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Sunday in Coral Gables -- last afternoon practice for a long time, maybe all season. Tomorrow, it's back to a.m.

  The Hurricanes had a closed practice Sunday for the first time this camp, as they hosted recruits on campus for much of the day. “U Day’’ included a barbecue and a chance for the recruits and their guests to watch practice and see what life is like as a Miami Hurricane.

       Golden was asked what message he was hoping to convey.

     “Just what a sharp contrast from a year ago,’’ he said. “Just, everything. How we approach everything. How we attack. How we’re back talking about who we are, instead of defending who we aren’t. It’s just different. …As bleak as it was a year ago, we’re so jacked up about everything right now.

    “That’s the message to the kids. I know they want to bring the ‘U’ back, so we’re excited that they’re here.’’

    Golden once again praised the players for a constructive practice.

    "Good effort today again. Good focus. Guys have been taking care of their bodies, getting good rest. I was really impressed with the way they came out this morning. Had a walkthrough this morning and not a lot of error repeats from yesterday. It was good. They took care of business last night.”

     The coach said he spends '' a good deal of time'' with special teams, but hasn't revealed a lot about specifics yet to the media. "I think what we do is kind of do the heavy installs for offense and defense in the beginning, and when we repeat them we increase the installations for special teams. We’re right about that time now where special teams is going to increase in terms of the meeting time, the walkthrough time and obviously the practice time.”

    ***Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio was asked how much more advanced he could now be with his defensive linemen, considering many of them are veterans.

   “Last year we did make a schematic change,'' he said. "We adapted to more of a 3-4 package that evolved -- still a hybrid package. We’re playing a lot of 4-3 concepts and all that kind of stuff. So now this is year two of that, with the type of guys that we’re looking for. So, you know, I think the guys, what we’re asking them to do fits their skillset.

"Certainly you have to be multiple, you have to be multiple for the different teams that you see. Some teams are going to try to pound you, some teams are going to try to spread you out; we have to play Georgia Tech with the option. We just try to recruit really good players and put them in position to do things that they do well. That doesn’t exclude anyone in the recruiting process. We can find a place for Jermaine Grace at 200 pounds at Will, and Nantambu Fentress at 195, then we have Denzel playing next to him at 245. It doesn’t exclude us from anybody in the recruiting process.”

 *** UM reported in its camp notebook that quarterback Brad Kaaya made “several highlight-worthy throws and “connected for first downs with receivers Stacy Coley and Malcolm Lewis and running back Duke Johnson. His most “impressive’’ throw, according to the report, was “a perfectly placed ball over the safety and into the hands of Herb Waters for a 25-yard gain.

*** Cornerback Tracy Howard ended an 11-on-11 period with an interception for a touchdown, the report said, while safety Jordan Tolson had a pick during seven-on-sevens. The quarterbacks were not named.

 *** Please be sure to read my story in tomorrow's paper (online tonight) about UM's new punters battling to replace Pat O'Donnell. O'Donnell's talent will be missed, and who knows what kind of difference that might make this season.

*** Practice Monday is at 8:20 a.m. It is closed to the public.



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Practices are winding down. Let the team know they have the talent to accomplish big things this year.

Despite the great field position O'Donnell gave the defense last season, they were so bad they gave away the extra yardage in a play or two. It's hard to imagine UM will have a punter like him next year. The D will have to be much better this year because the field position will not be as good.

Great season coming up for the Canes. Can't wait to get this season started.

Mark D'Onofrio surprised me here. I enjoyed reading his comments about using players. Not letting size dictate everything. Now I do understand size & girth is very important to dominating the line of scrimmage and helps a team play physical for 60 mins.
Golden too mentioned bringing the U back. That's all we want is a bone thrown our way from time to time.
Nice article here Susan. Don't confuse a few loud bloggers with hate for UM or finding any joy in the team not being successful. Afterall, we are widely known as a rabid fanbase. I hope Golden shows a killer instinct against Louisville. We need to return the favor for their holiday celebration at our expense by blowing them out in their home opener.
Louisville must be taught a lesson and returned to her proper place in the pecking order and UM should provide the smackdown.

