December 22, 2015

Miami Hurricanes coach Larry Scott said he wasn't informed of coaching news

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported today, per sources, that Georgia running backs coach Thomas Brown  is set to join the Miami Hurricanes coaching staff, possibly as co-offensive coordinator.

At today's press conference, I asked UM interim coach Larry Scott if he has been informed of any news behind the scenes about coaching changes?

Scott: "No. I like sitting on this table and getting news. No, I haven't heard anything in regards to that. Our morning has been jam-packed with just getting 115 guys ready to go for practice and again, outlining where we're going to go on one field and having a lot of guys with us. That's what our focus has been, just that and the team and getting ready to go.''

This news makes one obviously wonder about the future of Hurricanes offensive coodinator James Coley. New UM coach Mark Richt has made it clear he would like to call plays and could have a co-offensive coordinator to assist with offensive responsibilities and likely game-planning. 

Coley told us last week that he would like to work for Richt.

From the AJC story: 

"The offer would include some sort of title, possibly co-offensive coordinator. Richt has said he intends to call plays for the Hurricanes.

Brown had previously stated he would remain with the Bulldogs while he was out on the road recruiting with Kirby Smart in the days after Smart was named the Bulldogs' head coach.

Brown was recruited to Georgia by Richt, convinced to try coaching by Richt after Brown’s NFL career ended and lured back to UGA from Wisconsin.

Brown is expected to remain with the team through the bowl Jan. 2 in Jacksonville.

Brown may not be alone. Todd Hartley, who has served as director of player personnel after spending three seasons at Marshall coaching safeties and tight ends, is expected to join the former Bulldogs coach in Miami as a defensive assistant.

Two other Georgia coaches, Bryan McClendon and John Lilly, have reportedly been offered positions on the Hurricanes' staff."

Here's the AJC link to story:




Miami Hurricane Jamal Carter sent home, suspended for bowl, still on team


Just got the email from the University of Miami that Hurricanes junior safety Jamal Carter has been suspended for the Sun Bowl and will be sent home for breaking team rules.

Here's the email from UM:

"Carter Suspended for Hyundai Sun Bowl

EL PASO, Texas - University of Miami Football junior safety Jamal Carter has been suspended for a violation of team rules and will not participate in the 2015 Hyundai Sun Bowl. 

Carter will be sent home from the bowl and will not take part in any further bowl activities this week."

Carter, who has been working to rehabilitate a hamstring injury, was a hard-hitting, hard-playing safety, and his absence will hurt -- especially because Washington State, who UM will face in the Sun Bowl, has the No. 1 pass offense in the nation and throws almost every play. Carter played in 12 games this season and had a career-best 48 tackles. He had one interception, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

We talked to UM interim coach Larry Scott after today's practice about Carter's suspension. As expected, he didn't give details.

"It's a violation of team rules,'' Scott said. "We're not going to comment on anything specifically when it comes to that. We made a decision...choose to do right or choose to do wrong. That's it.

"Obviously, it's always disappointing to have to send someone home or to suspend someone from a game. It's disappointing. However, there are always life lessons to be learned. There are standards and there are rules, and we're going to do what's right.''

Scott said Carter is "still on the team. He's just going to go home.''

Also suspended, Scott said, is wide receiver Tyre Brady, who did not travel with the team. Brady has been suspended for several games this season, but Scott said he's still on the team as well.

He is ranked fifth on the team in total tackles with only one start against UNC.

The Canes still have senior Deon Bush, senior Dallas Crawford and Junior Rayshawn Jenkins as veteran safeties. They also have freshman Jaquan Johnson, likely a future star out of Miami Killian High.




December 21, 2015

Sun Bowl-bound UM Hurricanes could see snow in El Paso

They're raring to go, as Miami offensive line coach Art Kehoe might say, even if it becomes a white night-after-Christmas.

The Miami Hurricanes left the sunny, warm beaches of Miami for the cool (and very cold at night) desert of El Paso -- near the Mexican border and New Mexico --  on a charter flight from Miami International Airport Monday afternoon. 

The Canes (8-4) willl face Washington State (8-4) of the Pac-12 at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Just looked at the forecast for El Paso this weekend and seriously did a double-take: 80-percent chance of rain during the game, with temperatures starting in the low-to-mid 40s on Saturday, turning into snow and temperatures in the mid 30s by Saturday night.

This is the desert.

The Canes' predecessors in 2010, of course, got manhandled by Notre Dame the only other time UM played at the Sun Bowl -- and a thin layer of snow and ice blanketed Sun Bowl Stadium that morning from the night before. But that seems so far away now, doesn't it?

 Either way, guaranteed these guys are thrilled.

At first, players were disappointed they weren't invited to the Pinstripe Bowl for Christmas in New York (unbelievably forecast for temps in the low 70s on Christmas) but now they genuinely seem happy and eager to head somewhere they've never been.

"El Paso I heard is a great place,'' said redshirt freshman quarterback Malik Rosier. "Coach told us it had great tradition. Honestly, I'm excited. At first everyone was hoping we were going to New York. Now I'm just ready to play. Washington State is a good team. These guys are my family, so to me I'm not really being away [for Christmas].''

Said senior safety Dallas Crawford: "It's a blessing to be in any bowl game, especially after the season that we had with all the ups and downs. I mean, we're grateful they picked us. It'll be a great experience. From what we're hearing, it'll be great people running the bowl, great service and the whole town is excited for us to come out there.''


December 18, 2015

Miami Hurricanes starting OT Sunny Odogwu has knee surgery, out for Sun Bowl


   Miami Hurricanes starting offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu, 6-8 and 318 pounds, had surgery on his right knee and will not play in the Sun Bowl on Dec. 26 in El Paso, UM coaches confirmed Friday.

    Odogwu was at the Hecht Athletic Center on campus Friday morning, a large brace on his right knee, using a metal crutch under his left arm to slowly limp down the hallway.

   UM interim coach Larry Scott said he’s hoping Odogwu will be back for spring practice, but not certain he will make all of it, which indicates the surgery was likely not a minor procedure. Scott said Odogwu will still travel with the team to enjoy the bowl festivities.

   Scott said this week that Odogwu, a redshirt sophomore, injured the knee at the last regular-season game at Pittsburgh.

   The Hurricanes (8-4) need to protect quarterback Brad Kaaya to keep up with what could be a high-scoring affair, given that Washington state (8-4) has the No. 1 passing offense in the nation, averaging 397 passing yards a game.

   The Canes, to their credit, are 19th nationally in sacks allowed, having given up only 15 this season. Miami’s rushing offense, however, is ranked 116th nationally. 

