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Canes cancel Friday practice, end camp


Apparently, the Miami Hurricanes don't need any more stinking training camp.

In an email sent out late Thursday night the University said Friday's practice had been canceled, essentially wrapping up camp. The Hurricanes will instead be off Friday and around to sign autographs Saturday from 4-7 p.m. at CanesFest.

Preparation for Louisville officially begins on Sunday when practice resumes.



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Best wishes to all staff, coaches, and players on the upcoming season. 1 week at time. Let's take Louisville to the woodshed in their own house.

Let the players play!

I had to dig this quote up myself

"Defensively, what surprises me is they are not very fast overall as a team. It’s opposite of what you’d expect of a Miami team based on their history.”…

“I just don’t think they are extremely quick or fast on defense, which you’d think wouldn’t be a problem.”…

“Linebacker Denzel Perryman looks the part. Good player.”…

Golden, please say it ain't so?

Guys will remember me livid about all the talk about "our own identity" like our past glory and reputation isn't good enough for this staff. If D'Onofrio sends out a slow plodding defense we are surely in trouble. My fingers are crossed as we head to Louisville, hopefully we have some speedsters to get it done!

Just another blogger independently verifying something I posted earlier......yawn....good night and Godspeed kind people! Lmao!

Whoop whoop that's the sound of the beast!

And the joke continues....

another ... year ... of ... fail[]_[]re ... awaits ... u ... again ...

the last time u won a National Championship in ANYTHING ?

the last time u EVEN played for a National Championship in ANYTHING ?

2001-2002 ?

State of Florida National Championships since 2002


FSU - 3 (13 overall ever)

UCF - 0

USF - 0

FIU - 0

FAU - 0

UNF - 0

JAX - 0

u - - - 0



16-SIXTEEN FLORIDA GATOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (33 overall) since u won ur last and ALL in REAL SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's 13 REAL SPORTS of which u compete in 9 of them (plus others) and still NOTHING BUT BL[]_[]E BALLS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPLESSNESS for u going on 2-DECADES !!! ... n[]_[]ffin, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch and 0-fer fo u the last DOZEN years and counting...


Men's National Championships

Basketball (2): 2006 • 2007

Football (3): 1996 • 2006 • 2008

Golf (4): 1968 • 1973 • 1993 • 2001

Indoor Track and Field (3): 2010 • 2011 • 2012

Outdoor Track and Field (2): 2012 • 2013

Swimming and Diving (2): 1983 • 1984


Women's National Championships

Golf (2): 1985 • 1986

Gymnastics (3): 1982 • 2013 • 2014

Indoor Track and Field (1): 1992

Soccer (1): 1998

Softball (1): 2014

Swimming and Diving (3): 1979 • 1982 • 2010

Tennis (6): 1992 • 1996 • 1998 • 2003 • 2011 • 2012

Here come the Cane ClUck Fans, about a dozen of the expected 10-12 K crowd expected for FAMU home opener as they bounce into No Life Stadium for the 14th Season in a row of Cane Non Championship Football !!!


Al Golden kills me, he said today not naming starters team needs more practice, he cancelled Thursday's practice cuz it was humid... lmao then he turns around and cancels Friday's..... AFTER HW SAID THEY NEED MORE PRACTICE LMFAO WHO THE HELL ARE THE STARTERS, DOES AL THINK THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT DUKE

Canes cancel Friday practice, end camp

Apparently, the Miami Hurricanes don't need any more stinking training camp.


Well considering how last years Season ended, with all the easy funtime Bowl practices and then heading into this year, this certainly makes sense in ALverage Candy Caneland... I wonder how many other Top-Programs are cancelling their practices tomorrow and taking the day off because, they don't need to, practice ?

Hey, maybe during the cushy autograph session Saturday, Al can get the Weightroom D.J. to play this for all the over a Decade long suffering Afflicted Cane fans at the CanesFestnFamine to make them feel right at home at No Life Stadium ...


This team has probably missed more full days of practice due to heat/humidity, rain and lightning this year than Jimmy did his entire time at the U !

