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Canes DE Quan Muhammad misses practice Tuesday to deal with personal issue, Golden said

Sophomore defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad, expected to be one of the team's top pass rushers this coming season, was noticeably absent from Tuesday's Hurricanes practice.

But there is no reason for fans to be alarmed. Apparently, it wasn't unexcused.

"He's got something on campus he's dealing with right now. It's personal in nature," Golden said. "We'll have him back here by [pause] he's probably in class right now."

Will Muhammad play in the opener? "Absolutely," Golden said. 


> Redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen (6-3, 200) was out there in a scout team jersey. So, no, he hasn't transferred.

> A total 15 players on offense were wearing orange jerseys (designated for starters): tight ends Standish Dobard and Clive Walford, running backs Gus Edwards and Duke Johnson, fullback Ronald Regula, receivers Malcolm Lewis, Phillip Dorsett and Stacy Coley and offensive linemen Kc McDermott, Shane McDermott, Jon Feliciano, Trevor Darling, Ereck Flowers, Danny Isidora and Taylor Gadbois

> A total of seven players on defense were wearing black jerseys (designated for starters): Cornerbacks Corn Elder and Ladarius Gunter, safeties Nantambu Fentress and Dallas Crawford, defensive linemen Olsen Pierre and Anthony Chickillo and linebacker Denzel Perryman.

> Junior defensive tackle Corey King remained in a yellow non-contact jersey. He was in one Monday, too.

> Gadbois, competing for the starting right tackle job with freshman Kc McDermott, said he took all the first team reps Tuesday with McDermott backing him up. It was the first time this week Gadbois said he took all the reps. McDermott and him had been splitting the reps.

"I assume the battle never stops," Gadbois said. "I'm just going to keep pushing forward with what I've got to do. I took all the reps with the ones and he took the reps with the twos [Tuesday]. Whatever. Coach's call. But like I said when we go to Louisville I'll be the starter."

> The cornerback position continues to be a hot battle.

Corn Elder said he continues to get most of the reps at field corner with Tracy Howard working in with him. At the boundary corner, it's Ladarius Gunter leading the way with Artie Burns getting some reps. 

"I think a lot of guys are getting used to competing and not worrying about the end result," Golden said. "They're just trying to get better. Obviously our team will get better if we keep doing that. We have a group there -- certainly five -- we'll rotate into the game and a lot of guys fighting for that nickel spot too."

> Quarterback Ryan Williams will travel with UM to Louisville, but won't play. Williams, who said his surgically repaired right knee was about 85 percent on Monday, has not been cleared for contact, Golden said, but "he's cleared to progress what he's confident with." 

"To say he's ready for middle dog blitz at him or the ability to step up with somebody coming at him those are all things that have to be determined by the doctor no question about it," Golden said. "He's making progress. We're pleased with how he's progressing. But at the end of the day it's going to be a medical decision and a decision Ryan has to make in conjunction with the medical staff, training staff and his family."


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Good to see Isadora back, and hope AQ is ok? I think our O-line is going to be very strong.

olsen and muhammad in the bull pen for "golden casualty" list....

btw....way too tough for UM to get to bowl playoff this year as well as next....2016 would be the earliest...so ill be watching in the comfort of my home....while the rest swelter in sun life...at least if its a blowout I can head to the golf course and get in 18

Eye on the U blog casualty list

Jim too much Beam Galo

we wish anyway

Much better from Gallo. I thought he had lost it.


So Gus Malzahn is not revaling when Marshall may play against Arkansas saying "we have a plan."

Sound familiar, no? Guess it's ok for a coach in the SlimEC to talk plan and process but not Golden. Or that only holds true for blog morons like Gallo, TMJ and Rick.

Roofer Mike,
I am glad to see a roofer that actually works during his day, and actually does a good job on the roofs, rather than a guy that just spends all day attacking people on an anonymous blog.

BTW, I looked up Zakkkee on Angies List, not shown anywhere...

Why do people continue to try and compare the headmoron to people who have championship pedigree. It's asinine to say bama's doing this or LSU or any program who's current head coach has brought that school a title cause obviously they know WTH they're doing, in the meantime, the slurpers boy keeps trying to tell anybody who'll listen how good of a d-co his Penn disgrace buddy is and the defense is last in the conference, if that sounds like a championship head coach to anybody, than charlie brown does exist.

Hey Calvin, you must have a miserable life. People who continue to make personal attacks on people (coaches are people) tend to be very unhappy. I feel sorry for you and hope you will come out of this tailspin some day.