   Odogwu, from Nigeria, started nine of 12 games this season at right tackle. Fellow sophomore Kc McDermott, 6-6 and 310 pounds, started the next to the last game against Georgia Tech, and usual right guard Danny Isidora started twice at right tackle this season.

   Odogwu has been missing from practices this week.

   The problem now is that Isidora, a 6-4, 325-pound junior that has started 25 straight games on the offensive line entering the bowl game, had been wearing a red, no-contact jersey in the past couple of practices with an undisclosed injury. Scott said Friday after practice that Isidora wore a yellow (limited contact) jersey in the Canes’ final session of the 2015 season at Greentree Field, and that Isidora would be ready for the bowl game.

   McDermott, who also started six games at left guard this season, will slip into the right tackle spot during the bowl, making way for senior Alex Gall, who started the other games at left guard and is expected to play there at the Sun Bowl.

   UM had a short practice this morning, with no media availability at the start. The Canes will leave for El Paso on Monday.


December 17, 2015

Coach Mark Richt says he wants to help his Hurricanes "become great...''


New University of Miami football coach Mark Richt (above photo courtesy of UM Athletics) spoke to four daily beat writers today in his office.

He was very relaxed, thoughtful about what he said and spent several minutes asking us about our lives and our families -- a first for me.

The man is hard not to like.

He wore gray shorts, a black UM shirt and black sneakers, and sat back in a comfortable, plush seat, across from us (also in comfortable, plush seats).

Some highlights:

*** He wouldn't say when he'll bring in his new coaches, and if he had already decided on them, although it was fairly obvious he knows who at least some will be. "We’ll let you know. We're on a need to know basis." He smiled when asked if his son Jon, now an offensive assistant with the Buffalo Bills, would be coming to UM as an assistant (we believe he will be coming here). "I don’t know. I don’t know,'' Richt said of his son. "We’ll see. He’s sharp. He’s really sharp. And he’s good. I’m biased, but he’s a good kid. Sharp. He worked at Georgia for a year as a quality control coach and now he’s with the Buffalo Bills kind of doing the same kind of thing."

***He confirmed he's not going to the bowl game. "I don’t even know what I would do there. I’m not going to try to get there and do any game management. They’ve been managing games for five weeks, for five games. Again, mostly out of respect for what’s been happening and to allow them to finish this season on the track that they’re on. I think they’re on a good track."

*** Some things he said about the current UM team: "They don’t feel like there are a lot of cliques. They feel like they all get along, they all enjoy each other’s company. And they think that type of thing has been improving throughout the time they’ve been here. So yeah, I think when you have a bunch of guys that are together, then that’s a very good place to start. You don’t like to have a lot of different cliques and factions and pockets of these guys, those guys. Team, man. It’s about team."

*** "The very first day when I addressed the team, a bunch of them.. I said, ‘Hey, I’ll be in the office if you want to come in’.. there’s like 30 guys in here, just saying hello to a bunch of guys and all.  “But I’ve tried to respect what’s been happening here over the last few weeks. I think the coaches have done a really nice job and Larry [Scott] in particular from what I see has done a very nice job as the interim head coach. There’s no reason for me to come in and try to take over. I don’t know what they’re doing on offense, defense and special teams. I don’t need to insert anything at this point in my opinion because they’ve done a nice job and they’ve been on a good path. The players have really responded in a positive way to an adverse situation, to a tough time. From what I see, I hear and see a bunch of guys that have come together."

*** On the culture Richt would like at UM: "We’re going to work hard. Everything we’re going to ask them to do is to benefit them academically, athletically, socially, if they choose to grow spiritually that’s up to them – nothing will be mandatory in that regard. I want to help them become great at what they want to be great at. That’s football and that’s to get a degree and to be a full grown man when they get out of here who’s responsible enough to take care of themselves and take care of the people in their lives in the future. I think God has ordained men to be the head of the household and to provide and protect for their family. That’s how I believe it. Not to say women can’t work. I’m not saying that at all. But I think a true man takes care of business. He can take care of himself and he can take care of his family. Those are the kinds of values and goals coming through this program. Every guy I’ve talked to is excited about that. We’re going to help them get there whether they like it or not kind of thing.

"I just told them, ‘Everything we do is to benefit you. So the faster you buy into what we’re doing the better off we’re going to be. If you build good men you’re going to build a good team. If you build good men you’re going to build good teammates. If you build good men you’re probably going to build good leaders.' So the process of doing things right in a first class manner is going to benefit them on the field and for years to come. So that won’t change.

"Because they usually do one of two things in that kind of situation: all the wheels fall off or everybody kind of comes together. That’s what I’m seeing and that’s what I’m hearing through conversation. It’s been very positive considering the circumstances."

 ***How many people in the community have recognized Richt? "More than I kind of thought would. Just about everywhere I go. Like I went to the grocery store and I was trying to get something to have at the place I’m staying and it’s just a lot more people than you think. ‘Hey coach, glad you’re here’ and ‘Good luck’ and all that kind of stuff.

Everyone in Athens is a dawg?

"Pretty much. Pretty much."

Here there are so many different interests, Richt was told.

"Yeah,'' he said. "The thing is, because I went here and I just kind of know that, I don’t expect.. I mean this is a massive group of people from all kinds of different walks of lives, from all different countries. But my feeling is I want to embrace Miami for what Miami is. I don’t want to say, ‘Well, it should be this or should be that,’ or ‘I wish it was this’ or ‘I wish it was that.’ I don’t. Coming down here I have a pretty good feel for the diversity of this place and the university itself and the city. I’m really looking forward to embracing all the culture here as much as I can and still do my job. But part of my job is to let people know that we care about them and we want them to be a part of our family."

 ***This year, spring practice will begin after spring break, Richt said. Spring break, according to the current UM academic calendar, is March 5 through March 13. 

    Former coach Al Golden previously would start spring practice the week or so heading into spring break and then continue it afterward, prolonging the window.





December 16, 2015

Hurricanes coach Mark Richt will not attend Sun Bowl


The Miami Herald learned Wednesday morning that new University of Miami football coach Mark Richt does not plan to attend the Sun Bowl.

Richt, who was introduced as the new coach on Dec. 4, originally said he planned to attend. It is not known why he isn't going, but it could be that he doesn't want the attention on himself -- that's just a guess. We'll likely find out soon enough.

On New Year's Eve of 2010, newly hired UM football coach Al Golden sat in a suite at Sun Bowl Stadium watching his Hurricanes get trampled by Notre Dame. In that game, former offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland was Miami's interim coach.

Larry Scott is the interim coach for the upcoming Sun Bowl game, at 2 p.m. Dec. 26, when the Canes (8-4) will meet the Washington State Cougars (8-4).

