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It's true: Miami Hurricanes linebackers coach Micheal Barrow leaving the program

    Just when you thought it would be a smooth, quiet transition into fall camp...

     Long-time University of Miami football coach Micheal Barrow is leaving the football program, a source told The Miami Herald late Thursday.

     Fall camp opens for the Hurricanes on Tuesday afternoon, and UM coach Al Golden was previously scheduled to address the media on Monday.

      Barrow’s departure was first reported by CanesInSight.com.

     A native of Homestead, Barrow coached linebackers at UM for seven seasons. Barrow played for the Hurricanes from 1989-’92, when he was the Butkus Award runner-up and finished seventh in Heisman Trophy voting. He was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year and finished his career as the third-leading tackler in UM history.

      Other Internet reports by CaneInsider.com and 247Sports.com said former UM receiver Kevin Beard would be joining the Hurricanes’ staff, though it was not confirmed.

     The 247Sports.com report said Beard has joined the UM staff “in a quality control position.’’ FootballScoop.com reported UM special teams quality control assistant Billy Furman left for Eastern Kentucky.

      When reached by the Miami Herald late Thursday, Beard, who was a UM player from 1999-2003, said, “I don’t have a comment.’’

      When asked if he would love to become a UM staff member, Beard, the receivers coach at University High School in Davie, said, “Definitely. If it happened that I could be an asset to UM, that would be a good situation.’’

    And CaneSport.com's Gary Ferman posted on his message board that he heard from a source close to Barrow who said Barrow's mother was very ill and that Barrow wanted to care for her -- but Ferman wouldn't confirm. 




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NOOOOO Michael, say it ain't so. Don't leave.

# 1

Coach Golden just spoke in private to Barrow. We respect the past, but we want our own identity. Clear out your office buddy!

I can respect guys who come and say Rabble, I hope you're wrong. I've never met Golden, and I just provide my opinion but this is about a personality conflict if there ever was one. Sure, they'll provide spin in the media but I ain't buying it. FSU suddenly has a big advantage on UM.

Here we go again and 3 days before Camp opens. Something really stinks here. I heard there was some friction between Barrow and D'no but didn't see this coming. There's no way we find someone at this time to fill this position. Mark my word, Golden will now say the he and D'no will take over the LB Coaching responsibilities. And don't even think about Ray Lewis dropping a 2 day a week, 7 months a year job at 1 Million plus with ESPN to come in and take over. This will really hurt recruiting. Won't be long until all the old school Canes are gone and it'll all be Golden's "new identity" running the new Cane show.

Here comes all the conspiracy freaks...

Why would Golden fire a coach right before training camp after speaking about "continuity" all offseason? If they say he's leaving to take care of his sick mother, I'll take it.

Love Barrow as a recruiter and a Cane. I don't think he was the best technical coach. Only a few LB's stood out over his seven years and made the next level. However, the man is a Cane true and true and helped tremendously with recruiting. Good luck Coach Barrow! Here's hoping we can add a strong coach in the next few days.

Johnny C... you're right. Golden is running off all the former Canes. That's why Kevin Beard is coming on staff and he hired a bunch of other past Canes...

Posters posting random conjecture as to the circumstances surrounding Barrow's departure without citing any verified information, and/or sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation, are idiotic at best, and signs of a complete break with reality at worst.

Here's hoping we can add a strong coach in the next few days.

Posted by: JaxCane | August 01, 2014 at 01:23 AM

who ? what strong coach ? from where ? now who's the delusional one ?

I know Barrow and he has been sick of No D'Osheet and Golden never letting him have even an ounce of input as far as defense philosophies since the first days the Penn. St. combo showed up. Remember, the year before Golden n Co. arrived we were a Top-20 Defense in the Country and Top-2 in the ACC in 2010. Sure his mom is old, but she'd far from "ill". That Gary Ferman spouting off again and then saying he can confirm it to smoke screen as Golden's lapdog so he might be allowed to get into a closed practice from time to time. Jax u have been hanging out with them redneck turds n dogs too long and are completely out of touch with exactly what's going on in Coral Gables with this new Penn St. crew. But follow blindly like so many former cane fans still holding out hope for the glory days of the long past, just like the end with Coker, Shannon and now Golden.

Michael is just plain sick and tired of the stuck in the mud mentality Defensively with these guys and would rather sit it out this year (he doesn't need the money) and wait out the eventual downfall of Golden sticking with No-D another year. At least another year of the same passive BS Defense won't be on his Resume in 2015.

As far as Beard goes, he's just taking over for the Special Teams Coach Billy Furman (as a UM staff member in a quality control position, NOT a Coach) that just quit n left too for that power house Eastern Kentucky. Beard isn't hired yet either, just said he was contacted. Quality control is nothing more than the assistant SID's breakfast, room key, class attendance and curfew bed check gopher. That and he knows some local high school coaches. Golden doesn't give a damn where he went to college as long as he's local and in with some High Schools.

"Here's hoping we can add a strong coach in the next few days."

Yeah, I'm sure present top College and Pro LB Coaches are lining up for interviews to work under D'Onofrio by sunrise all over the Country.

But rest assured, anybody that Golden contacts, they'll be in touch with Barrow within minutes to get the scoop. Unlike Golden, when he was offered 4 years ago and had noooooo idea who Nevin Shapiro was , (unlike the vast majority of ALL Canes fans and the other 7 Coaches offered the job before Golden that knew UM was being investigated by the NCAA because the Yahoo report had already leaked out) and boo hoo's about how he was blindsided... Then give me an extension after 6-6 before the BC home loss.