Then remember how much better the Penn disgrace morons were saying the defense was going to be because of guys like Alquadin Muhammad and him not being here now looks real familiar under the moron regime. Will this man be here or not, time will tell.

" compare the headmoron to people who have championship pedigree."

First off, you intellectual midget, since when does Malzahn have a championship pedigree? He won the SEC. So what? When he was with Arkansas, they underachieved badly.

Second, if Golden is doing the same things as Saban, et al., then your criticism of everything he does is just a thinly veiled attack against him personally. The methods are the same. You want the same results? Get the same players.

Calvin, your big red shoes are ready. Don't forget the nose and wig.

kevin ollie

1. campus in the sticks
2. loses last game to lousiville - 81-48 / hartford courant gives last rites
3. ncaa sanctions, fines,scholarship loses and barred from ncaa tournament
4. beats villinova - iowa state - michigan state - FLORIDA (NC Pick) and kentucky to win national championship....

the great al golden, lol

For all you haters who critize Golden when he was comptemplating the starting QB position, please look at Alabama, LSU, Viginia Tech (who just announced) thier starting QB situations.

"4. beats villinova - iowa state - michigan state - FLORIDA (NC Pick) and kentucky to win national championship...."

Yeah, you simpleton. He won it post-ncaa issues. What were his records the two years prior? Compare like to like you mental midget.

" ncaa sanctions, fines,scholarship loses "

Liar. You are a lowly maggot, Gallo/Errrrrr, Rick/errrrr, Cavin.

Proven headcoaches Already no what they're doing, this headmoron in charge now has no clue and has no track record of ever developing a qb under his regime. The guys at those other named schools no what a championship qb looks like this headmoron has no clue.

calvin- do youhave a point? or is you that stupid all the time?

Calvina, that's it in a nutshell. "proven headcoaches Already no what they're doing"

God, are you dumb.

the year before:

2012/2013 season:
1. 20-10
2. 1st year coach
3. key player transfers
4. academic progress rate sanctions
5. ncaa sanctions
6. barred from ncaa tournament - no big east or NIT also

2012/2014 season

1. wins national championship


Calvina =Cheap Gallo

Proving you can't fix stupid, even with 2 tries.

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Terry Richardson - RB Coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR Coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard – RB
Travis Rudolf - WR
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brandon Powell – RB
Malcolm Bunche – OL
Derrick Griffin – WR
Dennis Turner – WR
Reilly Gibbons – OT
David Perry – DT
Quentez Johnson – DT
JaWand Blue – LB
Alex Figueroa – LB
Nate Dortch – CB
Micheal Barrow – LB Coach

In the bullpen: Quan Muhammad – DE / Kevin Olsen QB

athlon sports has mario christobal (OL) going to the championship this year....didn't he coach at UM for 3 weeks?, lol

I don't hate anyone, much less someone I don't even know. I can't believe how much energy you put into bashing someone you think sucks.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | August 26, 2014 at 12:38 AM

This is the problem with uneducated wannabe jocks like yourself.

Nobody has ever said they hate anyone!

But I can tell you this: You're about as smart as a bag of sand.

It's all about the U here baby!

Let me drop some stats on you son:

Les Miles LSU: record 95-24 9 seasons

Dabo Swiney Clemson: record 51-23 6 seasons

Tom O'Brien Former Boston College & NC State Coach: record 115-80---conference record lifetime 22-26, guy was HC for 16 years.

The question is this: Does UM have a Tom O'Brien type leading the way? Or something similar to Les Miles?

The Jury is still out!
This is not hate.

The only way to get revenue up, more people in attendance at games, better recruits, is to win ball games. Play big, in big games. If this happens everyone wins!

Posted by: Rabblerouser | August 26, 2014 at 02:35 AM


1st, you contradict yourself, yet again. You say "It's all about the U here baby!"
Then proceed to talk about LSU, BC, NCS, and Clemson?

2nd, "Nobody said they hate anyone!"

Right, but haters never admit they're hating. Their hatred is a perverse personality trait developed to deal with their own inadequacies. They actually think their hate is based in some logical rationale, and feel quite justified in their nihilistic outlook on life.

1. From Urban Dictionary
A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn't really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.