Miami began its fourth practice for the bowl game on Wednesday morning.

Richt was not there for the portion that the media can attend.

***Safety Jamal Carter (hamstring) was still in a yellow, limited contact, jersey. Offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu (knee) was not at practice. Guard Danny Isidora (undisclosed injury) was in a red, no-contact jersey.







December 15, 2015

I asked James Coley if it's prudent to be exploring options outside of UM, if it's an issue for him that Mark Richt would call plays, and if he would be willing to be on a staff where he couldn't call plays...


Four daily beat reporters talked to James Coley today after practice, and, as usual, he was classy and as frank as he could be. I know that Coley has interviewed with Arizona State, which he did not tell us, but I confirmed today with someone who knows. Coley was first reported as "a candidate'' for the Arizona State job by 

Here's the Miami Herald's, Sun Sentinel's, Palm Beach Post's and CaneSport's interview with Coley today:

For any coach, this is obviously an uncomfortable time. Have you been given any kind of indication to this point what might be happening?

 “No, no…no. We’re just working on the bowl game.”

When coaches don’t know their futures, in this kind of situation, is it prudent to be exploring options outside of UM?

 “If they come about, yeah. If they come about…options are…opportunities will come when you’re called upon. Right now, we’re all just focused on one thing and that’s El Paso and that’s playing in the bowl game. Don’t make me bring out a coke bottle. You know what I’m saying? Don’t make me do it.” 

Mark Richt has said he wants to call plays. Is that an issue for you?

 “No, that’s not an issue for me. I think throughout his career he’s done a great job calling plays. He’s obviously one of the best in the business at doing so. He’s a heck of a coach. He’s the head coach and when someone has that resume, he should be able to do whatever he wants to.”

Would you be willing to be on a staff where you wouldn’t call plays?

“I can’t…I mean, yeah, I would love to work for Mark Richt. He’s a great person and a great coach and a great teacher. But I don’t want this to be some type of, you know, forum where I’m applying for a job right here. Just stick to football…but, I respect the man immensely. He’s walked in the building and it’s been first class. You can tell why he’s a leader and a champion.”

And here are a couple of comments about future quarterback Jack Allison, who will start with UM in January:

You’ve built a very close relationship with Jack Allison, signed, curious, what is your analysis of what he’s been able to do this year and kind of where is he now?

 “The one thing he showed is that he’s tough. He had some inexperienced linemen his senior year and he took several hits. I know the coaches there were trying to protect him. Sometimes you just have to play and guys have to play and that’s how you get your experience. I thought you saw on film he was tough, he can stand in there and deliver the ball, I love the way he’s grown. I think he’s grown another half inch. He’s going to have to stop growing or they’re going to move him to basketball. I just like how tough he is, he’s a tough kid and he loves competing. That’s what you saw his senior year.”

Barring anything crazy, you imagine he would redshirt. What would be the redshirt year focus for him?

“Just to get bigger, probably. Learn the system, feel real confident by the next spring that he’s here. The first spring should be an acclimation for him, the next spring as best as he could, walk out there like he’s a veteran because he’ll be a vet by then. That’s the challenge.”



Hurricanes at practice No. 3 for Sun Bowl -- this time with coach Mark Richt there from the start

    FullSizeRender (53)

   Another gorgeous (and hot – 81 degrees) morning on Greentree Field at the University of Miami for Hyundai Sun Bowl practice No. 3 to prepare for Washington State.

   This time, new head coach Mark Richt was there on the sideline from the beginning, diligently working his cell phone. Richt has absolutely nothing to do with the Canes' current practices. He's just a bystander taking it all in.

IMG_9626 (1)

   Here’s what I saw injury wise:

   *Offensive guard/tackle Danny Isidora in red, no-contact.

   *Safety Jamal Carter, who was in red on Saturday at the last practice, now upgraded to yellow (limited).

   *Safety Ryan Mayes in red, no contact.

   * Two walk-ons (unidentified) in red.

   The Canes, who were off Sunday and Monday, will practice Tuesday through Friday. They’re off Saturday and Sunday before leaving Monday for El Paso, Texas.

   The bowl game is at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, Dec. 26.



December 13, 2015

Miami Hurricanes have team awards ceremony Sunday night -- and here are the winners...

FullSizeRender (49)

Just in from the University of Miami:

The Hurricanes had their annual awards ceremony on Sunday night at the Maurice Gusman Concert Hall located inside the Frost School of Music.

Former Miami offensive lineman and current analyst on the Hurricane Sports Radio Network, Don Bailey, served as the awards show’s emcee. The show opened with the top 10 plays of the 2015 season:

2015 Miami Hurricanes Top 10 Plays

10. Kicker Michael Badgley ties a school record with a 57-yard field goal vs. Georgia Tech.

9. Safety Jamal Carter forces a fumble following a big hit during the Hurricanes’ trip to FAU.

8. Cornerback Artie Burns hauls in an interception near the endzone against Nebraska.

7. Wide receiver Rashawn Scott drags in his foot for a first half score at Pittsburgh to give Miami a 17-0 lead.

6. Cornerback Corn Elder’s interception and kicker Michael Badgley’s game-winning kick in overtime hand Miami a thrilling 36-33 win.

5. Wide receiver Stacy Coley gives Miami a 24-23 lead at Florida State following a diving grab in the endzone.

4. Running back Mark Walton breaks three tackles en route to an a second half touchdown in the rain against Georgia Tech.

3. Defensive lineman Ufomba Kamalu strips the ball then races to the endzone against Georgia Tech.

2. Wide receiver Rashawn Scott hauls in an incredible 58-yard touchdown reception against Florida State.

1. Miami cornerback Corn Elder’s 75-yard touchdown run over Duke hands the Hurricanes one of the most memorable victories in school history.


 And the award winners...

Hard Hitter Award

Deon Bush


Kelly UTough Award (New award)

Artie Burns


The Mariutto Family

Braxton Berrios

Scholar Athlete Award



Community Service Man of the Year Award

Dallas Crawford


Strength Training Athlete of the Year

Herb Waters

(excellence in off season conditioning)


Albert Bentley Most Valuable

Gage Batten

Walk-On Award


Nick Chickillo Most Improved Player

Ufomba Kamalu

(co-most improved player)

Rashawn Scott


Walt Kichefski Hurricane Award

Calvin Heurtelou

(Commitment, Consistency, Work Ethic)


U of Miami Sports Hall of Fame

Herb Waters

Unsung Hero Award



Training Room

Hunter Knighton

Comback Player of the Year


Hurricane Media "Good Guy" Award

Tracy Howard


Captain's Awards

Brad Kaaya


Raphael Kirby


Dallas Crawford


Plumer Award for (Team Vote)

Herb Waters

Leadership, Motivation & Spirit



Melching Leadership Award (Team Vote)

Raphael Kirby


U Respect Award

Earl Moore


Scout Team Player of the Year - Offense

Collin Alford


Scout Team Player of the Year - Defense

Gerald Willis


Newcomer of the Year Award

Mark Walton


Defensive Most Valuable Player

Ufomba Kamalu


Offensive Most Valuable Player

Joe Yearby


Special Teams MVP

Mike Badgley


Jack Harding Team Most Valuable Player

Brad Kaaya

 At the end of the night, interim head coach Larry Scott thanked the senior class and all 19 seniors were presented with their framed jersey.