U and other Cane fans can continue to eat this garbage and ask for more. As for Michael Barrow and Billy Furman, congrats, u got out just in time.

Johnny C... you're right. Golden is running off all the former Canes.

Michael said later for u Golden, I'm up n outta here. Seee Ya !

Posted by: Jenny W | August 01, 2014 at 01:32 AM

what's for breakfast ?

And CaneSport.com's Gary Ferman posted on his message board that he heard from a source close to Barrow who said Barrow's mother was very ill and that Barrow wanted to care for her -- but Ferman wouldn't confirm.

Oh then it must be true even if unconfirmed, just like Golden getting offered by Penn. St. was confirmed.


Bring back Dan Morgan or John Vilma to coach lb's or armstead.

The lack of development by players that Golden has recruited, along with the kids he has had to dismiss (or who have been arrested) due to not vetting their personalities properly, is depressing.

Two quarterbacks that he recruited two years ago are either no longer with the team or playing a different position. Those two picks highly touted and prioritized at the time) could have been used toward players on defense.

Moreover, the kids being recruited on defense are slow, and too big at LB, according to UM standards. Howard, Butch and Jimmy didn't recruit five star players or even four star players. They recruited speed first with a kid that had something to prove, felt he had been undermined in the past, had a chip on his shoulder, and who was a relentless worker. They then would convert these dedicated speedsters from RB to DB, DB to Safety, Safety to LB and LB to Defensive Lineman. Thereafter, a man to man scheme to let that speed shine was the strategy. A simple formula to follow with a full trough of talent here in South Florida from which to draw, and yet he and D'nofrio cannot seem to "Get It" or rationalize the simplicity of the FACTS associated with the FORMULA.

Now Michael Barrow leaves? There seems to be no urgency with this Penn State staff. To listen to Golden talk in these pre-season interviews, he seems to have a laize faire attitude about whatever happens, happens. He continues to talk about he is able to now coach without the cloud of the NCAA over his head. To me he is insinuating that he needs more time to steer the ship.

Well, the time has come, NOW. If they do not post a 10 win season and a bowl game victory this year, show this Penn State regime their severance.

I wouldn't even give them a fifth year to attempt to get it right. I know Butch got 6 years when he brought us out of probation, but UM certainly has better coaching options to pursue this time around.

Bring back proven former UM players and/or coaches who are now having success coaching in the NFL or other major college programs. Or at least their coaching tree protégé's. The list goes on and on Alfredo Roberts, Winston Moss, Chudz, Trestman, Pagano, Campo, Schiano, to name a few.

And don't say Randy was that profile and he failed. Randy was not ready for the position. He was hired on the cheap, and didn't have a budget to surround himself with quality assistant coaches. He was also a bit over his head dealing with the Head Coaching position of a CEO without the proper mentoring. Hence, his discipline and conditioning standards were minimized. Next time he gets a head coaching job, he'll have better success, because he's had to learn the hard way.

Moreover, the administration needs to be held accountable for not allocating more of a budget to bring these NFL proven commodity coaches back to Coral Gables.

Finally, the administration needs to get over the Butch Davis soap opera and forgive and forget. Not even for what he did at UM in the 90's, just look at what he did in Carolina recently. Find a way to tap into that knowledge, even if he is not the head coach.

The Realist Ish I've Read^^^^^^^^

Excellent post.

Hey Al, none of that Louisville 48, Miami 10 chit going forward. Wins against Famu & Savannah St mean nothing, just so Al Golden apologists know, naive MF's.

the sky is falling,the sky is falling...you people read way too much into it..go back to your video games,take your adhd meds and relax...

What now? This "have not" coaching staff needs al the help they can muster.

Al Golden will probably hire someone who will execute the exactly the waycoach He'D would have him, which should translate into an additional 10 point advantage for the opposing team-sad!!!

Guy wants to take care of his sick mother, and the Hators turn even THAT into an insult and attack on the coaching staff.

Two days ago, they were ripping the linebackers and the coaches, saying the coaches are responsible for having two rapists on the linebacking corps, and now that he is leaving, Barrow is suddenly a saint who could do no wrong.

"I know Barrow and he has been sick of No D'Osheet and Golden never letting him have even an ounce of input as far as defense philosophies since the first days the Penn. St. combo showed up."

So easy to figure out how they would slant this personal matter and turn it into a great conspiracy theory. And even use a new ID to do it with, claiming inside info that NOBODY else has seen, similar to the claim that Golden demanded a raise, and Golden begged Penn State for an interview and then begged for the job, all "insider" information with no substantiation, and contrary to all the published reports of the REAL reporters that are willing to put their REAL names out there.

I can wait for Barrow to give his own reasons, rather than the immediate spin from the Hators.

Too much defense is not enough defense, just so Al Golden and coach No'D know. Incompetent MF's.

Posted by: Its Frustrating Being A Cane Fan | August 01, 2014 at 05:00 AM

Outstanding post! Thank you.

Jax your a duchebag and gaytor scum...to turn a family tragedy into what you just spewed takes the work of a f..king moron

I hate to break it to you guys, but as long as O'Nofrio is coaching this defense the Canes will be mediocre at best. Can't blame the players anymore.

Adonis Thomas LB

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