Hurricanes to face the Aggies home in Miami and "Home of the 12th Man''


Personally, I love these non-conference matchups against Power 5 teams. Not sure how you all feel.

Our Barry Jackson broke the Texas A&M vs. Miami future matchups earlier this month, but the release the University of Miami just sent out is below the beginning of my game story from the last time Miami played at home against Texas A&M, in the Orange Bowl, on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007:


The Hurricanes had a collective out-of-body experience Thursday night.

Their fans are probably still floating.

In a performance not seen around these parts for a long, long time, a fierce University of Miami defense finally found its other half -- the offense -- on national television in a rocking Orange Bowl.

Quarterback Kyle Wright completed 21 of 26 passes for 275 yards and two touchdowns and Sam Shields added 117 yards on six catches to lead UM to a 34-17 victory against No. 20 Texas A&M.

"I'm pleased with the victory, " said UM coach Randy Shannon, who was nonetheless upset his third-team defense gave up the final 10 points of the fourth quarter. "[But] it's not all about Kyle Wright. I'm trying to get you guys to understand. It's not Kyle Wright. It's this football team. You take all the receivers -- you take Sam away, you take Lance [Leggett] away, you take all those guys, would it be about Kyle? Understand, this is a team. Kyle did a good job. He gave us the best opportunity to win.

"But let's talk about what the offensive line did tonight, the pass protection, running the football. Let's talk about Sam Shields. Lance Leggett came up with another big play. Darnell Jenkins made some plays. The tight ends caught the ball. It's not all about Kyle, and I'm not going to put it on Kyle."

It was the Hurricanes' second victory against a ranked team in nine attempts since a victory at Virginia Tech in November 2005.

Oklahoma, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Florida State and Louisiana State left the Canes dazed and damaged.

But on Thursday, the Aggies became UM's first unexpected victim since 18th-ranked Boston College in the 2006 regular-season finale. This game, however, was far better for the Hurricanes, who eclipsed 30 points for just the third time in their past 20 games -- and held the nation's sixth-ranked rushing offense to 98 yards.

******************************* Below is the UM release just sent out...

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami and Texas A&M University announced a home-and home-series for the 2022 and 2023 seasons on Tuesday.

The first matchup of the two-game series will begin on Sept. 17, 2022 when Miami heads to College Station, Texas. The Aggies will return to Miami on Sept. 9, 2023.

“These games will provide a tremendous opportunity for our student-athletes, coaches and fans to compete at home against a top program and to experience a fantastic gameday environment in College Station,” said Deputy Director of Athletics Jennifer Strawley. “I am thrilled that we were able to finalize a series against an outstanding program like Texas A&M.”

The Hurricanes and Aggies have played one another just three times. The two teams took part in a home and home series back in 2007 and 2008. The Hurricanes captured victories in both of those contests, winning 34-17 in 2007 and 41-23 in 2008.

The first game was held in 1944 in Miami with Texas A&M defeating the Hurricanes.

Miami’s matchup with Texas A&M adds to an already impressive list of future opponents, which include games against Notre Dame (2017), LSU (2018), Florida (2019) and Michigan State (2020 and 2021).

September 20, 2015

Reflecting on an inspiring game turned ugly -- then happy again. Regarding "happy," check this out:

 Would have liked to seen this unedited, but we'll take what we can get. Thanks to


Random thoughts:

*** Have you exhaled yet?

*** Did UM really almost lose that game? 

*** How could the defense be so dominant the first three quarters, with spot-on tackling, an impressive third-and-8 sack by Trent Harris that forced Nebraska to punt, a crucial sack by cornerback Artie Burns late in the second quarter at the UM 1-yard line, another interception by Deon Bush to close the third quarter and put UM at the Nebraska 23 (which was ultimately squandered when Brad Kaaya threw his first pick of the season from the Nebraska 8), and force the Cornhuskers to punt six times (two other drives were ended by the picks) and come up with only 10 points -- then absolutely fall apart in an eight-minute span that saw the Huskers score 23 points?

*** Al Golden's 15-yard sideline penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct following Nebraska's "roughing the snapper" (punter?) penalty in the fourth quarter was too weird (and not prudent) -- especially after UM's sideline bench was warned in the first quarter and then actually was penalized and lost five yards in the third quarter (warning not heeded). Golden talked about some of the other penalties in his post-game press conference, but he refused to talk about his program's "bench control" when it was brought up by a reporter.