The Hurricanes closed the regular season by winning four of their last five games and finished with an 8-4 overall record and a 5-3 mark in the ACC. Miami will take on Washington State in the 2015 Hyundai Sun on Saturday, December 26. Kickoff is set for 2 p.m.

December 12, 2015

Hurricanes backup QB/baseball OF Malik Rosier says he will not play baseball this season to concentrate on football

   Hurricanes redshirt freshman backup quarterback Malik Rosier said Saturday that he will not play baseball this season to stay with football, improve his game and get to know new football coach Mark Richt, who is expected to call the offensive plays and work closely with the quarterbacks.

  Though a two-sport athlete, Rosier attends UM on a football scholarship.

   “I haven’t talked to Coach Richt,’’ said Rosier, who will be a third-year sophomore next football season and would have been a sophomore outfielder in baseball this season. “I talked to [baseball] coach [Jim] Morris and he’s understanding.’’

    Rosier played in seven games this season as Brad Kaaya's backup, completing 29 of 57 passes for two touchdowns, with three interceptions. But the high point of his season -- that might be an understatement -- was his lone start at Duke, when Kaaya had a concussion and couldn't play. In that game Rosier completed  20 of 29 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns, with one interception, as UM had the eight-lateral touchdown kickoff-return as time expired to give the Canes the 30-27 win on Halloween.

   In baseball last year, Rosier played sparingly. He played in 14 games and batted .294 with three runs scored and three RBI. He hit his first career home run against Rutgers, a solo shot on Feb. 15.

    Rosier said that because it’s Richt’s first season, and “especially if we get a new quarterbacks coach, I want to be here to show him what I have to offer. So for me, I think this year I’m going to take off.

   “...Maybe next year after I have a full year with the new offense – if it changes – then I’ll be able to go back to baseball.

   “...In case we get a new offensive coordinator and the offense changes, I want to be here to dedicate myself to football and make sure I understand the offense. …I’m going to definitely talk to [Richt] after the bowl game and see what he has planned, then maybe next year go back into baseball.’’

   What is Rosier’s impression of Richt?

   “He’s a very straightforward guy and I really like that. He’s Southern. I can feel that Southern hospitality. I remember just hearing him talk. I [wouldn’t] say it was a warm feeling, but very comforting, like the voice was very soothing.

  “One thing he says [is] he doesn’t yell. He said he’s not a very loud guy, he’s not a very aggressive guy. But he is very demanding and he [is respectful], so that’s huge to me.”

   Rosier said his fellow baseball players have been very understanding.

   “I’ve talked to most of the guys over there,’’ Rosier said. “I’ve talked to the coaches. They’re rooting for me, they said. ‘Listen, we understand. We wish you the best.’ [They said] if I ever want to come back and play and hit, that I’m very welcome to. They’ll be rooting for me.”

   Rosier said he’ll be a big baseball fan this season.

   “I’ll definitely go to most of their games,’’ he said. “I’ll probably be up top doing homework while I’m watching them play. I’m definitely going to support them.’’

   Note: Richt was not on Greentree for the beginning of practice, but showed up later with recruits, interim coach Larry Scott said...Safety Jamal Carter wore a red, no-contact jersey in practice.


Day Two of Hurricanes bowl practice is rowdy, feisty and fun -- and a classic Canes coach visits

    FullSizeRender (51)


   Day Two of University of Miami’s bowl practice was even more rowdy than what I saw on Day One – at least the first 15 minutes of it.

   On a beautiful, but warm (80 degrees and sunny) Saturday in Coral Gables, the Hurricanes were whooping it up from the second they ran onto Greentree Field and began engaging in one-on-one battles as their teammates surrounded them and screamed encouragement.

    Offense went against defense, or offense went against offense.

    Among the participants:

    ***Safety Rayshawn Jenkins got the better of receiver Tyre Brady (suspended the past two games).

    ***Running  back Trayone “Choc’’ Gray held his own against linebacker Jermaine Grace.

    ***Receiver Malcolm Lewis was extremely aggressive against cornerback Robert Knowles.

    ***Offensive tackle Tyree St. Louis took it to defensive lineman Jelani Hamilton, as one teammate repeatedly shouted, ‘Have some f’ing fight!’ – seemingly to Hamilton.  

   ***And St. Louis vs. guard Tyler Gauthier were neck-and-neck until Gauthier finally got some leverage.


   One of my all-time Canes' faves watched practice Saturday: former Hurricanes running backs coach Don Soldinger.


   Soldinger was a big supporter of Butch Davis getting the UM coaching job, but he is all the way in on new coach Mark Richt.

   "Great hire,'' Soldinger said. "How can you be upset? The guy has got to be in the top-10, the upper-echelon of college coaches. I mean, he’s done it wherever he has been. He’s been around great programs and he’s from the U – he’s from the University of Miami.

  "Even though he hasn’t been involved that much because he’s been at other places, it’s still home when you come back. I saw him last night at the UM Sports Hall of Fame Christmas party. He was pulling out and I saw him and congratulated him. I thought Butch would have been good, too. But it’s like, hey, one or the other. He’ll do a great job."

*** Coach Richt was not here for the beginning of practice today.


December 11, 2015

Big recruiting day for Miami football, coach makes first practice appearance & Canes CB says he awaits word from NFL Draft Advisory Board



A really big recruit – physically and talent-wise – was on campus Friday morning with a really important coach.

Mark Richt not only made his first appearance at a University of Miami football practice, he brought with him the No. 1 tight end recruit in the nation: 5-star, 6-4, 235-pound Isaac Nauta of Bradenton IMG Academy (although we didn’t realize it was Nauta until afterward). According to, Nauta is the 18th best football player, regardless of position, in the nation. has Nauta as the 10th best player in the nation – regardless of position.

According to rivals, Nauta’s schools of high interest, in alphabetical order, are

Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi and Oklahoma State.

Nauta apparently is a big fan of Richt’s, and according to 247Sports, is originally from Buford, Ga. The recruiting website said Nauta’s visit was unofficial, as he has taken his five official visits already.