Jimmy didn't want happy players, he wanted mean and nasty ones that would lead and then go out and make the ENTIRE team practice without Coaches.

And yes, that did happen a few times, except Jimmy n Co. told the Captains to run the practices, they did and they never missed a beat going FULL-SPEED.

I like what's happening with the black jerseys and not naming a QB. Keep the competition level high for as long as you can.

Watching Thurston this season and of course D. Crawford. J. Grace will follow DZPs footsteps.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | August 22, 2014 at 01:57 AM

You simple minded trolls....

No coach stops training camp early unless they LOVE what they are seeing...

AG knows his team has enough prep to shut down and prevent unnecessary injuries.

But the day off the field doesn't mean they aren't in the film and study rooms prepping for Louisville...

They are installing the game plan for Lville early you dumb-a55 trolls...

So obvious a blind man can see it.

But not obvious to idiots.

Hey Gaytor....you lost to Georgia Southern and went 4-8...

The past is the past....Gaytors with 3 NCs...

Miami with 5...

So what?

Hey gator biatch, you are the saddest individual ever. Mommy stop breast feeding you when you were 12 so now you are upset? Or did one of the Canes fans steal your girlfriend? Anyone who constantly gets on the Canes site talking about another team is either a loser in life or just a little girl who has no life. Post after post about a team who is AFRAID to play us every year because of the beatings you take. You lost to a AA high school team last year that never threw the ball once in a game. Go swallow your boyfriends sausage.

@Gators suck and can't compete with Div II teams
There is so much that goes behind the scenes that outsiders will never have the slightest idea. Its good to see someone considering that perspective. Anyways...


"Chickillo said he refocused himself back in January "when all the things about whether I was going to leave or come back happened." When the NFL told him he would only be a fourth or fifth round pick, he realized he needed to prove himself at Miami as a senior".

The entire Chickillo family are dedicated, loyal Canes to the end but somebody please let Chickillo know he will not be drafted at all if he continues to play like years past. His play has been pedestrian at best! Chick needs to understand that many kids received grades (NFL grades) that are not true and do not get drafted at all.
We need Chickillo at his very best if we're going to win 10 games.

Canceling Friday's practice sends the right message: Team worked hard at camp, coaches got what they had to do done, boss says well done, take Friday off, U earned it, have fun with the fans on Saturday afternoon and come back Sunday ready to start work on the Louisville game. Sounds like a good plan. Just beat Louisville.

I concur with Johnny C and Taking a Few Saturdays Off. Instead of Golden embracing the south Florida heat and humidity, which is what Howard, Jimmy, Dennis and Butch always used as their ace in hole, the other day he PUBLICLY commented that he let the team off an hour earlier due to the humidity getting to the team? Are you kidding me? I repeat, is he for real? Let this hopefully be psychological warfare against Louisville, where the Louisville will think UM will be coming into the game out of shape on Labor Day. If not, this is almost as bad as recreational youth sports where everyone gets a trophy for participating (that is the same size at the first place trophy)! Now he cancels the final day of practice, giving the team two days off? Maybe there is a high forecast of rain today, but if we see guys holding their sides on the O-line or Defense on Labor Day, because of lack of PROPER/NECESSARY AUGUST HUMIDITY CONDITIONING, which results in a loss, then show this staff the door. This is so not Miami Canes football along with the 6'- 4" linebackers and zone defense they're implementing. Al, post 10 wins this year and PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!

^^^ if you think this team is outta shape you're stupid. they've been practicing in the heat since april!

Let's not get too excited, because he closed camp! Coach Golden should have closed camp 2 weeks ago, in my opinion. The media and fans are asking too many questions about practice. By closing camp, the coaches and players can focus on their scheme, assignments, and Louisville. The team will still have meetings, and the coaching staff will be working breaking down Petrino's perferences: delay and crossing patterns with a tough running game. The coaching staff has to fine film of University of Georgia defensive scheme from 2013 too. In my opinion, this is a good move to have a mentally and physically ready team. I may be wrong, put the U will put on a SHOW!