So if UM loses to "her" Louisville, what gender does that make Miami?

Good news, to receive. Brad Kaaya, showing up like I thought he would. "I love reading good news, about my Canes on a daily basis". I can't wait to see these guys in action. I hope to see a new and improved Miami Hurricanes team this season. The first game is a prediction of our Season. If we can beat Louisville like they whipped us in our bowl game we are in business.

Denzel Perryman keep that mentality that you have. I like the fact on how your wanting to beat every major team that you didn't beat since you was at Miami. In order for your stocks to rise for the professional level you have to beat Florida State, North Carlina, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech. You and your team can do it!

Posted by: Bob Griese 12 | August 11, 2014 at 06:21 AM

Bob, good question. I will get back to you after I interview Corch Muscrap and some of the Ga. Southeastern Valley Tech players to find out how they view the UFilth.

Please hold.


I just let the team know they have the talent to accomplish big things this year. They was excited.

I think jlo is upset and has her panties in a bunch with the idea that anything ending in ville is ridden by men.

Louisville, Coup De Ville, or... Gainesville.

And for her to take the name of a famous quarterback from Miami in the process, just shows how STUPID she is.

Of course ball control helps the defense--no one ever argued that
Umm, yes you did. You RIPPED M-P for suggesting that a healthy Duke Johnson would have made a difference.

U get your posts, quotes, and thoughts from other people and blogs and repost all of them here.
I guess it is a good thing that he is "out of your jurisdiction". Hilarious that he tells you to stop, just days after saying nobody can stop him from posting his race war on here.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 10, 2014 at 06:06 PM
M-P, remember when he said that you were not a true fan because you actually went to the school, and that makes you less than him? And when he claimed that people supporting Miami and Al Golden were suffering from "white privilege" even when they were not white? Don't let his insane attacks stop you from positing news about the Canes on here. He hates it, so it must be a good thing.

This whole white privilege thing is nothing more than a bunch of BS that some like to use as a crutch to help them cope with their own inadequacies and failures in life.

Ice Harris is suffering from white privilege, since he supports Al Golden.

Hurlie Brown is suffering from white privilege, since he supports Al Golden.

In fact, 7 of the 12 coaches on the Canes are suffering from "white privilege" despite not being white themselves, and the other 5 are only there due to racism.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | August 11, 2014 at 10:04 AM

U mean like all of the welfare, crutch, excuse-ridden, and hope over substance posts U have made in support of Golden over UM's football program? A walking projection your mind can't relate to results and has a stark aversion to the truth. U have made the same EXACT posts here every offseason for the last 3 years LMAO! Hope floats.

Shannon is sacrificed to uplift Golden in every single post U make. please explain why this is the case seeing that RS has been gone for 4 years now?

Welfare posts and excuse-making is cool when it supports that ole White Hype agenda.

From ESPN:

But as the Hurricanes prepare for their finale against Boston College and try to preserve their streak of nine consecutive bowl appearances, the controversy surrounding Coker has only intensified. A group of Miami alumni and fans, who assemble on the Web site CanesOverHere.com, paid for anti-Coker banners to fly over the Orange Bowl games in September, then paid for an advertisement in Monday's edition of the Miami Herald.

In the ad, the group criticized Coker's recent track record of no ACC championships in three seasons in the league, a 13-9 record in league games (before the loss at Virginia), and "an offense that's, well, offensive."

"It's been frustrating," said aptly named Miami graduate Randy Banner of Charlotte, N.C., who organized the movement to purchase the anti-Coker banners and newspaper ad. "I haven't wanted the program to decline, but it's been very easy to anticipate. People that defend Coker said he started with the best team and there was no where to go but down. [USC coach] Pete Carroll had the best team and won a second national championship and played for a third. It's not understandable to drive a program into the ground after you've won a national championship.
Now, that is NOT the administration, that is a longtime and and alumnus, through a fan website, that flew that banner.

Was Randy Banner a part of the administration, suffering from "white privilege" when he organized that banner?