This, from “Georgia was believed to be the leader for Nauta before the firing of Richt. Michigan is also considered to be a serious contender. Nauta has already taken his five official visits to Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma State and Ole Miss. He plans to release his final three on December 20th and will commit at the Army All-American Game.

Nauta finished his senior season with 13 receptions for 230 yards and two touchdowns. He also totaled 18 tackles, five tackles for loss, one sack and one forced fumble on offense. He ranks as the No. 9 overall prospect in the country according to’’

Imagine if UM landed this young man, who has not yet committed to any school. He previously pledged to FSU before changing his mind.

Richt did not speak after practice.

***UM receiver Stacy Coley said after practice that he hasn’t made a decision about whether to turn pro after this, his junior season. “I’m not really focused on that right now,’’ Coley said. “I’m just focused on getting past the bowl game and I’ll make my decision after that.’’

***UM junior cornerback Corn Elder, however, said he is awaiting word from the NFL Draft Advisory Board on its assessment of his talent. This year the advisory board will only project if a player might go in the first or second round. Otherwise the player is advised to return to school.

***The UM players making official visits Friday are four-star quarterback Jack Allison of Palmetto (Florida) High; four-star linebacker Zach McCloud of Lantana Santaluces High; four-star defensive end Patrick Bethel of Vero Beach High; three-star linebacker Michael Pinckney of Jacksonille Raines; and four-star linebacker Shaquille Quarterman of Oakleaf High.



Highlight of first bowl practice for Miami Hurricanes: Here comes the coach -- Richt makes appearance.


The Hurricanes had their first practice Friday for the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

And the coaches (actually, make that Art Kehoe in particular) were fiery as hell.

And that was before new coach Mark Richt made his appearance about an hour into practice.

Richt, dressed in all black, was accompanying a recruit onto Greentree Field.

We couldn't get photos of the recruit, per NCAA rules and at Miami's request, but did get the big guy.

The only player I saw in a red, no-contact jersey was safety Ryan Mayes.

The Canes leave for El Paso, Texas, on Monday, Dec. 21, for the bowl game against Washington State.

UM last practiced before the final regular-season game at Pittsburgh. 

Note: There is no 15-practice limit rule for bowl practices, as there is for spring practice. However, the usual NCAA restrictions apply. 



December 09, 2015

Here's your full list of All-ACC honorees, including Players of the Year, etc.

The University of Miami didn’t have any players on the All-ACC first team, as selected by the 14 Atlantic Coast Conference head coaches.

   Nine Hurricanes were chosen for the All-ACC second team, third team or as honorable mentions.

   Second-team offense: wide receiver Stacy Coley.

   Third-team offense: quarterback Brad Kaaya, wide receiver Rashawn Scott, running back Joe Yearby, kicker Michael Badgley.

   Honorable mention offense: offensive lineman Danny Isidora.

   Second-team defense: cornerback Artie Burns.

   Third-team defense: safety Deon Bush.

    Honorable mention defense: punter Justin Vogel.

  (Here’s a full list of the teams, with total votes/points in parentheses)

 Coach of the Year

Dabo Swinney, Clemson (11)

Larry Fedora, North Carolina (3)


Player of the Year

Deshaun Watson, QB, So., Clemson (10)

Dalvin Cook, QB, So., Florida State (2)

Marquise Williams, QB, Sr., North Carolina (2)


Offensive Player of the Year

Deshaun Watson, QB, So., Clemson (11)

Marquise Williams, QB, Sr., North Carolina (2)

Dalvin Cook, RB, So., Florida State (1)


Defensive Player of the Year

Jeremy Cash, S, Sr.-R, Duke (6)

Shaq Lawson, DE, Jr.-R, Clemson (5)

Jalen Ramsey, CB, Jr., Florida State, (1)

Ejuan Price, DE, Sr.-R, Pitt (1)

Luther Maddy, DT, Sr.-R, Virginia Tech (1)


Rookie of the Year

Jordan Whitehead, S, Pitt (5) -Tie

Qadree Ollison, RB, Pitt (5) -Tie

Mitch Hyatt, T, Clemson (2)

Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson (1)

Eric Dungey, QB, Syracuse (1)


Offensive Rookie of the Year

Qadree Ollison, RB, Pitt (8)

Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville (2)

Mitch Hyatt, T, Clemson (2)

Eric Dungey, QB, Syracuse (1)

Travon McMillian, RB, Virginia Tech (1)


Defensive Rookie of the Year

Jordan Whitehead, S, Pitt (9)

Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson (3)

Derwin James, S, Florida State (1)

Brant Mitchell, LB, Georgia Tech (1)


First Team Offense

WR  Tyler Boyd, Jr., Pitt (39)

WR  Artavis Scott, So., Clemson (34) 

WR  Isaiah Ford, So., Virginia Tech (26)

TE    Jordan Leggett, Jr., Clemson (22) 

T      Roderick Johnson, So., Florida State (33) 

T      Adam Bisnowaty, Jr.-R, Pitt (30) 

G      Landon Turner, Sr., North Carolina (36) 

G      Eric Mac Lain, Sr.-R, Clemson (30) 

C       Matt Skura, Sr.-R, Duke (35) 

QB   Deshaun Watson, So., Clemson (37) 

RB    Dalvin Cook, So., Florida State (38)

RB    Wayne Gallman, So.-R, Clemson (30) 

K      Roberto Aguayo, Jr.-R, Florida State (32)

Sp.    Ryan Switzer, Jr., North Carolina (29)


Second Team Offense

WR  Stacey Coley, Jr., Miami (20)

WR  Kermit Whitfield, Jr., Florida State (20)  

WR  Canaan Severin, Sr., Virginia (17) 

TE(tie) Jaylen Samuels, So., NC State ( 15)

TE(tie) Bucky Hodges, So.-R, Virginia Tech (15)

T      Jon Heck, Jr.-R, North Carolina (19)

T      Joe Thuney, Sr.-R, NC State (19) 

G      Dorian Johnson, Jr., Pitt (19) 

G      Caleb Peterson, Jr.-R, North Carolina (17) 

C       Jay Guillermo, Jr.-R, Clemson (14) 

QB   Marquise Williams, Sr., North Carolina (23) 

RB    Elijah Hood, So., North Carolina (29)

RB    Qadree Ollison, Fr.-R, Pitt (20) 

K      Ross Martin, Sr., Duke (14)

Sp.    DeVon Edwards, Jr.-R, Duke (23)


Third Team Offense

WR  Ryan Switzer, Jr., North Carolina (15) 

WR  Rashawn Scott, Sr.-R, Miami (13)