"I'm not discussing bench control,'' Golden said, shaking his head and furrowing his brow. "I mean, Come on. We haven't had bench-control issues at all in my tenure here.''

That is, until last night.

*** UM will miss hard-hitting, intense-playing safeties Jamal Carter and senior star Deon Bush after they were thrown out of the game in the final quarter for targeting.


Last Updated - Oct 23, 2013 
A new football rule going into effect requires that players who target and contact defenseless opponents above the shoulders will be ejected. The change increases the on-field penalty for targeting by adding the automatic ejection to the existing 15-yard penalty.
The rule, passed by the Football Rules Committee in February and approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel in March, addresses the committee’s concern about player safety by taking more measures to remove targeting, or above the shoulder hits on defenseless players, out of the game.

The rule in football means that discipline for players flagged for violations will mirror the penalty for fighting. If the foul occurs in the first half of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game. If the foul occurs in the second half or overtime of a game, the player is ejected for the remainder of the game and the first half of the next contest.

In an effort to address concerns when one of these plays is erroneously called on the field, the ejection portion of the penalty will be reviewable through video replay. The replay official must have conclusive evidence that a player should not be ejected to overturn the call on the field.

Additionally, a post-game conference review remains part of the rule, and conferences retain their ability to add to a sanction.

The action by the committee continues a progression to address dangerous contact through its rules. Targeting, initially approved by the committee as a separate foul in 2008, has been generally successful in terms of its application by officials, which made the committee feel comfortable in adding to the penalty.


  *** If Jermaine Grace (shoulder) has a problem with stingers, that is not good. I've seen too many players over the years endure seemingly endless pain with them, only to miss a lot of playing time before having to resort to surgery. Jermaine Grace is one UM lb you don't want to lose. He's a play-maker who has a bright future. The Canes already lost Darrion Owens last week to a season-ending knee injury. Thankfully, Juwon Young returned to action Saturday. Grace came out of the game for good at 9:28 of the third quarter, and he looked really disoriented. (Actually, hope that had nothing to do with any other type of injury). Look for Marques Gayot to get more playing time in that case.

***Back to penalties: Are you kidding me? Nebraska owned the penalty situation in the first half, but UM made the Huskers look like amateurs by the end of the game. The Canes ended with 13 penalties for 114 yards. Epic fail. 

In the third quarter, UM was flagged three times (only two counted because an illegal formation was declined), including a holding call by Sunny Odogwu that negated a Mark Walton touchdown.  

 In the fourth quarter, UM was flagged six times for 65 yards. Walton had another touchdown negated with a holding call by Standish Dobard.

*** The good includes Joe Yearby, who ran for 125 yards and a touchdown for a 7.4-yard-per-carry average. He's looking mighty good.

*** WR Rashawn Scott, please stay healthy. After bad injuries and bad behavior marred much of his career, he has blossomed in his fifth-year senior season. Against Nebraska he gained 151 yards on nine catches.

*** Some other receivers came out of the woodwork, including Tyre Brady, who had his first career catches (2) and first touchdown. Tight end Chris Herndon had three catches for 32 yards and a touchdown. Herb Waters continued his progress with four catches for 82 yards. David Njoku got into the action with two catches for 23 yards. And former four-star recruit Lawrence Cager had his first collegiate catches (2) for 16 yards. In all, nine players caught passes. Very good.

*** Brad Kaaya continues his journey to stardom, with a career-high 379 yards and two touchdowns, but his first interception of the season, which Golden blamed on himself for the play-calling. But no doubt the Hurricanes need to improve in the red zone, only scoring two touchdowns (and five field goals) from the red zone against Nebraska. 

*** Cornerback Corn Elder is a beast and has a great name. Elder saved the day and the game with his pick in overtime. He is third in the country in passes defended, 12th in punt returns, second in punt returns for touchdowns, 10th in fumbles recovered.

 *** Michael Badgley's kicks are getting stronger -- and he loves pressure, which is a good thing. Badgley leads the country in field goals per game and is 10th nationally in scoring. He has made 9 of 10 field-goal attempts.