2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hater is a derogatory term which refers to a person who expresses hatred in public forums, especially those found on the World Wide Web such as YouTube.[1]

Haters are distinguished from trolls who seek to attract attention by making provocative comments.[2]

Haters may become organized into groups and the seven stage model of hate crime developed by Schafer and Navarro for the FBI may explain their behavior:[3][4]

1. The hater finds other with similar views to form a group
2. The group develops symbols and rituals to identify itself
3. The group shares its views to bond itself
4. The target is taunted
5. The target is attacked
6. The target is attacked with weapons
7. The target is destroyed

Yup. Pure, unadulterated hate. You're a hater and so is the rest of your shark-jumping crew.

But it's okay because we have plenty of room on the []_[] bandwagon. We spread love on this side, it's all good baby-baby!

All aboard!!!

looks like both storm johnson )jags) and ray-ray(rams) are the clear starters this pre-season...

randy shannon sucks, lol

gallo's list lmao...

Mon. Sept. 1 - 8:00 pm ET (ESPN) Line

Miami (Fla.)
53.5 O/U


The LATE LINE MOVEMENT will give Cane bUbbba an indication, which way the SERIOUS WISE GUYS are betting. hUh

FWIW... In the December bowl ALL the serious Gucci suit wearing WISE GUYS put serious action down on mighty Louisville. dUh

the list is the best, lol

The Ultimate definition of a Hater is one who cannot stand the Truth and strikes out at others. Again! I present the facts, while you present urban definitions. You continue to prove my point precisely!
Posted by: Rabblerouser | August 26, 2014 at 10:29 AM

Real ish. Listening to 2pac and/or Jay-Z, don't make U real. There's a huge difference between the streets/hood and "urban". Street/hood music popularized that usage of the word "hater". No one from the streets would ever quote or reference an urban dictionary, the FBI or wikipedia for credibility where a term is concerned. Corny posers.

How about opening night unis? Any thoughts?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 26, 2014 at 03:18 PM

Lol. It's all love over here.

Posted by: Hate The Canes is not a roofer company owner. | August 26, 2014 at 01:23 PM

An anonymous blog, but U looking up my real name. U are the anonymous coward blogger. Actually admitting to stalking?? Wow, butthurt and obsessed is an understatement. Run back to EOTH for your jello and marching orders posting under yet another "anonymous" ID.

If U needed a quote all U had to do was ask.

The LATE LINE MOVEMENT will give Cane bUbbba an indication, which way the SERIOUS WISE GUYS are betting. hUh


Lines are made to stimulate action, and that -3.5 is a sucker's bet. Wait and see.

Miami, Over.

It's all love over here.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | August 26, 2014 at 03:24 PM

Of course it is. By compulsion doesn't count tho.

The LATE LINE MOVEMENT will give Cane bUbbba an indication, which way the SERIOUS WISE GUYS are betting. hUh

FWIW... In the December bowl ALL the serious Gucci suit wearing WISE GUYS put serious action down on mighty Louisville. dUh

Posted by: TheeMackJones | August 26, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Let me know when you put your $$$ on Louisville.

Hey Gallo, first he took over Calhoun's team, not a team with no talent. second, basketball much easier to turn around ( i know u can figure out why)

would you say Calhoun knew how to get good players??????????

"No one from the streets would ever quote or reference an urban dictionary, the FBI or wikipedia for credibility where a term is concerned. Corny posers."

I guess you speak for the streets, huh? :)

We're not it the streets, dude. Let's keep it 100. This is an online newspaper blog. Nobody's banging or trying to get brolic in here. You think i'm worried about street cred in here? OR even in life for that matter?

Know your audience.

Ryan Allen · Top Commenter · Chief Presence Manager at Proximity Social

" So, so sick of hearing the "is Miami 'back'" question from ESPN. No. The answer is no, and the question is ridiculous. This is a 9-4 team that lost 4 of their last 6 games, and gave up 500+ yards on D in five of those six. So now we're asking the question after one off-season and no games played? It's idiotic. Miami is back when they are CONSISTENTLY playing in major bowl games, actually beat top-10 teams, and start producing high draft picks again. Ask the question again in three years and stop making yourself look like a fool for now. " espn.com

Mr. Allen bloody well SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER.

It's a shame that the Golden faction would CRUCIFY and LYNCH and CASTRATE Ryan Allen for being a Green and Orange HERETIC ( Albeit metaphorically speaking. ).

yes but 2011/2012 calhoun went 20-14...but guess who was there as the assistant as well as in 2010/2011....

kevin ollie....

your wrong....more top teams get know out of contention for ncaa championship than in football....no where near the amount of upsets...I say harder in basketball.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | August 26, 2014 at 03:40 PM

Exactly my point.