WR  Mack Hollins, Jr.-R, North Carolina ( 13) 

TE    J.P. Holtz, Sr., Pitt (11) 

T      Joe Gore, Sr.-R, Clemson (14)

T      Mitch Hyatt, Fr., Clemson (14) 

G      Ross Burbank, Sr.-R, Virginia (11) 

G      Tyrone Crowder, So.-R, Clemson (10) 

C       Lucas Crowley, Jr., North Carolina (13) 

QB   Brad Kaaya, So., Miami (13) 

RB    Taquan Mizzell, Jr., Virginia (14) 

RB    Joe Yearby, So., Miami (13)

K(tie) Greg Huegel, Fr.-R, Clemson (10)

K(tie) Michael Badgley, So., Miami (10)

K(tie) Nick Weiler, Jr., North Carolina (10)

Sp.    Kermit Whitfield, Jr., Florida State (13) 


Honorable Mention: Offense (7 or more points):

QB--Jacoby Brissett, Sr.-R, NC State (8). RB--Matt Dayes, Jr., NC State (12); Travon McMillian, Fr.-R, Virginia Tech (7); WR--James Quick, Jr., Louisville (11); Travis Rudolph, So., Florida State (10); Quinshad Davis, Sr. ,North Carolina (10). TE--Cam Serigne, So.-R, Wake Forest (10). T-Danny Isadora, Jr., Miami (8); Lucas Patrick, Sr.-R, Duke (7); Kareem Are, Jr.-R, Florida State (7). C--Freddie Burden, Jr.-R, Georgia Tech (7).  SP--Brisly Estime, Jr., Syracuse (12).


First Team Defense

DE  Shaq Lawson, Jr.-R, Clemson (35) 

DE  Ejuan Price, Sr.-R, Pitt (25) 

DT  Connor Wujciak, Sr., Boston College (28) 

DT  Nile Lawrence-Stample, Sr.-R, Florida State (27) 

LB   Steven Daniels, Sr., Boston College ( 28)  

LB   Brandon Chubb, Sr.-R, Wake Forest (24)

LB   Ben Boulware, Jr., Clemson (24)

CB   Jalen Ramsey, Jr., Florida State (36) 

CB   Mackensie Alexander, So.-R, Clemson (29)

S      Jeremy Cash, Sr.-R, Duke (36) 

S      Jayron Kearse, Jr., Clemson (28)

P       Alex Kinal, Sr.-R, Wake Forest (19)


Second Team Defense

DE  Mike Rose, Sr.-R, NC State (16)

DE  Sheldon Rankins, Sr., Louisville (14)

DT  Luther Maddy, Sr.-R, Virginia Tech (26)

DT  Carlos Watkins, Jr.-R, Clemson (17)

LB   Keith Kelsey, Jr., Louisville (20) 

LB   Micah Kiser, So.-R, Virginia (19) 

LB(tie) Dwayne Norman, Sr., Duke (17)

LB(tie) Reggie Northrup, Sr., Florida State (17)

CB   Artie Burns, Jr., Miami (26) 

CB   Des Lawrence, Jr., North Carolina (11)

S      Quin Blanding, So., Virginia (21)

S      Justin Simmons, Sr., Boston College ( 16)               

P       Riley Dixon, Sr., Syracuse (17)


Third Team Defense

DE  Dadi Nicolas, Sr.-R, Virginia Tech (13)

DE  DeMarcus Walker, Jr., Florida State (13) 

DT  Adam Gotsis, Sr., Georgia Tech (15) 

DT  Darryl Render, Sr., Pitt (13) 

LB   Matt Milano, Jr., Boston College (13)

LB   James Burgess, Sr., Louisville (11) 

LB(tie) Shakeel Rashad, Sr., North Carolina (9)

LB(tie) Nicholas Grigsby, Sr.-R, Pitt (9)

LB(tie) Jeff Schoettmer, Sr.-R, North Carolina (9)

LB(tie) B.J. Goodson, Sr.-R, Clemson (9)

CB    Cordrea Tankersley, Jr., Clemson (10) 

CB   Trumaine Washington, So., Louisville (8) 

S      Jordan Whitehead, Fr., Pitt (11)

S (tie) Deon Bush, Sr., Miami (10)

S(tie) Josh Harvey-Clemons, Jr.-R, Louisville (10)

P       Will Monday, Sr.-R, Duke (14)


Honorable Mention: Defense:  (7 or more points)

DE--Mehdi Addesmad, Sr.-R, Boston College (8); Harold Landry, So., Boston College (8); DT--DeAngelo Brown, Jr., Louisville (9); David Dean, Sr.-R, Virginia (8); Corey Marshall, Sr.-R (7). LB--Trevon Young, Jr., Louisville (7); Devonte Fields, Jr., Louisville (7). CB--Shaq Wiggins, So.-R, Louisville (7); Brad Watson, Jr., Wake Forest (7); M.J. Stewart, So., North Carolina (7).  S--DeVon Edwards, Jr.-R, Duke (8). P--Nicholas Conte, Jr.-R, Virginia (13); Justin Vogel, Jr., Miami (8).


Remember the all-black "Dark Ops" jerseys and helmets from Adidas during Homecoming? Great aftermath...

Love this story, because the VA is such a great cause to benefit:

Per the Hurricanes, Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya, receiver Herb Waters and defensive end Ufomba Kamalu presented a ceremonial check for $52,000 to the Miami VA Healthcare System on Tuesday night, "capping the Hurricanes' Military Appreciation Day uniform auction."

Fans bid in individual auctions of the special Adidas jerseys and helmets worn during UM's 27-21 victory that day over Virginia.

Proceeds of the auction benefit the Miami VA Fisher House, a "home away from home" for families of veterans and military members receiving care at the Bruce W. Carter VA Medical Center. Family members are lodged in the Fisher House free of charge while their loved one is hospitalized.

"The support we have gotten from the University of Miami has been humbling,'' said Shane Suzuki, Marine Corps Veteran and Miami VA Healthcare System spokesperson, per a UM release. "On behalf of South Florida Veterans and their families, we thank everyone who participated in making this amazing donation possible.''

The check was presented during the UM men's hoops game (nice win) at the BankUnited Center.




December 07, 2015

Mark Richt on offensive and defensive coordinators, money for assistants, draft-eligible underclassmen, UM facilities & his recruits...

 New UM coach Mark Richt  spoke WQAM sports radio host Joe Rose this morning. Here is basically everything you'll want to know that they discussed:

***On how involved in this offense Richt will be -- I know you love coaching quarterbacks, have you decided on play-calling?