Why don't you ask him,


Lmao.sure would be nice to get a win on Labor Day. Let's go canes!

Still thinking about and bothered by my posts from 4 blogs back. Misquoting me and purposely using it all out of context to prove what? Who are U trying to convince?

What are any of y'all gonna do to me? Absolutely nothing. I got y'all in one of those hissy fit circle jerks GKC always dreams of. If my words were not true, they wouldn't still sting and be relevant two days later. I guess its the same sting RS tenure left that no man can climb out of. Sorry for oppressing U guys. How far have i set y'all back in life. How many excuses have I produced for your lying and conjecture based posts?

Just a cycle of inadequacy on and off this blog. UnCanelike behavior. Gators in behavior. Man-worship.

All of those coaches mentioned ARE benefitting from white privilege U are correct!!! They were hired by an incompetent unsuccessful 49-49 HC who needed their credibility to insulate and enhance his abilities to retain employment in an area he isn't comfortable in. Those hired aren't based on skill-levels as coaches. They're based off of desperation, good-will and appearances. Those coaches are being used for the emotions their names stir when people hear them. Just more psychology 101 ate up again, by the Ganes. Appeal to the senses. All those coaches could out coach Golden and D'No any day. So yeah, they benefitted from his hire and his weaknesses. They are aware of this.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson brings information, HTC brings hate and lies. | August 11, 2014 at 09:42 AM

This post is a lie from top to bottom lol. Total misquotes, never said anything about M-P being a lesser than fan because he went to UM. Total fabrication, but why? Who are U trying to convince and why? If I'm this insult and that insult, delusion this and moron that, than why don't U trust that everyone U are crying out to already gets that same picture? If U are so convinced of who I am, then why don't U trust that others share your conclusion as well?

Why are U purposely misquoting "lies"? Why would U have to take "lies" and "hate" out of context to prove a point? That seems counterproductive to me. U are in an uphill battle thats why, evidenced by how U continue to change and refuse to choose just one blog name/ID.

Why are U doing drive-byes, lets sit and talk. If I'm the liar, then why are U running and I'm sitting?

Posted by: The world according to Harriet Tubman Cane | August 11, 2014 at 10:56 AM

Now how many Ganes is that now, who have named themselves after me? Wow, this must be a record. I must be touching their souls. Wayne from "The Leftovers" LMAO!

Sorry but that discussion about planes and pilots that Zook/Blue Skies brought up, was about the banners that flew during Butch Davis' tenure not Larry Coker's…good find though, just not relevant to that argument from a week ago. Now run along now ya here.

"I talked it over with my wife. You live a little bit in fear. I thought, 'Well, today they love me, but in 1997 they were flying a plane over the stadium, 'Get Rid of Butch Davis!' It didn't take long to keep reminding yourself that this 80-20 stuff wasn't fair. We made one more stab and called [Miami AD] Paul Dee and he went to the trustees and asked them to make it fair. Finally, we made the change. I wished I hadn't have, but we did."
The "they" is NOT Paul Dee, the administration, or white privilege, it was disgruntled FANS that flew that plane, even Butch himself admitted that.

"Still thinking about and bothered by my posts from 4 blogs back."
Nope. Just stunned that you claim you stand by your words, yet get upset when your words are used to show you are a liar.


Canes players had some fun playing dodgeball, looks like they are doing so well that the coaches can have a bit of fun during their practice time.

Louisville is still too stressed to be playing dodgeball, I bet.

Lmao.sure would be nice to get a win on Labor Day. Let's go canes!

Posted by: Tallycane | August 11, 2014 at 10:59 AM


Posted by: The world according to Harriet Tubman Cane | August 11, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Butch admits it where?

That quote doesn't identify who "they" are. Butch and his wife were discussing his contract dispute with UM (how much he'd be paid if he were to ever leave UM), thats the context of the discussion they were having. If then, the conversation went to "they" love U one day and the other they fly planes…. Butch Davis didn't have beef or a contract dispute with the fans did he? How do U know that Davis is not referring to his employers and not the fans, when that quote doesn't specify?