And yea, I do speak for the streets. And U do attempt to gain credibility by misquoting street artists/rappers and misunderstanding street vernacular on this blog, that U claim is not the streets.

Take your own advice. Stop misusing "banging" words if this isn't the audience for it. Who quotes 2pac, Beanie Siegal and Jay-Z here? Not me. U are confusing the audience… some of Us are from the streets for real.

Hope U have your urban dictionary ready Mahoney: What does "brolic" mean? U just used it in your last post, what does it mean?

Lines are made to stimulate action, and that -3.5 is a sucker's bet. Wait and see.

Miami, Over.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | August 26, 2014 at 03:27 PM

Sucker bet you bloviate with a good ol' boy twang. hUh

Well the SERIOUS wagering Wise Guys ( Cosa nostra, mob, syndicate, outfit, etc. ) put thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars down on Louisville in last years bowl game.

Oh. These same suckers ( mob, cosa nostra, outfit, etc. ), as you colorfully remind me, happen to put BIG BUCKS down on Penn. St. in the NC game. Yes, the Miami, Florida vs Nittany Lion title game.

It's odd though come to think of it. But THREE of those five INT'S Vincent threw in the Fiesta bowl, were INT'S he NORMALLY hadn't/wouldn't have thrown the ENTIRE season. hUh

But then again, it probably a conspiracy theory that Vinnie's large PALMS were GREASED* and whatnot.


vb (tr)

7. grease the palm of grease the hand of to bribe; influence by giving money to

Or, giving monetary tokens to CLEVERLY influence the outcome of a team sporting event.

Take your own advice. Stop misusing "banging" words if this isn't the audience for it. Who quotes 2pac, Beanie Siegal and Jay-Z here? Not me. U are confusing the audience… some of Us are from the streets for real.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 26, 2014 at 03:48 PM

I quote for fellow music lovers and personal entertainment because "lord knows" there isn't much stimulating conversation here most days. I get tired of educating people like you and your shark-jumping crew about ball control while mostly correcting your baseless posts. So, like my ID, the hip hop quotes are just a shout-out (cause "I'm that thorough") to those who recognize.

Just because you don't know football, doesn't mean i have anything against you. By game time we'll all be cane fans. It's all good this way, but you keep posting nonsense and, from time to time, I may correct you. Mostly I'll ignore you though because...your understanding is at a different level. ;)

Three INT'S thrown by Vinnie indicates it wasn't his night/day.

But... FIVE interceptions is more than a mere coincidence. Especially when one/two of those INT'S were ones that he would HAVE NEVER thrown during the regular season. Just saying.

Posted by: Baloney-Peasized | August 26, 2014 at 03:02 PM


LIKE I SAID: about as smart as a bag of sand.

Miami 35 Louis-ville 14

Take that to the baynk

Central- Beats Hoover. Powers that be hate on Miami. Hate on the 305. They hated seeing that. LOL LOL!!!!!!

Booker T- ramrods a virginia school

cracks me up. ESPN tries so hard to hate on so florida

Not like that joke of a game between Aquinas and Dwyer. The referees were paid by Cris Carter and ESPN jointly.

Posted by: TheeMackJones | August 26, 2014 at 03:58 PM

Yea, where did those wise guy put their scratch on UF when we played last year?

You could always armchair an upset and say I told you so, but i'm talking about next week. That -3 is a suckers' bet. And you're promoting it as gospel.

This is the Herald blog. No need to talk about street cred and ghetto bs. I might have chased UPS trucks to steal packages the UPS man was delivering in the past but now I only chase FedEx and Lasership trucks. The hood is all mine, but here on the blog I am the football genius.


Posted by: Rabblerouser | August 26, 2014 at 04:04 PM

Oh, you're always front and center, chief. No credit taken here.
And are we using 3rd person now? ::nodding in amusement::

Posted by: CalvinGalloMohammedQuranHTC | August 26, 2014 at 04:10 PM


" The gambling probe, which ate at the integrity of the game, determined that Hornung bet as much as $500 on NFL games from 1959-61 and placed bets with friends for $100 or $200. Karras, it was found, made at least six bets of $50 or $100. " nola.com

$ 500 back in the early sixties and late fifties is EQUILAVENT to $ 5000 or $ 500 or $ 1000 today.

Hall of Famer Hornung said he wasn't aware of any NFL player(s) " THROWING a game. "

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