 “I’m going to get more involved than I have in the last few years, and more than likely I’m going to be very hands on in those areas that you mentioned. But more than likely we’ll hire someone who will be the coordinator and maybe not necessarily the play-caller but the coordinator… just getting reports together, organizing an awful lot of things and taking care of the media at times and taking care of the offensive team as a whole at times.”

 SMD note on offensive coordinator: That’s how it was for current offensive coordinator James Coley when he worked for Jimbo Fisher at Florida State – Jimbo called plays on game day and James organized the weekly offensive game plan. Not sure if Richt would give his offensive coordinator or co-coordinator as much planning responsibility as Jimbo might have.

 I asked James Coley on Friday at Richt’s introduction if he wanted to stay on the UM staff and here’s what James Coley told me: “We’ll see. I want to sit down and talk to him. I look forward to sitting down and talking to him and seeing what his plans are. I think the world of him and he’s going to be extremely successful. I’ve just got to see when I talk to him.”


***On Richt being a 4-3 proponent (He is a 4-3 guy) and the type of defensive coordinator he wants: “I think it’s more important that I hire the right man than the scheme. I’ve had defensive coordinators that are 4-3 but they have a lot of 3-4 elements to it in certains downs and distances and certain offensive formations and I’ve had guys based in a 3-4 that play a lot of 4-3 when it comes to nickel defense and things of that nature... The key is to get the right coach, especially as much time as I’ll spend offensively. I’m not going to be micromanaging this guy on defense…’’

 ***On his former Georgia recruits: “Everybody deserves to go where they want to go and they deserve to go with who they want to go with. If a young man is just bent on wanting to be coached by me and be under my authority and that kind of thing, I’m not going to keep a guy from doing that. I’m not running around trying to snag everybody, but if in the mean time if you have a relationship with a certain kid and he wants to come with me rather than go to a certain place, we’ll work that out.’’

***On draft-eligible underclassmen such as Stacy Coley and how much of a priority it is: “I’ve got meetings with those guys early this week.”

SMD note on receiver Stacy Coley: I asked UM quarterback Brad Kaaya if he thought Richt being coach would convince some draft-eligible players to stay for another season. Here’s what Kaaya told me: “Yeah. At the end of the day it’s their decision. We’ll see. But having Coach Richt around, the only thing that is going to happen is it can benefit their stock at the end of the day. Either way they’re going to be benefited, their futures will be benefited from having him around for a year, for all those guys that are draft-eligible. We’ll see. It’s their decision, but I think being in a pro-style system that he runs can definitely bode well for Stacy Coley. He’s coached A.J. Green and a lot of good players. If anything, his stock or his draft status will only rise from being in his [Richt’s] system.”

***On if there’s a pretty good feel for a few assistant coaches/staff members he’d like to have at UM: “Yeah, there are. Some of it are some things I might know but the timing is not right. But the main thing is it’s not a race to win as far as speed, it’s a race to win as far as right. You might have some ideas going into some things.. but you might have some names pop in.”

***On three consistent complaints from the outside: facilities not as good as other places, stadium too far from campus, money not good enough for assistant coaches: “There’s no perfect place, no perfect school, no perfect facility, no perfect coach…Now if you envision what it should like you should be working toward that. When it comes to facilities you just can’t snap your finger and all of a sudden a building arises out of the ground.. you have to prioritize what’s most important, give it to the powers that be.. and then start raising the funds.. and take care of business little by little…You got grass, you got footballs, you’ve got equipment, you’ve got coaches and players, you’ve got some video.. I mean, you can coach.”

 ***On the importance of paying his assistants enough money: “It is because you know what it takes to get the right kind of people and keep them…Sometimes it’s not a matter of money, but sometimes what you make in a salary is a sign of respect as well. It is an important part of it.”

 ***On the current players and is he has looked at roster and seen what he believes are priority positions for recruiting: “I haven’t watched enough film to really see every single player… We had a big pow-wow Saturday morning and sat down and talked about every single player from a football standpoint, from an academic standpoint, from a social point of view, how are they doing in the strength room, how are they doing in athletic training – I was able to at least assess where we’re at…You’ve got to have so many players at each position across the board.’’

***You’ve got coaches on staff coaching and yet you’re not going to keep them all. On how strange that is: “You’ve just got to be open and honest on everything. You can only hire nine and I think everybody understands that…It’s a long cycle. Careers are long. It’s always good to network. It’s always good to get to know more people. I think everybody understands it’s part of the business… I think everybody is going to land in a good spot. It’s just that there’s a little bit of anxiety of knowing what’s going to happen next. You can’t blame anybody for feeling that.’’



December 06, 2015

The Miami Hurricanes set to play Washington State in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, on Dec. 26

The Canes are going to El Paso.

The Hurricanes will spend Christmas in the desert at the Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, to play Washington State/Utah at 2 p.m. Dec. 26.

The game will be televised on CBS.

“They're pretty hot,’’ Sun Bowl executive director Bernie Olivas told The Miami Herald, regarding the Canes. “They have an excellent brand, they bring a rich history, they’re popular in El Paso and they’re big on TV.’’

   The Washington State Cougars (8-4, 6-3 Pac-12), who have never played Miami, are coached by Mike Leach. They had their best finish since the 2003 season, when the Cougars went 10-3. Behind redshirt sophomore quarterback Luke Falk, the Cougars have the No. 1 passing offense in the nation, averaging 397 passing yards per game. They are 22nd nationally in total offense and 91st in total defense. They have wins against Rutgers, Wyoming, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and Colorado. They lost to Portland State, California, Stanford and Washington.

 Miami (8-4), will be coached by Larry Scott, who was named interim coach after Al Golden was fired in late October, and who has led the Hurricanes to four victories in the past five games.

Newly hired Canes coach Mark Richt said Friday that he wanted to attend whichever bowl Miami was assigned.

The Canes last played at the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31, 2010, with offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland the interim coach for the bowl after Randy Shannon was fired at the end of the regular season. Up in a stadium box that day watching his new team: Golden.

UM lost 33-17 in that Sun Bowl to Notre Dame.

The Sun Bowl, an artificial turf stadium, seats 50,426 and sits in a city on the banks of the Rio Grande River and is a short walk from the Mexican border. It is the second oldest bowl, and in a city that loves the Hurricanes.


December 04, 2015

Voices behind the scenes of a new day for Hurricanes football: Mark Richt, Blake James and Jon Vilma

How laid back is new Hurricanes coach Mark Richt?

See for yourself.

He spent about 10 minutes with local Miami Hurricanes beat writers discussing what Friday was like for him from the moment he woke up, what his goals in recruiting are, why he took the job and more.

So how did athletic director Blake James land his new head coach? He explained it after the press conference Friday.