U can use all caps ALL U WANT (lol) but I believe they paid for those planes. Now go find proof of the contrary or it stays your opinion versus mine. That quote and who flew planes during Coker's tenure falls short of proof.

Nope. Just stunned that you claim you stand by your words, yet get upset when your words are used to show you are a liar.
Posted by: The world according to Harriet Tubman Cane | August 11, 2014 at 11:26 AM

Why are still "shocked" by what I say? Does this mean that U have some sort of expectations for what U call a delusional, lying moron? Why? That just doesn't add up, U butthurt because I have the gall to express opinions not based in groupthink or whats been contrived and propagated above.

Keep throwing the word "liar" around but haven't proved one lie. I'm not lying because U don't agree--thats not the definition of the word. U won't repost my words though, just continue to repurpose, misquote, *in your words* and edit them out of context to fit your agenda which is b&%tching and moaning.

Now come up with an identity that has nothing to do with being motivated by the supposed "hate" towards U or the hate that U give off yourself.

Who are U sir? We know who U hate, but who/what do U love?

It never ceases to amaze me the "BLACKLASH" RE: RS! Again I state the obvious. If UM was wrong why is it that RS is only a position coach? That's because he stinks as a HC! STINKS as in no good! He practically drove the program into oblivion. I personally don't care who UM's coach is as long as he gets results. I guess color does matter to some though, right HTC!

Sporstsing is about to begin!

I hope our sportsing team out sportses the other sportsers!


Gary we all know you are the class A racist on the Miami Herald blog PERIOD.

95% of your post on the entire site is about Randy.

Randy was not ready to be a head coach, he did not get the job done, Coker and Al sucks as head coaches as well, Give it a rest.

Go Canes!!

Kator Killer Kane/ Mountain Cane should be jumping in with her normal ignorant post in 3.2.1.......

Thank you harphong! You are a good sport! Folks are too serious here...

(hops on his Sportster to go to Dolphins Stadium waiting for sporty events to happen)

Gary, all of your posts mention Shannon and race. Thats a fact. Its the only thing that gets U up. Its what U believe to be your only (unearned) accomplishment.

U just created an opposing viewpoint to justify your post. I have never said RS was a good HC or argued that UM was wrong in his removal. now when posters have brought up the internal circumstances that impacted his abilities to be successful as a HC, I have commented on their arguments merit. If dudes can see every pitfall and obstacle associated with Golden's tenure but can't do the same and acknowledge any associated with Shannon's, it comes across as shady. Its fact that the program was on the decline before Shannon's tenure. Relationships were tarnish before RS became HC due to Coker's national star rank only approach to recruiting.

I remember hearing that RS turned down several HC jobs, in order to learn under an adequate HC. What U don't understand and ascribe to is humility and self-awareness. Those traits are considered a weakness where U come from. For a man to look and the micro and say i wasn't ready, I need to learn more, has never be modeled for U. U ascribe to "Fake it till U make it". At 49-49 Golden would never turn down HC jobs to self-reflect on his true abilities.

Its beyond ridiculous to believe that Shannon couldn't get a HC or DC coaching job at any the many sub Division 1 schools, historically black colleges, or even position in the WAC and MAC, especially considering his ties to South Florida recruiting. This whole "RS can't get a job" stuff is wishful thinking, it doesn't make logical sense. And what could possibly convince a person that a darker skinned person wasn't a human being? Yup race. Thats the motivation for your thoughts conscious and subconscious. Same dumb thought pattern.

As if the ability to retain or garner employment is the only indicator of acumen, skill or ability. Subjective gray area, U can't live in a balanced and equitable world.

Ereck Flowers will be a top 5 pick next year. Lets enjoy watching his final days in a Hurricane uniform. He will go down as one of the best lineman to ever come from Da U.


Sorry to butt in..

Shannon is under contract for two more years. The reason why he wont/hasn't got a HC offer is his current contractual state and, of course, money. He is a good coach.

I think our OLine should be one of our strengths this year. With the personnel and Kehoe getting his groove, it bodes well! Did Kehoe's unit underperform last year? maybe a bit, but not much. Oline is the least of my worries.

