes there is never anything positive in Jacksonville about Miami Football. Just today, there is a lead story on the home page of the newspapers' website about a player in Hogtown. But, these apologists do not make this site any better. And I am not going to let their kind have an impact on what will make these players better. While they do all they can to support Al Golden in all ways that lessen the greatest college football program ever.

...miss highsmith. Got a kick out of watching him. He reminded me of "Rudy".

Rabble - "I'll accept two losses."

Guess what, Donna Shalala doesn't care what you will accept! You probably don't pay for season's tickets anyway.

Calvin, Calvin, Calvin!!!

Another beautiful piece of poetry, where there are no rules for using nouns, verbs, or punctuation.

Ch@mpCane - I support the Miami Hurricanes.

I do not owe any allegiance to Al Golden. After he leaves I will no longer support his teams. But while he is here, Go 'Canes!


Like most of you, I think D'Onofrio needs to go; but I refuse to HOPE that my team loses in order to get him out of Miami.

Tucker is like Crawford - 'just get me on the field coach'

We need more players like that.

Like most of you, I think D'Onofrio needs to go; but I refuse to HOPE that my team loses in order to get him out of Miami.
Posted by: Tampa Cane (Coach D)

Careful Coach, they'll call you an 'apologist', lol.

Tucker at linebacker. He has the speed. If his eyes can keep up with his feet, Tucker will be a great addition. I'm excited.

Calvin, I have to agree with you about competition in practice. I sure hope the defense is a lot better. It can work but I am not a big an of the defensive scheme golden learned under which he then taught what he likes to dno. Main reason golden has not let him go is the familiarity. Its clear golden wants to be in complete control of the defense which may be his downfall. It takes VERY smart disciplined players to execute properly. If one can mix that with s.fl talent...look out!

Fair enough Coach D. But something has to be a catalyst that forces Al Golden's hand. To dare, Al Golden values staying the course over getting on the right track. UM fans have grown tired of witnessing Miami being bullied on the play ground. Labor Day night-I mean Bobby Petrino's quick-strike offense is fast approaching.


Looks laterally quick to me...

Or we bring butch davis in and we get the ncaa death penalty like he almost did at unc

Dj williams @ 2000-2001
Stud rb-fb

Probowl linebacker

Nuf said

This is the U

You play where youre needed

I think that it is no secret the offense the past few years have had the luxury (negative) of matching against a d that was consistently playing incorrect and/or out of position somewhere. Made it tough to sustain drives when opponent didn't break down for a few.

"Speed is needed at all defensive positions. Your fastest man on defense 4th on the depth chart. How do you expect a defensive back to catch a 4.4 guy when he is running a 4.7 . Let me guess being in position or taking the right angle."

Posted by: Canesallnight | August 08, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Uhh, that would be correct.

If two guys run 4.4s you still can't expect a defensive back to catch a 4.4 guy when he is running a 4.4.

The operational word being "catch", and the point is not to get beat at all. If you're trying to "catch" someone you're already in trouble.

I agree, I would much rather have 11 4.4 guys than 11 4.7 guys, but technique is what makes great ball players.

Great technique can allow a 4.7 guy to compete with a 4.4 guy. Likewise great technique can get a 4.7 WR open on a 4.4 DB.

Posted by: Calgallharriet leave this blog | August 08, 2014 at 01:41 PM


UM, which finished 9-4 last season, ranked 33rd nationally in passing offense, averaging 265.5 yards a game.
Coley, a 6-1, 185-pound sophomore out of Oakland Park Northeast High, led the Hurricanes with 1,461 all-purpose yards – the10th highest single-season total in school history. The freshman All-American also led UM with seven receiving touchdowns and ranked second in receiving yards (591) and third in receptions (33).
He said Thursday that his goal is to break Allen Hurns’ 2013 single-season record of 1,162 receiving yards.
“Right now everybody is set out to break Allen’s record,” Coley said. “When he left he told us to go get his record. I feel like he’d be amazed and grateful if we did that.”
All of UM’s receivers are intent on helping their quarterbacks excel in the competition for the starting job between graduate transfer Heaps, redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen and true freshmen Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier.
“I love the competition with the quarterbacks,” Lewis said.
Dorsett, no matter how fast he flies, believes this receiving corps will be special.
“We’re more together as one,” he said. “We’re a lot closer and we’re a lot better as a unit now. I just want to win games. That’s all I’ve been wanting to do since I’ve been here. Just win games.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/08/07/4278194/miami-hurricanes-receivers-fast.html#storylink=cpy


Its an insult to say 'it takes smart/disciplined players to run this defensive scheme'. It definitely takes idiots to run it at a school known for some of the most athletic defenses ever, thus the name 'morons'/headmoron.

The Buzz now is Brad Kayaa looks the best!

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