Lmao... Just glad I got a Nate Dortch auto before he left.

Just off the top of my head I recall GA being aggressive on D. A complicated 3-4 zone blitz, and there always seemed to be a LB coming off the edge. Pruitt I think that's his name is an NFL guy who is fearless and would blitz his mom if she were at QB.

Play action is gonna be crucial.

If Petrino is a specialist in crossing pattern we are going to get whipped...again. no way Dino has that defense ready to attack.

I'm ok with not practicing...we've won the national championship of camp the past 3 years.

Watch out, Gatr Trash.


Gainesville: The white trashiest town in this mostly white trash state.

Last Post on this site:

Most of you guys are complete losers who suck as fans, suck as football critics, and more than likely suck at life itself.

For those who actually support the 'Canes, keep up the good fight!

Coach D - OUT

Why is the OOF troll so ramped up about us this year?
This is funny to see.

I am curious if he was shortsighted in breaking camp early.

He still had multiple ORs that needed resolving.

Even if the practices were to have the ORs go against each other, in some 7 on 7 type format, while the rest got to cheer, support, bet, study film, lift weights, etc, it would have given them one or two answers they don't have yet.

I don't think we win or lose a game based on those ORs, including at QB, but the focus going to Louisville without distraction would have been a big plus.

After all, even if you "lose" in that friday cutdown, you have a whole season to win the job back, but Louisville is only 10 days away. One day for travel, one of prep, and there are eight effective days for the season opener.

I hope this move does not cost us.

Kendell I don't think it will. We only know part of what's been happening in practice, they may have many spots already figured out and have just not told the media (can't blame them), and sometimes kids need a minute to get perspective back. You can bet your arse their salivating to get back at UL, and the veterans are probably getting together with the younger guys and watching film, working out, and just bonding. They'll be fine, IMO.

Posted by: Tampa Cane (Coach D) | August 22, 2014 at 09:51 AM

Way to go, buddy! Keep up the good work pushing that shopping cart along with your recycling gig. We know it's hard for you to watch TV games or afford season tickets so us real Canes fans will donate some "D" sized batteries for your shopping cart radio, TampaCane.

Posted by: Tampa Cane (Coach D) | August 22, 2014 at 09:51 AM

If we beat Louisville it will be because of the inspired off day given by a brilliant coach.

If we lose, it will be because an idiot coach didn't work them hard enough.

Most people who believe b can't walk from the ir ac car to their ac house, btw.

Wonder why recruiting has picked up so much since the NCAA cloud lifted?

Maybe it is all Coley? No, he's just the O.

Maybe because Barrow left? No that can't be it.

Must just be luck or a coincidence.

Al Golden said earlier in the day HIS TEAM NEEDED MORE PRACTICE TO DETERMINE THE STARTERS, 4 hours later he turns around and cancels...LMFAO

I also find it amusing that many are still making a big deal out of we haven't named our starting qb yet as well GKC. Hell even Bama hasn't, they're not sure if it's Coker or the other guy, lol.

The excitedment is here.. How good r the Canes??? It doesn't cost us any $$$$$$$. Heck
We could be from Georgia and know right away, we suck. New year with lots of potential.
Might as well ride this right up to Labor Day. National Championship, crush FSU oh yea.
You have to believe in a magical year coming, we had one way back when we won the first
National Championship. You young ones, it was a great ride.

idiot rick, he also said there are several more practices. I'm sure he knows the starters and is holding back from telling to annoy buttheads like you.

Anyone who constantly gets on the Canes site talking about another team is either a loser in life or just a little girl who has no life.

Right, but don't stop with only the canes site.
sidcane, 21- 16, and many others constantly post on the Gator site. Post after post, every day, every story, multiple times per story.

Then they come here steal HTC name, add gator to it and post garbage here as well.
You have yours we have ours, same losers, different names.

With Johnson and Coley as the Hurricanes primary offensive playmakers it will be really difficult for defenses to stop them.

This is where Coach Golden’s ability will kick in. The way teams will play against him defensively, Golden will have to counter offensively deciding whether the rushing attack or the passing attack will decide victory.