Now that Richt has been chosen how do the players and former players feel about the future of the program? Jonathan Vilma, who was part of the search committee, explains how they decided on Richt and what the expectations are from the alumni at UM.

December 03, 2015

In Mark Richt, Canes have something they've never had when hiring a football coach -- a proven winner

(That's how Hurricanes players feel about Mark Richt and probably Hurricanes beat writers now that the coaching search appears to be over)

Go back and look at the history on your own if you want to.

Either way, I'm going to provide a quick lesson.

Mark Richt, assuming there are no hiccups in the final contract negotiations with Miami, is something the Hurricanes have never had before when its hired a football coach. It's called a proven winner.

Although most people up Athens, Ga. might disagree with that sentiment because Richt, 55, never won a national title as a head coach, he's about as close as you can get to a guarantee when it comes to finding someone to lead your program out of irrelevance. 

Richt's 145-51 record ranks seventh among all active head coaches in wins. Only Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer (237), Alabama's Nick Saban (193), Missouri's Gary Pinkel (191), Oklahoma's Bob Stoops (179), Cincinnati's Tommy Tuberville (155) and Ohio State's Urban Meyer (153) have more. Beamer and Pinkel are retiring after this season. 

Richt's career .7398 winning percentage, by the way, ranks 41st all-time. Only Meyer (.855), Washington's Chris Petersen (.815), Stoops (.7991), Saban (.7618), TCU's Gary Patterson (.7513) rank better among active coaches with at least 10 years of experience. Richt, by the way, is right behind Bobby Bowden's .7402 win percentage.

The point is Miami has never landed a coach with such a sterling resume.

The Hurricanes have always opted to go the cheap route and find a coach who was looking to prove themselves on the job.

That worked in the 1980s and 1990s with Howard Schnellenberger (he spent one-plus years as the head coach of the Colts 4-13), Jimmy Johnson (29-25-3 at Oklahoma State), Dennis Erickson (18-16-1 at Wyoming and Washington State) and Butch Davis (no head coaching experience when Miami hired him). But that was before college football really started to make money. 

That same, cheap approach really hasn't worked out since for Miami.

Larry Coker (no head coaching experience), Randy Shannon (no head coaching experience) and Al Golden (27-34 at Temple) were all inexpensive, we're-going-to-throw-our-hands-up-in-the-air-and-just-believe-our talent-will-carry-us-hires by Miami's administration.

Go back and look.

Want to know who landed new head coaching jobs in 2001 when Miami decided to turn things over to their offensive coordinator? Meyer at Bowling Green (they went from 2-9 to 8-3 in his first season), Gary Patterson at TCU, Les Miles at Oklahoma State, Pete Carroll at USC, Jim Tressel at Ohio State, Gary Pinkel at Missouri and some guy named Richt at Georgia. 

A year after Florida hired Meyer from Utah to a seven-year, $14 million deal in 2005, the Hurricanes fired Coker and signed Shannon to a four-year, $4 million deal. Who else was hired then? Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, Mark Dantonio at Michigan State and Brian Kelly at Cincinnati. 

In Dec. 2009, FSU hired Jimbo Fisher to take over for Bobby Bowden at $9 million over five years. A year later, when Shannon was fired, Miami spent less than $2 million to bring in a guy from Temple and then restructured his contract a year leater and extended him through 2019 because he was blindsided by the school's NCAA mess. In 2010, David Shaw took over at Stanford and Dana Holgorsen was named head coach at West Virginia.

Money doesn't always solve problems. But it doesn't hurt.

Richt, who was making roughly $4.1 million a season at Georgia before being fired Sunday, is expected to be paid at least $4 million a year by UM. And its almost safe to assume he would not agree to get to this point in the negotiations if he didn't believe the school would have enough money to pay for quality assistant coaches too.

Say what you want about Richt's record against Florida (5-10), his average record against ranked teams (39-36), but do you really want to go back and look at what Golden did against ranked teams and UM's rivals? I didn't think so.

What's happened between Miami and Georgia since Richt went from being Florida State's offensive coordinator under Bowden where he coached two Heisman winners in Charlie Ward (1993) and Chris Weinke (1999) to coaching the Bulldogs are two vastly different roads. 

Yes, UM won a national title under Coker in 2001. But the Canes have been on a downward trend ever since.

** Georgia has had 79 players drafted since 2002 including 12 first round picks. UM during that same time had 81 players drafted including 23 first round picks. Georgia went 145-51 including 9-5 in bowl games. Miami went 124-64 including 4-7 in bowl games.

** UM has been ranked once in the final Top 25 poll since 2006 (19th in 2009). Georgia has been ranked in the final AP poll six times since 2006 including as high as 2nd in 2007 and 5th in 2012.

** Georgia by the way under Richt was ranked in the Top 10 of the AP poll at one point or another in 11 of his 15 seasons. Miami has been ranked in the Top 10 twice in the last 10 years.

** The Bulldogs' recruiting classes since 2002 were ranked no worse than 15th every season by and were in the top 10 a total of 11 times. The Hurricanes have had just two top 10 ranked classes by Rivals since 2006 (2008 and 2012). 

You can say, well, Georgia is always loaded with talent. Of course Richt should have won. 

In the 15 seasons before Richt arrived, the Bulldogs only had two double-digit win seasons. That happened nine times under Richt in his tenure and could again if he ends up coaching Georgia in the bowl game.

The Hurricanes haven't had a double-digit win season since 2003. 

Now, Miami appears to have a coach who churns them out consistently.

That will get you in the Top 25.

That will make Miami relevant again.

That makes Miami a winner today.


By the way, he's a look at local recruits who have signed with Georgia since 2002:

CB Malek Young, Coconut Creek, 3-star (commitment)

ATH Shaq Wilson, Coral Gables, 3-star
LB Juwan Taylor, Hallandale, 3-star
DB DeAndre Baker, Northwestern, 3-star

RB Sony Michel, American Heritage, 5-star
WR Isaiah McKenzie, American Heritage, 4-star
WR Gilbert Johnson, American Heritage, 3-star

K Marshall Morgan, American Heritage, 3-star

LB Kent Turene, Boyd Anderson, 3-star

WR Rantavious Wooten, Glades Central, 4-star

K Blair Walsh, Cardinal Gibbons, 3-star
DE Jeremy Longo, Cardinal Gibbons, 3-star

DE Geno Atkins, St. Thomas Aquinas, 4-star
OL Kevin Perez, Killian, 3-star

DT Jeff Owens, Plantation, 4-star
WR Mike Moore, North Broward Prep, 4-star
DB Donovan Baldwin, American Heritage, 3-star

OL James Lee, Glades Central, 3-star

OL Max Jean-Gilles, North Miami Beach, 4-star