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Kudos, Andres. This is a great effort and I hope you can inspire a few people to really think about the environment they live in and want for their children in the future.

At the FBA Pro Bike and Pro Walk conference about a year ago I heard a planner named Eric Burden (Florida's first bike/ped. coordinator some years back) speak. He turned my thinking upside down when he proclaimed "density is our friend". The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he was right of course. People living in closer proximity makes all support infrastructure less expensive and promotes the kind of human collaboration that enhances living. United we grow. Divided, in our little air-conditioned suburban boxes with big flat screen TVs and big tax bills to match, we fret and drool.

Good luck in this effort!

Welcome to the blogosphere Andres!

Awesome Andres! I am very happy to see this in the Herald.

I am a City Planner and want to say that this is an exciting blog and should prove to be of interest to those who are concered with how South Florida will grow in the future. I suggest the use of location maps whenever possible to show the location of a project or area in a post.

Good luck, Andres. Don't let Urbanista stop at the edge of the central business district, or the UDB for that matter. It would be a shame if this blog became an us (urban) vs them (suburban) dialogue. We're all in this together.

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