In closing, I do think the Canes will get better from here, and will use their second-half deficiencies to drive them harder this open week as they prepare for that crazy October, starting with a Thursday-night ESPN game Oct. 1 at Cincinnati. 

Let's just hope for their sake that the injury situation is not as bleak as it seems, and that receiver Stacy Coley (looks like he reinjured his hamstring/knee area) isn't out for long, and Jermaine Grace avoids contact this week -- and whomever else is banged up gets healed. 



November 27, 2013

Coach Al Golden speaks on ACC Teleconference about weather & other topics heading into Pittsburgh

Coach AL Golden spoke on the ACC Teleconference this morning, and the first question involved the pre-winter blast of extremely cold weather forecast for Pittsburgh. It's snowing there today, I'm told, and it will be clear for the game with temperatures that start at about 31 and head into the high teens at night. The sun will set early into the game, and any wind converging with the three rivers toward the open end of the stadium will undoubtedly make it brutally cold conditions for both teams, but especially daunting, obviouslly, for the Hurricanes.

Here's Golden's transcription:

COACH GOLDEN: We're in the middle of
our preparation, getting ready to go to Pittsburgh,
first time seeing them as a coastal opponent.
Great challenge for us, great opportunity.
With that I'll open it up to any questions
that you have.

Q. Obviously major weather issues on
the East Coast today. I know it's 48 hours
before you play. I know the Miami Dolphins
were famous for not performing well in cold
weather. Have you seen your team in adverse
weather conditions before? Probably going to
be cold Friday. Is that a concern going up
there in these conditions?

COACH GOLDEN: I think more than a
concern, I think it's a challenge. It's a challenge to
the way we want to operate. It's a challenge to our

mindset. I don't think there's any question. It's a
challenge to everything that we want to be as a
football program.
We want to be a team that's
process-oriented. We want to be a team that
focuses on two-acres and a ball and blocks out
everything externally. In this case the weather is
one of those external challenges.
It's going to be a great challenge to our
team's mindset, mentality and their commitment to
each other for four hours on Friday.

Q. I know the passing game is very
important to you guys. If it's tough conditions
like that, how big an adjustment do you have to
make offensively to perform?

COACH GOLDEN: Well, again, I think we
all know it's going to be tough conditions. It's going
to be tough conditions for both sides. We just
cannot allow any excuses to come into the game.
We got to make sure we're throwing the
ball well. We got to make sure we're catching the
ball well. We have to protect the ball when we're
running it.
I don't think there's any question that we
cannot allow an excuse mentality to creep in here
because at the end of the day it's going to come
down to protecting the ball well and finding a
running game against obviously the great Pitt
defensive front and connecting on the passes that
you throw. We can't have a lot of incomplete balls
because it's cold, windy, whatever the case may

We know there's going to be elements that
are going to be a challenge on Friday. We have to
accept the challenge and execute regardless.

Q. You started out 7-0, ranked 7.
Things haven't gone well since then. Has it
been a product of better competition or things
you're not doing now that you were doing

COACH GOLDEN: Again, it's always a
function of us. Some of the things perhaps we
were doing better earlier in the year, like taking the
ball away, playing better red zone defense.
Certainly we did that better against Virginia this
past week. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to
do those things.
It can't be about the opponent ever. It's
got to be about the things that we're doing and
what we're not doing. We haven't converted as 
well as we needed to on offense or third down.
That's really hurt our time of possession and left
our defense out there.
All three units are responsible. We have to
continue to play better. Hopefully we'll play better
than we played last week, as well.

Q. Last week there was talk about
Dorsett possibly playing. Are you still holding
out hope he'll be able to play Friday?

COACH GOLDEN: I still am holding out
hope. Can I say right now definitively? I can't. I
wish I could. He'll be practicing today. I think the
biggest thing is that he feels comfortable and
confident. If we see that today, we'll move forward.
Ultimately it will be the young man's decision
because medically he's cleared.