Whichever part of the offensive attack the defense attempts to stop, the Canes have the players to counter.


Gatorkillercane U know the first team needs reps to get to know each other AND BECOME A TEAM, U CANT BECOME A TEAM WHEN U DONT PRACTICE LIKE ONE....IDIOT

This offseason Al Golden said the reason he did not want to make a coaching change was because of continuity. Adding that he thought it was better for all involved to “not start over,” to “stay the course.” There was a lot of upheaval among FSU’s coaching staff these past couple of years. However, that coaching carousel didn’t prevent FSU from winning a national title. Of course, Jimbo Fisher is a coach that doesn’t embrace excuses.

Al Golden is so good as a coach Las Vegas has him as the 8th best coach in the ACC........ BUT TALENT WISE THEY HAVE MIAMI 2nd BEST.....HELLO.....AND THEY DONT HAVE MIAMI WINNING THE COASTAL

Posted by: Rick

You know what dude, you're a complete tool. If we lose, we suuk and AG suuks and EVERYONE just suuks, but hey here's one better, if we WIN, then the losing team will end up being a .500 team. You're an IDIOT man, and that's being nice.

Nope, I don't buy it. Bobby Petrino is not Will Muschamp. If Al Golden walks away with a win that win should be considered Legitimate. As a result, everyone should be hopeful moving foward.

Coolj if we lose, I just don't want a damn blow out. I want to see 31-28, or 38-35, not 36-9. If those kids leave it all on the field, that's all I ask man.

If U want a good descent team AL GOLDEN IS YOUR MAN, IF U WANT A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM HE IS NOT, Lets look at how soft he is.Spring practice after 4 days they took a 2 week spring vacation ROFMMFAO, he then turns around after the NCAA notified all Schools that programs need to take girls getting raped on campus SERIOUSLY, so what does Al do? he puts a night club in the weight room with a DJ: weeks later 2 Hurricane players bring drug a girl and RAPES HER, I WAS ALL OVER TWITTER SAYING HOW FREAKIN STUPID CAN U BE, THEN BOOM GIRL GETS RAPED....I SEEN SOMETHING COMING IF U DIDNT U STUPID...AS MUCH AS THE HURRICANES BEEN IN THE NEWS, U DO NOT DO ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY TO PUT YOURSELF BACK INTO TROUBLE..... THAT GIRLS LAWYER IS GOING TO SMOKE THE U IF THE RUMOR IS TRUE, THAT THE DJ FROM THE WEIGHT ROOM GAVE THE 2 PLAYERS THE DATE RAPE DRUG, THE DJ WAS INTRODUCED TO MR GOLDEN FROM MICHAEL BARROW.......HELLO.... IF THIS IS TRUE GOLDEN IS A FREAKING IDIOT

Idiot Rick,
Tell Saban to name a starter. Heck, they play 2 days before we do.

Posted by: Rick

The keyword here is IF, so you have NO IFFING clue, so IF it isn't true, the YOU'RE a freaking idiot. Come to think of it, you already ARE an idiot.

yea Cola, 31-28 sounds alot better than 49-10

Al Golden gave the Hurricanes a night club and the players took it up a notch and brought the Drugs PUSS and Beer..... NEXT THING U KNOW HE WILL BE LETTING LITTLE BOYS RUN AROUND ON CAMPUS, HE IS DOING THE SAMETHING PROTECTING HIS FRIEND TO KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING IN.... (JOE PA & SANDUSKY) (GOLDEN & NOCOACHD)

Well here we are. The season starts Sunday with Game pre. Chubby will have to show his hand on the starter issue unless he plans on running a platoon at QB. I have already said It's Heap. If it were Kaaya I don't think he would have cancelled today. I think he made up his mind last weekend. More importantly Rivals ACC predictions are out. and they have us third in the Coastal at 7-5 citing a tough road schedule. Third people in what probably is the weakest conference division of all the big boy conferences. So plan on enjoying the season and to do that don't expect too much and it will be fine. I think part of the fun is who will we upset to get to 8-4.

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