You're right on Flowers. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Flowers as a TF beat out SH?

I know we have two gaps to fill with the loss of Linder and SH, but Lil Brother Dermott and the others should be fine.

I know it's a huge stretch to think a TF TBK will beat out Heaps for the season starter, but both he and Heaps are probably going to be fine options to distribute to our outstanding offensive skill positions. We are stacked there.

I think it was MHP or RHC who pointed out the depth we have on offense. THAT I am definitely confident in.

The Canes had worked their way back onto the national scene at Tally last November but after Duke Johnson went down in that game, they stumbled badly and ended the season with an embarrassing loss to Louisville. Winning this opener at Louisville will get the Canes back on track. It could be a fast track because if they can win the next away game at Nebraska, they'll look like a championship-calibre team. Nobody is picking the Canes to win that game and for good reason: the Cards have a terrific home-field crowd,they have Petrino, and the Canes will have someone new at qb. So even if the Canes are actually better than advertised, they'll still have to be lucky to win, but if they do, we could be looking back at it as a milestone. Just got to find a way to win the game. This schedule is a fast track to glory for the Canes. It's all about mindset. Canes have enough quality, experienced players on both sides of the ball to seize the opportunity and shape the mindset

Aww, j'ville left out of the pudd pull with harrietta and chump.

The great and mighty Chump btw thinks practices are winding down. You just can't teach that kind of dumb.

Nice try on the RS fluff comments. Harrietta remembers hearing RS had HC offers but elected to be a position coach to learn. That's credible. Lots of long time DCs and short time HCs take a position job by choice. Sure.

And Golden for prez thinks it is contractual. All assistants have outs for better jobs in their agreements, unless you are a complete idiot.

Like clockwork...

same shat different toilet.

Posted by: harphong | August 11, 2014 at 01:22 PM

Yea he and Sentrel were co-starters at right tackle until Ereck got comfortable and never looked back.

The conversation on here is terrible , maybe 1 in four are about football and the rest are children calling each other names and challenging each other . What the F#@k. what happened to talking about football ?

Posted by: Ga Cane | August 11, 2014 at 09:53 AM

You want to chat Cane football, Peach state Cane. Well, take a pick-a-boo at the following. Courtesy of the ESPN college football ACC POWER RANKINGS.


Miami Hurricanes

No. 8

" The Hurricanes' overall talent probably warrants a higher ranking, but in a conference defined by QB turnover, few teams are struggling more to find an answer than Al Golden's group. A healthy Duke Johnson gives Miami a chance, however, and WR Stacy Coley is talented enough to make even a mediocre QB look pretty good. " ESPN.com


FWIW... I believe Rabblerouser SAGACIOUSLY mentioned Miami CURRENTLY has greater talent than the VAST MAJORITY of ACC teams. At least I think it was him or another Cane fan.

And this middle-of-the-road conference ranking speaks volumes about the beloved Golden and D'Onofrio. Especially in season number four the beloved head coach and defensive coordinator.

Once again, Golden and D'Onofrio better coach and scheme the players to AT LEAST NINE regular season wins and a bowl game VICTORY!!!! Because all the juniors and seniors in IMPORTANT playing minute positions are his recruited players.

Thank you Harrietta Tubleman for showing yourself to be the racist hater that you are. There is no white privilege, so like I said U hold on to that crutch while you can because it's all U have. If anything Randy Shannon was the benefit of black privilege when he was given the HC job. Had the administration looked outside the program to hire Coker's successor there would have been a rage in black america because Shannon was not hired or offered the job especially after ESPN and telecasters had often mentioned that Shannon was up for a HC job and how it was a travesty that he had not been offered a HC position. Truth is the only reason he was hired in the first place was because of his race. Now that is privilege.

I gotta say it_3MacCheeseJones is da MAN!!!!
If I had his insite when I coach at UFLA we woulda won 4 RINGS!!!!
Well maybe if his boyz HTC, Calvin, and ChampCane was also with me!!!!

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