Q. Their guy Aaron Donald is one of
the best. Can you talk about the problem he

COACH GOLDEN: Again, when you see
players like this, you admire them. Obviously you
have to deal with them on game day, which you
have to find ways to do that.
You just admire players like this because
he's just not a talented kid, he's a skilled kid. He's
a young man that knows how to play double-teams
really well and he plays with a motor, of course.
They move him around to get him in the right
position to rush the passer. He's got excellent
pass-rush skills, as well.
Again, I think this young man has really
worked hard at his craft. I think that's the thing I
admire about him. He's taken his talent and
cultivated it into skill. The result is a heck of a
football player, one that's going to be a great
challenge for our offensive line.

Q. Tell me about your guys. Make a
case for a couple of your guys.

COACH GOLDEN: Again, you always
hear about who you leave out. I think I'm on
record as saying that [Brandon] Linder is playing at a really,
really high level right now. I'll leave it at that. The
rest of it, you guys have to sort it out and evaluate
it. I'm record on that one, so I stand behind that
one. I think Brandon Linder is playing an elite level
of football right now at offensive line.

Q. I know you play Friday, your fate in
the Coastal Division will be up in the air. If you
win the game, you still have a chance. I guess
you become a UNC and Virginia fan on Saturday. 

COACH GOLDEN: Again, we're just trying
to prepare and execute today and get better
tomorrow, obviously play well against Pitt. The
rest of it will take care of itself, will sort itself out.
It's really important for us to play well this
week and try to get win number nine, then we'll
move forward as a program. If we have the good
fortune on Saturday, we'll go forward from there.
For us to speculate on any of that is just
premature. It's really about playing better this
week than we did last week and getting ready for a
Pitt team on the road.

Q. If Duke wins, that game is at noon,
are you worried your kids might drop off a little
bit, put their heads down a little bit because
they can't win the coastal?

COACH GOLDEN: Duke's game is

Q. I apologize.

COACH GOLDEN: We'll be there Friday,
too. You're good. I thought I was going to play a doubleheader (laughter). 

Everybody have a great Thanksgiving.


November 12, 2012

Depth Chart just released for last home game, vs. USF. Deon Bush (injured) not on it; Eddie Johnson (lack of football discipline) not on it.

Good morning.

The Hurricanes just released their newest depth chart for the USF game at 3 p.m. Saturday at Sun Life Stadium -- the final home game of the season, which will honor the seniors.

It's too bad some of the underclassmen haven't been disciplined enough, or done the right things, to help make it a more pleasant experience for the few seniors.

Redshirt freshman linebacker Eddie Johnson's status "is yet to be determined,'' UM coach Al Golden said Sunday evening. Eddie Johnson, a former starter and second-leading tackler on defense, wasn't allowed to make the trip because of something football-related, the coach said. Whether they say the word "suspended'' or not, if you did something wrong and you aren't allowed to travel and you're one of the most productive players on defense, you're suspended.

Starting safety Deon Bush, a freshman with stingers that usually affect the neck/shoulder area, is not on the depth chart and "doubtful'' for USF, according to Golden, who said that nonetheless he was still "hopeful'' that Deon could return. Kacy Rodgers and A.J. Highsmith are listed as the starting safeties.

Denzel Perryman is expected to practice at some point this week.

The new depth chart has sophomore Thurston Armbrister as a starting outside linebacker, Jimmy Gaines in the middle and Gionni Paul OR Denzel on the outside.

Davon Johnson now joins Phillip Dorsett and Allen Hurns as a starting receiver, with walk-on redshirt freshman Garrett Kidd as Johnson's backup.

And Curtis Porter, who made his first start of the season at Virginia, is now a first-team defensive tackle, along with Olsen Pierre.


WR 1 Allen Hurns 6-3 192 Jr.
  86 Herb Waters
6-2 185 Fr.
LT 79 Malcolm Bunche
6-7 325 RSo.
  64 Hunter Wells
6-4 300 RFr.
70 Jon Feliciano
6-5 314 RSo.

68 Jeremy Lewis
6-4 316 RSr.
62 Shane McDermott
6-4 295 RSo.

75 Jared Wheeler
6-5 314 RJr.
65 Brandon Linder
6-6 308 Jr.
  63 Danny Isidora 6-4 320 Fr.
RT 77 Seantrel Henderson
6-8 340 Jr.
  74 Ereck Flowers 6-6 314 Fr.
TE 46 Clive Walford
6-4 250 RSo.
  82 Asante Cleveland 6-5 263 Jr.
  49 Dyron Dye   6-5 255 RJr.
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
5-11 240 Jr.
  43 Sean Harvey 6-4 262 RSo.
QB 17 Stephen Morris
6-2 214 Jr.
  11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
RB 5 Mike James
5-11 220 Sr.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 188 Fr.
WR 4 Phillip Dorsett

83 Kendal Thompkins 
5-10 182 RSr.
WR 24 Davon Johnson 6-0
188 Sr.
  87 Garrett Kidd
6-2 186 RFr.



71 Anthony Chickillo
6-4 262 So.
  92 Jalen Grimble 
6-2 295 So.
  99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 Fr.
DT 96 Curtis Porter
6-1 305 RJr.
Earl Moore 6-1 300 Fr.
  66 Dequan Ivery
6-1 303 Fr.
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
6-4 300 So.
  93 Luther Robinson
6-3 288 RJr.
51 Shayon Green
6-3 260 RJr.

17 Tyriq McCord  
6-3 236 Fr.
  90 Ricardo Williams 6-5 240 RFr.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3 222 So.

59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 230 Jr.
59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
  56 Raphael Kirby
6-0 218 Fr.
OLB 36
Gionni Paul -OR- 6-1 230 So.
  52 Denzel Perryman 6-0 229 So.
  31 Tyrone Cornileus
210 So.
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter
6-2 198 So.
  3 Tracy Howard
5-11 185 Fr.
  20 Thomas Finnie
183 So.
S 22 Kacy Rodgers II 6-2 210 Jr.
Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 Fr.
S 30
AJ Highsmith
6-0 202 RJr.
  7 Vaughn Telemaque  6-2 204 RSr.
CB 21 Brandon McGee
6-0 194 Sr.
  39 Antonio Crawford
188 Fr.

13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
  40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
FG 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis 6-0 170 RFr.
KO 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
  18 Matt Goudis
6-0 170 RFr.
H 13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1 262 RSr.
  59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3 230 Jr.
61 Paul Kelly
6-1 262 RSr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6 308 Jr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson 5-9 192 Fr.
KR 4 Phillip Dorsett
5-10 185 So.
  8 Duke Johnson
5-9 188 Fr.




August 11, 2011

QBs still neck and neck. Who do you think should be named starter? Also: Howard Schnellenberger to make announcement at 4 p.m.

So, as of Thursday, we still don't have a clear picture -- or even fuzzy one -- of who the starting quarterback will be for the Hurricanes.

I asked Coach Al Golden, "Are you hoping to wait until after the second scrimmage to decide the starter at quarterback?"

Golden: "Sure. Yeah. Again, we’ve had five practices now and you look at the stats, you look at the completion percentages, you look at the touchdowns, you look at all that and it’s like a dead heat right now. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved before that time."

Is that good?

Golden: "Yeah, it’s good. If they’re going to keep competing that’s great. I think that’s awesome. Neither one is backing down and the team is rallying around both of them. So all those things are important right now.''

Since we don't see the qbs competing against each other in practice I'm not sure how good it really is. Are they both doing great? Are they both so-so? Or not-so-great?

 So if you were the coach, and the two were truly in a dead heat after the second scrimmage (Aug. 22), would you

1. Wait to make your decision and announcement until closer to the Sept. 5 opener?

2. Make your decision and stick to it.

And if you had to make the decision right now, knowing both are in a "dead heat,'' who would you pick and why? Jacory Harris or Stephen Morris.

I have my thoughts but am a bit hesitant to throw it out there (I am not a columnist, though the lines sure are blurred these days with this new media stuff).

What do you guys think?


> Blake Ayles is injured and sat out again Thursday. For the record, Coach Golden said the reason he came out of practice earlier this week was not heat-related.

"Blake is dealing with a little injury right now,'' Golden said. "Hopefully it will be day to day with him. But he’s good on his assignments. Obviously at his age, from a technical standpoint, he’s solid so he’ll get back soon."

> Former defensive lineman Dyron Dye has been moved to tight end.

In closing, FAU has called a press conference for 4 p.m. Word is that Howard Schnellenberger will announce he is retiring after this season. I have a soft spot for Howard. How can you not? The man brought UM its first national title. I know he bolted, but what a great figure and representative for UM. Let's face it, he might be the FAU coach, but he'll always be a Hurricane.